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Maelstrom and the Tale of Beaver

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  17:07:54  29 January 2009
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On forum: 01/22/2008
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Maelstrom Part 2 - Nuclear Winter

Strelok looked around the room, his head lamp was out of batteries, he picked up some batteries from an old box and switched them with the old ones. The old ones he can use to check for anomalies. He turned on the light and continued his search in the room. He grabbed some flash drives and he found an old Geiger counter. Chain was busy filling his bag with as much of Strelok's tourist delight stash as he could. Strelok headed to his medical kits and loaded as many as he could.
"come on lets go" said Strelok inserting two bubbles, a spring, a soul and a mica into his belt. He grabbed a SPAS-12 from his gun rack and several bandoleers of shotgun ammo. He passed a couple to Chain who was carrying an old Toz-34.
"you can use any of these guns on my wall" said Strelok loading a Silenced Walther P2K.
"that's okay, this has saved my life countless times" said Chain putting on the bandoleers.
"lets go" said Strelok as he climbed into the vent and slid down the ladder into the darkness.
The tunnel was pitch black, the EMP shut off the lights in the tunnel. He looked around with his little headlight and proceeded to open the vent, he heard many footsteps and other sounds all around. He took a deep breath and jumped out, he heard Chain stumble out behind him. The two of them walked slowly down the tunnel, the entrance was slightly visible from the glow of the fruit punch anomalies.
"this is quite unnerving, what do you think is living down here" whispered Chain pointing to the flayed corpses.
"well Bloodsuckers used to nest here, and there was a controller several years ago..." said Strelok "and before that there were rodents and I believe more controllers... oh and snorks too..."
"great, just great" said Chain looking around nervously.
They turned the corner when they heard the scurrying of many small feet.
"what in the zone is that?" Chain asked as he took a quick look around the corner, he saw many Rodents and the slightly more deadly Rippers scurrying towards them at alarming speeds.
"SHIT" Chain shouted "RUN STRELOK RUN!"
Strelok broke into a run before asking "what are we running from?
"Rodents, lots of them" said Chain
Strelok turned around and looked, the walls, roof and floor was moving, He turned and ran faster.
They reached the silo and climbed up the circular staircase, many objects were flying around.
"shit forgot to mention Poltergeists also lived here" said Strelok as they ran through the hurricane of objects.
"why did you choose to live here of all places" Chain asked
"because no one usually gets through the horde of mutants alive to bother me" Strelok answered as they continued up.
"we passed the tunnel to the research base" said Chain as they continued up
"are you serious, the research institute was probably hit by a nuke, oh yeah gas masks on" said Strelok "we are going to come out on a nearby hill"
They attached their gas masks and climbed up a ladder, they sealed the hole and fell over in exhaustion.
"holy... shit..." said Strelok as he looked around, there were massive mushroom clouds that went out into the distance, it was raining dust. His Geiger counter clicked rapidly. "lets get out of here"
"Most of the clouds are very far away, the closest one is there, two kilometers west of here" said Chain as he sat up
"we have to get to the Haven" said Strelok
"the where?" Chain asked
"follow me" Strelok replied as he rose to his feet and began to climb down the hill.

Beaver looked through the computer screen, he stared at the massive surges of radiation. It was a nightmare out there, and in the Haven was chaos. Command had sealed down the vault, the entire Haven was lit with red lights. They had many agents out on the field, most of them Sleeper agents, assigned to an area and ordered to wait for further instructions. about 32 of their agents had disappeared.
Beaver scanned the screen, about one thousand stalkers had blinked off his screen. He assumed they were dead though it was possible their PDAs were shut off by the EMP, if so then the Haven was now flying blind to areas of the zone. Security issued a Red Alert statues, they expected more attacks to occur, some of their western European outposts have reported major aerial assaults, large scale bombings destroyed several newly formed settlements. If the Seraphs of Dawn were going to unite the stalkers and end this nomadic way of life they were going to have to do something about their attacker, America...

---The President---
"Mr President they offered no resistance, we have no death toll but the damage has been extreme by the looks of it" said the Lieutenant "though it has come at a cost"
"what cost" said the President reading through several classified documents
"the scientists say that the smoke particles left from the detonation are rising into the stratosphere, its blocking out much of the sunlight or something..." said the Lieutenant nervously "to put it short they say we are plunging the earth into a nuclear winter"
"is this affecting the entire globe" the President asked
"the majority of it, we are only experiencing minor effects of it, but another warhead or two might change that" said the Lieutenant
"very well, inform the men to keep the missiles ready but not to launch, we will let the stalkers have then next move" said the President dismissing the Lieutenant...
  00:17:49  28 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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And so it begins...

The Tale of Beaver is finished and Maelstrom is beginning, as you should have noticed part 1 is up. Enjoy, its the biggest slice of cake made by me since last year...
  00:16:37  28 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Maelstrom Part 1 - Red Alert

About 6 years passed since the Red Flag were defeated, their numbers retreated back to their hidden fortresses in the motherland and carefully attempted to strike back, resources were thin at this point, barely 5 million people survived the frequent blowouts and the constant threat of attack. 3 million of those survivors are located in the safe zones. The Americas, where the radiation and anomalous activity was the lowest and Australia where it was perfectly safe formed population centers, the government attempted to reform and restore order. The last 2 million survivors were in the 'Hazard Zone', Europe, Asia and Africa were severely stricken with radiation, anomalies and mutation.
The stalkers there occasionally freelance, searching on their own and living on the land. The rest of the stalkers tend to form clans, these clans are a nomadic people, rarely staying in the same area for over a week. They travel where food, water and ammo are located, fighting over fuel sources and fleeing from blowouts. The clans fight occasionally but rarely see each other due to how rare it is to see another stalker, the stalkers are spread thin and that is the advantage that the newly elected president of the united states is prepared to take.
President Henry Sherman was the first president since the blowout, the US government was formed with the support of Duty, who helped lead the refugees to the united states was somewhat opposed to the stalkers, it was unknown why but he seemed to believe them to be the cause of their problems, which was partially true given the fact it was a stalker known as Marked One who selfishly freed the zone and it was the stalkers who let the Red Flag speed up the zones expansion, he had a plan to get rid of them, it was classified to all but a handful.
Many mercenaries were hired by the President to gather large ordinance. Bombs, Warheads, Missiles were rounded up to extraction points where American aircraft would retrieve them, unknown to all America was sitting on a stockpile of explosives, he gave out orders to his men to load them into planes, he was just waiting for someone to make a move, he needed a reason for this attack if he was going to have the peoples support. He then realized it, the mercenaries... he could hire them to do a terrorist attack, he could then pin it on the stalkers , and so he can cleanse the world of one of its many problems. He just needed to send the orders.

Strelok held back a scream, the wind was dying down and so was the blizzard. The bullet wound was painful and he was half buried in the snow. He suddenly saw a shape moving near him, he tried to move his hands but he couldn't, he stared down at a big red pile of snow that was lying on top of him, this was the end it seems, the enemy found him. He suddenly saw a friendly face.
"well look at this, you nearly got yourself killed" said Chain looking down at Strelok's exposed head.
"heeeelp" said Strelok in a pained voice
"don't worry I got medical supplies" said Chain as he brushed the snow off of the wound, Strelok felt like thousands of icy blades were being pushed along the wound.
Strelok felt Chain lift him up so he can dress the wound.
"the shot went straight through, this is going to be painful but you should be thankful it didn't shatter inside" said Chain applying bandages "we should find shelter, get you warm, here drink up"
Chain passed him a canteen which Strelok grabbed and poured down his mouth, it felt like ages since he drank anything.
"much better thanks" said Strelok wincing in pain
"no problem, how long have you been out here" Chain asked
"3 days" said Strelok "I was thankful the shooter didn't see me, though I think it may have been a misfire"
"heh bet you had a good laugh about that" said Chain "death by gun cleaning accident"
"yeah" Strelok closed his eyes and tried to think of something other than the gunshot
"can you walk?" Chain asked
"I think" said Strelok, Chain pulled him to his feet, he stumbled a bit.
"okay okay, I will help you walk" said Chain "its probably more the cold than the gunshot that's giving you problems"
"where are we? I could barely see during the blizzard" Strelok asked
"we are in the Agroprom area, come on the research base is abandoned" said Chain "so what have you been up to for the last few years"
"well I have been working for some old friends" said Strelok pointing to the solid white uniform, now with a big red stain and bandages wrapped around it.
"Clan ah, I was thinking of joining" said Chain "ever since Fanatic died the whole Rostok settlement fell apart, they broke into tribes and wandered off to god knows where"
"shame, I heard it was doing quite well" said Strelok
"a year of construction disappeared in about an hour when the Red Flag stormed the settlement, only so many resources to spare on construction and repair" said Chain who paused, the thought obviously bothered him.
"yeah, I spent that year with my last surviving friend from my old days, he was killed by Crimson Rain assassins" said Strelok he had forgotten the injury and was now dealing with a new pain.
"did you kill the assassins?" Chain asked
"all but one" Strelok answered
"do you think you will ever find him?" Chain asked
"already did" Strelok replied
"so you found him but didn't killed him?" Chain stared looking confused
"no he instead decided to enter the heart chamber" Strelok informed him
"wait... your talking about Lakota?" Chain was really confused, Lakota was a great guy, he would never assassinate anyone who didn't deserve it.
"you were there, you saw how he was with the Crimson Rain" said Strelok
"yeah but I just..." Chain answered
"we are almost there, we should focus on getting there" said Strelok trying to change the subject
"agreed" said Chain "but one thing, what do you think his wish was?"
"I don't know, he wanted to end this but this has been going for a long time, six long years of hell, the only thing that happened was the Crimson Rain and the Red Flag disappearing to whatever circle of hell they came from" Strelok answered
"we're here, lets find a nice warm building to stay in, Ill get my matches out and light a fire, there's usually an old campfire we can reuse" said Chain "if that doesn't work we can always try to fix your suits heater, the bullet went right through you and the heater, lucky shot"
They were walking passed the old sandbags when they saw a bright light in the distance.
"is that the sun?" Chain asked "I thought it was behind us"
"its setting on the wrong side" said Strelok, watched it lower until there was a great flash and a shock wave flew out of it, there was a large explosion. They watched as the great mushroom cloud formed, Chain's Geiger counter clicked hysterically, Strelok assumed his was broken, he watched as another ball of light formed in the distance, and another... and another... and another...
"holy shit Strelok" said Chain "quickly lets get inside"
"inside isn't going to help, follow me" said Strelok who was getting some better feeling in his legs, he limped down between some buildings, Chain slowly following.
"here" said Strelok pointing to a sewage grate "the underground"
"your fucking kidding me right?" Chain asked "the underground is probably full of hibernating mutants"
"see their hibernating, let them sleep while we get to a safe place" Strelok answered lifting the lid
"oh yeah and I suppose you know a safe place in the underground, one that doesn't have a bloodsucker nesting in it?" Chain asked
"yes I do, follow me" said Strelok
Strelok slid down the tunnel, he was warming up as he quickened in pace, Chain stumbled at his heels whining. They ran down a spiral staircase and headed through some tunnels, Chain heard a howling sound and made an odd squeak, they reached an old vent. Strelok pulled it open and motioned Chain to climb inside, Strelok climbed in closing the vent behind him.
"were hiding in a vent, its small" said Chain
"feel around for the ladder dip shit" said Strelok "your stepping on my foot"
"sorry" said Chain as he grabbed the ladder, he climbed up with Strelok behind him, they crawled into a small room.
"wow" said Chain looking at the well furnished room.
"I have done some redecorating, I have been staying in here for several years now" said Strelok "it was my old stash way back during the faction wars"
"I see" said Chain "how did you get the furniture in?"
"Brought in lumber and built it myself" said Strelok
"explains the whole church style benching you seem to have gone with" said Chain "is that a refrigerator, don't tell me you built that"
"I didn't't build that, it says made in Japan clearly" said Strelok as he opened it and pulled out two bottles of vodka.
"then how... never mind" said Chain, they sat back on the benches and listened.
Strelok looked at his PDA, it was off, he tried to turn it off but it refused.
"EMP took out my PDA, probably the same with yours" said Strelok "well were trapped, idea?
"don't look at me I have no clue, who happened to have nuclear missiles to drop randomly?" Chain asked
"well there are four major forces, the US, Freedom, Duty and Australia" said Strelok "Duty wants to destroy the zone not add radiation to it, Australia is trying to maintain an Eco System for the non mutated wildlife, Freedom is scattered all over the Hazard Zone trying to unite the clans for the da... to keep us from dying out"
"that leaves the loving US" said Chain "fucking bastards"
"I'll toast to that" said Strelok "or it could be the Red Flag"
Chain laughed "those guys are the people we pin our problems on, oh no Billy forgot to do his work I guess the Red Flag are behind it, oh no it looks like several nukes blew up, lets blame the Red Flag"
"well face it their ass holes" said Strelok
"and I'll toast to that" said Chain "but if we run out of vodka, promise to blame the Red Flag"
"sure I will" said Strelok "but we better do it fast because in about five seconds the power is going to go out"
"what?" said Chain
Suddenly there was a massive explosion and the lights went out. The room shook and all went black.
"fucking shit" said Strelok
"you hurt?" Chain asked
"no I spilled my drink" said Strelok
They both laughed as they lit a cloth in an empty vodka bottle as a make shift candle and went for more vodka...
  21:05:44  26 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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TTOB Is done

I found the time and finished The Tale of Beaver, I think it did a good job of summing up Lakota (from another perspective) and giving an okay idea of what happened to Beaver in between Red Storm and Maelstrom oh yeah and it gave an interesting twist. Look at part 4 and reread Red Storm and you should notice something rather interesting between Beaver and another character in it.
  21:02:51  26 January 2009
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On forum: 01/22/2008
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The Tale of Beaver Part 5

"welcome old friend" said Beaver half laughing half crying, its been months since he had ever been outside let alone see a survivor of their mission.
"your still alive, I was going around searching for you and you show up now?" said Buffalo
"Details details, let me just tell you you have been searching the wrong areas" said Beaver " now lets go"
They walked for several minutes before reaching the entrance to the shelter, they walked through an old tunnel until they reached a state of the art door, they opened it and walked down the sterile hallways of the Barrier passing several sterile white exoskeletons, they walked towards a shaft and called an elevator, they entered it and went to the command level. They walked to the command center where Mustang met them.
"hey Mustang, heres Buffalo" said Beaver
"ah Buffalo I take it you still have he information" said Mustang
"perhaps, mind telling me where I am and who these people are?" asked Buffalo
"Dawn Seraphs, your in the haven, you won't be leaving any time soon either, so hand over the information" said Mustang
"do what he says Buffalo" said Beaver "I would rather not see an old friend get harmed"
"fine" said Buffalo handing it over
"Beaver take him to quarters 393" said Mustang
"come with me" said Beaver as they walked out of the room

"so what is the Haven?" Buffalo asked
"its a sanctuary, it is a command center that can keep tabs on the entire zone, no one knows we exist and no one knows what we do. We are as secretive as the Red Flag" Beaver informed him
"nice connection" Buffalo replied
"so, hows life" Beaver asked
"hell how about yours?" Buffalo asked
"dull" Beaver replied "wish I had yours... well up until now"
"ha ha why is that" Buffalo asked
"your life is going to be dull like mine, you can't leave" Beaver answered
Buffalo looked nervously but continued walking.
"how many rooms are there?" Buffalo asked looking down the long halls.
"400, 300 of which are small quarters, 90 are two rooms and the last 10 are suites" Beaver replied
"holy shit" Buffalo replied "which one am I going to?"
"small" said Beaver "I recently updated to a two room"
"so what do you do to pass the time?" Buffalo asked
"I watch stalkers move around, mainly you and a little devil called Lakota" Beaver replied
"you watch me move around?" Buffalo asked
"yeah, I also watch Scar and all, I'm having a hard time finding Shadow" said Beaver "he is living up to his name after all"
"Beaver... Shadow didn't make it out of the NPP alive" said Buffalo slowly
Beaver stopped and look at him, he didn't know what to say, of all of them he assumed Shadow would live the longest.
"he.. he didn't?" Beaver asked quietly
"no, shot in the head, his body is lying in the heart chamber" said Buffalo
Beaver pointed to a room.
"theres you room now if you excuse me I am checking the NPP on my map" said Beaver quickly running down the hall, Buffalo followed him.
Beaver looked at his map and sure enough there was a little dot called Shadow sitting still in the NPP.
"who else did we lose?" Beaver asked
"Gregor, Guide, Borov, Dirov, Lukash, Vironin, Forester, many others" said Buffalo "we failed and we lost too many"
"I need time" said Beaver "good night"
Buffalo left the room, Beaver shut the door behind him.

---a few days later---
Beaver watched another battle in the NPP he watched Marked One, Lakota and Fanatic fight in there against Red Flag, he saw Marked One and Fanatic flee the scene and Lakota fade away, Beaver waited for him to reappear but he didn't, many dots blinked away, suddenly he saw something unusual...the Shadow dot moved, he could have sworn it did. He stared for a while and then he saw it, it moved again, he swore under his breath, what happened, Shadow was dead for almost 2 years.
"Beaver this is Mustang, Chekov is heading for the Bar, go there as fast as possible, bring some back up" said Mustang
"will do, I will take a jeep" said Beaver
"Buffalo are you there" said Beaver on the PDA
"yeah Beaver what is it?" Buffalo asked
"were heading for the bar lets go" said Beaver "meet me topside I am bringing the jeep"
They ran up and got on the jeep, they drove down the field stopping to pick up Chekov, they drove quickly down the hills into the army warehouse and into Rostok, the gate was blown open and they headed for the bar, they ran in as they heard several gunshots...
  20:37:39  26 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008

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01/26/2009 20:46:45
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The Tale of Beaver Part 4

(WARNING, the following part of The Tale of Beaver contains many references and spoilers to Lakota, if you haven't finished reading them then nows the time)

---Several Months Later---
Beaver woke up, he walked through his new room, it was a little bigger, it had a separate bathroom and his own computer that could track stalker movements. The system had been upgraded, using the now forgotten satellites orbiting the earth they could detect stalkers all over the world. They even added ways to filter different stalker clans from the screen, it helped them spy on the Red Flag. This clan he now served, the Seraphs of Dawn were attempting to finish the fight, end the battle against the zone. It reminded him about the army of stalkers that attempted to fight the zone nearly a year ago...
Beaver walked to the bathroom, he examined himself in the mirror, his beard was getting thick. He took the time to shave it off before heading to the computer, he watched the zone carefully. He rather enjoyed this, he could see everything, few secrets movements he didn't know about, he watched stalkers move from place to place, little dots on the map. He watched a couple dots, one was a interesting one, the dot was called Lakota, he was spotted traveling through America into Brazil and then across the ocean, he watched him explore France and then suddenly and spontaneously fly to the middle of the Sahara Desert for a few days, he noticed the amount of Red Flag troops in that area, after a few days of watching he pulled out his new PDA and went to call command about this but suddenly noticed he and another dot called Ra break out and escape through the desert where they met Dunekins, they then traveled through Egypt and found transportation to Freedom controlled Greece.
He watched the dot head for France but turn and head for Japan instead, he stayed there for several months among Ronin and then headed for the Ukraine. He wandered around there for a while before settling in the Rostok settlement, this one was a survivalist it seemed.
He kept tabs on Buffalo took, he missed his old friend, he watched him wander the old zone, making occasional trips to the Chernobyl area, Beaver felt bad he hasn't made an attempt to send a message to him. He watched Scar wander around for a while as well as several others. He left the room and headed for the mess hall.
The mess hall was full of Dawn Seraphs as they called themselves, they talked and joked while eating food grown in level 3, the subterranean farming level. The Haven had become independant from the outside world, a Utopia in a chaotic world, Level 1 was the Barriar level, 2 was the main living level, 3 was the farming level, 4 was the command level, 5 was the generator level and 6 was the waste level. a 7th level was under construction for research or it was assumed. Beaver noticed he was living a routine, he wakes up, showers, watches stalkers, eats, watches stalkers, heads to command, eats, sleeps. He had no excitement yet, but Mustang mentioned that it is only a matter of time before we reveal ourselves.
Mustang returned to his computer, he watched Red Flag and Monolith converge on the Rostok settlement, there was a massive clash between them, he watched as the little Lakota dot fade off of the map. Beaver was a little disappointed, he grown to like that dot.
He watched the battle take place as the dots faded away and move around his screen, suddenly and surprisingly the Lakota dot appeared again in the same spot, several Monolith dots disappeared, he stared at it, it was unusual.
There was a beeping noise on his PDA he was receiving a message, he clicked it and heard Mustangs familiar voice.
"hey Beaver we need to talk" said Mustang
"no my way" Beaver replied
He walked out the door and down the hall.

---1 year 8 months ago---
"hey Beaver" said a stalker "I got a newspaper from the outside world"
"really? whats it say?" Beaver asked
"same ol' same ol', America fights for oil, Canada does whatever, something important happens in Britain, Russian attacks another country, Japan invents a better vibrator its all the same crap" said the Freedomer
"why bother me with it?" Beaver asked
"because your Father is in it" said the Freedomer "Yurikov Khalepski Sr."
"what does it say?" Beaver asked
"he has went missing, no one has heard of him in several months" said the Freedomer
"what?" said Beaver slowly
"sorry brother" said the Freedomer "Ganja roll this guy a joint he really needs it"
His Father was always disappointed in him, he hated the idea of going to the zone, now he was gone, probably dead. Beaver always hated his name, how Yurikov Khalepski Jr, a big reputation he had to live up. He was the son of a Soviet War Hero, he was a powerful Commandant who served a well respected General Mikhael. Mikhael disappeared several decades ago. He decided to push the memory aside.
"Ganja, forget the joint, get me the strongest drink you got" said Beaver
"300 rad whirligig coming up" said Ganja "lets hope your immune system keeps this from killing ya, and your eyesight will be gone for several weeks"
"great, I don't have to patrol the village" said Beaver laughing, he doubted the drink would keep him from the memory of his father but who really cared. He grabbed the bottle and downed it, he suddenly couldn't see and fell of his chair laughing before he passed out.

"Beaver I learned a stalker has received some important info on the Red Flag, I know you know the man" said Mustang
"who?" Beaver asked
"a man by the name of Buffalo" said Mustang "arrange for him to come down here"
"question" said Beaver
"yes?" Mustang asked
"where is... here" Beaver asked
"we are just east of the Army Warehouse" said Mustang "about a mile east, several stalkers will meet him there"
"are you sending Tusk?" Beaver asked
"most likely" Mustang replied "why?"
"nothing" Beaver answered "he just isn't a people person"
"fine I will send you instead" said Mustang
"great" said Beaver leaving the room, he headed for the computer and linked his PDA to it, he sent the message.
"well I am going to see Buffalo again, great, now its time to sleep" said Beaver as he fell asleep on his bed, on the computer screen many dots gathered and moved around, several forces marched towards the red forest...
  20:02:22  26 January 2009
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Guess Who.


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Bow Chicka Bow Wow and Dirka Dirka are Tied?

Wow that is awesome, Fuck Yeah! Bow Chicka Bow Wow! Dirka Dirka!
  16:21:47  26 January 2009
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Guess Who.


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The Tale of Beaver Part 3

Beaver opened his eyes, he found himself in an metal room with dim lights, he heard some construction under him.
"where in the zone am I" said Beaver slowly, he lifted himself up and scanned the room.
The room was full of medical equipment, more than he had ever seen in the zone. There were boxes of anti rads and medkits of a variety of grades. He felt rather numb, he looked around to see he was hooked up to several machines. He immediately felt a rush of fear creep through his body.
"your awake" said a familiar voice
"Mustang is that you?" Beaver asked
"Beaver who else would save your skin?" Mustang replied laughing
"good question, where am I?" Beaver asked nervously
"My sanctuary, its a little fallout shelter we have been working on, it is an Oasis in this wasteland" said Mustang
"really.... wasn't that always what Duty said about the Bar?" Beaver asked quickly adding "whats with all this equipment"
"ha ha" Mustang laughed sarcastically "the medical gear is from military bases that surround the zone, they grew lazy recently, only Cordon outpost ever gets attacked"
"so why am I hooked up to half the room?" Beaver asked
"you have been lying on that hill soaked in radioactive water with several lacerations, burns and that nuclear warhead detonated near you" Mustang informed him "we are flushing the radiation out of your body and trying to keep you from bleeding out, we don't have great doctors here, we are running on what little we can"
"no need to get defensive brother" said Beaver "oh wait you gave up your brotherhood when you betrayed us"
"Beaver, I just saved your life and you still act like a betrayed puppy, typical" Mustang replied "get some sleep, I can show you around when you wake up, its going to be a few hours before the radiation is at a safe level"

---1 year 9 months ago---
"well Mustang, aren't we in a pickle" said Beaver half laughing
"yeah, why did you have to come back for it" said Mustang "we were almost home free"
"home free?" Beaver replied in disbelief "if we hadn't brought it Chekov would have strangled us and tie us to a chair in the swamp"
"I wouldn't have been bothered, the water may be radioactive but its so low we can stand on the chairs for a few hours before we notice it" said Mustang
"Bloodsuckers live in swamps" Beaver mumbled
"they also live in this village" said Mustang
"oh fuck thanks for reminding me dip shit" Beaver shouted back
"YOU TWO SHUT THE FUCK UP" shouted a Dutyer "Mash can't we just kill them they are annoying me with their quarreling"
"no, there quarreling is about what were after, they clearly know where the flash drive is" said Mash
"is this what this is about" said Mustang laughing "a bloody flash drive"
"what flash drive, I don't see no flash drive" said Beaver laughing uproariously "maybe if your big Duty head wasn't so thick you would have realized it wasn't on us by no... "
The Dutyer's proceeded to take turns kicking them.
"hey hey hey can't we learn to get along?" Mustang asked sarcastically
The Dutyer's then proceeded to take turns spitting on them.
"guess not bro" said Beaver
"why don't we try the Bloodmoan method?" said Mustang
"no I hate that one" said Beaver "out of the question"
"coward" said Mustang
"men uncuff them" said Mash
"your letting us go?" Beaver asked
"no" said Mash "but what we are going to do is so humiliating were going to have you do it yourself"
Terror dawned on their faces, what where those sick Dutyer's going to do to them.
"take off your clothes" said Mash, the Dutyer's were the ones laughing now.
"are you bloody mental" said Beaver "its rather chilly out today"
"shut up and do as your told or we can blow you fucking brains out" said Mash
They proceeded to strip down.
"Bloodmoan method?" Mustang asked again
"sure why not" Beaver replied
They proceeded to make disturbing howling noises.
"what the hell are you two doing?" Mash asked
There was a weird rustling around them.
"that my friends" said Beaver laughing
"was a bloodsucker mating call" Mustang finished
"WHAT THE FU..." Mash yelled as several Bloodsuckers jumped out of nearby windows onto the Dutyer's.
"RUN BEAVER RU..." shouted Mustang before realizing Beaver was already running, Mustang quickly sprinted after him.
a bloodsucker pounced on Beaver. Mustang swore and quickly ran back to the Dutyer's, he grabbed a desert eagle and ran back to Beaver. Beaver was trying to push its head away, its tentacles were wrapping around his neck, Mustang fired three shots into its head, it collapsed in a heap.
"thank you, lets get out of here" said Beaver, they ran down the road, the screams of the Dutyer's could be heard in the distance.
"what the hell were you doing out there?" Lukash asked in disgust, they realized they were both naked "I thought we put an end to those things"
"oh this... isn't what it looks like" said Beaver quickly
"oh really than what is it?" Lukash asked
"we were coming back with the flash drive and well... we got ambushed by Duty... they dragged us in the village and when we didn't give it to them they made us strip down" said Beaver
"and we escaped with the ol' bloodsucker mating call trick" Mustang finished
"and the flash drive?" Lukash asked
"safe but needs a cleaning" said Mustang grabbing his ass
"oh god" said Lukash "don't tell me you put it there"
"I had no choice" said Mustang pulling out a flash drive "just give it a wash and don't smell it"
"go report to Skinflint and get new clothes" said Lukash "I will deal with... this"
"thank you sir" said Beaver as they hurried naked down to the HQ...

"good morning sunshine" said a stalker examining him "you are a healthy little stalker"
"thank you" said Beaver "now can you get these things out of me?"
"don't worry I am almost done with the tests" said the stalker "done, now lets get these out"
The stalker quickly pulled the wires and needles out of his arms.
"here are some clothes, Mustang will be here shortly" said the stalker
Beaver quickly got dressed, he looked at the suit, it was a sterile white stalker suit.
"where are my clothes?" he asked
"they are... disposed of" said the stalker "they were severely burned and rendered useless"
"so who are you again?" Beaver asked
"I am Cannabis" said the stalker
"like the herb?" Beaver asked
"yes" said Cannabis "I am well the medical officer here in the Haven"
"the Haven, is that what this is?" Beaver asked
"yes, its an underground Vault, we expanded an old Soviet fallout shelter, the construction you hear is work at expanding the second level" said Cannabis
Beaver heard several voices outside the door, it sounded like an argument.
"Tusk he is fine, he isn't a security risk" said the familiar voice of Mustang
The door opened revealing Mustang and a large stalker he assumed was tusk, he was wearing an exoskeleton with two large tusks attached to the helmet, He was also carrying a menacing RPK.
"Beaver your awake!" said Mustang "I see you met Cannabis"
"yeah" said Beaver "so this is where you've been hiding all these years"
"yes it is" said Mustang "now I believe you can explain what just happened"
"what happened" Beaver asked
"the stalker activity, the nuclear warhead, the fucking massive blowout, the expansion of the zone" said Mustang
"the zone expanded?" Beaver asked "oh shit this isn't good"
"what were you and all those stalkers doing" Mustang asked
"we are attempting to destroy the zone" Beaver replied
"great going you dumb fucks, the zone now covers 90% of the fucking planet" said Tusk in a deep and grizzled voice
"what?" said Beaver, he felt horrible, it couldn't have happened.
"listen" said Mustang "a couple hundred stalkers stormed the NPP, there was a massive blowout and most of the world is covered by the zone. Radiation and anomalies everywhere, mutants all that shit is now everyones problem"
"wasn't it always?" Beaver asked
"it was but no one cared about it but us until now" said Mustang "come on lets head to the command center"
They walked down the hallway, it was similar to the room, simple, sterile and metal. They passed several doors and reached a large room full of computers and monitors, he stared in awe, he had never seen so much technology in one room before, let alone the zone. They walked up to a large screen with a world map on it. The map was covered in a red tint except for several small areas, a big red blotch over the Chernobyl zone.
"red indicates the zones control" said Mustang
"holy shit" said Beaver
"now you see, its everyones problems now" said Mustang "hell check out the PDA"
Mustang passed him a PDA, Beaver examined it, several of the features weren't working.
"there are so few registered stalkers that Sid cannot update the top stalkers, hell the only reason we know there are stalkers is from the maps here"
Mustang point to the screen, it zoomed in on the Chernobyl area, there were stalker movements in several gathered areas. The rest of the zone was silent.
"the map can only pick up groups of five or more" said Mustang "if there are others then they are scattered"
"we are trying to find info on the factions, try to open communications and such, put aside our differences" said a familiar voice
Beaver turned around, he saw a face he never thought he would see.
"Chekov?" he asked "what are you doing here with them?"
"they rescued me from the Red Forest" he replied "I was nearly zombified by the damn scorcher"
"so I take it your mission failed" said Beaver
"yes and so did yours" he replied
"well Beaver, we will show you to your quarters, its a little small" said Mustang
"I guess you won't be letting me leave" said Beaver
"no, you know to much" Mustang replied
"your still a bastard" said Beaver as Tusk led him out of the room.
He walked down the sterile halls into a hall full of doors, Tusk opened a door to reveal a small room with a bunk, a toilet and a sink.
"nighty night" said Tusk "and if I figure out your a spy I will kill you myself"
"great to know, I will have wonderful dreams" said Beaver as Tusk indicated the bulkhead style lock and closed the door on his face.
"nighty night" Beaver said to himself as he relaxed on the bed, he thought about their failure until he fell asleep...
  23:56:03  25 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Well I will finish the Tale of Beaver as quickly as I can!

If you have an idea for a character or anything of the sorts for Maelstrom please tell me, I kinda killed off quite a few and I don't wanna spoil but several others won't be making it either.

Oh and yes you can ask if you can be a character.
  23:29:48  25 January 2009
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Guess Who.


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Maelstrom - Teaser

Strelok eyed the group carefully, he was so willing to give up on everything and he immediately is asked for more help.
"whats the job?" he asked slowly
"were going to finish this, once and for all" Buffalo said slowly
"are you insane you can't finish this, its impossible" Strelok shouted "you finish it and it pops up again"
There was a grunting noise behind him, he spun around and grabbed a gun on a nearby table, quickly shooting a Red Flag soldier attempting to get up.
"you see, they can never learn to just DIE" Strelok began to shoot the body repeatedly.
The group stared at him.
"but this is our chance the one chance to set things right, do you not understand whats at stake, its not just us but the future, every dream, every person, everything on the planet" said Chekov
"what do you say" said Buffalo holding out his hand
Strelok stared at it, he argued with himself in his mind, he wanted out but he would never be able to. He walked over to the group and shook his hand.
"whats the job" he asked bitterly
The ground shook, the lights went out, red light came from the doorway.


---??? years later---
Strelok just stared at the sky, he was lying down in the snow. The pain was unbearable, the gunshot had hit him square in the chest, he couldn't tell if it hit anything major, he couldn't tell if he was staring at the sky. The blizzard was so thick he was practically blind, it was an amazing shot, it was damn near impossible. How the hell did that sniper manage to shoot him in the middle of a blizzard, he was invisible. Lucky shot, it was probably an accident. Strelok, died because a guy forgot to take his safety off when he was cleaning it.
The noise was unbearable, he spent some time shouting but he was muffled by the snow. His legs were numbing from the cold, if he did make it out he expected some of his fingers wouldn't. He thought of that agreement, he forgot how long it has been, several years he assumed. It was the end it seemed, we did manage to finish it, he thought, we got ourselves killed.
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