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Maelstrom and the Tale of Beaver

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  03:21:05  6 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Maelstrom Part 5 - The Bloodsucker, the Communist and the Proffesor

Strelok relaxed, the HMMWVs bounced along the hills and bumps as they drove towards the Haven, he looked at the others, Shade was smoking and Dime and chain were talking about something. They came to an abrupt halt. Strelok grabbed his shotgun and climbed out of the HMMWV and slung it over his shoulder. The others hesitated before climbing out, they looked at an old battered steel door laying flat on the ground. One of the Dawn Seraphs lifted it open and motioned the others to enter, Strelok jumped down first, he was glad to be rid of them, he was beginning to hate people. The others clambered down the ladder and looked around at the dingy and cramped shelter.
"I thought you said it was a big underground city?" said Storm
"are you trying to screw us?" said Stallion his hand over his holster
"you think we are going to shelter humanity in this piece of shit, follow" said Strelok who approached a door and knocked.
"who's there?" said a voice on the other side
"Strelok now open up" Strelok replied, he then heard the locks on the door open, they clambered into a sterile white hallway.
"welcome to the haven" said Strelok "now please hand over your weapons to the guards"
"what?" said Stallion pulling out his revolver "you son of a..."
Strelok kicked the revolver out of Stallions hands and slammed him into the wall.
"what did I say about pointing guns at me" said Strelok as he heard Bull wrestle with two Dawn Seraphs who had him pinned. "but before you ask, no I am not going to kill you, because I already handed my weapons over... though I probably could without them"
Strelok stepped away from him and signalled the Dawn Seraphs to take their weapons, they walked off shortly after, the doors sealed.
"why do they have to take our weapons?" the Barman asked
"because, how can you maintain peace if your community is full of drunken, arrogant, armed bastards?" Strelok asked
"I see, then you should feel right at home" said Storm
"funny, well I guess we should report to command, they will assign quarters for you" said Strelok "and handle your pet"
Ghoul poked one of the wall lights paying no attention to anything else.
"Strelok your back" said a voice behind him "I was half expecting you choked, but miracles don't happen every day"
"hello Tusk" said Strelok "still watching the door these days?"
"actually he is escorting me, mainly to this door so we may greet an old friend" said the familiar voice of Mustang
"oh um hello" said Strelok "these are the survivors"
"Strelok..." said Mustang "get out of here, get some sleep"
"alright" said Strelok walking away, Mustang stopped him
"your forgetting something" said Mustang
"what your birthday?" Strelok asked
"just go before I let Tusk hit you" said Mustang
"alright" he said walking down the hall
"He treats the word Sir like the plague" said Mustang "anyways, lets show you to your quarters.

Strelok walked down the halls, he passed several training rooms, they were full of Seraphs wrestling and disarming each other. The place had grown quite a bit, it was home still but there was something about this place.
"Strelok you made it back in one piece" said Beaver running to catch up "Buffalo is down in the tunnels, they are trying to create a tunnel to another Shelter we are trying to set up"
"so I see we reached the moment in life where we build down not up" said Strelok
"yeah yeah, oh and Professor Cerenkov wants to speak to you" said Beaver
"about what?" Strelok asked
"some important matters he would like to speak about" said Beaver "oh and I had a question"
"which is?" Strelok asked turning to the labs
"remember that night in the Heart Chamber?" Beaver asked
Strelok stopped, he turned nervously around.
"when?" Strelok mumbled
"When we followed Gregor to stop the Red Flag" said Beaver
he thought for a moment, seven years ago, he almost forgot.
"yeah, kind of" said Strelok, he wanted to see where Beaver was going with this.
"Remember Shadow? the... Heart Keeper" said Beaver
"yes..." said Strelok
"did you kill him?" Beaver asked
"yes" said Strelok taking a deep breath
"are you sure?" Beaver asked
"I shot him in the head and cut out his heart of course I am sure" said Strelok
"then I guess someone is carrying his PDA because it is moving around" said Beaver
"what?" Strelok asked "what do you mean its moving?"
"well its as if someone grabbed his PDA and is now running back and forth around the power plant ruins" Beaver answered
"I would say your seeing things" said Strelok walking towards the labs.
The man was dead, his heart was carved out and was now sitting in the hands of Lakota, or what was left of Lakota anyways. Strelok entered a lab with the name Cerenkov on the door.
"you must be Strelok" said Cerenkov
"and you are Cerenkov?" Strelok asked
Cerenkov was a fairly old man, his head was balding and covered in scars, though despite his appearance he looked quite cheerful.
"yes, now I asked you to come here because your the only one I can trust" said Cerenkov "follow me"
They walked through a vault door and look around. There was a bloodsucker, a furry one at that. It looked like a yeti with tentacles and solid white eyes. The claws were fairly big too.
"what the hell is it?" Strelok asked
"a new breed of mutation, I had some chemicals and wanted to test on several mutant test subjects. I mixed a Fur Artifact with a Snowflake artifact, as well as some chemicals, this bloodsucker and intense radiation and this is what happened" said Cerenkov
"so... wait what did you do with the Artifacts?" Strelok asked
"well they are inside the beast, its organs seemed to wrap around them until... they are the organs themselves" said Cerenkov "it is most unusual"
Strelok froze... the artifacts turned into the organs themselves... that was... its... it can't have been. Strelok remembered shooting Shadow in the head before carving out his heart, which... was an artifact.
"my god" said Strelok backing up, the bloodsucker stared at him "where did you get the idea?"
"I was just experimenting" said Cerenkov "why?"
"because you are not the first person to create a beast like this" said Strelok
"what, there is another creature like this?" Cerenkov asked
"not a creature, a stalker" said Strelok
"your saying a stalker has an artifact for an organ?" Cerenkov asked
"an artifact for a heart" said Strelok "listen, I gotta go, excuse me"
Strelok ran from the room, he turned and ran down some stairs and quickly ran to his quarters, it was a two room, there were only a few last time he was here. He ran to his computer and looked at the screen, he saw, sure enough, a dot labeled Shadow walking around the NPP. Strelok looked around and walked to his bed, he pulled a vodka out from his bag and drank until he passed out...

---Somewhere in Russia---
"Comrade Generalissimus?" said the Lieutenant Colonel "you called?"
"have you ever heard of the Chernobyl Heart?" the Generalissimus asked
"you mean what several Red Flag Generals went after during our attacks?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"yes, it is a unusual artifact, it is rumored to be the heart of a dead stalker" said the Generalissimus "those Generals you mention were traitors, they left after I mentioned the story believing the power it could bring, it was lacking the last piece of the puzzle"
"and what is that comrade Generalissimus?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"the Maelstrom Core" said the Generalissimus "which was discovered by the American's while clearing a nuclear stockpile"
"your saying they are after the heart?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"the Americans are ignorant to the Heart, they studied the Maelstrom Core and learned what it could do, not what it must do" said the Generalissimus "they learned it can be used to increase the power of any explosive ordinance, and they are using it now to power a weapon they believe could destroy us, it cannot be launched, it could destroy our world, the nuclear winter that would follow would last for ages"
"so we must stop it from launching?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"we must stop it from leaving America" said the Generalissimus "it doesn't matter if it detonates, they are tar getting everywhere but them, that would be dangerous, if it detonates in America, it would send America into a long nuclear winter, much like the one we must deal with. After about five years our winter would end and they will still be suffering"
"so what must we do Comrade Generalissimus?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"Wait" the Generalissimus replied...
  23:23:30  5 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
keep guessing
  22:42:53  5 February 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4119
Good story Maiman.

The bloodsucker ate the communist and the scientist?
  21:41:39  5 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Great Commies giving sweats a crazy professor who has a ton of Nukes at his office and a sentient Bloodsucker!! So Strelok is still alive and kicking Commie and Capitalistic Yankee BUTT!
  13:40:35  5 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Theres your next part, enjoy, the next part of the story will be called:
The Bloodsucker, the Communist and the Professor. I am sure you can have some idea of what will happen next
  13:39:09  5 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Maelstrom Part 4 - The Fellowship of the Atom

Strelok slept rather soundly, he dreamed of beautiful fields, he saw them once after he left the power plant that one fateful day he learned the truth. He assumed those fields were a cold radioactive waste now, it was a pity. Suddenly Strelok heard a strange noise that turned into a sing song, yet disturbed and creepy voice.
"little fly, little fly" said the voice
"what is it little fly" the voice continued
"what would you do if I poked you in the eye" it went on
"perhaps if I stabbed it you would... die" the voice finished, whatever the voice was it just received a fist to the face.
Strelok heard a squeal of pain, he opened his eyes and kicked a small shape off of him and grabbed his shotgun aiming it into the shape. It was a small jittery man who was curled in a ball staring into the barrel of his gun, suddenly he felt someone tackle him, his gun jerked up and fire. He heard footsteps outside, he turned to see Bull try to wrestle the gun out of his hands. several shapes moved in, he managed to make them out. He saw Stallion aiming a revolver at him, he saw Chain aim his shotgun at Stallion, he saw Storm had avoided the conflict and was checking the small figure for injuries, Dime had his gun in the air, he had no idea who to aim at. Barman was in the middle freaking out. Strelok saw Shade sitting in a corner outside smoking, watching them Strelok assumed, he couldn't't see his face.
"okay now can everyone back off for a second and explain what is happening" Strelok asked
"that's a good idea, lets calm down" said the Barman
They lowered their weapons and backed away from each other.
"I really should have mentioned this" said Dime
"mentioned what, you said there were only six of you" Strelok shouted back
"six of us defending, there's us six and... Ghoul here" Dime answered
"Ghoul is heavily traumatized" said Storm glaring at Strelok "he was found wandering the fields, he walked from god knows where covered in injuries and gibbering nonsense"
"lovely" said Strelok "I love how we share sleeping arrangements with a disturbed man who mentions killing me while I sleep"
"he wouldn't hurt a fly, I don't think his brain can handle it" said Storm helping Ghoul out of the room
Stallion glared at Strelok holstering his revolver "I swear to god I will kill you if you try something like that again"
"If you point a gun at me again I swear to god that will be the last thing you ever do" Strelok replied
"shut the fuck up" said Bull as he and Stallion left the room with the Barman
Strelok stared and Dime expectantly.
"I ain't got an insult for you if that's what you want to hear" he answered
"well that was not the wake up I wanted but oh well, we now have more luggage" said Chain leaving the room with Dime
Strelok left the room and looked at Shade who was staring at him. "what?" he asked
"good job man" Shade answered in a relaxed voice "haven't had that much entertainment in weeks, besides, we both know hes trouble and the others refuse to believe it, I had some wake up calls like that before, I nearly chopped his arm off, and he was the one holding the knife, you are officially on their hate list now, don't worry so am I, just keep to yourself and stick with people who really got your back"
Strelok stared for a moment before answering "great to hear, we leave in a few minutes"
After packing supplies and having a short breakfast they walked out of the bar following Strelok, he was noticing what shade referred to as their hate list. While Barman, Chain, Dime and Shade had no problems with following him, he noticed Storm, Bull and Stallion show much resentment. Ghoul was holding Storm's hand looking around, his eyes glazed over. He looked like a damn monolithian to Strelok, or someone who spent too much time at the Freedom base and took one too many bets.
"here we are, we are leaving Rostok, keep your self aware, the army warehouses are fairly brutal" said Strelok "oh and does anyone have a working PDA, Satellite Phone, Radio connection of any kind?" Strelok asked
"I got my PDA working" said the Barman
"thank you" said Strelok snatching it from his hand, Strelok quickly sent a message to a signal. Suddenly the PDA made a screeching noise which was followed by static.
"Strelok, your alive? we thought you died when the missiles hit" said Beaver happily "this is great news"
"it gets better, I found survivors and am bringing them to you" said Strelok
"survivors, there are still survivors in the area, the map isn't picking up any" said Beaver "well we should hope that our agents come flocking back like you"
"yeah yeah, will we get a welcoming party or transportation?" Strelok asked
"I will ask for you" said Beaver "talk to ya later"
The message ended.
"who is your friend?" Dime asked
"I recognised that voice" said Barman slowly
"that was Beaver" said Strelok "I guess I should come out of the closet now"
"oh my god your gay?" Stallion asked
"no, but do you have problems with that?" Strelok asked back "anyways, I have not been entirely truthful"
"what do you mean?" Chain asked
"I have been working for a secret faction for about... six years" said Strelok "they are known as the Seraphs of Dawn, or Dawn Seraphs, they are here to unify the stalkers in their underground, independent city I guess you can call it, its a big shelter in other words known as the Haven, which is where we are going"
"your leading us to an underground shelter" said Chain "why didn't you mention this?"
"well its a secret faction, we are almost as secretive as the Red Flag, we hacked the satellites giving us full view of the zone, it has blind spots now that the EMPs shut off most of the PDAs" said Strelok "oh yeah and there are going to be some procedures before we enter the shelter"
"what kind of procedures" Stallion asked
"we will get to them when we get there" said Strelok
They all eyed him warily, great now he just kicked their trust in the balls. They walked silently over some hills, several Aurochs peacefully grazed in the fields. It was unusual, Strelok was noticing the zone get more and more... peaceful. There hasn't been a blowout in six years, the dogs peacefully wander around looking for scraps, Aurochs graze in fields, hell he saw Pseudogiants grazing too. The zone was getting more passive on the surface, bloodsuckers are still as nasty as ever though, and all the underground nasties.
Strelok saw a shape run by in the corner of his eye, he raised his shotgun and looked around, the others raised their weapons.
"what?" Chain asked
"Bloodsucker" said Strelok "funny they seem to strike when I think about them" suddenly several shapes ran by, the others were now carefully looking around. Ghoul sat down and stared blankly into nothing. Strelok signaled them to spread out, they each took a step when they heard a chorus of roars, several shapes leaped out of nowhere and landed on each of them, they turned visible revealing a mass of tentacle suckers reaching for them.
There were grunts and screams all around, Ghoul sat blankly as everyone was wrestling unarmed with a bloodsucker. Strelok held it back with one arm as he reached for his knife. He grasped the handle and started stabbing every inch of the bloodsucker. It eventually went limp, he pushed it off and grabbed his shotgun, he saw several of them were already overpowered. Strelok fired a shot splattering the bloodsucker on top of Barman, he fired another shot splattering a bloodsucker on top of Chain, he fired a shot splattering a bloodsucker on top of Dime, suddenly the bloodsuckers let go of their victims and all jumped at Strelok who quickly fired off all his shots at them, he hurried to reload but was knocked down by the three remaining bloodsuckers. There was a burst of gunfire, the bloodsuckers collapsed. Strelok climbed out from under them to see Storm holding her smoking Groza.
"why thank you" said Strelok
"but I guess you oh me" said Storm
"yeah, and I guess you should return to babysitting the freak brain" said Strelok
"Your a bastard you know that?" said Storm glaring at him as she helped Ghoul to his feet.
"whatever, lets get going" said Strelok signaling the exhausted stalkers to get on their feet
"this is why I like to stay in my bar" said Barman
"hey maybe if your lucky you can get a bar of your own in the haven, most of the people their have passed through your bar, they might treat you fairly" said Strelok they walked over the hill to see two solid white High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs) waiting for them,several solid white shapes were waving at them.
"Dawn Seraphs, aren't they nice people" said Strelok walking quickly down the hill, the others slowly following, they climbed into the vehicles, he noticed Barman, Storm, Ghoul, Stallion and Bull enter the other vehicle as Chain, Dime and Shade followed him in his.
"what the hell is with the others?" Strelok asked "they really don't like me"
"well you always were a bastard" said Chain laughing
"true but still, they really seem to resent me" Strelok replied
"its because they blame you" said Shade "they blame you for causing this mess"
"its not my fault the world is like this its La..." sid Strelok before stopping himself, he realized it was as much as his fault as it was Lakotas
"Lakota's fault you mean? Lakota spared my life when he could have killed me" said Dime "hell I tried to kill him and rob him blind when we first met, we went through hell and back, it appears this whole heart room place has another step we keep forgetting"
"what could that be" said Strelok
  23:59:50  31 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Maelstrom Part 3 - Opening of Hostilities

"where... are... we... going..." Chain panted
"a safe place I know" said Strelok as they marched through the garbage, the land was covered in radioactive snow and dust, the sky was dark and it was getting significantly colder.
They walked for several hours, it was dead quiet. They reached the old gate to Rostok, it was battered and hanging on its hinges.
"this place has seen better days" said Chain staring at the gates to the place he once called home.
"we have several days of travel ahead of us, we should make camp in Rostok" said Strelok
"I wonder if anyone is still home" Chain mumbled
"if anyone is still there they should come with us, it isn't safe here" said Strelok looking at the giant mushroom clouds.
"why didn't they do what happened to Chernobyl" Chain asked
"what?" Strelok asked confused
"when that warhead blew in Chernobyl it created some weird anomaly" said Chain
"well..." Strelok sat puzzled "The wendigo"
"The Wendigo? you mean that big thing Muffins killed?" Chain asked
"It was almost as radioactive as a blowout" said Strelok "with that, plus the fact Chernobyl was really radioactive, and the fact there was a nuclear warhead and the blowout that followed the explosion, the radiation must have been incredibly high"
"I guess" said Chain "I hear the anomaly is gone"
"really?" Strelok asked
"yeah I hear it dissapeared shortly after Badger's team entered it" said Chain
"unusual.." Strelok mumbled as they suddenly stopped talking. They walked through the main gates of Rostok, they were bashed open, debris covered the streets. It had an unearthly feel to it, there was little noise but the wind and the occasional howl. There was a rustling as the wind blew some leaves and paper across the roads, they walked into the main road.
"my god" said Chain
"how many people lived here six years ago?" Strelok asked
"over 200 before the red flag attacked" Chain replied
"where did they go?" Strelok asked
"I don't know" Chain replied "maybe they chose a nomadic life"
There was a blast of a shotgun, Strelok jumped behind a debris pile, Chain jumped the opposite direction into a partially collapsed building.
"get the hell out of here you freaks" said the shooter "Ill blow your fucking brains out"
"Chain, get to the roof and draw his fire" said Strelok
"alright" said Chain as he ran inside and climbed up the collapsed roof, he climbed up and jumped on top of the nearest building, he aimed his shotgun over the edge and fired off several rounds. Strelok jumped into the building nearest to him, he ran for the back door and walked around, when he assumed he was near the shooter he climbed into a nearby building and ran to the front windows. He aimed his shotgun and fired out the window.
"MOTHER FUCKERS" said the shooter as he suddenly aimed at Strelok, Chain took this oppertunity to jump to the next rooftop, he then ran until he was on the building right next to the shooter. He crept down the stairs and crawled right up to the window. He stood up and aimed his shotgun right to the shooters head.
"hold still or all that will be left of your head will be a big stain" said Chain
"son of a..." said the shooter dropping his rifle and holding his hands in the air, Strelok jumped through his window and walked up to the shooter.
"nice of you to join us Strelok, now shithead whats your name?" said Chain
"my name?" asked the shooter
"YES DIPSHIT WHATS YOUR NAME" said Chain he began to tap the trigger with his finger
"ITS DIME ITS DIME DON'T SHOOT" said the shooter
"Dime? I thought you died" said Chain
"can I put my arms down?" Dime asked
"sure" said Chain
Dime looked around, he saw Chain wrapping the sling back around his shoulder.
"Chain didn't you die during that raid" Dime asked
"which raid?" Chain asked
"the Houndstooth gang kicked down that door and tried to steal our clothes and leave us naked in the marsh, you tackled several of them into a building that blew up giving us the time to escape" said Dime "that raid"
"oh yeah" said Chain "got better"
"I am sure you did" said Dime
"okay I don't want to interrupt but its getting dark, we should find a place to camp" said Strelok
"oh follow me" said Dime "I know a place"
"where?" Strelok asked
"The 100 Rads Bar" said Dime
"its still open?" said Chain in disbelief "how? no one protects it"
"actually some people do, we have about six guys in there including the Barman and myself" said Dime
"really" said Chain "sounds good"
"we will have to convince them to come with us" said Strelok "all of them"
"I doubt they would agree?" said Dime
They walked into the bar, there was no overly friendly greeter or anything, it was dimly lit with a red light. They looked around to see five guns aimed at them.
"its okay there with me" said Dime
"Marked One is that you" Barman asked
"yes it is" said Strelok "I have some news"
"what is it?" Barman asked
"we are staying the night, after that we leave to the Haven, its a safe place" said Strelok "you guys have to come with us"
"But this is my home, I lived here since... well a very long time" said Barman "I am not leaving now"
"yes you are, you stay here and you die" said Strelok
"fine..." said Barman "what happens now"
"I say we should learn each others names" said Strelok "easier to travel with people you know, I am Strelok in case you don't know, or as Barman and Sidorovich like to call me, Marked One"
"I'm Dime as you already know" said Dime as he sat down
"Chain" said Chain looking at the others
"Bull" said a large man with a revolving shotgun
"Stallion" said a man with a revolver
"Shade" said a hooded figure with an SVD
"Storm" said a hooded woman in the back carrying a OTs-14 Groza.
"well now we know who we are things should be easier" said Strelok walking to the back, he could tell more than half of them hate him
"where the hell are you going" Bull asked in a deep voice
"to sleep where else" said Strelok walking to the back, he laid back against a wall with his shotgun on his lap. He closed his eyes and went to sleep...

---Somewhere in Russia---
Comrade Generalissimus of the Red Flag Melor Revolutsiya sat in his office, a soldier entered the room.
"Podpolkovnik Tilitski" said Generalissimus Revolutsiya "what news do you have?"
"excellent news Comrade Generalissimus" said the Lieutenant Colonel "The American forces have launched a nuclear attack on the stalkers"
"how is this excellent news?" Generalissimus Revolutsiya asked
"well you see, they left the world in a bit of a disaster, if they launch a couple more missiles it could send the safe zones into a nuclear winter like the rest of the world, they cannot launch any more. We have a chance to attack" said the Lieutenant Colonel "and not only that but they are launching ground troops to invade Europe, they are going to rely on their militia forces to defend against our assault"
"our assault?" Generalissimus Revolutsiya asked
"if you request it" said the Lieutenant Colonel quickly
"very well, but we shall wait, the Americans are planning something... I know it" said Generalissimus Revolutsiya "dismissed
Podpolkovnik Tilitski soluted the Generalissimus quickly, he left the room sweating. The last few Generals he had served had been too eager to execute the messengers of bad news. He saw the Podpolkovnik of Aviation Trolyk and the Captain, 2nd Rank Barikada walk past him to the Generalissimus's office. The Supreme Commander obviously had a plan...
  18:16:36  31 January 2009
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Guess Who.


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Yeah I decided that I am sick of commies
  13:33:30  31 January 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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  17:08:57  29 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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I will get to work on the next part, now do your part and comment and such!
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