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The Eye of Pripyat

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  01:07:43  25 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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I more like your series with the reds so no more stupid after x18 stuff
  22:33:03  24 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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The Eye of Pripyat

(The Eye of Pripyat is completely and I mean COMPLETELY unrelated to my previous stalker stories, which were a continuation story, this one is a different story, with different people, with a different bad guy and a different setting, it is around the same time as Fallen in the Rain but it has nothing to do with it, just so you know and don't get confused)

The Eye of Pripyat Part 1 - The Blowout

Armadillo looked around drunkenly, he was sitting in the corner of the bar, he had lost everything. There were no jobs for him, he had no artifacts to sell and barely of handful of bullets to his L85A1. He had barely a thousand rubles and was now wasting them in the bar. He had drank about six bottles and was starting to feel sick. He looked back and forth before realizing he was all alone save for the Barkeep washing the empty glasses.
"heysh barkepsh whersh everyonsh" Armadillo mumbled, he barely was able to string the words together
"are you deaf?" the Barkeep asked "they went up north"
"whash up nor?" Armadillo mumbled
"the bloody power plant, the scorcher is down and now everyone is going to the untouched lands beyond" said Barkeep "you know the stories of all the artifact fields said to be up there"
"real? wellsh I better getsh up thersh" said Armadillo falling from his seat
"look not that I care but your going to be causing more problems then solving them if you go like that" said the Barkeep "you were a good stalker once so I will do you a favor"
"wha favorsh" Armadillo mumbled
"here" said the Barkeep walking towards him, he passed him a tin "you can leave if you eat that entire tin of coffee"
"aw mansh" said Armadillo scooping up the coffee and shoving it down his throat.
He finished 30 minutes later and puked into the tin.
"so are you prepared to go?" the Barkeep asked
"I got a killer headache" said Armadillo
"how much ammo do you have?" the Barkeep asked
"about a magazine or so" said Armadillo rubbing his head
"okay you give me the rest of your cash and I will give you five more, that should last you if you are cautious" said the Barkeep
Armadillo passed him the cash and grabbed the magazines, he turned and stumbled out the door, it was getting dark, he ran off to the army warehouse.
About two hours passed and he managed to reach the Red Forest, he quickly hurried through, there were stalkers everywhere. Camped by the road playing guitar, wandering the streets, trading weapons.
Most of them were forming squads.
"Hey Armadillo, good to see you out of the bar" said a familiar voice
Armadillo turned to see Mastiff waving at him.
"hey" said Armadillo
"the Barkeep fed you a tin of coffee didn't he?" Mastiff asked
"yeah" said Armadillo "so you heading north too?"
"hell yeah, god knows what is up there" said Mastiff
"well I think I am too, I need the cash" said Armadillo
"yeah I bet you do" said Mastiff "my team is almost ready to go"
"mind if I join ya" Armadillo asked
"sure, let me introduce you to the team" said Mastiff pointing to the stalkers "this one is Bullfrog, that one is Harrier, thats Mad Dog and the one in the back is Shark"
"hi" said Armadillo
"Armadillo here was one of the best back in the faction wars" said Mastiff
"do I smell vodka?" Bullfrog asked
"yeah he kinda lost his touch" said Mastiff
"yeah well..." said Armadillo, he couldn't think of an excuse "when do we go?"
"well we need to make sure you got enough supplies and we go" said Mastiff
"I got like six clips for my L85A1 and I have about... a medkit and two bottles of vodka" said Armadillo
"that won't do, Mad Dog give him some of your ammo, Shark pass him some bandages at the very least" said Mastiff
"man" said Shark opening a bag full of bandages and passing them.
Armadillo pocketed the ammo and bandages. They loaded their guns and started to move, he noticed several other teams moving as well. They walked along the road and waved to the sign, the words were too worn to read but you can barely make out, Pripyat.

They looked up, the city was right ahead of them, they saw helicopters flying overhead, a fell from the sky as RPGs flew up, there were explosions and gunfire that seemed to flow with the wind. They continued forward.
They came to a halt, they ducked behind some debris, several other teams did the same, they looked over to see a squad of stalkers in exoskeletons marching through the street, stalkers shooting from rooftops and streets at every turn.
"I wonder who those guys were" said Bullfrog watching
"who cares they just cleared a path for us" said Shark
They stood up and ran, the other teams did the same, it was almost as if they were racing at this point. The squads were trying to run faster than the others down the long road, they started to push each other out of the way but suddenly there were several cracks and several of the stalkers fell down. Everyone ducked.
"SNIPERS" shouted a stalker
There were guns firing out of each building, everyone ran off in separate directions.
Armadillo tried to keep up, there were so many bullets whizzing passed him he could have sworn he could see some of them. He ducked behind cover, several grenades began to explode. He saw the others had ducked behind some debris several blocks down. He took a deep breath and jumped to his feet and sprinted down the blocks. There were bullets fly passed him and several explosions around him, he dived and landed in a crater, he looked up, his squad was turning the corner. He clambered to his feet cursing and ran down the path, he could taste blood as he pushed further and further, he dropped in exhaustion and fell straight through a crater and into a tunnel. He looked around to find himself lying in a sewage tunnel.
He lifted himself to his feet and walked slowly north, he found a ladder leading out, he grabbed it and lifted himself up, he opened the lid and found himself in an underground parking lot. He crawled under a car and laid there for a moment, he heard gunshots nearing him and footsteps.
"dammit we lost Armadillo" said Bullfrog
"there coming" shouted Mad Dog
"well it seems we have to go on without him" said Mastiff "hes probably dead"
"no I'm not I'm right here" mumbled Armadillo
"did you hear that?" Shark asked
"under that car" said Mad Dog
He felt some hands grab his legs and drag him out.
"hey, you ditched me" said Armadillo
"if we ditched you how did you make it here faster?" Shark asked
"well you see I fell in a hole that was fairly deep and ended up in the sewers, it led me here without any trouble" said Armadillo "and I decided to take a breather from all the sprinting I was doing to keep up and all"
"wait you said sewer?" Mastiff asked
"yeah, its right over there" said Armadillo pointing to a small grate
"this is perfect" said Mastiff "we can climb down and take it straight through the carnage"
"yeah thats nice I'm going to take a nap" said Armadillo, he felt someone kick him
"get up" said Mastiff grabbing his arms and pulling them.
"fine" said Armadillo he looked around, they were already climbing down. He ran to the grate and climbed down, sealing the lid. He heard footsteps above him as they carefully and quietly crept through the tunnels. They broke into a run and followed it, there were a lot of collapsed tunnels. They heard a roar.
"bloodsucker" said Shark, they raised there guns, they suddenly were surrounded by white eyes.
"hey a ladder" said Armadillo hardly noticing any of it.
They turned to see a single ladder, they ran for it, so did the Bloodsuckers, Armadillo climbed up opening the grate, he looked down to the others.
"CLIMB" shouted Mad Dog firing his shotgun into the bloodsuckers
Mastiff climbed out of the hole, he was followed by Bullfrog, Shark was grabbed by one of the Bloodsuckers when he was trying to climbed, he pulled the pins from his grenades, Mad Dog grabbed the ladder and climbed up, there was a large explosion and Mad Dog screamed as Shrapnel ripped through his legs, the stalkers pulled him out of the hole, the sealed it.
Mad Dog was bleeding everywhere.
"Shark was carrying most of the bandages, everyone pull out your spares" said Mastiff as they pulled out their bandages and began to wrap them around his legs. They heard a roar from a nearby hole in the ground. They tried to lift Mad Dog to his feet but it was no use.
They saw hundreds of eyes looking out from the tunnel.
"its no use" said Mad Dog "go, I will hold them off"
Mad Dog loaded his shotgun, the others stared at him and then ran off in the other direction, Mad Dog fired his shotgun, the many eyes move closer and closer.

Armadillo looked back and forth, they were running towards another shootout, they stopped and looked around the corner, there were stalkers shooting out of nearby windows. They ran into a large building, they ran through it, it turned out to be an apartment. They saw a stalker run into a room, they recognized him from that group of stalkers they saw earlier. They looked through the room and saw him jump out a window onto the roof outside, they saw an RPG fly at them, they ran down the halls.
"who was that guy?" Bullfrog asked
"why do you ask?" Mastiff asked back
"I don't know I just swear I saw that guy before" said Bullfrog as they ran through the building, the ran down some stairs and ran out, there were several explosions outside.

They ran through the maze of buildings for thirty minutes, there were too many stalkers fighting, they turned and found a large building, they ran inside shooting several monolithians. Several RPGs flew through the doors and blew up behind them, they were thrown forward by the shockwave.
Armadillo looked around, there was blood everywhere, he looked up to see Bullfrog impaled into the wall by a metal spike, Mastiff looked at the body.
They heard noises in the next room, gunshots.
They raised their rifles and opened the door, they saw that same stalker leave the room, it had a large pillar of debris and monolith were surrounding it, they were slumped over.
Armadillo looked at the bodies.
"they didn't fight back?" Armadillo asked
"they were praying" said Mastiff
There was a loud explosion, the roof caved in behind them blocking their path, they ran to the other doors, the roof collapsed there as well. They looked around.
"windows?" Armadillo asked
They ran to the windows, there were stalkers fighting everywhere, they noticed several men with RPGs directly across from them.
They both raised their rifles and fired, the monolith with the RPGs returned fire, they dived out of the way, the RPGs detonated, the entire room shook. The pillar of debris fell through the floor, the floor seemingly caved in on itself, Armadillo fell straight through the hole, he crashed with a crunch into the ground, he saw white eyes surrounding him, the rest of the building above him collapsed, debris crushed the bloodsuckers, he found himself being buried by the structure above, he looked up, he saw a very faint view of the sky. He coughed up some blood, he squinted to see the Eye of Pripyat staring down at him, he coughed some more blood before closing his eyes as the sky turned blood red...
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