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A Soldiers Story

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  01:10:40  12 March 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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NOOOO! Apple pie is American
Albanian Pie rocks @$$
  01:13:27  12 March 2009
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"Order of the Liquidators" and Dez0wave Tester


On forum: 07/17/2008
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What if it's a talking, glowing, gigantic dildo? "Join me and rule the world!" it says. What if?
  02:26:36  12 March 2009
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008
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A Soldiers Story

Chapter 9

Hrskiy and Petrenko finally made it into the forest, oddly, they didn't find any mutants, only anomolies and patches of deadly radiation.
"Let's rest..." Petrenko said, moving into a large patch of open ground.
Hrskiy sat down in the grass, "Agreed....Is it me, or have we been marching around in circles?" He asked.
Petrenko looked around, he couldn't see the edge of the forest, but it was cirtainly familiar, "This forest is evil...I suggest we don't wait here for long."
After a short meal, the two soldiers pulled the ghillie hood over their heads and set back off into the maze of trees and grass, dodging anomolies and flanking around radiation patches......It was then they came back to the clearing they had just left only minutes ago....
"What the hell!" Hrskiy yelled, "We have been walking in circles!"
Petrenko looked around, "We're trapped.....An anomoly?"
Hrskiy pondered for a moment, "I have been here longer than you, and I have never experienced anything like this before. We head straight, yet we end up in the exact position we were only moments ago."
Petrenko picked up a rock and threw it into the distance, he waited a moment, just before getting hit in the back of the head by the very same rock....
"What the hell!" Hrskiy yelled, shaking.
"Stay cool! I'll call the others.." Petrenko pulled out his radio, "Squad, do you read me? This is Corporal Petrenko, I repeat, do you read me?"
No reply....Only static.
"Shit." Petrenko yelled, shoving the radio back into his pack.
"Well we're fucked!" Hrskiy exclaimed, "What're we gonna do now?!"
"Shut up!" Petrenko yelled, "Go low, and crawl...."
The two soldiers went prone and began crawling forward, they finally noticed a strange anomoly in the air, it was hard to see, but noticable. Petrenko picked up a rock and tossed it up, it disapeared into the bubble like anomoly, and came out behind them.
"Stay low..."
They crawled under it and finally came to the other side. It was somekind of teleporting anomoly, it was the reason they had been going in 'circles'.
"Watch out for them..." Petrenko said, crouching and stalking through the grass, Hrskiy at his six. They moved from tree to tree, silently creeping through the forest. At last, they saw a building come into view.
"Go silent..." Petrenko whispered.
They went prone and crawled towards the base, they could see movement on the concrete walls, several armed bandits. Petrenko halted Hrskiy and he ran forward, quietly moving behind a wooden fence, he peaked around and saw it was an old Soviet factory. Petrenko motioned for Hrskiy.
"Yessir?" Hrskiy said as he reached Petrenko.
"Attach your silencer to the Nagant.....Open fire on the patrol to the left, I'll dispatch the one on the right.
They attached silencers to their weapons and took aim from the fence. Petrenko held his breath and aimed the Nagants sights on the bandits head.
"Ready..." Hrskiy whispered.
"Roger that......Fire!" Petrenko whispered, squeezing the trigger simultaniously with Hrskiy, dispatching the two bandits with ease.
"Enemy eliminated....Forward." Petrenko said, going prone and crawling into the field towards the factory, stopping as the bandit snipers scanned over the two soldiers positions.
At last the soldiers reached the concrete wall of the factory and stood up. They pulled out their MP5 Silenced and crawled into a small hole in the wall. The factory courtyard was empty, the only enemies in the area were the snipers on the walls, Petrenko and Hrskiy moved from thier cover and got to a position where they could see the snipers.....Four were evenly spread apart on the wall.
The weapons silently popped and the bandits fell silently to the earth.
"Clear." Petrenko whispered, "Hold...." He stood up and moved into the courtyard. No one fired on him or acknowleged he was present, "Regroup."
Hrskiy ran from his cover and stopped in front of Petrenko. They ran behind the large factory building and to the metal fence on the other side...Unfortunately for the two soldiers....Radiation signs littered the other side of the fence. Moving forward would be suicide.
"Fuck." Hrskiy exclaimed, staring at the barren field of radiation.
"We move, no stopping. We have protection." Petrenko said, motioning to the gas masks on their heads, "Now move."
Petrenko cut a hole in the fence and dived through, his gieger counter went off the scales as they sprinted through the field to the treeline. Petrenko could feel the heat of the radiation as they reached the center, he jumped over several dead bodies and went into a mad sprint for the treeline but his gieger counter kept clicking wildly. He looked back and saw Hrskiy tugging at his gear.
"What are you doing!?" Petrenko yelled back.
Hrskiy screamed as a loud screech echoed from the trees.
Petrenko fell to his knees as a loud roaring echoed in his ears. He stood back up, grasping his head, and ran into the forest. His gieger counter died down, but the noise still echoed in his head.
"Am I going mad?!" Petrenko screamed...Suddenly, the sound stopped. He checked his hands and smacked his head, he was still alive. He had no idea what just happened....It was then he remembered Hrskiy, standing in the middle of the radiation field without his gear.
Petrenko took a deep breath before moving back into the dark forest, dreading what awaited him around every tree and rock.....
  05:42:26  12 March 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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Sounds like a Controller got Hrskiy.
  22:55:58  12 March 2009
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Sashya Loner
Official Forum Bandit Leader


On forum: 01/29/2009
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Sounds like a Controller got Hrskiy.

Womp, womp, woooommmmppp!
  00:10:28  13 March 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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  00:33:03  13 March 2009
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008
Messages: 675
A Soldiers Story

Chapter 10

Petrenko kept looking over his shoulder after the loss of Hrskiy and the strange, painfull noises. He hadn't rested for over an hour, and he was gradually becoming tired...But at last, the edge of the forest came into view. He went low and crawled out of the treeline, he was on one of the steep hills which encircled the Dark Valley, he had come out by an abandoned pig farm. Quietly he slid down the hill and hid by a bush, pulling the leaves over his ghillie suit to blend in, he lied his Mosin Nagant on the ground and pulled out his binoculars. About a mile away he saw more of the mysterious men in black raincoats, with them was Spreshk. Silently he picked up his Mosin Nagant and ran into the field to his north, beyond a bridge, and finally into a festering marsh. Petrenko moved under the bridge and heard voices.
"Ok. The prisoner has been taken and we are almost done taking the Freedom base. Go check on the outposts at the entrances to the dark valley."
Petrenko waited for the footsteps to die away, he peaked out from the bridge and saw the first man walk towards a large unfinished building to the north.
Petrenko hugged the wall and peared around the corner, aiming his Mosin Nagant towards the first man, he squeezed the trigger and the weapon popped, killing the man outright. Petrenko pushed away from the wall and ran to the mans body. He didn't have anything besides stolen equipment.
"Bandits...." Petrenko said to himself, pocketing the items on the bandits body. He took all he wanted and drug the body into a nearby ditch.

After a short time crawling in the ditch Petrenko saw a large factory. He stood up and flanked behind it, not attempting to find trouble or something worse than death within. He passed it and finally he was to his objective, the large, unfinished building lied not even a quarter of a mile away. Petrenko sighed with relief and quietly approached the building, making sure to move from cover to cover and to stay as low as possible. At last, he came to the gates.
Peaking within he saw the bandits gathering around a large pit, something, or someone, was down there. He snuck into the base and hid behind a truck, it was then he heard growling and barks from within the pit......He also saw Spreshk being hung upside down over the pit.
"Please! Don't do this!" Spreshk pleaded.
"Give me one reason...One reason why I shouldn't cut this rope right now and let you fall to the dogs." The heavily scarred bandit said, standing by the rope which held Spreshk above the pit.
Spreshk stuttered, "I...I can give you my squads position. O-O-Only five men, not-Not including me...."
"Where? Speak!" The bandit spat.
"B-By the ol-Old building in the Garbage, by the small swamp near the Dark Valley entrance....Please...Let me live."
The bandit smiled, "I'll let you live. The dogs? I don't know." The Bandit rose the knife and cut the rope, letting Spreshk fall into the pit.
The bandits laughed as Spreshk screamed as the dogs tore him to pieces, and Petrenko couldn't do anything, otherwise he would have the same fate. He crawled back out of the base and hugged the wall of the big building, he saw a ladder which led up to the roof, a perfect sniping position. Silently he clambered up the ladder, being careful not to loosen the bolts which held it up. He finally reached the top and climbed up onto the roof and ran to the edge. He pulled out his Mosin Nagant and aimed down the scope, the Bandits were about to fire at the dogs in the bloody pit....The perfect opportunity for an assassination. The bandit which killed Spreshk rose his arm and ordered the bandits to fire into the pit. As the weapons fired, so did Petrenko. The round struck the lead bandit in the leg and he toppled into the pit, getting hit by his own mens fire. It appeared as though a bandit had caused it....They never knew Petrenko was there.

Two Hours Later, 4:23 PM

Petrenko finally came out of the Dark Valley and into the Garbage, bloody, and shaken. He drug his feet to the destroyed building and looked around. His team was missing. He looked around and searched every corner of the ruins....No blood, no spent shell casings.....No team. He sat down on a large piece of rubble and layed his head in his hands. Where was his team, it was then he remembered the basement. Petrenko stood up and pulled out his MP5 and removed the silencer, he moved to the basement door behind the ruins and pulled it open. Down below it was the same as before, no blood or bodies....Although the signs of battle were everywhere. Petrenko examined the bullet holes on the walls and the spent rounds on the ground, it was as if they were fighting a ghost. Petrenko moved further down the stairs and switched on his light, down below were large holes in the walls, but they were not made by human tools.....It was then the door to the basement slammed shut, and Petrenko heard the most horrifying sounds he had ever heard.....
  01:43:58  13 March 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4119
The man eating apple pie is in the basement!! Jk.

I think it's the controller, or a bloodsucker.
  01:54:37  13 March 2009
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008
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A Soldiers Story

Chapter 11

Petrenko rose his weapon and looked in the direction of the noise. A small human sat in a corner, sobbing and growling, tearing something apart and putting the shiny, wet matter into his mouth. He stopped moving as Petrenkos light moved over the matter....Bloody flesh. The man looked up slowly and looked at Petrenko....Except it was far from human. The gas mask was hanging around its neck, and the military combat armour was torn to pieces.....But the eyes.....Petrenko had seen the eyes before. Hrskiy.
"Jesus Christ...." Petrenko said to himself, looking at the creature which was once Hrskiy, it roared and dove into a hole, taking a large chunk of meat with it.
Petrenko felt the hair raise on the back of his neck. He ran up the stairs and kicked the door open, placing some C4 on the way out. He set the timer for twenty seconds before slamming the door shut and running for the nearby outpost which lead to Rostok. He hid behind a wall as a large explosion shook the garbage, and rubble into the air. Petrenko rose and took his hood off before approaching the building. On the other side the basement was destroyed, all that remained was a pile of rubble, and a hand twitching from a small crack. He rose his MP5 and fired at the twitching hand, forcing it back into the rubble.
"I'm sorry..." Petrenko said.

5 Hours Later, 9:59 PM

With the darkness came rain. It poured down on the zone like a mortar strike.
Petrenko sat in a trailer by the outpost to Rostok, keeping his MP5 aimed at the entrance. He had been awake for hours, without water or food, all the MREs were on Hrskiy. Petrenko felt tired, his vision grew blurry as he fell asleep in the trailer.

7:05 AM

Petrenko woke to a light mist and dusty sun rays shining through the windows. He stood up and stretched before moving outside, outside he tossed his ghillie suit to the ground and tightened his combat armour before pulling on his gas mask. He moved Southward and passed several trash heaps before seeing a large detatchment of soldiers by the vehicle scrap yard.
"Hey! Over here!" Petrenko yelled, waving his hand above his head.
He saw several soldiers look over and call for their team leader, Petrenko couldn't hear what he said put he pointed towards him.
"Fire!" The Team leader yelled.
The team opened fire on Petrenko. He dove behind a large tractor and yelled, "Hold your god damn fire!" But the team wouldn't stop firing on him. Petrenko stood up and crouch ran behind the nearest trash heap.
"What the hell!?" Petrenko yelled, running from the Trash Heap to the large hangar in the center of the Garbage. He ran inside and hid under a large crane. Sure enough a squad of soldiers ran in....Searching for him.
"Take the left flank, I'll take the right. Yaram, stay here."
Petrenko pulled out his knife as the other two soldiers dissapeared behind him. He crawled out and behind the soldier, he rose the knife and slit the mans throat, silently lying him on the ground and sprinting out of the Hangar towards Rostok. He heard the soldiers yelling and firing in Petrenkos general direction. Petrenko thought he was home free as he reached the outpost to Rostok....Only to be ambushed by a squad of soldiers. They opened fire and shot Petrenko down, he fell to the earth and looked at his wounds. They bled, and bled. He was becoming cold.
The squad leader looked over Petrenko, "Target down." He said under his gas mask, "Returning to base. Over and out."
Petrenko coughed before fading into darkness.
  02:18:06  13 March 2009
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Sashya Loner
Official Forum Bandit Leader


On forum: 01/29/2009
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Oh noes!!!!!!!!!!!!
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