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Maelstrom and the Tale of Beaver

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  11:58:54  11 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3558
Wow, two more parts left already, this one sure went quick.
The next part is called Fall of Liberty which will be followed by the finale (of Maelstrom and possibly the entire Fallen in the Rain story... unless I can think of more)
I hope you enjoyed reading them, I enjoy writing for pleased readers!

heres are of songs to listen to while you wait.

  11:53:07  11 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008

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02/11/2009 11:54:55
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Maelstrom Part 13 - THE GREAT ESCAPE

Beaver looked around, his head was killing him. He saw he was in a different room, the others were there. Buffalo, Chain and Dime were tending to Rabbit and Lockpick, they had taken a few shots to the chest. Storm hadn't woken yet, he looked around the room. It was a metal building, it was long as well. It looked like it was built before it was placed here. He lifted himself to his feet and looked out the window to see many other buildings like it surrounding a large building with a tower. He could make out a sniper in the tower. He also saw that the entire area was walled off, large fences, electric probably, wrapped in barbed wire. There were machine gun nests as well. Beaver realized where they were.
"were in a POW camp" Beaver mumbled
The door opened, they turned around to see a marine in a large suit walk in. It resembled an exoskeleton but seemed more advanced. The helmet was the most advanced part of it, it was your standard exoskeleton helmet with a combat helmet on top, there were wires sticking out from under it and several goggles, probably night vision. Beaver then noticed the hulking form carrying a beaten figure. Scar.
"well now, it seems this one was rather useless, who should we take next" said the marine dropping Scar
"fuck you" said Scar rising to his feet
"not this again" said the marine, he punched Scar sending him into the wall.
Scar got back to his feet "when I get out of here I am going to kill you"
"go ahead and try" the marine said laughing as he pulled out his pistol and passed it to him. Scar examined it and noticed AP rounds in the magazine, Scar raised it and fired right at the marines head.
The bullets stuck into the helmet, they barely penetrated it, he continued firing until their was a small shield on the marines forehead. The marine grabbed the gun and through Scar into a bunk bed. The bunk bed shattered under the force.
"looks like you will have to sleep on the floor" he said, he then pointed to Beaver "this one is next"
Beaver stood up "why don't you shove your democracy up your ass and let us go?"
"now, you are sounding like a communist, do you know what we do to communists here" he said quietly "we take them out and gun em down like the pigs they are"
The marines grabbed Beaver and dragged him out
"but you don't look communist, so were just going to beat you instead" said the marine
The door closed leaving them in the room.
"I got to get out of here" said Scar looking around "there must be a way"
"do you have a plan?" Dime asked
"Supply trucks, we can sneak out with their shipments" said Scar looking out the windows
"like that would work" said Dime "they check them before they leave"
"then we think" said Scar looking at the others.
---3 hours later---
They sat silently, the doors opened and Beaver flew through it, beaten very badly. The armored marine looked at them.
"weve had enough for now, we will try again in a week. We will let you out to join the others" said the marine as they walked away.
"so you guys think of a way to escape?" Beaver asked
"you read our minds" said Scar "I thought supply trucks"
"didn't work, I saw several prisoners get dragged out and beaten when they tried" said Beaver "I got a simple plan"
"what?" Scar asked
"mass breakout" said Beaver "they cannot guard the entire camp, it will take some time"
"what do we have to do" Dime asked
"we will have a meeting with some of the prisoners" said Beaver "I will explain it then, lets send the word.

---The following afternoon---
"here is the plan" said Beaver to the room full of prisoners "it will be a 4 way mission. Part One, the Tunnel. We will dig a tunnel from this building to the treeline. Part two, the armory, we pick the lock of the armory and steal some of the weaponry, not enough to be noticed. Part three, the supply shipment, we plant an explosive charge under one of the supply trucks, it will keep them distracted. Part Four, we fire an RPG or any other explosive into the fence, we rush out, some of us using the tunnel"
"how will this work?" asked a stalker
"we are escaping in two directions, one they won't know about" said Beaver
"so we are a distraction?" another stalker asked
"if you get out good, if not just keep them occupied" said Beaver "it should take a week to prepare, we need Lockpick on his feet for this one"
"I will be ready tomorrow" said Lockpick
"good, lets get started" said Beaver
The others looked at each other nervously but nodded.
They stepped outside and looked, Beaver looked under the building, it was built on a large dirt pile and supports, he dug a little bit of the dirt out revealing a hollow area.
"perfect, we will dig from there" said Beaver
"what will we dig with, we are also going to need supports to the tunnel" said Chain
"the beds" said Beaver walking away Buffalo ran after him.
"you really think this would work, it seems very familliar" said Buffalo
"oh um.. it sounds fresh to me" said Beaver walking off.
"well might as well get that tunnel started"

---The following night---
Rabbit and Lockpick quickly ran to the armory, it was late, the machine gunners were asleep. Lockpick quickly looked for the lock, instead he found a computer lock.
"shit, let me figure this out" said Lockpick as he looked at the buttons, he wiggled them, they were solid except for a few of them.
"I got 4, 8, 7, 1, 6" said Lockpick "it can be any combination"
"oh come on that is easy" said Rabbit
"what? how is it easy?" Lockpick asked
Rabbit quickly pressed 8, 4, 1, 7, 7, 6.
"what are you do..." Lockpick began as the Armory door beeped and opened.
They stared for a moment.
"how?" Lockpick asked
"these Americans are so patriotic" said Rabbit "8, 4, 1, 7, 7, 6, July 4th 1776"
"Independence Day" said Lockpick stared at how simple it was
"come on lets grab the guns and go" said Rabbit as they stepped inside.
They emerged with an RPG, several M4s and a C4 charge. They quickly ran back to their building and shoved in under it. They ran inside.
"mission accomplished" said Lockpick
"where are they" Beaver asked
"below us" said Lockpick
"good job, now lets get some rest, the let he games begin" said Beaver as they laid down on the ground and went to sleep.

---One Week later---
"its all done" said a stalker "it starts when you are ready"
"now" said Beaver signalling them to head under the building.
There was an explosion as one of the supply trucks exploded, the marines ran to the trucks. Beaver climbed down to see the tunnel, it was amateurly built but it was done. They climbed through it slowly as they heard an RPG fire and the sound of footsteps and an explosion. They quickly crawled, they reached the end and climbed up. They looked around and ran through the bushes. They stoppped suddenly. They were looking at several marines.
"congratulations" said the large armored marine "you won, please proceed to the firing squad for your prize"
The marines aimed their rifles and pushed them back to the base. The armored marine lobbed an HE grenade into the tunnel.

---1 hour later---
"ATTENTION!" Shouted the armored marine as several marines aimed their rifles.
Beaver looked at Buffalo, who turned to Dime, who turned to Chain, who turned to Scar, who turned to Lockpick, who turned to Rabbit, who turned to Storm. They sat lined up staring into the guns of several marines.
"well this is it" said Beaver
"so it is" said Buffalo looking around
"we had a good run" said Dime
"meh I don't know it kinda went to hell" said Chain
"We almost made it" said Scar
"almost? you were in high security half the time" said Lockpick
"and by doing that I gave you time to work on the tunnel" Scar replied
"just shut up, I don't want to be annoyed when I die" said Rabbit
"I am still pissed that Strelok weaseled his way out of this and left us to die" said Storm
"oh no this again" said Rabbit
"hey let them shoot us before it starts" said Dime
"hey didn't we explained he is a hero?" Beaver asked
"yeah but the fact he refused to do anything, he is probably getting drunk in a ditch" Storm mumbled
"I dunno I think Barman is busy doing that" said Rabbit
They laughed hysterically before sobering up and staring back at the barrels.
The marines stared puzzled for a moment before loading their guns and taking aim. Suddenly the marines stopped and looked around.
Beaver heard a song playing loudly in the distance, the prisoners turned to hear Ride of the Valkyries playing loudly. A WAH-64 Apache flew over the camp, the chainguns fired mowind down the firing squad and tore right through the armored marine. Several missiles flew out of it blowing apart several buildings and guard towers. Suddenly a voice boomed out of it.
"hello ladies and gentlemen, did anyone miss me?" shouted Strelok as he lowered and fired at advancing marines. "come and get me mother fuckers"
"QUICK TO THE ARMORIES" shouted Lockpick as the prisoners ran off
"now how do I move this thing again" Strelok muttered pressing several buttons. An RPG hit the helicopter causing it to spin, the main propeller blade flew off, Strelok opened the canopy and jumped off as the Apache crashed into the ground. Strelok fired off a few rounds and ducked for cover. Suddenly a different song played. The soldiers looked up as twenty Mil-24s flew above, landing, several Red Flag troops jumped off and engaged the marines.
Strelok swore as he ducked down and aimed at the Red Flag. He suddenly saw a mob of Stalkers running to the Red Flag's side and chased the marines out of the camp. Strelok ran out and aimed at the Red Flag troops.
"what the hell are you doing here" Strelok asked Beaver ran up to him
"Strelok wait, there with us, we made an alliance" said Beaver
"what? you made an alliance with them, they killed many of us..." said Strelok slowly
"its our only hope of stopping America, look we took back London" said Beaver "come on, we have to regroup"
Strelok hesitated before stepping onto the helicopter.

---3 hours later---
They were on a Kiev class aircraft carrier, several other carriers and battleships were in formation.
"so where do we strike now, Washington?" Gregorvich asked
"no" said Strelok, everyone turned to look "head to New York"
"why New York?" Milov asked
"Because the President is there" Strelok answered
"how the hell can you know that, doesnt the President live in Washington?" Scar asked
"sure he does, but he is busy overseeing the Maelstrom Facility in New York, and I am pretty sure SOME of us know about that" said Strelok
"of course, our Generalissimus told us that they had a project but we didn't know where" said Gregorvich
"what project?" Milov asked
"the Maelstrom Project, it is a massive missile launching facility, each missile has about eight warheads and several artifacts to increase their effect, they are to be used to destroy... everything outside the safe zones" said Strelok, leaving out the core, he can see the Gregorvich noticed this as well.
"we have to stop it" said Milov
"no we won't" said Strelok
"I really don't see why we shouldn't" said Milov "this is our doom, it should be our target"
"we are not stopping it" said Strelok
"then what must we do with it" Milov asked
"leave that to me" said Strelok "we leave immediately" he left the room.
They stared at each other "I guess we leave" said Milov...
  22:23:56  10 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Ok so 3 updates before i can even see that
And I hope strelok has a RAH-66 Comanche.
And lets see THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE GO BOOM(I think the Maelstorm is some cobalt like a cobalt bomb only they dared to dream of it as creating one means no more humans
  21:31:49  10 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Maelstrom Part 12 - Battle for Britain

(why thank you and here is the next part, this series by far has to be my shortest, not including the mini stories such as Fallen in the Rain and The Tale of Beaver, it will have only three more parts left )

---The Defense---
The battle raged on, the entire defense was in flames, it was forty five minutes in and already they were looking at defeat. They lost half their flak guns they had set up and many of their machine guns. They fired up in the air with a variety of guns from pistols to RPGs, the wounded were being rushed into medical tents, the boats bombarding their base wasn't helping, they had no real defense against them. They looked around as they faced defeat. Suddenly there was a loud explosion as one of the aircraft carriers exploded, the stalkers turned to see a fleet of ships, battleships and carriers and whatever other boats the Red Flag had found and patched up. Suddenly the sky was filled with planes and flak clouds. The stalkers watched the sky fill with flames and the American ships began to turn, fighters making emergency landings attempting to escape. The Red Flag aircrafts, MiG 27s, several helicopters landed in the base, medical teams rushed out.

The battle lasted 50 minutes, the ships arrived early.
"we did it, we have them on the run" shouted Milov
There was a roar of cheering from the stalkers, they took many casualties but they had the Americans retreating, this was their chance.
"we need these men ready, we attack London by tonight" said Milov "let us tend to the wounded and drink"
Scar walked along the beach, he shot a bullet in each of the wounded marines he saw, they tried to preform a land assault but horribly failed. He looked up to see the ships pull up, large Hammer and Sickles on the side.
"we did good" said Beaver looking out
"yeah considering the odds" said Scar
"come on lets get drunk" said Beaver
"sounds good" Scar agreed

---Later than night---
They Boarded the helicopters landing them on the various carriers and battleships, Beaver looked around before heading below deck with the others, they were assigned to a large carrier. Beaver sat as the ships moved across the channel, he listened to the group bicker about Strelok's motives and their usual rabble, he decided to lay silent during this argument.

The ships suddenly shook.
"ladies and gents, I give you London, the lovely city in Britain no one goes to any more except for when they are shooting something" said a man on the PA "in other words, get ot a gun, get to a plane, get to the side of the boat I don't care just shoot something.
The stalkers ran up on deck, the Red Flag pilots headed for the many MiG 27s and took off one by one, they watched Hinds join the fighter ranks, they saw stalkers run to guns mounted on the sides as well as stalkers with sniper rifles firing off the decks.
"well, I guess we join the landing team" said Beaver to the others
"are you sure rushing their defended city on land is a good tactic" said Viper
"only choice really" said Beaver as they proceeded to the landing crafts, most of them full. They boarded and sailed towards the docks, they heard an explosion as the carrier they were on exploded, they noticed torpedoes speeding past them under the water. They reached the Piers and climbed up, firing at everything that move.
The assault moved fairly quick as helicopters airlifted tanks into the battlefield, they headed down a street shooting, there were soldiers everywhere.
"Hey Beaver nice leadership we are outnumbered" said Stallion
"yeah thanks for the support, quick lets get out of here" said Beaver pointing to the street corner, they ran and turned the corner only to see an American tank with several marines standing there. "INSIDE NOW"
They dived into an entrance to the London Underground. They looked at the old subway tunnels and headed down them, there were marines and soldiers chasing after them.
They turned to a service entrance and ran, Stallion and Bull tried to barricade the door.
"quick go" shouted Beaver
As soon as they let go the door opened and several soldiers fired in. Bull and Stallion slammed it shut
"HURRY UP GET OUT" Beaver shouted
"go" shouted Bull "I can hold it shut"
"what, you can't hold it again stall of them" Stallion cried back
"we don't have a choice GO" Bull replied
Stallion paused then ran to the group who proceeded down the tunnel. They heard several shouts and gunshots. There was a faint explosion as they heard more footsteps behind them.
"GO GO GO" shouted Beaver as they ran into another tunnel, they climbed into an old subway train and ran down it, the soldiers climbed in and chased after them. Stallion screamed in pain, they turned to see his left leg was almost blown off. He fell over.
"shit go go, I can't go on... GO" he said rolling himself over and pulling out his revolver, he aimed and fired. They ran and climbed out of the train, they heard several assault rifles fire behind them. They ran down the tunnel, they were suddenly knee high in what smelt like gasoline, the stalkers saw a ladder.
"come on get up" shouted Beaver as they climbed the ladder
The soldiers were too close, Shade and Buffalo returned fire.
"come on shouted Beaver, suddenly several bullets flew at the ladder grazing Rabbit's arm, he fell off the ladder.
Hawk jumped down and helped him up.
"we wont be able to climb with them shooting" shouted Hawk
Beaver looked to see many more soldiers were coming.
"there are too many" Beaver shouted back
"I can distract them, go" shouted Shade lighting a cigarete.
They climbed the ladder, Shade stepped unarmed out of his cover.
"HEY SOLDIERS" he shouted "I surrender"
The soldier looked puzzled as they stepped closer, Beaver was the last to climb the ladder, he turned to look at Shade.
"I have something important you should know too" said Shade smiling at them
"what?" a soldier replied
"your standing waist high in gasoline and I am smoking" Shade smiled
Beaver saw what came next, Shade dropped the cigarette as the soldiers fired at him, he fell back as the entire pool of gasoline erupted into flames, Beaver climbed up the ladder and looked at the others.
Several bullets flew passed them, they turned and ran.
They headed into a building and barricaded the door, they noticed their were no doors, they saw many soldiers gather outside.
"get up stairs" said Hawk signaling Viper "we will hold them off until you find the exit"
"You might die" said Buffalo
"everybody dies kid, and hell, its about time" said Hawk
"good luck" said Viper "and may the zone watch our souls"
They both fired out the windows, the rest of the group headed up stairs.
"well brother, how about we leave something for these bastards to remember us by" said Hawk laughing
"I will if you will" said Viper laughing

"Joker hurry up" shouted Buffalo
"just a second I think I hear Viper laughing" said Joker listening, there was a large blast and blood sprayed at them as the entire lower level seemed to explode, Joker was thrown right through the wooden walls. The stalkers ran into the next room, Joker was lying under some debris, a piece of wood lodged in his leg. They readied their guns, there was no escape. They heard the soldiers storm the room, they fired their guns only to hear a faint click.
"son of a bitch" said Beaver slowly
A soldier entered the room.
"well look what we got here, we found em" shouted the leader of the group, he looked at Joker.
"well he looks too injured to travel" the leader said pulling out a pistol and shooting him in the head.
"YOU BASTARD" shouted Buffalo, Rabbit and Lockpick stood up.
"hmm, we don't need these two either" said the leader
"SHIT" shouted Lockpick as they marines opened fire, Buffalo jumped up and tackled one of the marines, Beaver, Scar and Storm jumped after.
"shit Mitchells throw the flashbang, shit Jenkins call the nearest squad for backup" shouted the leader of the group
There was a bang of white light, then everything went black...

"your helicopter is fueled, go now Strelok, be a hero" said Shadow
"I will get the core" Strelok replied
"I know you will, now go" said Shadow
  21:14:12  10 February 2009
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HL2 Master
Senior Resident

On forum: 06/28/2008
Messages: 271
God work!
  20:18:52  10 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3558
Bet ya didn't see that coming
  20:18:39  10 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3558
Maelstrom Part 11 - Red Storm Again?

---The Defense---
The camp was bustling with stalkers, they were running back and forth with supplies or carrying parts of large guns. Several stalkers were pitching tents, there were stalkers patrolling and exercising, most of the stalkers looked nervous, they were waiting for the inevitable bloodbath.
"you hear to join up?" asked a large Freedomer
"uh, yeah" said Beaver
"wait a minute" he said slowly "I remember you"
"yeah its me Beaver, nice to see you again Huskey" said Beaver
"well I'll be, I heard you croaked like what, seven, eight years ago" said Huskey laughing "good to have an old drinking buddy back"
"bet there's been a lot of that recently" said Beaver looking around
"yeah, though ganja is off limits, if we are going to be on our toes we must be alert" said Huskey "so are these folks joinin?"
"yeah, we wanna take our part in the war" said Beaver
"well, its an odd looking group, do you work good together?" Huskey asked
"um..." said Beaver looking back "I would have to say a flat no"
"well... "said Huskey "how should I put this"
"put what?" Beaver asked
"we kind of lost a lot of our units in third platoon... so we have to fit you ALL in there" said Huskey
"oh..." said Beaver "well its a little teamwork"
"so are any of you not going to participate?" Huskey asked
"I doubt I will" said the Barman
"my god you survived all these years, we can use your help in our bar" said Huskey "might improver morale"
"and Ghoul here won't" said Storm pointing to Ghoul, who was digging a hole in the ground"
"right... he can go... over there" said Huskey pointing towards the furthest tent he can think of before whispering to Beaver "what is up with him"
"I don't know, they insist on dragging him around" Beaver whispered back "he is usually the cause of the arguments"
"okay so you should be fine if he waits here" Huskey whispered "no arguments if hes not involved?"
"not really" whispered Beaver "they tend to bicker about the whole Strelok and Lakota incidents and all, it gets rather annoying"
"ah... well lets hope they can put a can on it during the defense" whispered Huskey
"well, I report to third platoon, they are set up in the Omaha outpost" said Huskey
They turned and walked towards the outpost.

---Perimeter, 3 hours later---
Scout and Satellite patrolled the perimeter, it was a boring job since the enemy were going to attack from the channel not the fields and forests, but mutants had to be watched. They sat silently occasionally looking into the distance or watching a bird for lengthy hours.
"so when are the marines going to attack?" Scout asked sipping some vodka
"I dunno, I think they are trying to wait us out or something" said Satellite watching a bird fly by
"seriously, the enemy would be smart to attack from here, but hell they wouldn't be able to slip around our defense, we practically control the whole coast" said Scout
"yeah I could imagine a small squad or a reinforcement army landing south and headin north towards us but yea..." Satellite started "what is that?"
"what?" Scout asked picking up his binoculars
"see, there's movement, some of the tree branches are moving?" Satellite mumbled
"I see it" said Scout before freezing in place
"what?" Satellite asked
"you don't think those stories of Pseudo-Saurus Rex's are true?" Scout asked
"shut up, those are legends" said Satellite "Pseudo-Saurus... who tells you these things"
"old Monk back at camp" said Scout
"yeah never listen to him he will tell you all sorts of bull" said Satellite watching the forest
"This is Sergeant Muffins, do you see anything?" said a voice on their PDAs
"yeah Sarge, the trees in the forest are moving, I suspect there's a herd of mutants stampeding but Scout here believes its a Pseudo-Saurus Rex" said Satellite
"tell Scout to lighten up on the vodka" said Muffins "and keep an eye on that movement"
"will do..." Satellite stopped, he looked at the forest "what the he..."
Suddenly several large tanks burst through the dense foliage, followed by more, followed by more, followed by BMPs and BTRs, then more and more followed by tanks, they were driving closer.
"SHIT" said Satellite "CONTACTS CONTACTS, we have tanks coming from the south, with full troop carriers and support BACK UP NOW"
"SHIT WHAT DO WE DO?" Scout asked
"RUN SCOUT RUN JUST GET THE FUCK OUT" said Satellite, they turned and ran, the tanks were catching up rather fast, they kept running as fast as they could, they noticed 3rd Platoon running out of the camps and ready their guns.
"Recon Team do you copy?" Muffins asked
"CAN YOU IDENTIFY?" Muffins asked
"my god, I am bringing 4th Platoon" Muffins shouted
The recon team dived into a trench. The tanks drove over them, they camp to a complete stop forming a massive wall.
The stalkers at the camp watched, guns raised. The troop transports unloaded their troops. One of the tanks drove right up to the stalker formation, the lid opened. The commanding officer of the army looked down at them.
"good evening stalkers" said the man "I need to speak with your leader"
The stalkers stared up, there were too many for them to fight.
"your speaking to him" said Muffins
"you are the leader of the entire stalker force here?" the officer asked
"no, I am the leader of the Omaha outpost" said Muffins
"well that won't do, bring your leader, bring... Milov" said the officer
"Satellite, call him up" Muffins ordered
"this is Milov" said a voice on the PDA
"Milov, this is Satellite, the Red Flag are here and request your presence" said Satellite
"I will be right there" said Milov
They waited in silence until an old HMMWV pulled up, Milov stepped out and approached the tank.
"what the hell are you doing here?" Milov asked
"Pleased to see you too" said the Officer "I am Major General Gregovich, I represent the Generalissimus of the Red Flag, we are here to request a military alliance..."
The stalkers stared in surprise, that was the last thing they expected a Red Flag General to request.
"what?" Milov asked confused "your not here to wipe us out?"
"no, we see the Americans as a major threat, if anything is going to happen we have to set aside our differences" said Gregorvich "we must set aside our differences and create a joint task force, you know you don't have enough stalkers to assault London, or the naval firepower. The Red Flag however have an entire Navy and Air Brigade ready for battle, and these tanks are only a fraction of our force"
"why can't you wipe them out yourself, why do you need us?" Milov asked
"lets put it this way, our technology is far more outdated than America's. We use last Century technology, some dated back to the '30s, and they are using the highest grade of technology money can buy.
"so you literally want peace" said Milov "well..."
They stared at each other, it was perfect silence, Milov looked around at both sides.
"I accept the Alliance under one term" said Milov "after this myself or any other who survives this may shoot you, if you survive"
"I accept, there is a twenty percent chance we will succeed in our assault anyways" said Gregorvich, and if you look over their, it seems like the Americans are beginning their assault.
The stalkers turned around to see several ships emerge from the fog.
"STALKERS TO THE DEFENSES, FIRE AT WILL" cried Milov as the stalkers scrambled back to their posts, the Red Flag troops move their men into positions, their tanks formed up.
"how long must we defend before your navy reaches us?" Milov asked
"they will be here in an hour" said Gregorvich
"I was afraid you would say that..." said Milov ""
"comrade" Gregorvich replied
They fired at the boats, the planes took off and began to bomb their base...
  20:18:10  10 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3558

I kinda didn't understand the part when Strelok is in the chamber... Are those people that talking to him alive or dead or just an imagination?

Those people talking to him were memories, when he was approaching he was literally hearing what happened in his last encounters starting with SoC and ending with Lakota, oh yeah and heres the next part all ready, be prepared for the twist!
  20:09:59  10 February 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4119
I kinda didn't understand the part when Strelok is in the chamber... Are those people that talking to him alive or dead or just an imagination?
  15:35:36  10 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3558
That was an part about answers, now you know what to expect. The next part is going to be an interesting one and the one after is going to be a very interesting twist. After that expect the story to come to an hopefully epic close!
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