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Lt. Gordo

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  18:51:28  9 December 2008
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Lt. Gordo

(First part of a story I am writing. Not much yet. Just a little warmup.)

Gordo looked down at the wound on his leg. He could feel the warmth of his own blood on his skin. He reached into his backpack for a bandage and quickly applied it as fast as he could. Gordo wasnt sure if they saw him leave the building. Now he was hidden behind a fallen concrete pillar.

"Who do these bastards think they are?" Gordo spat as he peered over the top of the concrete and looked towards the old factory. He brought up his trusty AK-74 to the ready.

Movement! The morning light showed two men trying to sneak out of the broken bay doors of the factory about 60 yards away. Gordo wished he has his trusty Vintorez with custom scope. Pity it was being repaired after a bullet cracked the stock and shattered the optics. Slowly Gordo rolled over and brought the AK-74's scope up to his eye. He trusted this weapon too. His army training had taught him to use it well. Gordo waited a bit more. The two men got closer. They looked like regular stalkers to Gordo. Not mercs or Freedom people. No matter. Gordo squeezed the trigger.....

He limped to the two stalkers laying on the ground. One was dead, of that Gordo was sure. The other was wriggling around in pain. Gordo reached into his jacket for his silenced pistol. He didnt like to make noise if he didnt have to. He stood above the wounded man and pointed the gun at his head. The man looked at him with nervous, pain filled eyes.

"NO! Please....please...." begged the man.

"You tried to kill me. You shot me." Gordo pointed to the blood stain on his thigh. "I have every right to put a bullet in your head."

"But wait! It was a job. We were hired to find you...."

"....and kill me?"

The mans eyes lowered. Gordo spat on him.

"I usually dont have problems with you loner types. I have helped you out before. But I have killed you as well. So believe me I am about 3 seconds from ending your life. WHO SENT YOU!?"

The man looked up at Gordo, "Valenoff...."

The silenced gun made a sound and a bullet entered the wounded stalkers brain, ending his pain. Gordo put the pistol back in his coat and gripped his AK again. He had heard all he needed to hear. He searched the men's bodys and found some ammo and food. Lt. Gordo Kazakov looked around once more and limped off towards the road.
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