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A Soldiers Story

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  07:29:50  1 March 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
03/01/2009 7:38:53
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A Soldiers Story

Chapter 6

Petrenko and Viktor jogged into the base and fell into the company mass formation which stood in the courtyard, the First Sargeant was reporting.
"Company present." He reported to the CO.
"Understood." The CO said, dissmissing the First Sargeant, "Alright people, you obviously must want to know of the current situation."
The CO took a deep breath before examining a piece of paper, "Kolesk, first and second squads, went missing at the agroprom research institute. As you know, they came back in a rather, might I say, injured state. Two squads dead or missing, and a Sargeant on his death bed. Unfortunatly we do not know the cause of this, so! Tomorrow morning we will send alpha platoon and third squad of bravo platoon to investigate the area. Fall out!"
Petrenko stepped back and went back to the barracks, along with the rest of the company. He changed into his BDU and began to clean his Famas assault rifle, he readjusted his sights and ran outside and to the armoury to turn in the weapon.
"Hey Fyodor." Petrenko said to the armoury manager.
"'Sup?" He replied.
"Nothing. Not quite fond of the zone to be honest though." Petrenko said with a sigh.
Fyodor laughed, "You'll get used to it. I remember my first day. Dropped me in with a group of Spetsnaz! I was the last one alive to crawl my way back to base."
"Why are you not active? Why do you spend your days locked in the armoury and not out there as a grunt?" Petrenko asked, handing his rifle through the cage and signing off his name.
"Do I look like a fighter to you?! Look at me! I'm quite content to sit in here and get shitfaced all day." He exclaimed.
"Glad to see you're doing something productive then....See ya." Petrenko said, going back outside into the afternoon sun, prepared to yet again do endless repetitions during PT and then 'defend' the base for another ten hours.

Two Hours Later, 3:38 PM

Petrenkos platoon finally got finished with PT and went back to the barracks to get fitted into their combat uniform.
"Hey! Private Petrenko!" His platoon Sargeant yelled, running over to him, "Petrenko. You are being promoted to squad leader. You have the honours of manning the heavy MG....Don't fuck up."
Petrenko saluted and ran up the lokout tower, where the mounted MG sat. Being squad leader he had complete control over what the squad did, and didn't do.
"Alright! Hrskiy! Man the MG and eliminate anyone who comes too close." Petrenko ordered.
Hrskiy saluted and took up his position while the others took up sniping positions.
"Tyrokl! watch left flank." The soldier positioned himself to see the left flank. A group of stalkers gathered in the location, taking cover behind a large tree.
Petrenko looked through his binoculars and examined them as they made a camp, "At ease Tyrokl. Open fire if they come in range."
Hrskiy turned around and motioned for Petrenko, "Sir....There is a group of unidentified stalkers coming from the tunnel. Should I open fire?"
"Stand by..." Petrenko lifted his binoculars and examined the stalkers....They were of the same group that tried to kill him a day earlier....Clear Sky, "Open fire."
Hrskiy squeezed the trigger on the MG as the Clear Sky squad emerged from the tunnel, the MG tore through the men like a knife through butter, piecing the armour and severing limbs.
"Hold your fire!" Petrenko yelled, he pulled out his binoculars again and waited for the smoke to clear, the squad was dead. All that remained was a pile of gruesome remains. Petrenko grinned, "As you were men."

Five Hours Later, 8:45 PM

Petrenko and his squad were exhausted, not a single soul had been seen since the Clear Sky squad emerged from the tunnel five hours earlier.
"Hrskiy, you can stop swinging that thing around like a maniac, you're giving me a headache!" A squad member yelled.
"Bwa, fuck you. I'll do whatever I want." Hrskiy scoffed.
Petrenko slammed his foot on the ground, "Shut the fuck up! Both of you!"
"Hey! Third squad! Get your asses down here now!" The platoon sargeant yelled.
The squad ran downstairs and gathered around the platoon sargeant.
"Alright third squad, you will be night patrol from now on. Return to base after you have done a complete patrol south of the bridge."
The squad saluted and followed Petrenko outside the base, on the long dark path. The only light was their headlamps, and the only sound their footsteps. Finally they reached the end of the road, to their left was a rookie camp, to their right, a lair of boars.....And straight in front of them....was infinite darkness.
"Let's move..." Petrenko whispered to his squad.
Silently they moved forward, weapons in hand. They heard terrifying things just off the road, but no one in their right mind would examine the noises.....The squad kept moving forward, pretending they were somewhere else. At last the squad came to a factory, it seemed deserted.
"Secure the area." Petrenko ordered.
The squad moved silently away from each other to examine the factory. Petrenko stepped into the largest building and looked around, makeshift walkways lied above on the second floor, Petrenko could hear the rats crawling around above.
"Smaller building secure" A squad member reported over the radio.
Petrenko grabbed his radio, "Alright, wait for me outside. Viktor, secure upper level of factory."
"Understood" Viktor replied.
Petrenko heard Viktors footsteps above as the both silently moved within the factory, observing every corner.
"Holy shit!" Viktor yelled from above.
Petrenko sprinted back outside and upstairs to Viktor. Viktor stood by an open electrical panel, inside was the rotting head of a Spetsnaz soldier.
"Shit..." Petrenko said to himself.
"Everything clear in there?" Hrskiy asked over the radio.
"Yeah, all clear...." Petrenko said over the radio, "Lets get back to base...I don't think we should stay out here at night any longer."

Ten minutes later the squad came back to base. The late night Spetsnaz watches were already at positions.
"About damn time third squad!" The Platoon Sargeant yelled.
"We got held up." Petrenko replied.
"I don't care, it shouldn't take that long to patrol a straight road to the bridge. Hit the barracks after turning in your weapons." The Platoon Sargeant ordered.

Petrenko had finally returned his weapon for the day and moved to the barracks. Alpha platoon and forth squad were already sleeping, while the guard sat in the next room stared at the television.
"Alright, lets get some-" Petrenko was cut off by the alarms ringing.
The soldiers all leapt up and quickly clambered into their combat armour. Petrenko followed the others outside to find a horde of zombies coming from the far Cordon. Apparently the lone zombie in the woods earlier wasn't alone, and had followed Petrenko and Viktor back to base.
"Shit! Combat positions!" the First Sargeant yelled, storming out of his shack.
Everyone was running about trying to get a good position as the zombies slowly approached the base. Petrenko crouched as the zombies began blind firing into the base, hitting several soldiers with lucky shots.
"They're armed! Take cover! Where is the god damn MG?" The First Sargeant yelled, ducking as a round hit the wall behind him.
The soldiers fired into the horde, knocking them down or only slowing them down. Petrenko fired his Makarov and hit one in the head, the liquid brain flowed from the zombies skull as it flew backwards. One of the zombies fell over as a zombie in an exoskeleton shoved everything in it's path. It wielded a large PKM MG.
"I think I found your MG!" Tyrokl yelled to the First Sargeant.
"Oh Fuck!" The First Sargeant yelled, running back into his shack and locking the door.
The soldiers opened fire on the zombie with the PKM and exoskeleton, finally the lumbering zombie took a shot to the head and fell backward, spraying shells as it fell, killing several other zombies in the process.
"Hold your fire! Hold your god damn fire!" The CO yelled from behind his cover. Everyone stood up and examined the field of death, several zombies still lived, rolling around on the bloody ground.
"Secure the area. Kill the injured." The CO yelled as the company ran out and carried off the dead.
  04:05:49  1 March 2009
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On forum: 04/06/2008
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Yeah they were focused on the blowout
  03:54:25  1 March 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008
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A Soldiers Story

Chapter 5

Petrenko woke up the next day to Drill Sargeant Kolesk banging a flash light against the metal trash cans. Everyone leapt from their bunks and snapped to attention.
"Alright! Listen up people!" Kolesk yelled, "Today we will be making a little visit to the Agroprom Research Institute. Apparently the local 'Duty' faction has been stiring up some trouble, we will be showing them what happens when they do things they are not supposed to. Fall out!"
Kolesk left the barracks and the soldiers clambered into their BDUs after hitting the showers. The platoon fell in outside the base and waited for the CO to give them their orders.
"At ease!" The CO ordered, "I want first and second squad with Kolesk, you will be moving to Agroprom. The rest of you will remain here to defend the Cordon. Fall out."
Everyone silently moved to their designated objectives, lucky for Petrenko he was to defend the base. He moved back into the barracks with third and forth squad and climbed into their combat uniforms. Petrenko pulled on his helmet and moved outside to the barrier. Not many dared come near the base, what with the landmines, heavy MG, and well trained soldiers, but there was the occasional stalker which wanted to test their skills.
"Enemy approaching! Defensive positions!" The MG squad leader yelled.
Everyone crouched behind cover and kept their eyes on the lone stalker coming from the rookie camp, not knowing of the mine which was only a few feet away from him. A violent explosion shook the trees as the stalker stepped on the mine.
The soldiers rose from their cover and observed the horizon for anymore activity.
"Clear!" Petrenko yelled, lowering his binoculars.
"Understood!" Someone yelled from the east lookout tower.

3 Hours Later, 12:48 PM

Petrenko was bored out of his right mind. It had been three hours of nothing. He had been staring at the bleak horizon for the entire time.
"Does this ever end damn it!?" The man beside Petrenko said.
Petrenko layed his rifle on the sandbag, "It seems not...."
"I wish Kolesk would get back soon. Then we might be able to do something other than stand here doing nothing. Names Viktor Kirill by the way." Viktor said.
Petrenko was about to speak as the roar of a chopper rang in the soldiers ears. They all took cover as it plummeted over the horizon, smoke rising from the rear engines, and crashing behind the Cordon base.
"Shit!" Petrenko yelled, standing up from his cover.
"What the hell!" The CO yelled, storming out of his nearby shack, "Report!"
One of the squad leaders yelled down from the west watchtower, "That was Kolesks chopper!"
The CO tossed his Vodka bottle to the ground, "Damn it! Second squad, grab some ammo and head towards the crash site! ASAP!"
Petrenko and the rest of second squad grabbed some extra ammo and ran behind the base, down the road in the direction of the far Cordon. Petrenko watched the treeline as the squad traversed the road, finally, the chopper wreck came into view. Dead bodies littered the ground.
"Search the wreckage! Rescue any survivors!" The squad leader ordered.
Petrenko pulled away debris and metal, and faces of the dead stared up, burnt or mutilated.
"We got a live one!" Someone yelled.
Petrenko leapt over a large fire and saw the squad medic lying Sargeant Kolesk down on the nearby grass. He was covered in blood and cuts, mumbling to himself.
"He's in shock." The medic reported.
The squad leader took a deep breath and thought for a moment, "Bring him back to base. Squad, patrol the area."

Petrenko and the soldier from base, Viktor, moved into the trees, searching the area.
"This is bullshit." Viktor finally said as they moved past a radiactive patch of land, "Can't believe they send me here..."
Petrenko sat down on a rock, "I know. I signed up to defend my country, not go on some crusade in the zone."
"Agreed! Well, let's continue our patrol for nothing. We don't want to have the wrath of the CO." Viktor said, shouldering his Enfield L85.
Petrenko lifted his Famas assault up and began moving through the forest, keeping his eye on the gieger counter, and looking out for the random anomolies.

About half an hour later Petrenko and Viktor came across a lone soldier mumbling in the woods, standing by a highly radiactive 'Death Truck'.
"Shhhh!" Viktor whispered, holding Petrenko back, "He's a zombie...Brain dead as they get."
Petrenko crouched and observed the zombie, it limped around in circles, it's gas mask torn. Slowly it began to walk towards Petrenko and Viktor, attempting to shoot the empty AK 74u which it held in its hands.
"All squads at the Cordon, return to base. ASAP."
Petrenko and Viktor silently ran off back to base.
  20:59:20  28 February 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008
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They were going to kill Petrenko if it were not for the Spetsnaz to show up lol.
  20:51:31  28 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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It even says in the SoC Encyclopedia that the Spetsnaz conduct search and rescue missions. Not to mention the Spetsnaz are already in the zone, as also seen in SoC.

Why would CSKY conscript him? As seen in game, most of the other factions want the military dead.

I thought the Specnaz were Russian Special Forces only
But this is fiction so everything can be possible
Well it usually happens that millitary desert and Join someone who gives them food and shelter
  20:35:35  28 February 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008
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It even says in the SoC Encyclopedia that the Spetsnaz conduct search and rescue missions. Not to mention the Spetsnaz are already in the zone, as also seen in SoC.

Why would CSKY conscript him? As seen in game, most of the other factions want the military dead.
  13:06:44  28 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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I thought they conscripted him (CSKY) and why the hell would specnaz come all the way from Russian Federation to rescue a Ukrainian soldier ?
  09:07:16  28 February 2009
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On forum: 04/06/2008
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The plot is thickening!
  04:57:16  28 February 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
02/28/2009 5:01:05
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A Soldiers Story

Chapter 4

"What do you mean 'The horror isn't over?'" Petrenko asked.
"Just wait damn it!" The medic yelled.
It was not even half a minute later till someone, or something, began pounding at the door, horrible growls came from the other side.
"What the hell...." Petrenko said to himself.
All of a sudden the door swung open, but nothing came in.....The growls died away. Silently the group moved out of the basement and into the house, there were deep scratches in the walls and door, as if some wild beast was in the house.
"Clear." The Clear Sky member said.
Suddenly a horrifying scream came from the basement.
The three men ran to the basement to find a horrifying creature sucking the blood from Mishas lifeless corpse, it looked up at the three men, became invisible and lunged out of the crack in the wall.
"What the fuck was that thing!?" Petrenko yelled.
"We call it a bloodsucker....Bastard." Petrenko heard a gun load from behind him, turning around Petrenko saw the two Clear Sky men aiming their weapons at him.
"On the ground militant scum!" The medic yelled, just before slamming the butt of his AK 74 into Petrenkos face.

9:23 PM

Petrenko awoke in a small building. It was half flooded and the light above flickered, casting shadows on the walls. He tried pulling the ropes which bound him to the rusted chair free, but to no effect, he wasn't going anywhere. A few minutes later he heard footsteps outside the small, wooden building, the door swung open and a hooded man strided inside.
"You! Your kind are not welcome here....This is Clear Sky territory." The hooded man said.
"Who are you?" Petrenko said, ignoring the mans previous statement.
"Me? I am of no importance, but your kind calls me Troll." Troll said.
"Troll? What kind of god damn name is that?"
"You will regret coming here soldier, I think you had better pray I make the mistake of making your death quick." Troll took out a switchblade and held it to Petrenkos throat.
"Fuck you! Come on, kill me!" Petrenko said, spitting at Troll.
"Basta-" Troll was cut off as an explosion came from outside, gunfire rang from all around. Troll pocketed his blade and pulled out a P90 before venturing outside the building.
"Help!" Petrenko yelled.
Suddenly Troll flew through the wooden wall, landing in the water. The door swung open and a group of Spetsnaz stormed inside, releasing Petrenko and giving him a weapon.
"Come on! We're getting out of here!" One of the Spetsnaz yelled, handing Petrenko Trolls P90. The group, now including the unarmoured Petrenko, ran out of the building. They were in a half sunken town within the marshes, just like before, one would not know where they are without a guide. They finally came across a group of Clear Sky approaching from a large forest, they were armed with only AK 74u's and simple, civilian rifles.
"Spread out." The Spetsnaz leader ordered.
Silently, the Spetsnaz and Petrenko moved to the reeds, they attached silencers to their weapons and went prone, the Clear Sky patrol went by, not knowing of the danger which was the Spetsnaz......Three silent pops....Three dead men.
"Regroup!" The Spetsnaz leader ordered.
One by one the soldiers gathered around on the path and awaited their orders, while Petrenko was covered with dirt, not having the slightest clue as to what was happening.
"Alright men, head to the EVAC site, I'll inform our soldier here."
The Spetsnaz saluted just before rushing into the reeds.
Petrenko put his weapon on safety and shouldered it, "What the hell is going on?" He asked.
"We're rescuing you. My name is Evgeniy, me and my squad recieved orders to rescue the two squads sent in this morning.....Are you the only survivor?" Evgeniy asked.
"Yessir." Petrenko said.
"Damn. You are one lucky son of a bitch! I've seen what some of these locals do to our guys.....Not pretty." He exclaimed.
Petrenko nodded, "I'm just glad you showed up when you did...I thought I was dead."
Evgeniy nodded in agreement, "Indeed....Enough chit chat though. We have to get moving. EVAC is only half a mile away."

About five minutes of jogging later, the two men arrived next to the rest of the Spetsnaz where a chopper sat waiting.
"Inside people! You know the drill!" Evgeniy yelled as the Spetsnaz and Petrenko moved inside the chopper.

One hour later

At last the chopper touched down in the base at the location known as 'Cordon'. As Petrenko stepped out he was relieved to see trees and grass. He moved towards the commanding officer on base who stood leading PT behind the barracks. Evgeniy ran over to the CO and whispered something to him, the CO nodded and approached Petrenko, examining a piece of paper.
"Petrenko, Yuri? Correct?" He asked.
"Sent in this morning?" He asked.
"Are you injured?"
"No sir." Petrenko replied.
The CO looked at him and nodded, "It's been a long day for you soldier. Hit the barracks after you get you evaluation from the base medic."
"Yessir!" Petrenko said.
"Fall out."
  02:36:39  28 February 2009
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Cake Muncher


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