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Maelstrom and the Tale of Beaver

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  15:13:24  8 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Terrorists mY ass some kind of weirdos killing with mp7-s
Strelok should get scar outa there
  16:45:47  8 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
time will tell, I will finish the next part as soon as I can, keep up the readin
  19:30:00  8 February 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4119
I wonder if Scar will be able to escape Heaven prison....
  19:56:32  8 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
hmm can a master merc like Scar escape a paranoid utopia?
  03:08:32  9 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Maelstrom Part 8 - Fall of Paradise

(Sorry for the small size, I will get the next one up ASAP to make up for it, if I can)

Strelok eyed the stalker movements, he was waiting for an opening, it was getting late. He sleepily looked around, he noticed saw that Freedom was pushing back the US fairly well but it still seemed to be inevitable that they were going to lose. He stared at it blankly until the screen shut off.
"what?" said Strelok hitting the screen, he listened for a moment, he heard it, gunfire "shit"
Strelok ran around the room looking for a weapon, he couldnt find any. He noticed his straight razor, looked like he was going to find the time to use it for once. He opened the door and looked outside, there was a large blood splatter, he noticed several bodies. He crept down the hallways, he heard voices around the corner. He turned the corner to find Beaver and Buffalo taking cover, Beaver had an old Skorpion vz. 61, Strelok saw some of those carried by several stalkers.
"Strelok you alright?" Beaver asked
"fine, what happened?" Strelok asked
"well it seems that some people had a problem with how things are done around here, they broke into several armories and just shot up the place" said Buffalo
"okay where is everyone" Strelok asked
"well, they are either locking themselves in their rooms or running for the tunnels" said Beaver
"the tunnels?" Strelok asked
"its a tunnel connecting to an emergency exit, it was originally planned to be a path to another Haven-like shelter but resources ran low" Beaver answered
"okay heres the plan, you meet me down there, I got somethings I need to do" said Strelok
"what are you going to do, your unarmed?" Buffalo asked
"not for long" Strelok replied "is Armory 6 still secured?"
"yeah but... oh" said Beaver "mind if we join you till their, we could use some weaponry if we are going to go down to the tunnels"
"okay but keep quite" said Strelok
They walked down the hallways, they could hear gunfire and screaming through almost every wall. They carefully walked along the corridors until they saw a big sign, Armory 6, there was a guard standing outside armed with an AKM.
"Ill handle this" said Strelok carefully walking down the hall, the guard was looking the wrong way. Strelok stumbled over a body, the guard turned around aiming at him.
Strelok turned around, he shoved the razor up his sleeve and stuck his arms behind his head, the guard walked closer to him, most likely to cuff him. Strelok pulled out the blade and stabbed repeatedly into the guards neck. Strelok picked up the AKM and signaled the others to come. Strelok took the password to the armory and opened the door, they stared at a room full of guns and suits.
"find your gear and lets get out of here" said Strelok "take extras we will need em"
Strelok looked around before finding his prototype exoskeleton, his fast shooting AK-74 and his desert eagle Big Ben. He grabbed several other side arms. He then noticed something interesting. He walked up to a over and under double barreled shotgun on the wall, a Silver Pigeon. On it had an engraving, Lakota. Strelok grabbed it. He looked around to find something else, he found a heavily scarred AK-47 and suited up.
"okay get to the tunnels, I have something else I need to do" said Strelok

Strelok navigated the corridors, he crept carefully passed several guards, he found the prison area, he carefully crept towards the same detention area he spent the last week. He opened the door, there were five guards. He readied the Fast shooter and fired, the shots shreaded their suits. He moved in and looked into a cell.
"why hello Scar, you still here?" Strelok asked
"Ah Strelok I see you found your revenge" said Scar standing up
"let me get these doors open" said Strelok, he pressed a button and an alarm sounded.
"Warning, Mass Prison Break, guards please secure the prison complex and nearby armories" said the PA
"oh dear" said Strelok passing a Colt 1911 and the AK-47 to Scar.
"well, ready to kick some ass?" Scar asked
"lets do this" Strelok replied, they stepped out, the gunfire intensified.
They walked down the hall towards the armory, Strelok gave Scar time to change into a new suit. They then ran to elevator, both in ExoSkeletons.
They sat silently, the elevator lowered painfully slow, elevator music played as they sat, the gunfire grew louder and louder, the further down they went...

---Somewhere in Russia---
"Lieutenant Colonol I have orders for you" said the Generalissimus
"yes Comrade Generalissimus?" the Lieutenant Colonol asked
"we strike now, assemble the full force, coordinate with the Generals, these are my orders"

---The President---
"well it seams that our enemies are more powerful than we though" said the President looking at the reports
"they seem to be unifying" said the General
"well, get the Maelstrom Project finished, we need to unveil it, that should get them ready, and send in the suit upgrades, hell send in all our upgrades, we need to stall them" said the President
"We shall have them on our next flight" said the General, saluting before leaving the room...
  03:56:35  9 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Maelstrom Part 9 - Break on through to the other side

Strelok looked around, he and Scar waited as the elevator suddenly screeched to a halt, they looked at each other and both let out deep sighs. The elevator buckled, suddenly they plunged down faster and faster, they checked to see if their exoskeletons were ready, hopefully the suits would take the impact. They crashed into the ground, they collapsed, the elevator was now lopsided, the door partially open. Strelok and Scar both pulled on the door, it opened slightly. They struggled to fit through the crack. They looked around to see the lights were out and a thick level of dust was filling the corridors.
They readied their weapons and marched through the corridors, the gunshots were getting faint, they suddenly heard several silenced gunshots around the corner, they turned to see three tall shapes in crimson robes holding blood red Vintorez sniper rifles.
"oh not these guys again" said Strelok as he and Scar dived out of the way, the Crimson Rain Assassins fired off their magazines, Strelok fired off seven shots, one of the assassins shoulders blew open, blood spraying the area. Scar shot four shots blowing a big hole in another assassins head, Strelok threw his razor, which flew into the remaining assassin's eye causing him to shoot blindly, Strelok ran at him and tackled him, he pulled out Big Ben and fired several rounds into the assassins head.

"what were they doing here?" Scar asked
"doesn't anyone know how to stay dead?" Strelok asked
They turned and continued walking down the corridors, it was getting dark until they saw a large hole blown in the wall, through it led to a rocky tunnel, they walked through the tunnel, support columns came into view, it began to look like a mine. They looked at each other and took there first steps...

Mustang looked at the shut down command center, he checked if the PAs still worked, they did, he activated them, all of them.
"Citizens of Haven, this is it, flee the premises" said Mustang grimly, he flipped a switch and clicked a button.

Strelok and Scar both crept through the tunnel until they saw flashlights, they crept through the shadows then jumped out guns raised.
"hey hey Strelok its us" said Beaver
"okay who made it?" Strelok asked
"about half the population made it out, the rest are still trapped up there" said Buffalo
"or dead" said Scar
"yeah" said Beaver "weren't you in the prison"
"found a way out" said Scar smiling
"okay its the last of us" said Beaver "us and your lovely friends you brought with you, except the barman, no one has seen him"
"the barman is missing?" Strelok asked
"Im right here, someone cleared a nice path for me" said the Barman "when do we get out of this slaughterhouse"
"right now" said Beaver "lets go"
They walked down the tunnel when suddenly they heard a loud explosion, the tunnel began to quake. It was collapsing.
"RUN GO RUN" shouted Strelok as they ran, it seemed to be catching up to them.
"hurry up" shouted Strelok, his suit sadly was not one of the more agile of the exoskeletons, he was lagging behind.
The tunnel caved in fast, they saw a faint light, they noticed it was starting to cave in near the exit, they quickened their pace, they felt a sore pain as they tried to continue running, they were slowing down but they kept running out of sheer will instead of strength, they dived out into the light as the cavern sealed itself. They found themselves in a cellar, they walked outside, into the sunlight. They fell over panting, they looked at each other, sure enough those same people Strelok dragged to the Haven were still alive, so was Beaver and Buffalo, he noticed they were the only ones sitting outside.
"where is everyone?" Stallion asked "weren't we leaving with everyone else"
"we waited a few minutes, they probably split" Beaver guessed
They stood up and looked around,they heard footsteps, they all turned around to see five guns aimed at their heads.
"explain yourselves or die" said an old stalker leading the group
"my god" said Buffalo "Hawk is that you?"
"Buffalo?" the old stalker, Hawk said slowly "we thought you died, back when the military hit that bandit convoy we were in"
"I thought the same, I managed to get away from the explosion cause I tried to save the artifact" said Buffalo holding up a small blue orb, a moonlight.
"how did you get that passed security?" Strelok asked
"I have my ways" said Buffalo "Rabbit, Locksmith, Joker, Viper are those you under those hoods?"
"he got us" said Joker "lets flee to our secret Bat Cave"
"shut up Joker I am sick of your jokes" said Viper
"well this was unexpected" said Rabbit "we thought you were Crimson Rain"
"yeah weve been hunting them, we found several survivors flee into the tunnels" said Locksmith
"we found them" said Scar "they are now a smear on the wall, no worries"
"well that is good news, now we can join the conflict" said Hawk "how about you?"
"the conflict, well I suppose I have been away from Freedom long enough" said Beaver
"sure, I don't mind" said Buffalo
"as long as we end this already" said the Barman "I lost my bar because of this"
"I don't mind it much" said Scar before quickly changing the subject "nice weather"
"okay where to?" Chain asked
"well Freedom is going to try to push America off the mainland, we are going to defend the beaches of Normandy and try to advance across the channel" said Hawk "we went to stop the Crimson Rain before we regrouped
"well" said Beaver "I guess that settles it, lets go to head west"
"you guys go ahead" said Strelok "I have something I need to attend to"
"your leaving before the battle, I thought you wanted to end it" Beaver asked
"I do, but I have more important things to do" said Strelok "good bye" he walked away
"what a bastard" said Storm shaking her head
"agreed" Stallion replied "so shall we leave?"
"might as well" said Beaver "follow them I guess"
They walked westward, it was getting dark...
  03:57:37  9 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
There you go, the next chapter is called Teamwork? and Strelok has been written out of the story... ha, cruel joke, of course he isn't hes the main character of the story, he has just went his separate ways.
  10:38:59  9 February 2009
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HL2 Master
Senior Resident

On forum: 06/28/2008
Messages: 271
This is Rad! And it is not too Farfetched!

  11:11:00  9 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Great , Now lets see do they like people they saw die still alive ? if they do than Shadow is for the run.
And I also want to ask when strelok is shot (a stupid sniper shot him ) does he get artifacts translated for his organs ?
  21:33:08  9 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Thanks for sayings its not 'too' far fetched

and as for the QuaNTuMbenxh
interesting hypothesis, you might learn about it soon enough.
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