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Maelstrom and the Tale of Beaver

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  22:38:31  18 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Fall of a Sharpshooter Part 3 - The Heart and the Core

Strelok walked through Odessa, it was dead silent, nothing made any noise, he walked slowly looking around, suddenly he saw a shape. He raised his Lupara, suddenly he heard barking, several pseudodogs surrounded him, he stared at them. Suddenly they all exploded in a puff of smoke, only one remained, it rolled on its back and barked.
"I thought you died" said Strelok, he patted Doctor's dog on the head. "lets go"
They walked along the path and walked north, it was a very long journey to the old zone...

Three weeks passed, Strelok walked along the Ukrainian countryside, he had no clue if he was going the right way until he found himself on a familiar hill, he was here... he had been on this exact hill almost a decade ago, when he thought he was free from the zone. The hill was dark and dead looking, it was time to stop this madness. He walked along the fields until he saw a dark forest way in the distance, the reactor sat like a mountain behind them, he looked to the dog.
"well, lets make things right" said Strelok...

About a day of walking passed and they found themselves staring at the desolate reactor, they walked through the tunnels to the heart chamber. They opened the door...
"Strelok... you made it" said Shadow
"you ready to end it?" Strelok asked
"a little nervous, Lebedev explained the entire thing" said Shadow
"so what happens?" Strelok asked
"you pass me the core" said Shadow
Strelok opened the case, Shadow picked it up, he winced.
"I know it hurts like a bitch" said Strelok "now what?"
"I enter the chamber, make a wish and then its still not over" said Shadow walking to the chamber
"what do you mean its still not over" Strelok asked, ash began to fall from the sky, he looked up at the dark clouds
"I have to correct it or something, he didn't explain" said Shadow "but he said if things go well we won't remember any of this"
"none of it?" Strelok asked thinking of the many lives affected, his many friends
"yes, he said most of our friends would be gone from our lives... well we wouldn't remember, we can meet them again but we... wouldn't remember our friendship" said Shadow
"damn" said Strelok "do what you have to do"
"good luck, I hope we never meet again" said Shadow smiling half heartedly
"I hope so too" said Strelok

Shadow looked at the reactor, he walked towards it, it opened for him, he stepped inside holding the Maelstrom Core, the Heart beated rapidly in his chest.
"I want... this all to end" said Shadow
There was a massive rush as the heart chamber dissolved around him, he found himself in a maelstrom of light, he was sucked into a vortex, he suddenly jerked back to reality.

Shadow woke up, he looked out of the crude shelter he slept in, he was looking upon a village, a camp where stalkers gathered and rookies prepared for death or glory, he was once here, it seemed like a century ago, he heard many stories and seen many sights that people would never believe, but he didn't dwell on them, there were some things not even he wanted to think about. Today all he needed was to think of his job, so Shadow grabbed his rifle slung it around his shoulder, holstered his pistol and jumped out into the rain...
  22:39:47  18 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Oh Snap, another part and I have to say I bet none of you saw this coming, I had this planned since Fallen in the Rain OH OH OH OH OH!!!!!
Epic Epic Epic...
okay I am done, well if you remember Fallen in the Rain then you should understand whats happening, if not then you should read it again!
  23:22:02  18 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008

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02/19/2009 22:02:58
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Fall of a Sharpshooter Part 4 - This is the End

Shadow nodded to the stalkers as he passed, giving confused looks and looked out into the morning fog, it wasn't looking to kind today, the zone seemed to be warning him, why hadn't he listened. He walked along the road and crept passed the car park, bandits and stalkers were fighting over it but no one paid him to interfere, his job was by the old dark valley path. He was to make sure nothing happened to himself. He walked up the cold hills as he saw the path come into view, a barricade was set up, bandits gathering and dragging hostages, he saw himself up on the hill talking, the stalkers at the camp were confused because they saw Shadow leave the shelter a few minutes earlier, deja vu.

Shadow watched himself shoot the bandits, each one with a bullet in between their eyes.
"shit" he said running, he had to stop the Red Flag.
He ran down the road, ducked behind a bush and watched several stalkers run into a tunnel under the road, he saw himself leading a group, Shadow walked into the tunnel, he took this chance to run ahead. Shadow ran to the stalker camp, he pulled up his gas mask. He ran to Wolf.
"Hello there stalker" said Wolf
"listen" Shadow said quickly "the Military are going to attack your brother and his rescuer, get the stalkers out there and help them"
The stalkers got up and ran up the hill, Shadow ran to a nearby bush and watched.
There was a crack and a stalker fell, the military rushed in, there was a large shootout.
"Fuck the sniper" said Shadow pulling out the SVD and started searching the horizon for the sniper, he suddenly found him on a tree, the sniper was reloading, Shadow fired, the bullet went right through his head. Shadow turned to see the Red Flag were dead and the stalkers were helping the wounded, Shadow ran for it.

Shadow thought for a moment, tomorrow Buffalo will get grabbed and the day after so will Beaver... he needed to stop that from happening, suddenly he realized that he had to stop Strelok as well as the Red Flag...
"son of a bitch how can I do this..." Shadow laughed he called another stalker
"Shadow how the fuck are you?" Baron asked
"could have been better" said Shadow "heres what I need done, tomorrow a group of stalkers are going to get grabbed by bandits, save them from the bandits, don't let any military get near them either, they are going to be in the garbage, if they get grabbed stop them from reaching dark valley, okay?"
"okay anything else?" Baron asked
"I need you to keep watch over several Freedomers, they are going to open a trade route between the bandits in dark valley and the Freedomers in the army warehouse, escort them and keep the minefield they cross from detonating, take out the military sniper hiding in the field as well as any military activity" Said Shadow
"anything else?" Baron asked
"yes I need you to stop Str... Marked One from reaching the NPP, he will find a way the day after the Freedomers get attacked" said Shadow
"wow this is a lot of work" said Baron
"yeah I am too busy to handle all of these at the same time" said Shadow "you handle these and make sure nothing goes wrong"
"right, I will have to call up all of our men in the zone" said Baron
"thank you" said Shadow, he was thankful he was a Merc. He ran north, he had to reach Chernobyl.

Two days had passed, he was almost at Chernobyl, at this time Beaver and Buffalo had finished their jobs, Beaver had delivered the message and Buffalo had delivered the moonlight, Strelok was going to be heading for the NPP by now. Shadow ran down the hill, Chernobyl was ahead, he saw the Red Flag. He readied his SVD.

Through the scope he watched, Mikhael and Khalepski were talking, they were bringing in the nuke, the cross hair covered Mikhael. Shadow fired.
The bullet went right through Mikhael's head, suddenly a fog surrounded the Red Flag base, when the fog cleared it was abandoned. Shadow stared for a moment before remembering that he was in the heart chamber still, he ran north, he was positive the mercenaries would fail at stopping Strelok, he couldn't stop him from reaching the C-Consciousness but suddenly Shadow knew exactly what to do...

Shadow ran through the battlefield, he saw Strelok run into a hole in the wall, a Blowout was about to occur, Shadow waited until Strelok jumped down the hole, Shadow followed a few minutes later. He ran down the labyrinth following the gunfire, he ran over bodies he had to catch up, he ran up a ladder and waited for the door to unlock, he climbed up when Strelok ran up it. Shadow ran through the door, he saw Strelok go one way, Shadow ran the other, Shadow ran and found a locked door, he fired the SVD at the lock, he ripped the mangled remains off and ran inside. He started up the computer, he looked around and found the button he needed. He clicked it... He ran down the halls, he found a Space Anomaly. He dived through and found himself in a room full of reactors, seven of them linked together, with people inside of them. He stared at it and saw at the opposite side of the room, Strelok emerged, Strelok looked around and raised his fast shooting AK-74, he cocked it back and opened fire, Shadow watched as the people in the reactors were ripped apart by bullets, suddenly several bullets hit Shadow, he fell over, he watched the entire place go white...

Eight later, Strelok turned on his TV, he was living in an apartment in Moscow, he earned enough money in the zone to live a decent life. He watched the TV happily free from the zone...

The zone rapidly shrank small and smaller, in massive blowouts the entire zone disappeared, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded in a bright red flash leaving a radioactive pile of debris in its place. Hundreds of stalkers left the once radioactive fields carrying bounties of artifacts, all that was left of the zone. It was gone.

Shadow pulled out a PDA. It had everything of the last eight years written on it, quite interestingly what was written down never happened, it chronicled a massive set of wars and disasters between the Red Flag and several others, he looked around, he published it as a book a couple days ago and receive lots of money in turn, he named it Fallen in the Rain...

A few blocks away, Shadow watched himself look at his PDA, he looked around, he did it, he saved the world. He had no life however, after all, he remembered everything, he pulled out another PDA, Strelok's. It had the same messages logged in it, but it was modified, a Dawn Seraph PDA. He watched the entire world, he watched it closely, he saw Storm was living nearby, Buffalo's group were all living rich, Beaver was back with his family, Lakota was kicking back beers at his house, he smiled weakly, he turned around.
"well we did it" said Shadow
"that we did" said Lebedev as they looked around Moscow
"so" said Scar "where the fuck do we get work?"
"well we cannot work here, or at least I can't seeing as I have an identical twin wandering the city" said Shadow
"and I am dead" said Scar
"as am I" said Lebedev "besides if my old colleagues knew I was still alive after deserting them for the zone"
"I never really had a life out here" said Scar "I guess I can still do what I do best"
"kill people?" said Lebedev laughing
"for pay" said Scar as the two of them walked away
Shadow looked back, pulled out the Maelstrom Core and stared into it, the heart beating in his chest.
"well, if I don't like how the world turned out" said Shadow smiling "at least I can get a refund, after all, I remember everything..."

T.H.E. E.N.D.

Or is it?
  23:28:56  18 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
My god its over!

I have to say I am quite sad I ended it... it was such a nice thing, making stories and reading the great responses, how long ago it has been.
09:12:57 28 September 2008 was the date part 1 of Fallen in the Rain began
13:34:55 1 October 2008 was the date Red Storm began
08:43:19 11 October 2008 was the date Lakota began
13:15:56 8 December 2008 was the date The Tale of Beaver began
00:16:37 28 January 2009 was the date Maelstrom began (not includin teaser)
WOW, I just realised it started on the 28th and ended on the 28th

Well this has been a good story and now I am going to take my break from stalker stories, I hope you enjoyed the ending I provided, if not well I guess I screwed up... but anyhoo if you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT live without reading my work then read Epidemic: Project Ragnarok, after I finish Act 1 another Stalker story will go up, that I promise you... just remember to remind me
theres the link to whoever didn't pay attention.
  23:41:17  18 February 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4119
Good one.
  23:54:39  18 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008

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02/18/2009 23:55:42
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well I am leaving, good bye and etc

Maiman has left the building
Bow Chicka Bow Wow!
  00:00:41  19 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
WELL not as I expected it but ...
Good enough to make me still read more stuff
Until Next time See ya
  22:47:02  19 February 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Continuum - Teaser

(well I thought and thought and decided to push back my break until later,
I know, that whole dramatic exit went to waste. I had a short story and another series of stories in mind as well as a more comedic story which I will also be writting, for another part with the Fallen in the Rain, yep it just won't die, now you may be asking how can I continue the story? I basically ended it , well here is my answer)

---Grand Imperial Restaurant, Moscow---
"so Professor, as you can see there is a major surge of anomalous energy right around here" said Professor Cerenkov
"really? and what is so special about this anomalous energy" said Professor Sakharov
"it seems to have altered something, its as if it altered the entire time line at that exact point" said Cerenkov "but that is hardly possible"
"so you are saying some sort of anomaly has changed reality?" Sakharov asked
"I don't think it was an anomaly" said Cerenkov "however, I looked up all data on that time and it seems that its the same time the story Fallen in the Rain begins"
"your basing your theory on a work of fiction?" Sakharov asked
"its not just that, according to the author he found it already written on his PDA, he couldn't explain how eight years of recordings had managed to be on his PDA about something that never happened" said Cerenkov
"so your saying that he might have something to do with this" said Sakharov
"yes, somehow he managed to change the whole spacetime continuum and altered the very fabric of reality and the answers are all in this book" said Cerenkov "one of us should discuss this with him"
"It will be me" said Sakharov "I will pay him a visit this afternoon"
"of course" said Cerenkov
"thank you for bringing this to my attention" said Sakharov
Cerenkov left the table, Sakharov pulled out a cell phone.
"Comrade Gregorvich, send some of your men to the Russian State Library, your target is the Ex-Stalker Shadow he has valuable information and must be captured or disposed of" said Sakharov
"right away Comrade Sakharov" said Gregorvich

---Russian State Library, Moscow---
Shadow looked across the street, in the Library his other self was signing copies of his book, he smiled. He was making a killing without actually killing. He ate his sandwich watching the doors, he suddenly saw several men in trench coats walk up to the door, they pulled out several concealed Makarov PMs and attached silencers to them. Shadow swore as he pulled out his Colt 1911 and ran across the street through the traffic, several cars swerved as he fired several shots at the assassins, they turned and fired at him, one of them ran inside.
"FUCK" he shouted as he dived over the hood of a car, several shots whizzing passed him. He stood up and fired several shots hitting the men in the chest, he ducked again as several more shots flew overhead, hitting several cars behind him. He stood up and fired at the assassins, they dropped dead. He tripped, a sniper shot flew overhead. He turned to see a sniper on the rooftop across the street. He stood up and fired several shots at the sniper, he ducked down, he looked across the street to see another man come out with an AN-94, he looked under the barrel, there was a GP-25 grenade launcher.
"son of a bitch these guys are prepared" said Shadow diving over the hood of a car, a sniper round missed and hit the driver of the car, the grenade launcher fired into the cluster of cars. Shadow rolled as he heard a loud explosion behind him, he ran inside.
He navigated through the bookshelves, he turned a corner to see himself signing autographs, he saw the assassin sneaking up behind him with the pistol being raised. Shadow fired a single shot, it hit the assassin between the eyes, the crowd ran in every direction, he saw himself pulling out an identical Colt 1911 and fire it at him, Shadow dropped to the ground, he rolled behind a bookshelf.
"stop firing moron, I am trying to protect you" said Shadow he turned the corner
"who are you?" the other Shadow asked
"I am you, this will take a while to explain so let me put it simply" said Shadow "your book is real and right now several assassins..."
Shadow opened the trench coat revealing a red and gold bullet proof vest.
"... of the Red Flag" Shadow continued "are coming to kill you, so before we get confused lets go because there are at least two more out there, a sniper and a man totting an AN-94 so lets go.
There was a burst of automatic fire behind him, Shadow spun around, the assassin with the AN-94 was firing at him, Shadow fired several rounds into his head killing him instantly, Shadow turned to his other self, he saw him lying dead on the ground, his body riddled with bullets.
"son of a bitch" shouted Shadow pulling out a cell phone, they said your body can't handle seeing yourself die, for some reason it didn't bother him as bad as it should. "Lebedev, its me Shadow, I got bad news"
"what is it Shadow" said Lebedev
"we have been found out, the Red Flag just assassinated me, I assume they are going to go after the others" said Shadow
"what how did this happen?" Lebedev asked
"I don't know but tell Scar, I think we screwed up" said Shadow, he heard sirens wailing outside, the Militia have arrived. He reloaded his Colt 1911 and grabbed the AN-94. He walked to the entrance, the Militia stormed the library, he opened fire mowing down the militia before they had a chance to open fire, he heard others outside. He walked outside and fired a burst at the sniper, he ducked down as the militia fired at him, he fired the grenade launcher into the cluster of cars, there was a massive explosion, several of the cars flipped, he turned and ran down the road dropping the empty AN-94 and drawing his Colt 1911, sirens behind him. The innocents he just killed were already dead, it was his fault they were breathing and were now just another obstacle he needed to get passed, he needed to get to his apartment, he had to retrieve the Maelstrom Core and reach the NPP, it was bad news that the Ukrainian Government was going to clear the entire Chernobyl power plant area in five days. He set his watch, he had 120 hours to get there and fix this mess, he really was beginning to hate his job...
  00:18:43  20 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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well get Strelok It ain't interesting without him he always kills some guys a couple a miles away with a knife
  00:18:43  20 February 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
well get Strelok It ain't interesting without him he always kills some guys a couple a miles away with a knife
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