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  10:46:50  18 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 8 - Safety

---11 months ago---
Lakota looked at a calender, there were a bunch near the front of the plane, well, it was December 31, last day of the month. He looked outside to see the jungles dispersing and cityscape below, the plane began to lower slowly.
“We are now landing, please be seated” said the voice
“about damn time” he heard Long Shot say
“well, I hope this is what they said it would be” Lakota said
The plane landed moments later, the sun was coming up. January 1, Lakota thought to himself. He got up from his seat and walked down to the exit, others were already on their feet, he walked out down the stairs and looked up to see...
“Rio de Janeiro?” Lakota asked
“thats right now move people we don't have all day” said a Bandeirantes
He walked down towards the bus they prepared, he sat down near the back, Dime sat beside him.
“well were here, do you think its going to be safe?” Dime asked
“well, it looks that way” Lakota replied
They drove down the road, passing several shacks and housings.
“nice looking place” Dime said laughing “I can see we will be having a ball” they watched as they saw some stalkers grabbing food and money from stalls and run off.
They looked around as the bus continued down the large city, it was like being a tourist except without the excitement. Well, he thought as he scratched Scout's ears, I guess this is home.
There was a loud explosion as the bus turned over.
“HOLY SHIT” he heard someone shout as the bus landed on its side, they heard several gunshots...

“LAKOTA GET UP” shouted Dime
Lakota opened his eyes, he was in a house, Scout lying on his feet.
“what happened?” Lakota mumbled
“Mercenaries, a lot of them just decided to attack the town” Dime said grimly
“the others?” Lakota asked
“right here” said Bubbles “Long Shot is on the roof, Pistola is covering the back door”
“so hows the fight?” Lakota asked
“badly, José Silva the leader of the Bandeirantes is calling a full retreat from the city, they are regrouping in Brasilia, the refugees are being sent there and to Sao Paulo and Salvador, there are some other planes but I didn't see where they went” said Dime
“hey guys, theres a break lets head for it” said Long Shot as he came down the stairs “also a bunch of bikers were mowed down by a passing tank, we can take their motorcycles”
They ran downstairs and out the front door, Pistola bringing up the rear, they ran across the street and stripped the corpses of their keys. Dime and Bubbles came running out with the bags, Scout happily running beside them.
“lets go” said Long Shot as they tied the bags to the sides and turned on the engines.
“we will have to be quick, we can use the alleys for cover, the airport is due east from us” said Bubbles
They drove on, Lakota felt the wind on his face as they drove down the street and straight through an alley, he looked around and saw several tanks firing at a nearby building.
“lets go through the park” shouted Long Shot as several missiles blew up to their right.
They drove off the side of the road into a small park, they sped to their right onto the main road, a missile hit a little too close to Lakota and he fell off his bike...

He woke up with Scout licking his face, the others were gone.
“shit” he said as he got to his feet
“he looked around to see the street was deserted, distant gunshots told him the fight was far from over, he pulled his bike up and got on, he just had to follow the avenue, or at least thats what he thought, he started the engine and drove through the mess of burning cars, he saw Scout happily running behind him in the rear view mirror, which was now almost shattered. He drove on through some large skyscrapers and reached the highway, he nearly drove into a tank and turned quickly forcing him into a parking lot, there was an explosion behind him, the tank was still working. He turned left and found himself on a smaller road, he followed it to another avenue, he turned right and saw the airport, easy. He drove straight down and turned right, he saw a helicopter flying low to the ground ahead of him, he saw the guns aim at him.
“SHIT” he said “SCOUT LEFT”
Scout ran to the left and through a hole in the chain link fence, Lakota turned the bike onto its side and slid across the road, his pants ripped and he saw a streak of blood trailing along the road, he heard the sound of a chaingun firing and bullets tearing apart the street, he watched as he slid under the helicopter and it quickly turned around, crashing into a nearby building. The pilot sucked at flying, Lakota thought as he got up and limped to the airport, he ran over to see the plane being boarded.
“who are you” said a Bandeirantes
“Lakota, can I board the plane?” Lakota asked panting
“sure, you probably want that check out” said the Bandeirantes
Lakota looked down to see the side of his left leg burned and bleeding.
“yeah I probably should” he replied as he limped up the stairs and onto the plane
“your alive!” said Dime “we thought you died”
He saw Scout sitting happily at the window seat waiting for him.
“good to see he made it” Lakota said as he sat down, the medics quickly came and began treating his leg.
“I thought I saw a man drive straight under a helicopter on a motorcycle” said Long Shot as he sat across from Lakota “you ever drive one of those before?”
“obviously not” Lakota replied pointing at his leg
“heheh, only in the movies its that easy” he replied
The plane took off shortly after, they flew north...

Lakota woke up the next morning, or as it turned out evening, it was storming and he can see below, the roaring waves of the Atlantic ocean...
  10:44:31  18 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 7 - Survival

---One year ago---
They walked and walked, the sun was up and the heat was unbearable, they had seen very little life, other than the occasional bird and distant shapes moving, they had survived a brutal crash and there supplies barely filled up the wheel barrel, Pistola unconscious on top.
“how much further” asked Dime panting
“another day of walking” said Lakota
They walked and walked, they suddenly stopped when they heard a noise.
“GET DOWN” said Long Shot as they ducked, several shots flew by
“SHIT” said Dime as he fired several rounds into the tree line
“Dime, get the wheel barrel out of here, we will cover you” Lakota said as they stood up and continued firing.
Dime ran off, pushing the wheel barrel, he was out of sight in a matter of minutes. They finished off the attackers and examined the bodies.
“Mercenaries” said Bubbles “they are hunting us”
“shit” said Long Shot “these guys are brutal, we have to catch up with Dime”
They ran off, Scout leading the way, they found Dime trying to cut some vines that had tangled the wheel.
“Dime” said Lakota “we have to get out of here, mercenaries are hunting us, how far?”
“a day still” said Bubbles
Lakota began to unload the wheel barrel.
“we take as much as we carry, Bubbles you carry Pistola, until he wakes up LETS GO” Lakota said as they picked up their bags and ran, they moved faster now they didn't need to defend the wheel barrel.
“at this pace how long?” Lakota asked
“maybe 16 hours” Bubbles estimated
“well, we shaved off some time, lets make sure we don't have to stop” Dime said as they ran through the forest.

They ran all night and were nearing their goal, they had dodged a few of those wind anomalies, Whirligigs, and they had a brief encounter with a mutated plant but for the most part they made it through alright, they reached the major problem, they stared at the airfield to see it was controlled by some unknown stalkers, the mercenaries were camped out nearby on a rock, they could see the campfire smoke.
“ok heres the plan” said Lakota as he looked around “we have no chance against that camp, lets see if we can make contact, Long Shot will stay here and take out the mercenaries if they notice us”
“yay” said Long Shot
“we will leave you an extra case of anti rads, if we make it through alright, catch up with us” said Lakota “lets go”
They ran down the path towards the airfield, they saw men in gray and gold guarding the perimeter.
“who are you” asked the stalker
“we are trying to get out of here, our plane crashed and mercenaries are tracking us” said Lakota
“well, we were expecting the survivor plane, but mercenaries have been shooting down all supply runs” said the stalker
“this is the survivor camp?” Dime asked
“well no, this is the camp the survivor plane would land at before they loaded onto the next plane” said the stalker
“who are you people?” asked Dime
“we are the Bandeirantes, we are attempting to explore these areas for safe zones, there aren't many left” said the stalker
They heard the crack of a sniper rifle.
“shit” said the stalker as they aimed their rifles towards the noise
“shit, Long Shot” said Lakota “we left one of the survivors to shoot the mercenaries camped over on the cliff face if they noticed us”
“cliff face?” said the stalker “ok got it, TAKE OUT THE CLIFF FACE”
They looked over and saw several howitzers turn to the cliff face.
“shit wheres Long Shot?” asked Bubbles
The howitzers fired and the entire cliff face exploded, they bombarded the cliff until parts of it fell off, they heard rapid movement and turned to see Long Shot running towards them, sniper rifle in hand, he ducked down and they saw a large cat mutant leap at him, the Bandeirantes opened fire on the mutant.
“hey guys, that was fun” said Long Shot coughing “did you have to tear down the whole god damn mountain?”
“good news Long Shot” said Bubbles “they have a plane for us to catch”
“you should get on that plane as soon as possible” said the Bandeirantes as he led them towards it, it was another 747, this one had armor plating.
They carried their supplies onto the plane, Pistola was taken up front to get treated by a medic.
“well, finally some peace and quiet” said Dime as he fell asleep
Long Shot drifted away shortly after, Lakota looked around, he saw the medics help Pistola to his seat.
“hey Pistola, you ok?” Lakota asked
“yeah, I missed all the action?” Pistola asked back “dammit, now how am I gonna prove myself”
“yeah, we are probably going to get more chances” Lakota said “now lets get some rest, that was one hell of a journey”
He drifted away as he felt the plane taking off, lets hope he finally made it, he scratched Scout behind the ears before drifting away...
  10:41:38  18 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 6 - Crashdown

---One year ago---
Lakota opened his eyes, the ship was tilted at an angle, the back of the plane was being supported, probably by a tree, he and scout were uninjured, or at least from what he can see though his head felt like a sledge hammer was taken to it. He noticed that there were bodies all around him, blood was splashed on the walls where branches broke through. Lakota attempted to unbuckle his seatbelt, he succeeded, dropping slightly.
“oh shit” he said as he realized ha had a long way down. He heard a cough as several other passengers gained consciousness.
“ow” said Dime “that was not fun”
“tell me about it” said Lakota “we have to get out of here”
He heard a seatbelt unbuckle and Dime dropped a bit, they began to climb down, it would have been easier if he wasnt carrying his dog. They reached the bottom after a few minutes.
“well you stay here and guard the plane while I search for survivors up there” Lakota said
“fine by me I hate that plane” Dime said looking around
Lakota left Dime and Scout and began to climb, he checked the bodies, the planes cockpit was completely severed from the rest of the plane, the cargo hold was almost completely crushed.
“well, now what” said Bubbles
“well good to see your breathing” Lakota said
“what happened?” said Long Shot
“we crashed, climb down and we will discuss the situation” said Lakota as he saw them climb down. He dropped down the luggage and jumped across to the other side, he took Pistola's pulse, he was breathing, his sombrero was also shredded, well at least something good happened.
“first I carry a dog down now you, you better thank me for this” he said as he hoisted his body and slowly climbed down. He almost made it down before his finger slipped and he slid the rest of the way.
“nice of you to join us” said Dime “whats with him”
“hes unconscious” said Lakota “we have to get out of here, what have we got”
“what we brought, several extra boxes of ammo, some food, a bit of anti rad” said Dime “we also have several other things like rope and stuff”
“well, how about the cargo hold?” Lakota asked
“Cargo ho...” Dime said “didn't think of that, I think its gone”
“ok Dime, Bubbles get to the cargo hold and bring back what you can” said Lakota “Long Shot, see if you can get a better view, I will take care of Pistola and keep watch”
He saw them get up and leave, he checked Pistola for injuries and sat down, he pulled out a water bottle and drank. It was hot though it was barely morning, damn jungle heat. The others emerged carrying some boxes of supplies and a wheel barrel.
“where did you get that?” Lakota asked as he stared at the wheel barrel
“found it in the back, it looks like there was a Humvee in there but it was crushed” Dime said “well we can use it to shove our supplies in”
“yeah, lets travel through the jungle with a wheel barrel” said Lakota “well, lets hope we can move it, the ground is covered in vines”
They heard a noise and saw Long Shot running towards them.
“hey I found an airfield, its a good distance south but we can probably reach there in a couple days” he said
“well lets get going” said Lakota as they got ready to march through the jungle, I hope we don't get lost he thought to himself
“bad news too” said Long Shot “Geiger counter has been ticking since the crash, radiation doesn't seem too bad but I think the it will get worse once we enter the tree cover”
“fuck, we have to get going, now” said Lakota as they ran into the dense jungle, it was now a race before they ran out of anti rads, this was a bad situation, they didn't even know if the airfield had any planes in it...
  09:30:27  16 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Wow, a quintuple post. I'm so proud of you.

yeah, you can do anything if you set your mind to it
  09:08:30  16 October 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/25/2007
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Wow, a quintuple post. I'm so proud of you.
  09:04:13  16 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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5 posts in a row

Quintuple Post FTW (or I think thats how it goes)
the story continues as soon as I get it done, hope you enjoyed, love your feedback!
  09:03:22  16 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 5 - Marooned

---One year ago---
The trip was long, at least there were people to pass the time with, they made the trip feel a lot better and the food was great, they brought in whatever food they can find and just left it out like a buffet. Though no one ate the soup, the plane occasionally rocked making it hazardous to attempt.
“did they ever mention where we were going?” Lakota asked
“south?” said Dime
“yeah surprisingly they didn't tell us shit” Long Shot said looking out the window
“what do you see?” Lakota asked
“Ugh Florida” Long Shot replied “we're passing it though”
“hey whats with him” Dime asked laughing
There was a man sitting in front of Long Shot wearing a camouflaged poncho and.. a sombrero? Long Shot tapped him on the shoulder.
“hey buddy, you might want to take that off or a sniper would for you” he said
The man turned to him, he was a Mexican man with a slight mustache, he looked at him before saying.
“I'm trying to show my culture in this zone, theres few of my people left because they didn't have shelter when the blowout hit” the man said
“whats your name” Lakota asked, he still looked funny in his perspective
“Pistola” he replied
“what kind of name is that?” Long Shot asked
“its Spanish for pistol” Bubbles said not even looking at them
“why are you named that?” Dime asked
“because I am skilled with pistols” Pistola replied
“yeah right, I bet you would die in a firefight before it started” Long Shot laughed
Pistola got up and pulled out two pistols and span them in his hand, they span around and they followed it with their eyes until he stopped and pointed them at Long Shot and pulled the trigger.
Click Click Click
“HOLY SHIT” said Long Shot
“see who would last long now” he said as he sat down
“this sure is an odd group of passengers” John said, it seemed more like a scenario on a television show like family guy.
Lakota watched them bicker until he fell asleep, when he woke up the plane was flying through a thunder storm.
“where?” Lakota asked sleepily
“Cuba” said Bubbles
“we stop?” Lakota asked, the others were asleep.
“no, we are just south of it” he replied
“what is with your name anyways?” Lakota had to ask
“what do you mean?” he asked
“Bubbles... it just doesn't sound like the choice of name I would use to describe you” Lakota replied
“oh what because I'm black I'm limited to what I can be named” he replied angrily
“no no, its just that it doesn't really suit you” Lakota asked “how did you get that name?”
“it was yesterday” he said “we were walking down the road one day when the blowout hit, we didn't know what it was and we just stared up at it until I noticed something green and it kind of glowed, I walked over to it and followed it as it rolled into a sub way tunnel, I picked it up right when the worst of the storm hit”
“wow” Lakota said, that was one lucky situation
“yeah, I recognized it as one of those artifacts so I put it inside my shirt” he said “most stalkers have a belt or something for it but I had none so I put it under my shirt and that must have save my life, Bubbles has a way of removing radiation from the body”
“do you still have it?” Lakota asked, it was quite interesting
“keep it under my shirt for safe keeping” he said as he pulled it out, it was an odd shape, it was also a radioactive green and had a glow to it. “oh look we are hitting South America now”
“what” Lakota said looking out the window “well I'll be, how far south are they sending us?”
“no clue” Bubbles replied “so, what kind of hardware are you packing, it could come in handy later”
“A C7 rifle, Beretta Silver Pigeon and a Beretta Cheetah” Lakota replied
“what about him?” Bubbles asked pointing to Dime
“oh Dime he has a Bersa Thunder .380” Lakota said
“hmm, I have a EAA Witness” Bubbles said “and a Benelli M4, I hit a military base after the blowout, it was empty”
“yeah, we picked up most of our gear off dead Peace Keepers” Lakota said
“yeah, Long Shot over there is carrying a Tac 50, Canadian sniper rifle, most police stations have a couple” He said “and that Pistola guy, he has a pair of Mateba Auto revolvers”
“I see you know a lot about weapons, most people I know can tell me as much as what end to pick up” Lakota said
“you seem to know your guns too” Bubbles replied
“yeah.. just a little” Lakota said silently
“well we should be over Venezuela and going south east by know” said Bubbles checking a compass tied around his hand like a watch.
Lakota rested for an hour or so until the plane shaked, waking him up
“what?” he said sleepily
“GRAB ON TO SOMETHING” he heard someone shout, he opened his eyes.
Outside his windows he could see flak clouds like in the old movies, he quickly looked around and noticed seat belts, he quickly bucked up with his dog and held on for dear life.
He saw the others already wearing there seat belts holding onto their bags, he forgot about those, he moved his feet over them.
“whats happening?” he asked
“well, we are getting shot at, and we might be falling to our deaths” said Dime
The plane shook as he saw the wings get ripped apart by some flak shrapnel.
“now we are definitely going to fall to our deaths” Dime said nervously as the plane descended.
It was like a roller coaster ride, a roller coaster ride you knew you weren't going to survive in the end. The plane was falling almost straight down into the forest, Lakota noticed a plateau they seemed to be falling towards, he watched as they crashed into it and slid across the surface, they slide right towards the end until half the plane was over it.
“stay... absolutely still” Long Shot said carefully, right then someone up fronts gun slipped from his hand and hit the ground with a thunk, the plane tilted forward for what seemed to be forever as they stared down at a rain forest below.
“oh god” said Dime as they plunged forward down off the edge and into the tree line blow, they plan crashed and banged through the thick trees and the wings were completely ripped off, they crashed....
Lakota gained consciousness shortly after, he looked out the window and saw something terrible... they didn't even hit the ground, he looked at the others, they had noticed it too. He saw several of the people up front unbuckle their seat belts just as the branches holding the plane gave in, they fell down into the forest floor. There was another deafening crash and Lakota passed out...
  09:02:48  16 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 4 - Escape

---One year ago---
They were almost there, they turned the corner and found a checkpoint, they must have been the Global Guard the Peace Keepers mentioned, they looked like National Guard with different colored uniforms, he figured they just changed that and there names. He drove to the checkpoint, they stared at him.
“what is your business here” said a Guardsmen
“the Peace Keepers sent us here” John said nervously
“they did?” said the Guardsman “Marvelous, just drive right in, the last plane is loading up.
They drove down towards the plane, it was a Boeing 747, just an average plane, they also noticed the cargo hold was being loaded with food, medical supplies and weapons. They unloaded their bags and approached another Guard.
“all your luggage is carry one, the cargo hold is reserved for the guard” he said
“ok” John said as the three of them boarded the plane.
It would have been a humerus scene, the plane was full of paranoid looking people, some of them were armed to the teeth, he thought he saw an old lady with a machine gun, they walked to the very back and set down all their bags, he sat with Scout's head on his lap, he looked at Dime.
“well, that went well” he said
“yeah, I thought we were goners in that town” Dime said
“yeah that beast was weird, it felt like my brain was burning” John said
“dealt with a controller I see” said one of the passengers, he was a cold looking man, he was wearing a soldiers uniform but didnt look the slightest bit like a soldier.
“is that what its called?” John asked
“yeah, fought a couple of them before” said the man
“whats with the outfit” John asked
“oh, found a dead soldier and figured his outfit was better suited than my clothes” he said “names Long Shot, called that cause I'm one hell of a sniper”
“I'm dime, cause thats the best I could steal, though I think I deserve a better name” Dime said as he pulled out a bundle of twenties.
“John by the way, don't have a nickname like yours.. yet I suppose” John said
“don't have one, well lets change that” Long Shot said “what are your strengths”
“I'm a fair shot I suppose” John said
“Fair? FAIR? You nearly took my arm off” said Dime “and then you patched me up and let me come with you after”
“you shot him... then bandaged him up and helped get him out to the safe zone” said Long Shot amazed “you must be one friendly son of a bitch”
“yeah, I might be deadly but I don't like leaving people to die” John said
“well then, you seem to like strangers who try to kill you despite that fact, you like people regardless of what they've done” said Long Shot “your a friendly guy so your name should be something about friendship”
“oh like I would go around named Friendship?” said John
“How about Lakota” said a voice
“and you are?” said Dime
“Names Bubbles” said a big black man who looked like the exact opposite of the man you would normally call bubbles, he was quite intimidating, he was wearing a dark trench coat you can barely notice the big bullet proof vest under, he had dark shades and a bald head, he stared right at them and continued “Lakota I said, Lakota was a tribe of native Americans, they as well as the Dakota and the Nakota and several other tribes formed the Sioux, the words Lakota, Dakota and Nakota all mean friends or some form of the word”
“well Mr Bubbles” said Long Shot, he looked like he was fighting off a laugh as he said that “thats a good name, better than friendship”
“Lakota” John said “I kinda like it”
“ok Lakota” said Dime “now when does this plane leave”
John, now Lakota, scratched Scout behind the ears as the plane began to take off... Lakota he thought, it suited him better than his real name for some reason, he looked out the window and saw the lights disappear below, he was almost there...
  09:01:53  16 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 3 - The US of A

---One year ago---
They drove down the road in a black 1972 Valiant Charger, the man seemed to keep it in great condition. They drove down the road for a while, they nothing really happened except for their first sighting of mutants, several dogs running after a wolf like animal, they also saw their first anomalies, large fields of winds that pull you inwards and blow you up, they were worrying about ambushes and gas, the original owner didn't get the chance to fill up it seems.
“lets pull into a town” Dime said
“and get ambushed?” John asked
“we need to fill up, we can barely make half way” he replied
“fine, we will see how far we go and if we cant make it we stop” John said, he didn't like the idea.
They passed several towns, they quickly drove into one of them, they didnt remember the name of it, they quickly ran to the hospital and entered it, they searched the stores and stocked up on anti rad and bandages as well as several other drugs with exceptionally long latin names, they exited the place and found the gas station.
John filled up while Dime raided the place for food and supplies, they now had a trunk to store their excess bags. Dime emerged carrying some duffel bags.
“Food, Gum, Cigs, Drinks and of course some excess change” Dime said “also some oil and other supplies”
“where are all the people?” John asked
“what you mean?” Dime asked as he opened a bag of chips
“This entire town is deserted” John replied
“maybe they are all dead” Dime said
“then where are the bodies?” John asked
“ok so maybe they went to this airport of yours” Dime replied
“lets get going, this town gives me the creeps” John said as he got into the car.
They drove down the road until they saw them, a large mob of people walking towards them, they blocked the streets, what was worse was what they were saying, just random mumbling and moaning.
“my god they're zombies” John said horrified
“corporate or the literal kind?” Dime asked not paying attention
“no look” John said pointing ahead
“FUCK” Dime said “what do we do”
“um, know your way around town?” John asked
“no how should I know” Dime asked
“get your gun ready, were going through” John said, Scout began to whimper in the back.
He slammed on the gas and they drove straight through the mob of zombified citizens, they were exceptionally hard to run over, especially how many there were, he kept his Silver Pigeon partially out the window, occasionally pulling the trigger, he heard Dime firing out his. They drove straight through, the crowd dispersed by the end and they saw a half clothed man with an exceptionally large head staring at them, he immediately felt his brain burning.
“FUCK WHAT THE FUCK” Dime started to shout
John couldn't concentrate on what he was doing and before he knew it the car had plowed the man over and drove straight on, the pain slowly began to relieve itself.
He heard shouts from behind, had the man been the cause of the towns Zombieism? He didn't know, and if he was right that town would be really pissed at him for running them all over, and shooting at them, and robbing them, he assumed it was best not to drive back.
They were almost there he thought to himself, he could see a large plane on the horizon, just barely, they were almost out...
  22:50:17  15 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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(sorry about the triple post Stierlitzman but its STORY TIME! yeah I will wait for someone else to post before I continue the story because everyone knows that when you post 4 times in a row a kitten dies)

Actually, this rule does not apply to the Stalker Stories section.

Go! Go, boy! Go and quadruple post for me!

Quadruple post?
I can do better than that
well at the moment I cant, I gotta write the next couple parts, spent too much time watching Stalker, Playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and just began reading picnic by the roadside, but I should get around to it soon

Great stuff.
I love this stuff the ZONE WORLD it's like anywhere there are survivors and they'll all meet up in Chernobyl in the end isn't it the truth ?


well I've finished the next two and will post when I have a couple more just so I wont let Stierlitz down, just expect some classic and cliche moments that have to be in every story

P.S. Great stuff keep up the good work Stalker.

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