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The Eye of Pripyat

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  17:57:00  10 March 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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The Eye of Pripyat Part 4 - In the Desert...

They came to a stop, they loaded their guns and jumped out. It was a dark and foggy area, a small bunker was in the dried up lake yantar, they carefully proceeded down the hill.
“why are we being so cautious?” Amnesiac asked
“either you're memory sucks or you have never been here before” said Bat looking around
“this is Yantar, only death lives here” said Weasel
“or eggheads but whatever floats your bloody boat” said Lynx “movement spotted, three o'clock”
They turned and fired at a slow moving shape, it fell over and started twitching, it clambered to its feet, they fired again, it fell over, they fired again to be sure.
“lets go” said Weasel
“who put you in charge?” Bat asked
“I did, and besides we shouldn't trust you or Lynx” said Weasel “and Amnesiac is an amnesiac”
“thanks” said Amnesiac
“yeah, feel free to use your gun if you remember how” said Bat
“shut up and follow me” said Weasel
They slowly slid down the hill, they heard moaning in the distance, they approached the lab. Weasel clicked a button by the door.
“Hello? Hello?” said a voice
“Sakharov open up” said Weasel
“who is this?” the voice asked
“Weasel... I work for Falcon” said Weasel
“oh Falcon, okay I am opening” said the voice
“heh no one knows who you are Weasel” said Bat as they stepped inside
They turned the corner, Sakharov and several other scientists were practically running around the equipment.
“busy eh?” Weasel asked
“definitely, someone reached the center, disappeared and nothing happened, and now the brain scorcher is on and noone can explore the vast northern reaches” said Sakharov “whoever did that is screwing up our work”
“yeah well we need to get some Psy Protectors” said Weasel “were going to shut it off”
“really?” said Sakharov “well thats excellent, let me get them”
Sakharov turned towards a box, he pulled it out revealing several headpieces, there was a bang and the entire bunker shook.
“SHIT TAKE COVER” shouted Weasel as they dived to the ground, there were several more bangs, suddenly bullets started ripping through the walls.
“bloody hell” said Lynx crawling away from the bullets
“OUR RESEARCH” said Sakharov looking at the destroyed computers “SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING”
“come on” said Weasel “we aren't going to get the protectors if this place is getting shot up”
They ran to the door opening it, they ran out and dived behind cover, they turned to see several machine guns set up on the hill.
“Weasel, any ideas?” Bat asked
“okay we need to draw their fire” said Weasel
“are you mad, they will bloody rip through our bloody cover you bloody idiot” said Lynx, several bullets ripped through his cover missing him by inches “BLOODY HELL”
“NOW” shouted Weasel, Bat and Weasel stood up and opened fire, Lynx cursed madly.
“I have an idea” said Amnesiac as Weasel and Bat ducked down behind cover
“I would love to hear it” said Weasel
“we need Sakharov to make a diversion, then we can run to our Tigr and shoot them” said Amnesiac
“good plan I will call him” said Weasel “Sakharov give us a diversion”
“an escorted research team is coming from the west hill it should divert their fire” said Sakharov
The guns aimed west and started firing.
“GO” shouted Weasel, they stood up and ran to the Tigr, one of the machine gunners fired at them, Amnesiac was hit in the leg, he fell over.
“Amnesiac are you okay?” Bat asked
“keep going I can handle myself” said Amnesiac
Amnesiac looked at his wound, it was painful but it wasn't too bad, he bandaged it and watched as the Tigr's gun fired at the machine gunners, Amnesiac used this diversion to crawl into some bushes.
He kept crawling from cover to cover until he was at a small tunnel, he stood up and limped through it.
He crawled out the other side, he saw he was in another dried up portion of the lake, his head began to hurt. He climbed up above the tunnel and crawled, he was right behind the machine gunners...

Falcon drove down the road, he was near the path to Yantar.
“ready?” he asked Viper
“just a sec” Viper replied
Viper sealed the doors and the machine gun hatch.
“ready” said Viper
They drove through the burner anomalies, the Tigr heated up quickly, they reached the other side, they quickly opened the doors and rolled down all the windows.
“Falcon is that you?” said Sakharov's familiar voice on his PDA
“Sakharov, did my guys make it alright?” Falcon asked
“yes but we are under attack, your men are trying to take them out but theres too many of them, I almost lost my entire research team” said Sakharov
“shit” said Falcon slamming on the gas, Viper nearly flew out the back
“driving fast enough?” Viper asked
“they are under attack” said Falcon

“wheres Amnesiac?” Bat asked
“what?” Lynx asked firing the gun
“he was hiding behind the cover there” said Bat
“shit hes not there” said Lynx
“I know” said Bat
“concentrate on shooting” said Weasel driving at top speed “Bat do you think you can be helpful and fire the RPG we have in the back”
“you serious? I never get to use that” said Bat
“aye aye” said Bat grabbing the RPG and leaning out the back, he aimed at the machine gunners and fired, the RPG flew and hit the ground behind the machine gunners, there was a large explosion of dirt blinding several of the guns.
“WOOOH” said Bat leaning back in to reload
“good shot now noone can shoot anyone” said Lynx
“I wonder if we hit anyone” said Bat

“son of a bitch” Amnesiac whispered, the blast had just missed him, he continued to crawl through the dirt until he was right behind the gunner, he pulled out his knife and stabbed through the mans neck.
He dropped down to the gun and turned it to the right, it was lined up perfectly with the other gunners. He fired the gun...

“Woah Bat, Lynx are you seeing this?” said Weasel
One of the gunners was shooting the others.
“what the bloody hell is going on” said Lynx “Bat use your binoculars”
Bat grabbed his binoculars and leaned out the back.
“my god, its Amnesiac, he is taking out all the gunners by himself” said Bat
“WHAT?” Weasel and Lynx shouted in unison, Weasel slammed on the gas, Bat fell out the back.
“son of a bitch” said Bat as he rolled painfully down the hill...

Amnesiac took out the gunners, he heard a twig snap behind him, he spun around and fired his pistol. There were several mercenaries coming over the hill, they fired at him. Amnesiac ducked, the mercenaries ran towards his cover, he jumped over the cover and shot a mercenary straight in the face, he roundhouse kicked one of the mercenaries causing him to fire his gun at one of his own men, he rugby lunged one of the mercenaries as he opened fire, he wrestled the gun at the others and fired, he took out three of them.
Two more fired at him, he rolled the body to act as a shield, he threw the body at one of them and shot the other with his pistol, he jumped to his feet and pistol whipped him straight in the face and jump kicked, the man fell back into a springboard anomaly. Amnesiac turned around, there were a lot more mercenaries running at him. He dived back into his cover as they opened fire, he looked up to see them almost right on top of him, suddenly the Tigr drove out of nowhere straight into them, the gun turned and shot several more coming towards them. Weasel looked at all the bodies.
“holy shit, did you do all this?” Weasel asked
“all except the ones you ran over” said Amnesiac firing at one of the wounded
“seriously good work” said Weasel
“BAIL” shouted Lynx, they turned to see several RPGs firing, Lynx dived out the back and Weasel climbed out the window, they jumped out of the way as the Tigr exploded behind them. Amensiac turned to see several more mercenaries coming from the west and even more coming from the north, a helicopter flew over head.
Amnesiac felt a pain in his head. Suddenly he had some rememberance, not a lot but he seemed to remember something, he also remembered himself being in this situation before, he didn't remember the details but he knew how to get out.
“okay guys I remember how to get out of these situations” said Amnesiac “but you must do exactly what I say”
“you remember?” Weasel asked
“do exactly as I say, I want the two of you to throw me into the air in three seconds, Weasel will run westward and aim the guns at the mercenaries, Lynx take the gun off the stand and shoot at them, throw me up NOW” said Amnesiac
The two of them shrugged and threw him up. A rope dropped from the helicopter at that exact moment, several merceneries began to slide down. Amnesiac grabbed the rope and climbed, he started to swing the rope, several of the mercenaries let go in surprise, Lynx pulled on the gun so hard when it came loose he fell back, right as a mercenary fell on the stand impaling himself.
“bloody hell” Amnesiac heard Lynx shout in surprise. Amnesiac climbed the rope and climbed into the helicopter, the pilots turned in surprise as Amnesiac shot both of them. Amnesiac grabbed the controls and turned the helicopter towards the mercenaries in the north, he aimed straight towards them and grabbed onto the rope, he swung around the rope, he let go.
He landed straight in a whirligig which spun him around and hurled him over a fence, he landed in another whirligig which also hurled him, he landed in a bog.
He stood up to see Weasel firing at the mercenaries in the western hill, he heard a massive explosion as the helicopter crashed into the mercenaries in the northern road. Amnesiac slid down the hill to Weasel.
“how you doing?” said Amnesiac
“took out a couple but there are a lot of them” said Weasel
“I would run now” said Amnesiac
“why?” Weasel asked
“look” said Amnesiac
Several RPGs fired
Weasel let go of the gun and they both ran, there was a large explosion behind them, they both slid down the hill.
Suddenly out of nowhere a second Tigr slid along the hill and crashed through the mercenaries, Amnesiac looked to see Bat lean out the front seat firing a shotgun, Viper fired the main gun at the survivors.
“get up you bloody idiots” said Lynx lifting Amnesiac and Weasel to their feet.
“that... was fun” said Weasel
“yeah that sure is something, I guess the boss is back” said Lynx as the Tigr drove up to them.
“you did all this?” Falcon asked pointing to the bodies all along the hill.
“Amnesiac here did most of the work for us” said Weasel
“bloody hell we better figure out who you are, you could be some sort of Spetznats or something” said Falcon
“more like a bloody super soldier” said Lynx
“hey Bat I thought you were with us” said Weasel
“I was until you ditched me” said Bat angrily “and thanks to you I missed all the action here”
“yeah you missed Amnesiac climb inside a helicopter, shoot everyone inside, swing along a rope attached to it and ride several anomalies” said Weasel
“that was bloody exciting” said Lynx laughing
“okay why don't we shut up and see if Sakharov survived this mess” said Falcon pointing to the torn apart bunker
They climbed into the Tigr and drove towards the bunker, the climbed out and entered the bunker, the door was blown open.
“an excellent display of violence out there, I can safely say I never saw anything like that before” said Sakharov
“tell me about it” said Falcon “we need the Psy Protectors”
“indeed” said Sakharov putting a box on the table, he passed out a Psy Protector for each of them, he gave them some spares too.
“what are the spares for” Weasel asked
“they aren't entirely reliable” said Sakharov, his assistants were running around picking up papers
“how much research did you lose?” Falcon asked
“enough to set us back a long ways” said Sakharov “get that scorcher off”
“will do, good luck” said Falcon
“who were those men?” Sakharov asked
“mercenaries” Falcon replied
They left the bunker and loaded into the Tigr, the drove towards the bar, through there they would turn north, to the Red Forest...
  18:16:28  10 March 2009
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Cake Muncher


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Zombies are going to kill Sakharov now with his bunker door open.
  18:18:50  10 March 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


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Now your talking Ganja !
get me more I is hungri!
  18:44:52  10 March 2009
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Guess Who.


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The Eye of Pripyat Part 5 - ...You don't remember your name...

They drove through the bar and into the army warehouse, they saw some commotion at the Freedom base but decided it wasn't worth their time, they drove to the barrier, there was some heavy security at it. They pulled to a stop.
“excuse me” said Cap “where do you think you're going?
“excuse me Cap but we are going to disable the brain scorcher” said Falcon
“a group already tried, they haven't come back, what makes you think you can do it?” Cap asked
“we got protection AND the instruction manual” said Falcon
Cap stared for a moment.
“carry on” said Cap “if you find the other group you might want to help them out, they only left an hour ago”
“will do” said Falcon, he drove through the barrier and towards the Red Forest.

They drove until they saw trees.
“were almost there” said Weasel “how do you feel?”
“okay” said Amnesiac “I hope we get to find out who I am”
“I wonder who the other team was” Bat asked
“probably some rookiees” Lynx replied
“why would they be rookies” Viper asked
“because they ran up without protection” Lynx replied
“shut up, don't want to attract anything” said Falcon driving slowly through the abandoned cars.

They drove for several hours, they passed a building, the road from the entrance to the forest and on had been full of bodies, many stalkers had been here only a few days ago. They pulled to a stop near a large fence, there heads began to hurt.
“put them on quick” said Falcon, they strapped the protectors on, the pain didn't go away but it was a little easier to cope with, they continued driving until the road was completely blocked off, there was a gap in the large fence.
They climbed out, there were mutants everywhere, they shot one, it blew up in a puff of smoke.
“nothing much to worry about, don't let them get close, someone guard the Tigr” said Falcon
They looked at each other.
“Bat and Lynx you two wait here” said Falcon
“why?” shouted Bat
“I don't want to listen to you two” said Falcon
“I say we leave someone else with them, its dangerous here and we need the ride” said Weasel “besides a small team can probably navigate easier”
“good idea, lets see” said Falcon “Viper or Weasel”
“what?” Viper and Weasel both shouted
“I know Amnesiac here is a competent fighter, I am just thinking of which of you I don't need” said Falcon
“Viper is a good shot with the turret” said Weasel
“agreed, Viper you stay” said Falcon
“fuck” said Viper
“shotgun” said Lynx
“fuck” said Bat
“have fun kids” said Weasel
The three of them climbed through the fence, they heard several voices bickering behind them.
“poor buggers are going to attract every beast in the forest” said Weasel as the spectral mutants began to follow them.
They walked through a tunnel and found a door.
“it should be down here” said Falcon, guns ready they opened the door. They looked down the dark steps, they turned on their flashlights. They stepped down slowly and followed it, it was empty, save for a lot of bodies. They walked down the X19 lab and found their way, spectral mutants wandering slowly after them, they reached the main chamber rather quickly, the scorcher made a humming noise, they walked along the catwalks towards a small computer, they clicked a button. The scorcher made a noise then shut down.
“now what?” said Weasel
“we leave” said Falcon
“really?” Weasel asked
“why don't you believe that?” Falcon asked
“I just thought it would be more complicated than that” said Weasel
“listen” said Amnseisac
They listened, they heard growling noises, they looked down the dark pit below them, their flashlights didn't reveal much.
Falcon pulled out a flare and lit it, he dropped it over the edge, it dropped down the pit, they looked at nothing until suddenly it passed by hundreds of snorks scaling the walls.
“SHIT” shouted Weasel
“complicated enough” shouted Falcon as they ran across the catwalks, Amnesiac pulled the pinny out of a grenade and tossed it behind them, they ran as the grenade detonated, the catwalks fell apart and collapsed down the pit.
“think that will stop them?” Weasel asked
“no, it will only slow them” Amnesiac responded as they ran down the hallways, the snorks could be heared behind them, they ran out the tunnel and ran across the empty base, they heard gunshots, they ran out the hole in the fence to find the Tigr gun shooting at hundreds of bloodsuckers, Bat and Lynx fired their shotguns into the horde, Weasel and Amnesiac opened fire as Falcon ran to the drivers seat, Weasel and Amnesiac hurried into the Tigr, they closed all doors and hatches, Falcon backed the Tigr straight into the horde, they heard many of the bloodsuckers banging against the back.
They finally cleared through, they opened the top hatch and fired the shotgun up it, a bloodsucker howled and fell off. Viper spun the gun around and fired at the bloodsuckers. They pulled to a stop.
“what is it?” said Viper reloading the gun.
“listen” said Falcon, they heard gunfire behind them
“lets go” said Weasel loading a shotgun and leaning out the side window.
Amnesiac grabbed a shotgun from a rack and aimed out the back as Falcon spun the Tigr around, the bloodsuckers were gaining on them. They drove towards the path to Pripyat, there were several stalkers ducking behind cover, bloodsuckers were assaulting them.
“where are they coming from?” Weasel asked
They pulled up to the stalkers.
“you the team that tried to shut off the scorcher” Falcon asked
“yes” said one of them
“get in” Falcon replied as four shotguns and the machinegun fired into the horde of bloodsuckers. Four stalkers loaded into the back of the Tigr, Falcon slammed on the gas, the Tigr drove quickly forward as the bloodsuckers chased after them. They closed the back.
“so” said Bat “who are you lovely stalkers”
“I am Mole” said the leader of the group “and this is Fox, Nimble and Tolik”
“really” said Bat “I am Bat, thats Lynx, Viper is manning the gun, Weasel is riding shotgun, Falcon is driving and thats Amnesiac over there”
“Amnesiac?” Tolik asked “why do they call you that?”
“because I lost my memory in Pripyat, something about the blowout” said Amnesiac “lets hope we find answers”
“really?” said Mole “well I hope we find some answers at least”
“yeah, like where did they come from” said Fox as the bloodsuckers chased after them.

The city of Pripyat rose over the hills, the bloodsuckers were tiring behind them and fell behind. They drove through the city streets, turned down a road and came to an abrupt stop. They climbed out of the car.
“here we are, this is where we found you” said Falcon
They looked down a deep hole.
“hello Falcon can you hear me?” said a voice on Falcon's PDA
“hello, Walrus what is it?” Falcon asked
“I did some tests on the PDA, there was a lot of blood on it” said Walrus “you are never going to believe this”
“what is it?” Falcon asked
“it isn't Amnesiac's blood” said Walrus “that wasn't his PDA, its somewhere in that hole”
“what?” Falcon asked “it was in his pocket”
“I know but it wasn't his” said Walrus
“I'm going in” said Amnesiac jumping down the hole, the others shouted as he fell straight down the dark pit, he grabbed onto a pipe sticking out, he looked down, it was still a long way to go.
“Falcon drop a flare down” said Amnesiac looking down.
A flare dropped, he saw it go down about 7 feet down.
“how the hell did we get him out of there” said Weasel
“how the hell did we find him, in the dark” said Bat
Amnesiac climbed down, he looked around, he didn't have that much room to move around. Amnesiac noticed a body half buried under the debris, it was holding a PDA.
Amnesiac dragged the body partially out, the mans face was familiar, he grabbed the PDA and checked the body for another PDA, he found one. Amnesiac stared in excitement, one of the PDAs must be his.
He opened the one on the body first, he saw a picture of the man, he looked at the name.
“Mastiff” Amnesiac muttered, he remembered it, he remembered sitting with the man at the bar, he remembered meeting him in the forest, he remembered an explosion as the building collapsed. Amnesiac grabbed the other PDA and checked it, he looked at the name, it had a picture of him on it, he stared at the words.
“Armadillo” said Amnesiac slowly “my name is Armadillo”
He suddenly remembered a large fight, stalkers running to their deaths, he saw himself signaling several stalkers, he suddenly saw himself swinging from a helicopter like he did earlier today, he remembered delivering several artifacts to merchants, he saw himself delivering dog tails, suddenly he saw himself wasting away at the pub, he saw the barman forcing him to eat coffee and he saw himself heading to Pripyat, he saw the Eye of Pripyat... he remembered everything.
He heard a roar above him, there were shouts, he saw shapes above him and gunfire.
“shit” Armadillo shouted, he quickly climbed up, he suddenly saw something odd sticking out of the debris. He stared at it, he saw a plastic boxlike shape, sticking out of it was a metal object, a light was blinking, he looked, it looked a lot like a C4 plastic explosive.
“son of a bitch” said Armadillo letting go, he fell down right as it exploded, the ground shook and the next thing he knew was the pit caving in on him...
  18:46:13  10 March 2009
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Guess Who.


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Speedin on cruise control

If you haven't noticed I have been kinda hurrying my work, this is because my computer might be getting fixed and if it is I will be spending a lot of time getting my Stalker WC3 mod project working, thus I will have less time to work on stories, so yeah. I am going to be starting the next part right away.
  19:16:54  10 March 2009
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Guess Who.


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The Eye of Pripyat Part 6 - ...It feels good to be out of the rain

Armadillo stared up, he was lying in a massive crater, he stared up, he saw the Tigr, it was partially buried in the debris.
“son of a bitch” he said standing up, he looked around, noticed lots of bloodsucker corpses in the debris. He approached the Tigr and knocked on the hatch, he heard screams inside. The hatch was partially open, he pulled it open and turned on his flashlight. He was staring straight into the barrel of a shotgun.
“hello?” said Armadillo
“Amnesiac is that you?” said Lynx lowering the gun “inside”
Armadillo dropped into the Tigr, the others had their flashlights on, Bat's leg looked broken, they were trying to snap it together.
“oh Amnesiac had a nice HOLY SHIT MOTHER FUCKING SONS OF BITCHES” Bat started swearing
“all done, lets get this thing bandaged and find a way to move him” said Falcon
“did you find anything?” Weasel asked
“yes actually” said Armadillo “my name and one of my friends body”
“really?” Falcon asked “may I ask who the hell you are?”
“Armadillo” said Armadillo “it says here I am a veteran stalker, though it says here that on the last update I had barely five rubles on me”
“I guess you weren't lucky” said Weasel
“or you were a heavy drinker” said Falcon “your alcohol levels were quite deadly according to Walrus”
“I do remember being forced to eat a tin of coffee before leaving to Pripyat” said Armadillo
“my god, if we sent you to the bar to get the documents you would have known a lot sooner” said Falcon
“and we would be dead” said Bat
“win win” said Falcon “lets get out of here”
“are the bloodsuckers out there?” Mole asked
“if by bloodsuckers you mean the hundreds of bodyparts lying out there then sure” said Armadillo, he climbed out of the hole, he looked around. He saw the Eye of Pripyat staring down at him.
“okay you guys get Bat back to Walrus” said Armadillo “I am going to go check out the Eye of Pripyat”
“why?” Falcon asked
“I just have a feeling” said Armadillo
“I will go with you” said Tolik
“and so will I” said Nimble
“I guess I can go” said Fox
“If my entire team offers to go I guess I will too” said Mole
“why were you trying to turn of the Scorcher” Falcon asked
“a friend went up here, no one has seen or heard of him, we wanted answers” said Mole
“well, good luck” said Falcon as they lifted Bat out of the hatch, they pulled out a battered stretcher from the Tigr and lifted him onto it.
Armadillo left with Mole's team, the others headed south...

They approached the Eye, it was old and looked like it was going to fall apart. Armadillo put his hands on the old Ferris Wheel, he heard his Geiger counter clicking.
“its a shame” said Mole “such a wonderful creation of joy lies in a depressing dead city”
“yeah” said Armadillo, pulling out some antirads, he pulled out some duct tape and taped the case of antirads to his arm. He grabbed onto the eye and climbed up it, he saw a large electro anomaly in the center.
He climbed along the seats until he was at the top, occasionally swallowing a pill. He looked into the seats, he saw something familiar. He saw a backpack, he picked it up, he suddenly saw himself sitting on the ferris wheel, he couldn't have been older than ten, he looked saw some lights to the north, he was dragged off the ferris wheel, he forgot his backpack, there were men evacuating. The ferris wheel continued to spin. He opened the bag, he didn't find anything that would be in a ten year olds bag, he instead found documents, folders, schematics, blueprints. He looked through them, he saw blueprints to the powerplant, he found a list of codes, one of them was circled. He saw information about the disaster, classified folders.
“what the hell” Armadillo said, he suddenly remembered the Geiger counter was ticking, he slung the backpack around his shoulder, he climbed down quickly, he jumped when he was near the ground.
“what did you find?” Mole asked
“my old backpack, from when I was a kid” Armadillo answered “filled with classified material”
“what?” Tolik asked
“look” said Armadillo, they stared into some of the folders.
“look, these have answers to a lot of mysteries, military plans from the soviet union” said Mole
“what are they doing here, and even more, what are they doing in a ten year olds backpack” said Armadillo
“I don't know” said Mole “what is this code for?”
“my guess is for something in the power plant” said Armadillo
“we should check it out” said Nimble
“lets go” said Armadillo
They put the documents back in the bag, the closed it and ran to the north, towards the great sarcophagus...
  20:01:48  10 March 2009
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Guess Who.


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The Eye of Pripyat Part 7 - Truth and Reconciliation

They walked along the empty bridge, there were bodies and crashed helicopters, they can see more bodies ahead, one hell of a titanic battle had occurred.
They followed the bodies through to a hole in the sarcophagus, they climbed through finding a manhole, they climbed down until suddenly there was no more ladder to climb down, they looked down, taking a deep breath, they dropped.
They landed on a pile of debris, they saw one door ahead of them. They carefully walked down the halls, their Geiger counters beeping. It was empty, abandoned.
“is it true there is a wish granter?” Tolik asked
“only the zone knows” said Mole as they carefully crept through
“I hear something” said Nimble
“I hear it too” said Armadillo “we are being followed, this way”
They headed down the hallways, running up some staircases, they kept running, footsteps could be heard behind them. They found a hallway that went around in a circle. They looked through the blueprints.
“there is a crack around here leading to reactor four and the famed wish granter” said Armadillo
“really?” said Tolik excitedly
“not what were here for, there is a ladder leading to the floor above us ahead. They walked along the path, they turned to find a ladder half blocked off by debris, they crawled into the crack and then quickly climbed the ladder, they were in a hallway, it was full of dead stalkers in exoskeletons.
“it appears someone beat us to it” said Mole pointing to the opened door. They raised their guns carefully creeping into the doorway, they could hear the footsteps below them
“are we going to do anything about him?” Nimble asked
“we will wait” said Armadillo
They hurried down the halls, they were in a control room, they stepped through a doorway, they saw an opened back door.
“shall we?” Armadillo asked
They headed through the door, they found themselves outside, an unusual anomaly ahead of them, they approached it.
“is it dangerous?” Nimble asked
“no” said Mole “I saw one of these a long time ago”
He stepped into it and vanished, Armadillo shrugged and followed, the footsteps could be heard behind them, Tolik and Nimble hurried through. They were on a rooftop.
“okay follow, we are going to run straight through each of these” said Armadillo
They ran through the anomalies, appearing in a different area every time, they kept going, they were appearing on different areas of the power plant. They looked around, they saw a shape following them. They dived through the next anomaly, they were suddenly in cordon, Sidorovich started cursing as he knocked a hot bowl of soup into his lap in surprise.
“WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP DOING THA...” he shouted, they suddenly appeared on another rooftop at the NPP
“that was odd” said Nimble
“ha he is going to need to get up for a change” said Tolik
“I hope the guy following us isn't too dangerous” said Mole
They ran down through more of the anomalies, they found themselves staring at another anomaly, they ran into it. They were suddenly in a room, it had several tanks in it, the floor was soaked. They looked in the tanks, there were people in them, there were a lot of bullet holes. There was no way out except the teleporting anomaly.
“get behind cover” said Armadillo “he is coming”
They ducked behind cover and watched, Armadillo stood in the open.
Suddenly a shape stepped out of the anomaly.
A man in a suit was staring at him, several more men emerged from the anomaly, there were about thirteen of them in all.
“who are you?” Armadillo asked
“good question, we know who you are after all” said the man standing ahead of the others “its a shame we didn't catch you before you read them”
“who are you?” Armadillo asked again
“we are members of the FSB, formerly KGB” said the one in front “you are holding some important information, it is a security breach we have been tracking since the first disaster, your father had stolen a lot of information, when we dealt with him we realised he didn't have the information, he had stashed it, and now, almost 27 years later we finally tracked down his son, so give us the information”
“will I be allowed to leave” said Armadillo
“no” the man in front replied
“well in that case” said Armadillo, he dropped the bag and lifted his sidearm, he watched as the FSB agents raised theirs. “NOW”
Mole's group jumped up from behind cover and opened fire, the firefight was short and bloody as both sides pulled the trigger until they were out of ammo.

Armadillo looked around, he was slumped on the ground, several bullet holes in his suit, the vest took most of them, he looked to the others they were feeling their chest in pain, the FSB agents were all dead on the ground.
“so what happens now, we are alone in a dark room full of bodies with a bag containing hundreds of soviet cover ups” said Mole
“I don't know, lets get out of here” said Armadillo bumping a button on the side of a computer, he didn't notice.
They quickly ran to the teleporter anomaly, they jumped through, but instead of appearing in the power plant they appeared in a gentle field, they stared around. It was beautiful. They saw someone coming, they looked to see a man in a torn stalker suit staring at them.
“who are you?” said the man
“Marked One is that you?” said Mole
“Mole? Tolik? Nimble? Fox?” said Marked One in surprise “what are you doing here”
“we came looking for answers, mainly where you disappeared to” said Mole
“yeah and now we have a big backpack full of 26 year old government secrets from the soviet union” said Armadillo
“whats your name?” Marked One asked
“Armadillo” Armadillo answered
“Hmm” said Marked One “sounds familiar, well what are you going to do with the information”
“burn it?” Armadillo asked “I don't know, my father tried to protect it, keep it hidden from the KGB”
“why don't you make it go public?” said Marked One
“now that is an idea” said Armadillo
“where are we?” Nimble asked
“we are about forty kilometers west of the zone, I have been coming here every days since I came here, its a beautiful place, its even more beautiful that I am free from the zone” said Marked One “follow me, I have some friends that we can get in touch with, they would love this information”
They walked down the hill, it was a beautiful place, they were free of the zone, they wondered if they would ever return, Armadillo reasoned he would, after all he is going to seriously piss off some dangerous people, and he was kind of strapped for cash.

One year later.
Armadillo looked around drunkenly, he was sitting in the corner of the bar, he had lost everything all over again. No jobs were available, nothing, the zone was shrinking, thus the dangers were disappearing, less and less experienced stalkers were needed for jobs now that almost every job was relatively safe.
Marked One's contacts sent copies of the documents to every news agency around the world, the FSB attempted to cover up most of the information but it was leaked on the internet as well, pretty soon it was common knowledge that the information was available, a lot of conspiracy theorists had been right about several things. Armadillo returned to the zone, to try again at his life there...
Armadillo drunkenly stood up, he tripped over his own chair and fell over, he rolled onto his back, he was staring right into the barrel of a gun, a man in a suit was staring over him. His vision went blurry, there was a gunshot and everything went black...
  20:05:04  10 March 2009
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Guess Who.


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The End of another story?

Heres a hint, never believe the story is over if it ends in a cliffhanger
I might make another part to The Eye of Pripyat, I might also make another part to the Fallen in the Rain series eventually as well... I have another story planned for the near future, I might get to work on it tomorrow if the computer doesn't get fixed so I hope you enjoyed the story, your enjoyment makes me want to write more so ENJOY DAMNIT!!! don't make me crack the whip of enjoyment
  20:10:41  10 March 2009
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Cake Muncher


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03/10/2009 20:17:59
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Keep it up.

My guess is... The next part, they'll see Marked One lying on the grass relaxing and drinking fresh juice.

EDIT I wonder where is Tolik, Nimble, Fox and Mole... With Marked One?
  21:54:31  10 March 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


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Ganja Man!
give me Moar!
I want your stuff ! need to feed on it
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