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  12:15:44  2 December 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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Yeah just Get STRELOK they killed his last friend Doc so its Present time Crismon rain gonna get torn to peices while the Reds are about to eat 5000 tons of lead so it's party time bring us nice cakes
  01:43:20  3 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Yeah just Get STRELOK they killed his last friend Doc so its Present time Crismon rain gonna get torn to peices while the Reds are about to eat 5000 tons of lead so it's party time bring us nice cakes

maybe tonight, expect the unexpected is all I can say about the end
  11:42:02  3 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 33 - Fimbulwinter

(This is the calm before the storm, second to last part, the final chapter, the end is nigh, we are the knights who say ni, I will shut up now and let you read already)

“it has begun, in one hour the armies of the stalkers will reach the northern regions, the battle will begin” said Blood “we must reach the heart chamber of the nuclear power plant and destroy the Chernobyl Heart”
“yes master” said Lakota

“Listen up” Madcap began “we are going to the north, Duty and Freedom have powerful bases there but we know that the Red Flag will crush it without a sweat, we cannot beat them but we can stall them, we will hold them off as long as possible, at least until our team has completed its op in the power plant, now we will have many allies in this mission though most of them will be fighting across the entire world, we have sent messages to what is left of the armies, they will strike with what is left”
“what are our odds sir?” Muffins asked
“low enough that I can speak with confidence that most of us wont be seeing tomorrow” said Madcap grimly “if we fail this is the end, we cannot fail again, last time we weren't ready and this time we are”
The soldiers cheered, though it was halfhearted, they knew none of them were going to make it, they just hoped they were wrong...

“this is Professor Sakharov, the last flight out of here has arrived” Said Sakharov slowly “anyone who doesn't want to stay can leave, those that remain will fight... and most likely die”
Sakharov was coordinating the troops using his science base's radar to coordinate the troops, he knew the Red Flag will come to him shortly after the attack begins, he would be forced to surrender his research or die, Sakharov preferred the latter...

“listen up chaps” said Badger “this is it, we go in we are probably going to die, the radiation is impossibly strong but if we follow the path it will remain less than fatal, as long as we keep the anti rads, we have divided it into 12 each, lets do this... after this drink...”
This was it, the biggest job they have ever done, apparently the Clear Sky have discovered a large shard of the monolith, well he just found a bigger one, he would have to get to it first, getting it out of the Chernobyl Anomaly was a different story...

“Listen up, you are handpicked, the best we have” said Fanatic “we are the strike team, we are to enter the power plant and recover this 'Chernobyl Heart' as well as the heart chamber codes, we will then sacrifice one of our own to destroy the zone once and for all”
“so your saying we are going on a suicide mission in which success is martyrdom?” said Odysseus slowly
“yes it is” Fanatic replied
“when do we leave?” Chain asked
“five minutes, pack your bags” Fanatic replied “Acid, Dragon, Fireball, Tox, Bovine, Shard, Chain, Odysseus, Venal, Gloat, Icing... I hope you are ready for this, and don't die without a fight”
“got it sir, if we are going down go down with a bang” said Fireball
“yes and for the record, overkill is allowed, just don't waste your ammo” said Fanatic laughing, well if he was going to die at least they were all going down heroes...

---Long Shot---
“so you have the coordinates?” asked Long Shot
“yeah, if people knew you were alive...” said Snitch
“DO NOT tell them” Long Shot replied
“okay okay, wasn't going to, he is going to be in the Chernobyl Power Plant in fifteen minutes, hell is going to break loose so I would wait” said Snitch “good luck with your daughter, I really mean it”
“let me guess, they conscripted you” said Long Shot
“well they found out I was trying to sabotage so yeah I am in the forward push, I might not live long” said Snitch
“I wonder what they would do to me?” said Long Shot slowly
“what did you do?” Snitch asked
“killed a friend, if you will excuse me I have some hiking to do” said Long Shot

Scorcher sat in the bar, he was in a bad situation, he was to lead an elite team to strike behind the enemy lines, however his elite team was small and he knew that the enemy were about ten times the size of their army, how could a team of three possibly effect them and how would they survive a counter attack?
“another drink” asked the barkeep
“yeah, I am getting nervous” said Scorcher
“you should be, even I am nervous” Barkeep replied
“really?” Scorcher asked
“yeah, while all the guys are up north, who the hell is going to defend us down here” said Barkeep “and before you say the Red Flag aren't coming, let me tell you that they are, the enemy stronghold is always the target of war”
“yeah, lets hope the militia can hold this place” said Scorcher, he sipped his bottle of vodka.
“hey are you ready to leave?” Bubbles asked “they are giving us a jeep to travel on, it will be quicker”
“let him have his moment” said Ra “we are about to go on a mission to our deaths, he needs some time to think”
“more like time to pray” said Scorcher
“there isn't enough of that recently” said Ra
“spoken like a Dunekin” Bubbles replied laughing
“hey, we are exactly what we all thought we would be” Ra replied “we all believe in technology now, not religion”
“well shall we be the first ones to pray in like a year?” said Scorcher
“I doubt it, I bet the Dunekins do every day” said Ra
“don't forget the creepy Marshwalkers who treat the zone as a god” said Bubbles
“I swear to god if I die, I hope the Marshwalkers aren't right” said Scorcher
“well lets get going, death awaits” said Bubbles
“good luck” said Barkeep slowly
“and you” the three of them said as they left the bar and climbed onto their new jeep, it had a big gun, maybe they will make it out alive...
  13:49:23  3 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Epilogue - Ragnarok

“No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.” -Euripides

“were taking casualties” said the soldier
“T-90 coming down the street, get the RPGs ready” said another
“Sir the enemy are attempting to flank, orders?” said another
Madcap watched the battle, he was fighting just south of the power plant, his men were entrenched upon the bridge, it wasn't a good position but thousands of enemy troops were between them and their target, they needed to advance.
“position the 50. Caliber south, get the snipers south of here to help us clear away some of the northern enemies, we need to get off this damn bridge” said Madcap “get the lie of the land on our side”

“Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.” - Eugene Ionesco

---Sabotage Squad---
“Bubbles clear the tents, Ra and I will plant the explosives in the tanks” said Scorcher
“yessir” said Bubbles as he ripped open the tent and shot the soldiers with his silenced pistol, Ra headed to plant some explosives on their supply trucks as Scorcher headed for the tanks, he planted the explosives below it, he also stored a little something special inside, they would wait until the tanks were in use before blowing them, to make the effect better.
“lets get out of here, these soldiers will be assembling in a few minutes” said Scorcher, they got up and ran into the forest where they hid their jeep, they needed to head to the fight, it was more simple than they imagined.

“War is not an adventure. It is a disease. It is like typhus.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“the enemy are sending some amphibious transports over the cooling pond, I suspect they will be arriving in a few minutes, several Clear Sky helicopters are going to pass overhead, keep the enemy off of them, they hold the shards. Monolith are in pursuit but are keeping low, its hard to detect them on the radar, I am picking up mercenary activity everywhere, it seems our plan worked. The bandits are also uprising everywhere, there are a lot of them moving up to the major fighting, expect crossfires. There are seve... hold on a second” said Sakharov, it was four hours into the assault “I am sorry my brothers, the Red Flag have arrived, it was an honor serving with you”
“thank you Sakharov” said Master “we will remember you”
“do not worry, I will not leave without leaving a mark on them” said Sakharov “I recommend you get your masks on”
“will do, let us leave it as a surprise” said Master “how long till we need em?”
“a minute” said Sakharov
“I will spread the news, good luck” said Master who then disappeared from Sakharov's computer, Sakharov quickly deleted all data from his computers, he then watched the Red Flag storming his lab, he watched as his Spectnaz and Scientists attempt to hold them off but they all died quite quickly, he saw them gather inside his walls, he watched them reach the door which he then opened. Taken by surprise the Red Flag stared at the open door before rushing through, a squad of them rushed into the lab and held him at gunpoint.
“Hello Hello?” said Sakharov, feigning ignorance.
“hello Professor Sakharov, you are a genius I hear” said their leader “I am Major Krunitkov, I reckon you know who I am”
“you are General Militov's personal lapdog” said Sakharov
“funny” said Krunitkov “now you are to hand over all data of your research and come with us”
“well, I can't say that I can help you?” said Sakharov
“you are going to stand in between us and your data?” Krunitkov asked
“well...” said Sakharov, the data wasn't deleted yet, it would take a few minutes, a few minutes he didn't have, he quickly pressed a button activating a thermite charge in his hard drives destroying the data. “the data is all gone good sirs”
“You...” said Krunitkov, who pulled out a Tokarev and shot Sakharov in the chest. Sakharov held up his hand, he showed them the detonator, he clicked the button activating several charges in the base, the explosions destroyed several containers releasing intense radiation into the vents.
“WARNING! CONTAINMENT LEAK, SEALING ALL DOORS IN FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE” The doors all sealed. The Geiger counters on all the soldiers beeped hysterically, Sakharov began to laugh, he sat down and flicked a switch, several missiles launched from the mountains.
“what... was... that...” said Krunitkov painfully
“some biological devices, we were attempting to create a cure to the zombification but all we managed to do is turn them into dust” said Sakharov as he watched the soldiers collapse, his vision got heavier and heavier... until he saw nothing else...

“Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war that we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living.” -Omar N. Bradley

The militia held as long as possible, months of reconstruction was going to waste as the enemy pushed forward with no mercy, they rushed and destroyed everything in there path, shot every wounded soldier, their enemies or theirs, they made were moving closer and closer, Barkeep continued to clean his mugs, if they reached him it would be a waste but he had nothing better to do to keep himself occupied, besides, it seems death was lurking so close he kept looking over his shoulder.

“The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

“what in god's name is that” said Madcap staring at the helicopters flying above them, it was carrying a massive crystal bigger than several men
“that is our objective, keep it safe” said Master on the PDA radios “don't let any choppers fall, the enemy of our enemy is our hostile helper”
“wait, we are luring another enemy into the fight?” Madcap asked
“the Monolith, now make sure they make it to the power plant” said Master
“will do, Muffins inform the snipers to pick off anti air” said Madcap
“yes sir” said Muffins
“sir Freedom is flanking the enemy, they are distracted, should we push forward?” said Oddball
“good plan lets push” said Madcap
“um the amphibians are in site, we should hurry this up” said Snitch, he felt uncomfortable on the battlefield
“sure, you go first” said Madcap
“fine” said Snitch stepping up and running to the nearest piece of cover
“you know you are probably going to get hanged after this?” said Madcap
“got it, die now or die later” said Snitch

“Only the dead have seen the end of the war.” -Plato

Endless tunnels, they turned left, they turned right, it was the same bloody thing he saw before. They ran past thousands of rippers, through bloodsuckers and controllers, they ran past rooms full of poltergeists and escaped a herd of pseudogiants, they were nearing the crossroad, he knew it, they already took casualties, Venal had collapsed the entrance when the Red Flag had chased them in, he must have killed about forty of them, Icing had fired at a fuel pipe destroying an entire corridor of rippers, Bovine had taken out about twenty Red Flag in single combat and Gloat had fired off all his ammo before charging the bloodsuckers with a sledgehammer, they were getting smaller and smaller but when each one fell many enemies fell with them.

“Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory.” -Sun Tzu

They walked silently through the anomaly field, they lost Shouter, he took a wrong step and found himself disintegrated for lack of a better word, they could barely see because of the thick opaque fog that surrounded them, they walked through the ruined city, it looked unnatural and Badger was amazed it survived.
“its amazing, that only a year ago we fought here” said Goblin looking the place up and down
“yeah, too bad we aren't going to see it again” said Reaver
“how come?” Goblin asked
“because we are either going to die here or never come back” said Reaver
“speak for yourself, I would love to...” said Griffon before taking a wrong step and exploding into dust in their faces
“FUCK” said Reaper
“Keep moving” said Badger, he hated losing men but this was important
“how are we supposed to..” Reaver Began before bursting into dust
“SHIT” said Goblin
“keep moving, said Badger, it was down to them already only five hours in to...

“You have to believe in yourself.” -Sun Tzu

They walked through the thick fog, several missiles detonated unleashing a heavy toxin over the battlefield, most of their enemies were dead but thousands more were waiting outside the fog, the monolith weren't here yet.
“when are they coming?” Madcap asked
“well judging by the data Sakharov sent before... they should be here any minute now” said Oddball
“get down and prepare to fire out of the fog” said Madcap :”we will fire off a clip or two before attempting to find out where we are and find a strategic location”
“yes sir” said Muffins

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” -Thomas E. Lawrence

“there coming” shouted Fanatic, thousands of snorks were chasing them, they were minutes from the heart chamber but they wouldn't make it. “we are almost there”
“we won't make it” said Odysseus “some of us will have to stay behind”
“what?” said Fanatic, it was no use he knew it had to be done
“who is staying with me” said Odysseus, they all raised their hands
“Ill stay with Fanatic, he may need an extra gun in there” said Chain
“good luck” said Fanatic before running to the heart chamber and quickly climbing through the door, the hand of a snork barely missing his head...

“A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.” -Stewart Alsop

“my god Goblin look at it” said Badger
“what is it?” Goblin asked
They were staring at a large crystal, part of the monolith but something was inside it, a large white beast, it had massive claws and thick fur, Badger touched the crystal, it shook and suddenly he felt himself get sucked into it, Goblin grabbed onto his leg and was pulled in as well, they suddenly found themselves in the middle of the battle, the Monolith were surrounding them, he then heard a crack.
The crystal began to crack before shattering in front of them, the beast opened its eyes and pounced on several Monolithians ripping them to shreds.
“Goblin, run, don't stop to look just run” said Badger
Goblin turned and ran off, Badger turned around to see the Monolithians butchered, he fired his SPAS-12 only to see the shots bounce off, he looked it in the eyes, it had an unearthly gaze.
“very well, lets do this the old fashioned way” said Badger pulling a large saber from a dying Monolithian, he held it out and charged the beast, he stabbed it before getting hit in the side of head, everything went black.
“we are almost there, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT” said a soldier over the radio, it was followed by mangled screams, Madcap saw a glimpse of white fur
“guys we are not alone” said Madcap
“Red Flag, Monolith?” asked Muffins
“mutant” said Madcap “a big one judging by the mangled corpses”
They were stepping over many corpses, they were practically swimming through the blood. Madcap saw the thing pounce on the soldiers, he turned to see them killed before they had a chance to look, he fired his AK-47 at the beast but the rounds bounced off, he fired more, he fired again and again until he heard the silent click.
“mother fu...” said Madcap as the sharp claws ripped across his chest, he fell backwards onto a pile of rubble, he felt someone touch his shoulder.
“Sir are you alright?” asked Muffins
“hes coming back” shouted Oddball “get him out of here”
They heard several gunshots and a roar.
“sir we have to move” said Muffins
“no... no time... hes here... take this and make him die...” said Madcap, he closed his eyes, Muffins stared at him, he looked at Madcap's outstretched hand. There was an old Makarov in his hands, Muffins grabbed it as he heard Oddball's screams behind him, he turned around to see a massive beast staring down at him, it had an dark look and his Geiger counter clicked rapidly as he moved closer, he stared it in the eyes, it roared a deep roar that sent a bone chilling gust into his face. Muffins aimed the Makarov at it and fired, the shot bounced off its fur, he move it up at its head and fired, the bullet bounced off, he suddenly knew what he had to do, he aimed for the eye and fired it, the shot went right through and the beast dropped dead.
“owned bitch” said Muffins, he then turned and walked out of the fog

They were swarmed, completely surrounded they mowed down endless snorks, the bloody things were climbing on the walls, hell they were on the roof, Odysseus was getting tired of these things, Acid was grabbed by the leg and pulled into the darkness, he killed a lot of them though, Shard was dragged off similar but he pulled the pinnies off of all of his grenades, the blast nearly knocked them off their feet, Tox went next, he fired his rifle grenade destroying him and most of them with him, Dragon ran out of ammo and began to hit the snorks with the butt of his rifle, he was taken out quickly after that, Bovine was killed while he reloaded his shotgun, it was suddenly down to Fireball and Odysseus.
“well, it looks like its over” said Fireball as he fired off his G36
“yeah well I guess it is” said Odysseus, he heard his gun click, he threw the gun into the horde of snorks, he then pulled out a katana and began to swing at the snorks, he heard Fireball's gun click.
“well, I am out and I have no cool sword so I guess I am out” said Fireball as he began to light the Molotov cocktails on his jacket, he pulled out an HE grenade and held it ready. “duck” he said before diving into the snorks pulling the pinny, there was a loud explosion that sent Odysseus flying back, a large fireball flew over his head, he stood up and raised his blade as more snorks poured down the corridor, with bloodsuckers, controllers, dwarves and zombies behind them.
“son of a fucking bitch” said Odysseus “where are you all coming from” he dived into the horde swinging his blade. He heard some gunshots from the heart chamber.

---The Heart Chamber---
Fanatic and Chain were greeted by several squads of Red Flag troops, General Militov was sitting before them.
“excellent, now that you are here you can hand over the codes to the heart tank” said Militov
“we don't have the codes” said Fanatic “we thought they were here”
“well obviously someone beat us to it” said Militov
The roof gave in across from them and a group of men in crimson suits dropped down, all wearing masks, a robed one dropped in front of them.
“I have the codes” said the Robed One
“who the fuck are you?” demanded Chain
“Blood and you may step away or die” said Blood “I am to destroy the heart”
“No you aren't that is our only chance at survival” said Fanatic “our only way to destroy the zone”
“you are not using it either” said Militov “I will use it to command the zone”
“well it looks like we have a problem” said Blood, everyone was aiming at each other...

---Sarcophagus Run---
Strelok ran through the tunnels, he fired his Kalashnikov at everything in his way, hundreds of troops came pouring out of every doorway, he fired until his gun clicked, he quickly switched to his two Makarov's firing them both at the same time, he was nearing the crossroads, he ran out of ammo and threw the guns aside, he then switched to his SPAS-12, he emptied it quickly as he turned the corner into a horde of mutants, there was a man attempting to hold them off with a katana, Strelok looked to find his SVD out of ammo and he had one shot remaining in Big Ben, he was saving it for the Assassin, he pulled out the two machetes and dived into the horde, he swung quickly through them, limbs and blood sprayed his goggles, he reached the man quickly but more were coming.
“there are too many of them” said Strelok
“go, I will hold them off” said Odysseus
“you will die if you do” Strelok replied
“there is a time when every man realizes they can't run any longer, its destiny, its fate, it is life, go and help them I heard a gunshot, go!” said Odysseus
Strelok kicked the door open and walked in, there was a standoff, he saw Fanatic and a wounded man in one corner, a group of men in the same uniform as the Assassins in another and the Red Flag were gathered by the Heart Tank, he noticed something the others didn't, the Heart Keeper was still lying where he cut his heart out, he seemed perfectly preserved. Strelok also noticed his machetes were broken in half, so he threw them aside.
“Who the fuck are you” Militov asked
“My name is Strelok and you are going to hand over the heart and the code and get the fuck out of my way” said Strelok “you are also going to hand over the assassin who killed my friend”
“Strelok, how about this... DIE” said Militov
“men shoot him” said Blood
They all fired at Strelok, Strelok fired his last shot at Militov, it went right through his neck. Strelok looked at Fanatic.
“Gun” said Strelok, Fanatic threw him a Makarov, Strelok fired at the nearest Red Flag Soldier, he fired off his clip taking out a couple more before diving into the group, he picked up a man and threw him into a wall, grabbing several magazines for the AK-74, he quickly loaded his fast firing AK-74 and fired at the others, they were too busy wondering why their bullets didn't seem to bother him, he finished the Red Flag, Militov had disappeared. He looked to the Crimson Rain and aimed at them, he saw the Assassin but before he could shoot him the Assassin shot his leader, the others turned on him, Strelok quickly shot the others.
Lakota grabbed the codes and walked towards Militov grabbing the heart. Strelok pointed his gun at him.
“your Lakota?” said Strelok
“yes” said Lakota pulling his mask off
“Lakota?” asked Fanatic “we thought you were dead”
“close enough” said Lakota as he typed the code in
“give me the heart” said Strelok
“no” said Lakota “I was told one day that I had a destiny, I was told this after I died several weeks ago, I didn't understand what they meant, I now do, this is my time, this is what I was born to do, I am to bring an end to it all”
Strelok lowered his gun. Before turning to Fanatic
“get out, run now” said Strelok
Fanatic lifted Chain up before a loud explosion shook the room, the door burst open and a fireball flew towards them, Fanatic pushed chain out of the way but was caught in the explosion.
Strelok looked to Fanatic's remains, he lifted Chain to his feet.
“I will get him out of here, can you handle that?” said Strelok
“anything special I need to do?” asked Lakota
“walk in and make a wish, don't expect to be walking out of it after” said Strelok
“thanks” said Lakota “thank you for letting me end this”
“just end it already, I am sick of this” said Strelok as he left the room and helped Chain over the bodies of the hundreds of burned mutants.
“well Lakota, you signed your death, lets get this over with” Muttered Lakota before stepping into the tank, he felt his skin melting, he looked up. “make it end...”

Strelok was practically carrying Chain by the end of it, the hallways were collapsing again, the floor was giving out and he could see the cooling pond was flooding the lower levels, he was almost at the exit...

Militov clambered out of the exit, he was putting pressure on the wound, he looked up only to hear a loud crack, he fell back, a large hole in his chest. A shape stepped over him.
“hello mother fucker” said Long Shot
“Long Shot, its great to see you” said Militov
“CUT THE GOD DAMN CRAP” shouted Long Shot “tell me where she is”
“fine, fine” said Militov, he pulled out a bloody map and passed it to him “make it quick please”
Long Shot shot several rounds into his arms and legs.
“I SAID QUICK” shouted Militov
“sorry, no special treatment” said Long Shot firing his sniper rifle down his throat, he turned around and ran off, quickly skimming the map.

Strelok jumped out of the Power Plant leaping into an anomaly. He found himself crashing into the Bar, he looked to see Chain cursing under his breath, Strelok looked up to see the room filled with Red Flag Soldiers. Strelok stood up.
“hello, can't we all just get along” said Strelok slowly, he heard their guns cock. “I was hoping you guys were smarter”
“I was hoping you would shut the fuck up” said a soldier
“I was hoping you would die” said Strelok
There was a hail of gunfire, Strelok looked down and checked himself for wounds before looking up to see the entire room was cleared, the soldiers bodies were piled before him, he looked up to see three men by the door, one of them was familiar.
“Buffalo what are you doing here and who the hell are they” Strelok asked
“this is Beaver and Chekhov” said Buffalo “we need to talk”

---The Heart Chamber---
The Overseer walked through the rubble, he walked into the tank and picked up the heart from the remains of Lakota, he walked to the Heart Keeper and put the heart back where it was, he rubbed his hand along the open wound which almost immediately sealed, the keeper suddenly gasped for breath.
“arise... keeper...” said the Overseer
“what, what happened, I thought I was dead” said Shadow
“you were... but time has called... upon you...” said the Overseer
“who are you?” Shadow asked
“I... am Lebedev... things... are not what they seem...” said the Overseer “come.. we have much to talk about...”

{Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.}
{Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
“hello again son” said his Father “I am proud of you”
“is it over?” Lakota asked
“yes and no” his father replied
{Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.}
{It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out.}
{It doesn't matter much to me.}
“what do you mean?” Lakota asked
“Humanity will continue to kill itself and misery and suffering will follow this” his father answered “it will continue, it is our nature”
“so is this it?” said Lakota “I saved Humanity from death and oppression, no what?”
“well your story has ended” his father answered “but that doesn't mean the journey is over”
Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.}
{Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
“follow me” his father replied
“wait, one more question, a rather pointless one” said Lakota “what is with the music?”
“oh that, don't you remember?” his father answered
Lakota thought back and suddenly remembered, his father before he left for war, his office, his old radio...
“you used to play it all the time” said Lakota “I never thought about it”
“yeah well death does tend to distract your thinking” his father replied
“I never thought you ever cared about my choices” Lakota said
{No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low.}
{That is you can't you know tune in but it's all right.}
{That is I think it's not too bad.}
They turned and walked into the light, Lakota smiled as he felt himself disappear...
{Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.}
{Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.}
{Strawberry Fields forever. }
{Always no sometimes think it's me, but you know I know when it's a dream.}
{I think, er No, I mean, er Yes but it's all wrong.}
{That is I think I disagree.}
{Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.}
{Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}

Ra walked through the old apartment, it was Lakota's apartment, he found what he was looking for, it was a picture of Lakota and his father, he stared at it for a few moments before leaving, he crouched down in the fields outside and dug a hole burying it, he looked up in the sky.
“good luck Lakota, until we meet again, this life or the next, may the old gods watch over you”

Humanity suffered a devastating blow, the world had fallen to the zone and the Red Flag had crushed all resistance, for a few weeks it lasted until Humanity gathered together and forced back the oppressors, though in the process it wiped out all major military forces, the surviving stalkers found that life was difficult now, but the zone had other plans for the future, the story of Lakota is a story that was to be retold again and again, each time with more exaggeration until the story eventually told of a man who wrestled with god while shooting communists and mutants, despite how blasphemous and stupid these stories became, the name was always remembered...
  13:52:48  3 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Bow Chicka Bow Wooooooah Story Times Over!!!

Yes that is the end, the story that will be remembered for the ages, actually no maybe a month or two. I hope you enjoyed the story I am planning on making more in the future, it was fun making them but now I am tired, you got your dessert now read the end and make comments like
ROXXORS, LMAOTFWDOWLILOLOL TH4T W4S 1337 SKILZ YALZ, YO Best mOFo, I lovs YALL, Good Gawds mothas, b3st storiz evar, Incredible Shit, FUCK YEAH!!!, Etc, Etc, Etc
Now I am going to sleep, like I said enjoy!
  17:37:37  3 December 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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We Hello there Stalker you awake This is ... I don't know fabulous but i thought Strelok packed a whole truck of ammo with him but it's OK what i thought was Sakharov launches a MIRV but it'z c00l 1337 Boy

Well Good bye and for so long Please make a new one but center it on Strelok or Beaver and His guys
  00:41:22  4 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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yeah, I purposely left a lot of loop holes so I have to make a new one
  10:30:31  4 December 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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Can we count on the new one having a Nuclear Warhead secured by the Americans?
  11:47:23  4 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Can we count on the new one having a Nuclear Warhead secured by the Americans?

Nuclear Warheads in America, that are stolen by the middle east or the russians or both.... this sounds familiar, oh yes it has been the plot of every modern day movie and or shooter!
  21:49:23  5 December 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008

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12/05/2008 21:51:04
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Nope Not Stolen The US, but it's "Remnants"(US) think it's funny to see the Reds having some mushroom time and decide they need to make something nice but there is a problem and that's where Beaver , Strelok , Scar and Buddies come in
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