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Maelstrom and the Tale of Beaver

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  13:12:45  6 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008

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12/06/2008 13:15:54
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Maelstrom and the Tale of Beaver

WARNING: The following posts will contain mention of FitR (Fallen in the Rain) Red Storm and Lakota, it will also contain knowledge of SoC and CS, It may also contain Coarse Language because Coarse Language is totally bad ass, actually it might not and the worst it will get is bad ass but what ever, Viewer Discretion is advised!

Okay everyone I am sitting down and planning, I am going to make a new Mini-story called the Tale of Beaver, to bridge the gap between Red Flag and Lakota and then I will make the next story Maelstrom, not that failed RTS game. BUUUUUT before I can do that I need to brainstorm ideas, plan and FIND THOSE DARN CONTINUITY ERRORS, I doubt I have many its just my main problem is figuring out all the questions I never answered and find out the best way to answer them. Oh yeah and requests for anything such as Characters, Mutants, Artifacts, Anomalies, Factions and Overall amount of Coarse Language, settings from Mr Rogers to Ozzy Ozbourne!

Order of doing things:
Discussion - Help me find errors and unanswered questions
The Tale of Beaver - 5 part story about Beaver, before and after FitR
Maelstrom - Did Lakota succeed, or did the stalkers fail again!

I forgot to mention the last one
Limey Bloodsuckers Two: Return of the Suckers - A completely independent story about Limey Bloodsuckers and their many adventures in the zone! (other mutants included, batteries not included, from Bandai Soviet Russia)
  13:15:56  8 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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The Tale of Beaver Part 1

(After some rereading I managed to make part 1 of the tale of Beaver, tell me how you like it, there is planned to be at least 5 parts to it)

---Operation Chernobyl---
“HAHA BURN SUCKERS BURN” shouted Beaver as he shot a stream of constant flames at the birds
“HURRY UP BEAVER” shouted Buffalo
“Ill hold them off, I will catch up with you when I'm done with em” said Beaver as he burned the birds
“ha ha want some more, you want some?” said Beaver laughing as more and more of the birds fell, he suddenly could here someone shouting
“BEAVER GET OUT OF THERE” shouted Owl, Beaver turned to look just as the fuel tank exploded, he felt the flames rip across his skin.
“BEAVER!” he heard Buffalo cry as he collapsed in pain, he felt the talons of the birds ripping across his skin, he then heard some gunshots and felt himself get lifted from the ground, he tried to open his pained eyes.

---2 years ago---
“You want to go kill himself, throw away what little you have?” said his father
“I am not going to kill myself” said Yurikov
“you obviously do if you want to go to this zone” said his father
“I will use my head, I will be rich when I return father” said Yurikov
“you never used your head, you were a failure always” said his father in anger
“I am your son, you should be proud of me” Yurikov shouted back
“I have no son” his father shouted back “not anymore”
“fine, you know what I don't need you” said Yurkov as he walked out the door and slammed it shut

Beaver was in constant pain, he opened his eyes to see himself dangling limply from the birds grip, he reached his hand to his leg and pulled out his knife, he stabbed up into the bird, the bird screeched and suddenly he felt himself plunging down, he opened his eyes to see the ground before him coming closer and closer, he crashed into a pond. Thee was a splash before the crunch.

---2 years ago---
Beaver had stolen from a store and had escaped the police, he jumped the fence and ran through the zone, the police stopped following him when they learned where he was running to, he ran off towards a camp he heard this is where stalkers gathered.
“halt stranger” said a stalker, the first one he had ever seen “state your business here”
“my name is Yurikov, I am new here” said Yurikov slowly
“feel right at home, Sidorovich might want a word with you” said the stalker
“where can I find him?” Yurikov asked
“In the bomb shelter just west of the village” said the stalker “he is a bit of a bastard, don't buy anything without checking its condition first”
Yurikov walked slowly to the shelter, he walked down the stairs and opened the door to see a fat man looking up at him.
“what do you want?” asked the fat man, obviously Sidorovich
“I am new here, I was told I should see you” said Yurikov
“really, well what have you brought with you?” Sidorovich asked
“just some supplies, food and water, and a gun with a clip or two” said Yurikov slowly
“hmm” Sidorovich replied “okay well I am going to have to give you some more gear than that, here is a PDA, this one can give you all the data on the faction wars that are happening, here is a knife, some more ammo to that Makarov of yours, and here are some bandages”
“thank you” said Yurikov
“well we will need to give you your first assignment, see if you are ready for this” said Sidorovich “I need you to kill someone, a trader is interfering with my work, I uploaded the coordinates to your PDA”
“yes sir” said Yurikov nervously, he was only here for a few minutes and he was already tasked with killing someone.

He felt unbelievable pain, his legs were broken and he was choking in blood, his Geiger counter was clicking hysterically, he suddenly felt a hand grab him and lift him into the air, he felt himself get launched into the air, the hand still on him, he looked to see nothing holding him but he noticed two glowing eyes, he felt himself land, he was dropped by the marsh sucker on the hill, he was dead, he knew it.

---2 years ago---
“halt stranger, the path to dark valley is closed” said the Freedomer “state your business”
“I am here to join” said Yurikov “I was told your base was here”
“coming to join us?” said the Freedomer “why didn't you say so brother, Mustang, escort him to our base”
“yessir” said a Freedomer “this way is to your limo sir”
They walked silently through the dark and creepy fields, he heard many unearthly howls but he was used to him, he was here two weeks already and had killed his fair share of mutants, he was doing well apparently.
They reached the base and walked in, there was music playing from the bar and on the intercom were two men in some form of competition with each other.
“why are they arguing into the intercom?” asked Yurikov, it seemed foolish to argue near an intercom device, especially since it was on.
“they do that from time to time, usually when they get drunk” said Mustang the Freedomer laughing
“oh thats Chekhov, hes our leader” said Mustang “you should see him, though I will have to escort you to his office, we have had some disappearances lately”
“disappearances?” Yurikov asked
“someone or something is picking off our members, especially the new ones” said Mustang laughing
“your joking right?” Yurikov asked, he felt frightened by this
“of course... kind of” said Mustang “just don't ever let your guard down and run if things go bad”
They walked up to a big building, like a hanger or factory building. There were several guards posted at the door.
“what are you doing here Mustang, who is he?” asked the door guard
“this here is.... a potential new member, hes here to see Chekhov” said Mustang
The door guard looked at him for a minute.
“fine, open the doors” said the door guard
The doors opened and they walked in, they walked up some stares and found themselves looking at the door to Chekhov's office.
“what do I say” Yurikov asked
“I dunno, I just joined last week” said Mustang laughing “be polite and tell him about your experience”
He walked off laughing, Yurikov opened the door.

Beaver looked up to see the marsh sucker opening its jaw over his head, it was about to strike when suddenly a boar rammed into it, he saw many boars stampeding over the hill he was lying on, he saw the bloodsucker go running off into the forest after them, he laid back, he could barely move. He felt his pockets and found his PDA, he flicked it on.

---2 years ago---
“come on Yuri, theres nothing to worry about” said Mashup, they were in the marshes doing some reconnaissance, Yurikov refused to walk through the high reeds before them.
“Im telling you there was something moving in there” said Yurikov “one of those sucking things”
“can you hear yourself talking Yuri” said Mustang “we told you we were joking about that”
“how do you know there are none here” said Yurikov “you said noone has been here in years”
“hey the boss said that someone left this place, that is why we are checking the area” said Scrounger
“yeah Yuri, this place is perfectly safe” said Mashup backing into the reeds “watch I am entering the creepy reeds”
An arm grabbed Mashup and suddenly he was flying through the air screaming. The others just started screaming and ran off in the other direction like a bunch of little girls seeing a bug, they went running through the reeds and water and didn't stop, Beaver could hear and feel the beasts breathing over his shoulder, he had to act. He dived into a pond and swam into a pipe, he quickly crawled to the end only to find solid rock, he turned around and held his AKS-74U to the pipe, he stared at it....
Three weeks passed and he sat there hungry staring into the water, he was still in that pipe aiming his rifle at the hole, he reasoned the beast was gone and he can go out in search of food, besides even if it did climb in he doubted his gun still worked. He slid down into the water and swam out of the pond, he looked around.
“Have you seen Yuri yet, hes been gone for weeks, he must have walked into an anomaly” said Mustang
“yeah Stone came back with the orders, how is Mashup?” Scrounger asked
“he will be fine, he needs a new pair of pants though” said Mustang
“hey guys” said Yuri stepping out of the bush
“Yuri your alive” said Mustang nearly falling off of the log he sat on
“” said Scrounger
“well you see when the thing chased us I felt him right behind me so I dived into that pond over there and swam into the pipe, it turned out the pipe had only one way out so I just sat there waiting for it” said Yuri
“you hid in a submerged pipe for three weeks” said Scrounger in disbelief
“ha just like one of those funny animals, you know the ones famous in that north American country” said Mustang laughing
“a Beaver?” Scrounger
“ha yeah a Beaver, hey Yuri, your Beaver now” said Mustang laughing
“ha Beaver, can't wait to tell the guys back at base” said Scrounger
Beaver watched as they both rolled on the ground laughing at him
“Guys shut up it isn't that funny” said Beaver angrily
“come on Beaver you will laugh at it later over a drink” said Mustang
“heh you said Beaver” Scrounger replied laughing
Mustang burst into laughing, which was broken up by a loud roar, they immediately sobered up.
“what did you do about the beast?” said Beaver slowly
“we didn't do anything it wandered off” said Mustang
“GRAB MASHUP AND GO” said Scrounger running off, Mustang quickly lifted Mashup and they ran off quickly.

He was feeling ill now, probably from the radiation or loss of blood, the beast didn't return, he looked at the contact page of his PDA, he saw no one, a nice blank contact page, what a useless feature. He dropped his PDA and looked through his pockets, he pulled out a satellite phone, he smiled weakly and punched in a phone number.
“hellooo, I am not at the phone right now please leave a message after the toooooooooone....” said a familiar voice
“MUSTANG I KNOW YOUR THERE” Beaver shouted painfully
“woah Beaver, I thought you were someone else, how are you man, you sound pissed” said Mustang quickly
“I have had a hell of a day day” said Beaver
“Frieken awesome hell of a day or I dropped my rare artifact into a meat chopper hell of a day?” Mustang asked
“lets see, I blew up, got carried off by giant birds, got dropped by giant birds, landed in a radioactive pool, got carried off by a Marsh Sucker, dropped on a hill and am now waiting to be eaten by it or the herd of boars that just chased it off, or I might just die of radiation sickness or the blood loss I am having. HOW FRIEKEN AWESOME IS THAT?” Beaver shouted into the phone
“okay where are you?” Mustang asked
“I am in a gentle meadow, just west of Chernobyl” said Beaver
“Okay I see you, you know there is a lot of stalker activity northeast of you, near the cooling pond and there are a couple stalkers in Chernobyl, there is also a lot near the northern ghost towns” said Mustang “know anything about that?”
“Maybe I will tell you if you get me out of here” said Beaver
“oh yeah I sent my guys nearest to you, everything is going to be fine, unless they get held up” said Mustang
Beaver hanged up at that, Mustang was being an ass but he had no one else to turn to right now.
He laid back listening, he couldn't remember when he last heard birds chirping in the meadow, he also couldn't remember back when crows were an annoyance, not something to be feared...
  09:09:22  9 December 2008
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On forum: 06/28/2008
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Goodto see another story from you Maiman! I liked your others, jsut one bit of constructive critisism, I thought that Lakota got a little too far off track and farfetched, thats just my opinion though!

Keep writing!

  14:30:25  9 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Goodto see another story from you Maiman! I liked your others, jsut one bit of constructive critisism, I thought that Lakota got a little too far off track and farfetched, thats just my opinion though!

Keep writing!


of course it was, off track farfetched stuff is fun I will try to keep Maelstrom a little more realistic, but I still doubt it will stay that way for long, we are talking about mutants that turn invisible and invincible here, you cant get very realistic with it

I will be getting the next one ready, got more rereading to do.
  21:24:49  9 December 2008
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On forum: 10/05/2008
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Nice Nice just this is cool i hope Maelstorm finally makes it Killing the Reds I mean it's not that i hate the Bolsheviks But come on those things are dead in the 2010s
  20:20:43  23 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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The Tale of Beaver Part 2

Beaver looked around, he could hear a bloodsucker roaring in the distance, he decided he would call Mustang again.
"Hello?" said Mustang over the phone
"whats taking you so long?" asked Beaver
"I sent a couple guides they should be there shortly" said Mustang
"well thats great to here, I really love the pain I am in" said Beaver sarcastically
"Beaver, I am picking up strange readings in Chernob..." said Mustang slowly
Beaver turned his head to see a massive explosion, suddenly his phone cut out, hes Geiger counter beeped hysterically, a nuclear warhead just detonated, Chernobyl was gone.
"my god" said Beaver dropping the phone, he heard footsteps, he turned his head to see a bloodsucker staring down at him, its white eyes seemingly peered into his soul.
Three gunshots later the bloodsucker dropped, two stalkers came in and helped him to his feet.
"Beaver I take it?" said one
"what took you so long" Beaver replied

---8 months ago---
"well Mustang this is it" said Lukash "you may proceed"
The Freedomers had their guns trained on Mustang, several of them pushed him forward, he took his steps into the minefield.
"come on can't we talk about this?" said Mustang
"Treason is punishable by death, and since you annoyed us in the process we decided the minefield would be a funnier way to go" said Lukash, several Freedomers laughed, some of them remained quiet.
Beaver watched as Mustang began to walk, the snipers wouldn't let him step around any of the mines, Beaver turned around and threw a grenade into the tunnel when no one was looking and turned back to Mustang, if this didn't work he would be next.
The grenade detonated and the Freedomers turned expecting an attack, Mustang quickly ran through, he ran around the mines and dived behind a log as several Freedomers fired. He was long gone by then.
"fuck" said Lukash "well this isn't good"
"what isn't good?" Chekov Asked walking towards them.
"the traitor has escaped" Lukash answered nervously "I assume he had set up a trap that used a time delay to pull a piny from a grenade at the precise time"
"or someone threw the grenade down there while we were all distracted" said Chekov
Beaver looked around nervously.
"It appears there are supporters of Mustang, people who still lay down their lives for him, whoever they are they should leave with him, we don't want to find out the hard way" Chekov informed the crowd
Beaver watched as about nine Freedomers walked off down the road, they watched their silhouettes disappear over a hill.
"Well Lukash it looks like your almost ready for when I go on my trip" said Chekov
"I guess, I still don't look forward to it" Lukash answered
"you will do fine, and it will be temporary, its not like your going to die on the job" said Chekov laughing
Beaver turned and walked through the camp, he headed for the new mess hall that was being set up, Ganja and Chef were working on a feast for after the minefield execution, it appears that wouldn't happen. Beaver looked around, he hoped they won't find out about that, suddenly his old satalite phone rang, He answered it.
"hey Beaver its Mustang" said Mustang cheerily "thanks for helping me out"
"you saved my skin many times Mustang, just do me a favor and keep this a secret, you might have left but I am happy with my living arrangements" Beaver answered
"okay Beaver I won't screw your retirement plans" said Mustang before a click told Beaver he hung up.
Beaver could smell some nice meat being cooked, looks like there was something to eat after all.
  20:22:16  23 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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OMG Another Part!

Yes I made a new part after all this time, Oh and yes its a little small but yeah... oh and I am working on a mini prologue/intro/teaser for Maelstrom which will be ready soon and I will finish up TTOB, I hope you enjoy so far
  21:38:48  23 January 2009
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On forum: 07/17/2008
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Yes, "Bow Chika Bow Wow" has pawned all other phrases, much to my rejoicing!
  21:56:49  23 January 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Yes, "Bow Chika Bow Wow" has pawned all other phrases, much to my rejoicing!

Bow Chicka Bow Wow
  22:06:01  23 January 2009
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On forum: 07/17/2008
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Ah yes, the sweet melody of the words, how I love that phrase!
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