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Drunken Bar Story.

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  03:29:00  9 February 2009
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  10:57:36  5 February 2009
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Guess Who.


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  21:32:48  1 February 2009
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On forum: 01/29/2009
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Short story makes for some quick entertainament.
  00:05:55  12 December 2008
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On forum: 12/11/2008
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Drunken Bar Story.

This is going to be just a short story about me coming back from a little raid to the trainyards near the Duty town.

Marked one: So bartender, where's that Vodka i ordered? I'm going to need lots of that after today...

Bartender: So, what happened?

Marked one: I was just coming back here just now, and i got about to the yard with the building with all the rad and weird grass growing inside, near the train platforms with lots of those electro anomalies, and i hear this weird squeaky noise, and about 10-15 mutant rats come running at me.
So i gun them down with a few shots, and then there's about the same amount of fricken mutated dogs and yet even more rats coming... So i climb to the sniping tower, (that had the merc sniping at me earlier when they had just shot down the schientist dude's chopper) and start shooting at them, but i realize i'll just waste all of my ammo, so i climb along the pipes on top of the broken down shed with a electro anomaly inside, and lure the dogs and rats into it.

So now there's like twenty dead dogs and even more dead rats laying all over the yard, and a big pile of them in the electro anomaly, and i start heading home.

At this point i was expecting to be greeted by the Duty guy who i saw when i left for the raid, but noo... There's BANDITS! 2 of them come out of the small roofed corridor, (the one that had the merc snipers with sniper AKms when they were radioing about leaving no witnesses) and a third one inside. So after i clear them out, i think home free, the next yard (the one with the gate to the Duty town) has to be empty, except for that one duty guy and a Stalker.
But what do i get? EVEN MORE BANDITS! And this time, with more rats, mercs and a bloodsucker. I eventually gun them all down with the help of the lone Duty guy, and afterwards, when it's all done, the whole place is full of dead rats, dogs, mercs, bandits and a bloodsucker.

But hey, i found a scope for my TRs 301, a rocket launcher, a Big Ben pistol and a Moonlight artefact.

So how was your day?

Bartender: Juriy passed out drunk on the counter again, so me and Marek had to drag him out again.

Marked one: Groovy...

Cant find the screenshots i took because i donno where they went...
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