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A Soldiers Story

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  05:31:27  27 February 2009
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
02/27/2009 5:37:26
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A Soldiers Story

Chapter 1

Yuri Petrenko slammed against the brick wall, firing blindly from his hiding spot. The rain came down hard, and all Petrenko could hear was the rain pelting on his helmet, drowning out all sounds around him.
"Private Petrenko! Flanking manuever on the enemy! We'll cover you!" Ordered Sargeant Tskovi.
Petrenko nodded and sprinted away, moving from cover to cover, it was then he had a clear shot on the enemy.
"G-Night" Petrenko said, sqeezing the trigger several times, knocking the enemy to the ground.

"Hold your fire!" The speakers boomed as spotlights illuminated the training ground, the speakers boomed to life again, "Bravo squad, this is twice in a row you have been taken off guard by the enemy. You are all dead. Congratulations!"
The soldiers from bravo got up and rubbed thier bruises.
"Damn you alpha! You bastards got us twice now." Bravos CO yelled.
Sargeant Tskovi yelled back, "If it wasn't for Petrenko here, we wouldn't have been as successful."
"Thank you sir!" Petrenko yelled, jumping over his cover.

"Company, Attention!"

Everyone snapped to attention as the familiar voice of Major Ruslan echoed across the training ground.

"At ease!" Ruslan ordered, "Bravo Platoon! You had no cooperation on the field. If that were a real battle, you would all be dead! Until you learn how to cooperate during an exercise you will receive double PT. Fall out!"
Bravo fell out and jogged away into the darkness, all that remained was Alpha platoon.
"Alpha, back to base! Double time! Petrenko, come here for a moment." Ruslan ordered.
Petrenko quickly snapped to attention in front of Ruslan.
"At ease soldier. I presume you have heard of the recent emmisions coming from the Chernobyl NPP? Well we need as many good soldiers as we can get in the Zone."
Petrenko knew of this place, it was cursed in his opinion. He remembered a month ago an entire company from his base left for Chernobyl, after one week contact was lost, "Sir, I know of the place."
"Good, because that is where you are going. You will be going with other select men, our boys need reinforcements.
"Sir, why must I have this job?" Petrenko asked, his voice cracking with fear.
"Consider it a duty to your country. You will be shipped out tommorow morning. Fall out." Ruslan said, walking away and leaving Petrenko alone in the dark night.

Chapter 2

Petrenko woke up early the next morning along with a good two dozen soldiers from other companies on base. They hit the showers, got dressed into their military combat armour and moved outside into the cold morning air where two choppers were being prepped for lift off. It was then Ruslan stepped out of a chopper.
"At ease! Alright men. Some of you know why you are here, others may not. You are all being shipped to the Zone....Chernobyl."
Ruslan took a deep breath before continuing.
"Our boys their need reinforcements. You happen to be the best of the best, so you are the lucky bastards who get to visit the beautiful zone. Your orders are simple: Find the outpost at the 'Cordon' and eliminate any locals you see. Good luck soldiers, you'll need it."

One by one the soldiers moved onto one of the two choppers. Petrenko didn't know what to think, was the zone really as bad as he thought? Was it truely cursed? All these answers would be answered, he knew it.
"Hey!....Hey!" Someone yelled.
"Shut the fuck up Semyon! No one wants to hear your shit." Another yelled back.
"No really guys! Semyon yelled over the roaring of the chopper as it slowly rose from the ground, "This zone, they say it is cursed. It is supposed to be a place of great evil. All who go there.....Never return."
People began scoffing at the idea of this 'Zone' being cursed.
"Yeah, it's cursed alright. You get shit television and hardly any reception." The man beside Petrenko said.
"This 'ain't a damn vacation Kesha."
"Chill Misha. I am kidding.....Dumbass." Kesha said.

Two hours later

Petrenko finally snapped awake to a large explosion.
"What the hell!" Someone yelled.
"Shit! Alpha teams chopper is down!" The pilot yelled, "Damn! RPG, 11 o' clock! Brace yourself!"
No one had time to brace themselves as the missile struck the left side of the chopper, several men got flung out of the chopper as it swung around in the air, quickly plummeting to the ground below. Petrenko didn't have time to react as the chopper hit the ground, knocking him unconcious.

Several Hours Later, 11 AM

Petrenko awoke lying on wet ground, he stood up and saw smoke rising in the distance....The chopper. Petrenko picked up his pack and looked inside, his Akaban was demolished, all he had left was his useless Makarov. Petrenko limped through tall reeds and shallow water till he reached the crash site. Moving closer to the chopper he saw dead bodies lying around, no one made it. He searched the site and didn't find anything useful, all the ammo and weapons were crushed or damaged beyond repair, it was then he heard someone coughing from the nearby reeds.
"Hello?!" Petrenko yelled.
"*Cough* Over here..."
Petrenko pushed some reeds out of his way and saw Misha lying on the ground, a piece of metal lodged in his stomach.
"Damn..." Petrenko whispered, heaving debris from Mishas body, "Come on, there has got to be some cover in these swamps..."
  11:53:50  27 February 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4119
Good story, keep it up.
  21:44:00  27 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
interestingly interesting

all those squads disappearing, must be my fault :/
  23:07:50  27 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918

interestingly interesting

all those squads disappearing, must be my fault :/

Not really yours it's mine too (i tried the 1935 build and the swaps i visited today so must have been me shooting them )
  00:07:27  28 February 2009
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008
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Glad you like it so far.

The next few chapters will be up tonight.
  02:02:59  28 February 2009
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
02/28/2009 2:08:03
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A Soldiers Story

Chapter 3

Petrenko carried the injured Misha through the swamps, there was no cover whatsoever in the swamps, and the skies above grew darker with every passing minute. Finally, Petrenko saw a small house just over the next wooden bridge.
"Stay here buddy, I'm going to check it out." Petrenko said, lieing Misha on the wet ground.
He moved from cover to cover, Makarov in hand until he reached the house. Lights came from within the windows, and voices echoed into the swamps. Slowly Petrenko snuck onto the porch and pushed the door open, the house was like an armoury. RPGs, Soviet era rifles, and NATO weapons stood against the walls, the ammo stuffed into cabinets. Petrenko hugged the wall and moved silently towards the voices coming from the next room, peaking within he saw three men in blue camo sitting at a table.
"Don't fucking move!" Petrenko yelled as he came out from his cover, aiming his pistol at the men, "Put your hands in the air! Now!"
The men dropped their packs and weapons and rose their hands into the air.
"Who are you people?"
No answer.
"Don't make me ask again..."
No answer. Petrenko took aim and squeezed the trigger, the 9x18 mm round piercing through one of the mens heads.
"Now, who wants to answer my question?" He asked, taking aim yet again.
No answer.
Petrenko sighed, "One...Two....Thr-"
"We are Clear Sky members! Please! Don't shoot!" One of the men yelled.
"Do any of you have medical training?" Petrenko asked.
"Y-Yes" One of the Clear Sky members stuttered.
"Excellent. Go outside and bring my friend inside. Try anything, and your friend dies."
The man nodded and ran outside. Petrenko aimed his Makarov at the other man still inside, "Sit down!"

Finally, the other man returned with Misha, he layed him down and pulled a medical kit from his pack.
"Can you help him?" Petrenko asked.
"Yes, but we have no anesthesia, it will hurt." The man said.
"Do it!" Misha groaned.
"As you wish." The medic grabbed the metal shard and yanked it out, he motioned for Petrenko, "Keep pressure on the wound." He opened up the kit and pulled out bandages and a roll of wire.
"Wire?" Petrenko asked, looking at the roll of wire the medic sat on the table.
"It's all we have in the marshes, no fancy military equipment here."
Petrenko looked away as the medic began stitching the wound with the wire, slowly pulling it through the large cut as Misha screamed in agony.
"God damn..." Petrenko said to himself.
"Ok....Stitches applied, all he needs now are the bandages." The medic said, applying the bandages to the wound. After the procedure was done Misha was taken upstairs to a bed, where he would rest.

Three hours later, 2:45 PM

Petrenko looked out the window and noticed the rain start to pour down, the sky gradually becoming a light red, "What is going on?" He asked the two men.
"An emission is approaching, we may want to move downstairs." One of the men said.
"Fine, move Misha down there, remember...No funny buisness." He said.

After Misha was taken down to the basement, the two Clear Sky men and Petrenko grabbed some gear and moved into the basement, locking the door behind them.
"Why are you locking the door?" Petrenko asked.
"You haven't been here long, have you?" The medic asked as the ground began to shake, "You'll see soon enough."
They all crouched as the wind roared and the very ground shook at the tremendous force of the emission. The house began to shake as a wave of radioactive air swept across the Zone....All of a sudden it became pitch black and deathly silent.
"Is it over?" Petrenko asked as light came back to the earth.
Another roar came, this one even louder than before, followed by yet an even more powerful blast of energy....Then it was silent.......
"It's over." The other Clear Sky man said, standing up.
"Well lets open the damn door!" Petrenko exclaimed.
The man looked over his shoulder, "The emission is over, but the horror isn't...."
  02:33:09  28 February 2009
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On forum: 04/06/2008
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  02:36:39  28 February 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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  04:57:16  28 February 2009
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
02/28/2009 5:01:05
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A Soldiers Story

Chapter 4

"What do you mean 'The horror isn't over?'" Petrenko asked.
"Just wait damn it!" The medic yelled.
It was not even half a minute later till someone, or something, began pounding at the door, horrible growls came from the other side.
"What the hell...." Petrenko said to himself.
All of a sudden the door swung open, but nothing came in.....The growls died away. Silently the group moved out of the basement and into the house, there were deep scratches in the walls and door, as if some wild beast was in the house.
"Clear." The Clear Sky member said.
Suddenly a horrifying scream came from the basement.
The three men ran to the basement to find a horrifying creature sucking the blood from Mishas lifeless corpse, it looked up at the three men, became invisible and lunged out of the crack in the wall.
"What the fuck was that thing!?" Petrenko yelled.
"We call it a bloodsucker....Bastard." Petrenko heard a gun load from behind him, turning around Petrenko saw the two Clear Sky men aiming their weapons at him.
"On the ground militant scum!" The medic yelled, just before slamming the butt of his AK 74 into Petrenkos face.

9:23 PM

Petrenko awoke in a small building. It was half flooded and the light above flickered, casting shadows on the walls. He tried pulling the ropes which bound him to the rusted chair free, but to no effect, he wasn't going anywhere. A few minutes later he heard footsteps outside the small, wooden building, the door swung open and a hooded man strided inside.
"You! Your kind are not welcome here....This is Clear Sky territory." The hooded man said.
"Who are you?" Petrenko said, ignoring the mans previous statement.
"Me? I am of no importance, but your kind calls me Troll." Troll said.
"Troll? What kind of god damn name is that?"
"You will regret coming here soldier, I think you had better pray I make the mistake of making your death quick." Troll took out a switchblade and held it to Petrenkos throat.
"Fuck you! Come on, kill me!" Petrenko said, spitting at Troll.
"Basta-" Troll was cut off as an explosion came from outside, gunfire rang from all around. Troll pocketed his blade and pulled out a P90 before venturing outside the building.
"Help!" Petrenko yelled.
Suddenly Troll flew through the wooden wall, landing in the water. The door swung open and a group of Spetsnaz stormed inside, releasing Petrenko and giving him a weapon.
"Come on! We're getting out of here!" One of the Spetsnaz yelled, handing Petrenko Trolls P90. The group, now including the unarmoured Petrenko, ran out of the building. They were in a half sunken town within the marshes, just like before, one would not know where they are without a guide. They finally came across a group of Clear Sky approaching from a large forest, they were armed with only AK 74u's and simple, civilian rifles.
"Spread out." The Spetsnaz leader ordered.
Silently, the Spetsnaz and Petrenko moved to the reeds, they attached silencers to their weapons and went prone, the Clear Sky patrol went by, not knowing of the danger which was the Spetsnaz......Three silent pops....Three dead men.
"Regroup!" The Spetsnaz leader ordered.
One by one the soldiers gathered around on the path and awaited their orders, while Petrenko was covered with dirt, not having the slightest clue as to what was happening.
"Alright men, head to the EVAC site, I'll inform our soldier here."
The Spetsnaz saluted just before rushing into the reeds.
Petrenko put his weapon on safety and shouldered it, "What the hell is going on?" He asked.
"We're rescuing you. My name is Evgeniy, me and my squad recieved orders to rescue the two squads sent in this morning.....Are you the only survivor?" Evgeniy asked.
"Yessir." Petrenko said.
"Damn. You are one lucky son of a bitch! I've seen what some of these locals do to our guys.....Not pretty." He exclaimed.
Petrenko nodded, "I'm just glad you showed up when you did...I thought I was dead."
Evgeniy nodded in agreement, "Indeed....Enough chit chat though. We have to get moving. EVAC is only half a mile away."

About five minutes of jogging later, the two men arrived next to the rest of the Spetsnaz where a chopper sat waiting.
"Inside people! You know the drill!" Evgeniy yelled as the Spetsnaz and Petrenko moved inside the chopper.

One hour later

At last the chopper touched down in the base at the location known as 'Cordon'. As Petrenko stepped out he was relieved to see trees and grass. He moved towards the commanding officer on base who stood leading PT behind the barracks. Evgeniy ran over to the CO and whispered something to him, the CO nodded and approached Petrenko, examining a piece of paper.
"Petrenko, Yuri? Correct?" He asked.
"Sent in this morning?" He asked.
"Are you injured?"
"No sir." Petrenko replied.
The CO looked at him and nodded, "It's been a long day for you soldier. Hit the barracks after you get you evaluation from the base medic."
"Yessir!" Petrenko said.
"Fall out."
  09:07:16  28 February 2009
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On forum: 04/06/2008
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The plot is thickening!
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