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Maelstrom and the Tale of Beaver

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  03:21:05  6 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Maelstrom Part 5 - The Bloodsucker, the Communist and the Proffesor

Strelok relaxed, the HMMWVs bounced along the hills and bumps as they drove towards the Haven, he looked at the others, Shade was smoking and Dime and chain were talking about something. They came to an abrupt halt. Strelok grabbed his shotgun and climbed out of the HMMWV and slung it over his shoulder. The others hesitated before climbing out, they looked at an old battered steel door laying flat on the ground. One of the Dawn Seraphs lifted it open and motioned the others to enter, Strelok jumped down first, he was glad to be rid of them, he was beginning to hate people. The others clambered down the ladder and looked around at the dingy and cramped shelter.
"I thought you said it was a big underground city?" said Storm
"are you trying to screw us?" said Stallion his hand over his holster
"you think we are going to shelter humanity in this piece of shit, follow" said Strelok who approached a door and knocked.
"who's there?" said a voice on the other side
"Strelok now open up" Strelok replied, he then heard the locks on the door open, they clambered into a sterile white hallway.
"welcome to the haven" said Strelok "now please hand over your weapons to the guards"
"what?" said Stallion pulling out his revolver "you son of a..."
Strelok kicked the revolver out of Stallions hands and slammed him into the wall.
"what did I say about pointing guns at me" said Strelok as he heard Bull wrestle with two Dawn Seraphs who had him pinned. "but before you ask, no I am not going to kill you, because I already handed my weapons over... though I probably could without them"
Strelok stepped away from him and signalled the Dawn Seraphs to take their weapons, they walked off shortly after, the doors sealed.
"why do they have to take our weapons?" the Barman asked
"because, how can you maintain peace if your community is full of drunken, arrogant, armed bastards?" Strelok asked
"I see, then you should feel right at home" said Storm
"funny, well I guess we should report to command, they will assign quarters for you" said Strelok "and handle your pet"
Ghoul poked one of the wall lights paying no attention to anything else.
"Strelok your back" said a voice behind him "I was half expecting you choked, but miracles don't happen every day"
"hello Tusk" said Strelok "still watching the door these days?"
"actually he is escorting me, mainly to this door so we may greet an old friend" said the familiar voice of Mustang
"oh um hello" said Strelok "these are the survivors"
"Strelok..." said Mustang "get out of here, get some sleep"
"alright" said Strelok walking away, Mustang stopped him
"your forgetting something" said Mustang
"what your birthday?" Strelok asked
"just go before I let Tusk hit you" said Mustang
"alright" he said walking down the hall
"He treats the word Sir like the plague" said Mustang "anyways, lets show you to your quarters.

Strelok walked down the halls, he passed several training rooms, they were full of Seraphs wrestling and disarming each other. The place had grown quite a bit, it was home still but there was something about this place.
"Strelok you made it back in one piece" said Beaver running to catch up "Buffalo is down in the tunnels, they are trying to create a tunnel to another Shelter we are trying to set up"
"so I see we reached the moment in life where we build down not up" said Strelok
"yeah yeah, oh and Professor Cerenkov wants to speak to you" said Beaver
"about what?" Strelok asked
"some important matters he would like to speak about" said Beaver "oh and I had a question"
"which is?" Strelok asked turning to the labs
"remember that night in the Heart Chamber?" Beaver asked
Strelok stopped, he turned nervously around.
"when?" Strelok mumbled
"When we followed Gregor to stop the Red Flag" said Beaver
he thought for a moment, seven years ago, he almost forgot.
"yeah, kind of" said Strelok, he wanted to see where Beaver was going with this.
"Remember Shadow? the... Heart Keeper" said Beaver
"yes..." said Strelok
"did you kill him?" Beaver asked
"yes" said Strelok taking a deep breath
"are you sure?" Beaver asked
"I shot him in the head and cut out his heart of course I am sure" said Strelok
"then I guess someone is carrying his PDA because it is moving around" said Beaver
"what?" Strelok asked "what do you mean its moving?"
"well its as if someone grabbed his PDA and is now running back and forth around the power plant ruins" Beaver answered
"I would say your seeing things" said Strelok walking towards the labs.
The man was dead, his heart was carved out and was now sitting in the hands of Lakota, or what was left of Lakota anyways. Strelok entered a lab with the name Cerenkov on the door.
"you must be Strelok" said Cerenkov
"and you are Cerenkov?" Strelok asked
Cerenkov was a fairly old man, his head was balding and covered in scars, though despite his appearance he looked quite cheerful.
"yes, now I asked you to come here because your the only one I can trust" said Cerenkov "follow me"
They walked through a vault door and look around. There was a bloodsucker, a furry one at that. It looked like a yeti with tentacles and solid white eyes. The claws were fairly big too.
"what the hell is it?" Strelok asked
"a new breed of mutation, I had some chemicals and wanted to test on several mutant test subjects. I mixed a Fur Artifact with a Snowflake artifact, as well as some chemicals, this bloodsucker and intense radiation and this is what happened" said Cerenkov
"so... wait what did you do with the Artifacts?" Strelok asked
"well they are inside the beast, its organs seemed to wrap around them until... they are the organs themselves" said Cerenkov "it is most unusual"
Strelok froze... the artifacts turned into the organs themselves... that was... its... it can't have been. Strelok remembered shooting Shadow in the head before carving out his heart, which... was an artifact.
"my god" said Strelok backing up, the bloodsucker stared at him "where did you get the idea?"
"I was just experimenting" said Cerenkov "why?"
"because you are not the first person to create a beast like this" said Strelok
"what, there is another creature like this?" Cerenkov asked
"not a creature, a stalker" said Strelok
"your saying a stalker has an artifact for an organ?" Cerenkov asked
"an artifact for a heart" said Strelok "listen, I gotta go, excuse me"
Strelok ran from the room, he turned and ran down some stairs and quickly ran to his quarters, it was a two room, there were only a few last time he was here. He ran to his computer and looked at the screen, he saw, sure enough, a dot labeled Shadow walking around the NPP. Strelok looked around and walked to his bed, he pulled a vodka out from his bag and drank until he passed out...

---Somewhere in Russia---
"Comrade Generalissimus?" said the Lieutenant Colonel "you called?"
"have you ever heard of the Chernobyl Heart?" the Generalissimus asked
"you mean what several Red Flag Generals went after during our attacks?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"yes, it is a unusual artifact, it is rumored to be the heart of a dead stalker" said the Generalissimus "those Generals you mention were traitors, they left after I mentioned the story believing the power it could bring, it was lacking the last piece of the puzzle"
"and what is that comrade Generalissimus?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"the Maelstrom Core" said the Generalissimus "which was discovered by the American's while clearing a nuclear stockpile"
"your saying they are after the heart?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"the Americans are ignorant to the Heart, they studied the Maelstrom Core and learned what it could do, not what it must do" said the Generalissimus "they learned it can be used to increase the power of any explosive ordinance, and they are using it now to power a weapon they believe could destroy us, it cannot be launched, it could destroy our world, the nuclear winter that would follow would last for ages"
"so we must stop it from launching?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"we must stop it from leaving America" said the Generalissimus "it doesn't matter if it detonates, they are tar getting everywhere but them, that would be dangerous, if it detonates in America, it would send America into a long nuclear winter, much like the one we must deal with. After about five years our winter would end and they will still be suffering"
"so what must we do Comrade Generalissimus?" the Lieutenant Colonel asked
"Wait" the Generalissimus replied...
  03:21:41  6 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
There ya go, the next part will be called, Semper Fi, that one is simple to figure out!
  04:02:56  7 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Maelstrom Part 6 - Semper Fi

(Note, the Following part does not include the characters from the earlier parts, it is telling the story of the US Marines taking over the almost abandoned British isles and estabilshing a stepping stone into the hazardous zone.)

---Landfall, Monday, 1300 hours---
The marines pulled supplies off of the landing boats, they dragged them along the shore and began to set up camp. Private Jeffrey Mitchells was looking around, the area was cold, colder than he had ever felt before, he looked back and forth at the cold desolate fields that was once England.
"Mitchells get the gear into the armory" said Master Sergeant McKellings
Mitchells grabbed a box and carried it into the armory, it was his week on the field, they had travelled by boat, which was exceptionally dangerous considering what monstrosities now lived beneath the waves. He went out to carry more supplies, he was what the others called an FNG and was forced to do every job no one would ever want to do, there were about 20 other FNGs in the camp, he was lucky they had to do things worse than him...
---Landfall, Monday, 1400 hours---
Mitchells had first post, he had to watch the north side of the camp, before him was a great and dark forest of decaying oak trees, there were disturbing sounds coming from it.
"Mitchells, see anything yet?" asked a voice on his walkee talkee
"no" Mitchells replied "nothing but a nice creepy forest"
"well I see nothing either, the area seems deserted" said the voice
"I know its all rather pointless to watch an island where nothing liv..."
There was a roar, a horrible roar, it was a roar unlike anything he had ever heard before... it was right behind him.
"Mitchells what was that?" said the voice
"whatever it was its right behind me" said Mitchells nervously "I can feel its breathing, alert someone"
"shit, Ill alert the base" said the voice
Mitchells sat frozen in fear, he moved his hand very slowly towards his holster and carefully and quietly opened it. He carefully pulled the Beretta M9 from his holster and carefully turned around, turning the safety off.
He leaped forward spinning around with his M9 drawn only to see a pair of solid white eyes, floating in the air. He stared at it.
"what the fu..." Mitchells began, the creature turned visible, it was a hulking form with a mass of tentacles where its mouth should be and huge claws, it leaped at him, he fired his M9 at it , it landed on him and began to claw at him. He pushed at it with his knees as he tried to reload his magazine. He reloaded and aimed at its head and fired off the rest of his magazine, the beast howled and clawed as he screamed in pain. He reloaded again and shot the beast again repeated, the bullet pierced the beasts eye and continuing straight through to the brain killing it instantly. Blood poured all over Mitchells, he then realised it was his blood. He looked up towards the forest to notice many of the same creatures as well as other creatures advancing. Mitchells noticed the mine indicators, he sighed with relief. He then noticed them step on the mines, nothing happened.
"shit, they are remote mines" said Mitchells, he remembered being given the detonator, he searched quickly for it, he eventually found it. He heard voices in the camp. He pulled the safety cover off of the detonator and clicked the button. There was a loud explosion as the mines detonated, the creatures were transformed into a shower of body parts in seconds. Mitchells laid their with a large beast on top of him. He suddenly heard voices around him, there was a painful ringing in his ears.
"get him out of here, get some more mines set up and have someone take his place" said the Master Sergeant...
---Landfall, Wednesday, 0800 hours---
Mitchells awoke, he was rather sore. He was in the medical tent, several medics passed by and he saw several beds full or partially full of wounded marines, a couple were missing their legs.
"great job Private" said Master Sergeant McKellings "or should I say Private First Class"
"I got promoted?" Mitchells asked
"yeah, you saved the camp and took out a good forty beasts that were going to rush us, plus you got your fair share of scars" said Gunnery Sergeant McKellings
"thanks you sir" said Mitchells "I still feel like hell"
"get your rest Private, tomorrow we take London and set up there" said the Gunnery Sergeant
"yes sir" said Mitchells falling asleep
---Landfall, Thursday, 0600 hours---
Mitchells left the medical tent, he proceeded to the armory where they gave him a M16A1, a Five Seven with a flashlight attachment and field binoculars. He headed outside to see several FTTSs (Future Tactical Truck System) getting loaded with troops, he climbed into one of the trucks and looked around. Most of the troops carried M4 Carbines and M16s. There was a marine carrying a SAW and another carrying a SRS sniper rifle. The engines turned on and they began their drive to London.
---Landfall, Thursday, 1800 hours---
They reached London by nightfall, it was dark already and the headlights revealed everything, they drove down the road, which was flanked by vortexes that seemed to suck up anything nearby. Several soldiers were throwing their empty cans into them watching it grab them and crush them down. The HTTSs stopped, the marines climbed out and held their rifles out, they then proceeded quietly into the city, it was fairly empty. They marched through, the HTTSs were left with the driver and the gunner. The HTTSs followed the marines through the streets, they split up into small groups.
"Mitchells, think there's anything here?" asked Private Jenkins
"after all those things attacked us shortly after you asked sure I bet there will be" Mitchells answered looking around, there was a gunshot and the squad ducked behind nearby cover.
"shit what was that?" Mitchells asked
"two shooters" said Master Sergeant McKellings "one with a shotgun, pump action, and another with an assault rifle"
"orders sir?" Jenkins asked
"Return fire" McKellings replied
The squad stood up and fired off at the stalkers, the stalkers ducked behind cover.
"advance squad" said Mckellings, they proceeded forward to the next cover. The stalkers returned fire.
"GET DOWN" the Master Sergeant ordered
They ducked down as one of the marines got shot full in the chest by a shotgun blast, he landed beside Mitchells.
"I got a wounded" Mitchells yelled dragging the wounded marine behind his cover.
"Fire in the hole" said one the soldiers throwing a grenade, there was an explosion and the gunfire ceased.
"Jenkins, Mitchells check to see if we got em, Foreman, Trellings check the wounded!" McKellings shouted
Mitchells checked the bodies of the stalkers, they were both young and ill prepared, they had about a loaf of bread to share between them and only a few shots were left, they would have surrendered after another minute of fighting.
"well, looks like we got em" said Mitchells standing up
"yep, lets report back to the Master Sergeant" said Jenkins as they walked back down to their squad
"reinforcements have arrived" said a voice on McKellings walkee talkee "the city is ours"
"well troops, the city is ours" said McKellings "the army is going to arrive and defend the base for us, the marine corp are to lead the assault on the mainland, Barbecue under Big Ben!"
"Hooah" the marines shouted
The marines walked over the bodies towards the great clock, Mitchells looked down at the bodies of the two stalkers.
"Semper Fi" he muttered
He turned to his squad and walked with them, in a few minutes he would have a nice Barbecue, watch the Army unload, have a good night sleep and board the ship for the mainland. It would be the last four days multiplied by god knows what, Semper Fi...
  11:40:40  7 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Come On Let's see what happens now with a deadly Strelok , an Undead Shadow , a Crazy Commie and a stupid professor I think the enemy of my enemy is my enemy will prevail thou think of that commies and Stalkers together I would like a sketch of some t 95-s and other future crap
  15:37:02  7 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008

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02/07/2009 15:40:32
Messages: 3552

Come On Let's see what happens now with a deadly Strelok , an Undead Shadow , a Crazy Commie and a stupid professor I think the enemy of my enemy is my enemy will prevail thou think of that commies and Stalkers together I would like a sketch of some t 95-s and other future crap

there will be twists and turns and total bull moments for you to struggle to grasp in the future I am sure. Oh and the American military will begin to show some powerful technology that makes the Red Flag look like cavemen compared to them.

Edit: forgot to mention the title to the next part *clears throat* the title is: Utopian Madness, the story will probably likely maybe approximately accordingly return to Strelok
  17:02:07  7 February 2009
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"Order of the Liquidators" and Dez0wave Tester


On forum: 07/17/2008
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Cannabis? What kind of name is that, lol! Anyways I love your Beaver story!
  00:53:09  8 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
I will quote you MAIMAN
You Said:
"The A-Team, Ukrainian Edition!"
When I asked for Nukes now you'r giving them away for free
  04:01:31  8 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552

Cannabis? What kind of name is that, lol

When I asked for Nukes now you'r giving them away for free

Well when nukes are involved theres only one thing that pops to mind
  06:31:57  8 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Maelstrom Part 7 - Utopian Madness

Strelok woke up, he had been having dreams about the power plant, it seems that he would have to plan a trip, the power plant had the answers, but he had a feeling this wasn't the target. He looked around the room, he had an odd feeling for weeks. The US Army had invaded and took control of most of Europe, the Dawn Seraphs were coordinating with Freedom, the main fighting force of stalkers. It was ironic, by bombing the zone they assumed they would fracture the stalkers, but by invading it afterwards they strengthened the stalkers, bandits, mercs, loners. They flooded into the Freedom ranks, the fighting was for Freedom, also ironic, America is fighting Freedom. Duty has been silent for some time, its rumored that America is also fighting them as well.

Strelok got up and quickly dressed, he left the room and walked to the mess hall. There was a lot of heated discussion this morning, he stared around the room for a while. He sat down next to Buffalo and Beaver.
"well I think I might be leaving soon" said Strelok
"what? its been a week" said Buffalo
"yeah, I got some things I need to do" said Strelok looking around, he caught Storm looking at him, who scowled at him before looking away. "I am really getting sick of the people here"
"hey, there are always asses, what do you need to do?" Beaver asked
"something I don't want anyone to find out about" said Strelok "I am going to sign myself out in a few minutes"
"well good luck" said Buffalo
Strelok stood up and walked over to the hallway, there was a suddenly explosion and he fell over. Alarms began to sound, the power flickered.
"warning, arms locker 4 has detonated, all hands please proceed to quarters" said a voice on the PA. Several men ran into the rooms with MP7s and started shooting, Strelok dived at one of them, he pushed the gun towards the other shooters and pulled on the mans trigger finger, the gun shot the nearest one, Strelok kicked him in the head and shot the last three as they turned to him. Several Dawn Seraph guards came in with five sevens, they aimed at Strelok, who dropped the gun, which fired when it hit the ground causing people in the mess hall to panic, the bullet ricochet of the walls, people were running all over the place.
The guards ran to Strelok and pinned him to the ground handcuffing him, they marched him out of the mess to the prison.
"you know I saved those people" said Strelok
"shut up" said the guard throwing him into a cell
They left the room.
"son of a bitch, what the hell was that" said Strelok sitting down
"that my friend, was the first of a long line of problems" said a familiar voice
"Scar?" Strelok asked turning to the voice, it was coming from the other side of the wall.
"ah Strelok, I was wondering when you would be caged, considering how much they talk about you here" said Scar laughing
"what the hell are you doing here?" Strelok asked
"well, I was caught spying, I was hired by a very wealthy client... they don't respect mercs here" said Scar "well I hate it when I don't finish jobs, I end up having to listen to all these people go YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU ARE TOO LATE GO BE USELESS SOMEWHERE ELSE"
"I hear ya" said Strelok "used to live with that for a while"
"well, I hear these are getting common, terrorism in their beloved utopia" said Scar "fucking idiots"
"what?" Strelok asked
"they believe they are constructing a perfect world, a Utopia of happiness in a grim world, well now terrorism is a common ground and arms are getting smuggled. Utopia my ass, I bet this place is going to fall apart in a matter of days, Adiós Paradiso!" said Scar laughing
"well, I was leaving today, but it seems I am delayed" said Strelok "at least until they realize I shot the terrorists while they were too busy eating"
"what you want a big bear hug hero?" Scar asked sarcastically
"shut up Scar" said Strelok "I didn't get caught sneaking around like a little rat, speaking of rats what ever happened to Snitch?"
"Snitch?" Scar asked laughing "he changed his name and is hiding here, I think his new name is Rat"
"Ironic, considering he really is one" said Strelok "well I am going to wait this out"

---Seven days later---
"Strelok" said a guard "you have received a seven day sentence for brandishing a firearm in the Haven, the charges for murder on four counts and assault on one have been dropped, you are free to go"
"murder and assault charges... I take out some terrorists who were already armed and you want to charge me?" said Strelok
"that is enough, leave or stay here for another week" said the guard opening the prison doors.
"thank you" said Strelok leaving, he looked to Scar. "if you ever get out I will buy you a beer for your stupidity"
"thanks man" said Scar
Strelok left the room, he looked around. Damn delay had ruined his chance, he needed to get to his room and see what the path looks like.
He ran down some stairs and headed for his room, he looked at the computer. Their was a massive surge of dots along the western European front, it seems that the war had begun, he looked around and sat back, there was too many troop movements in the area as well, the path to the NPP was swarming with stalkers and war camps.
"fuck" said Strelok looking around, he had to wait now...
  06:32:50  8 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Well the next one will come when I can get it, hopefully tomorrow, I hope you enjoy so far
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