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  14:48:47  26 October 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918

Bringin back those horrible moments of X16 and combinin them with your 'better' than average horror film... a brilliant combo, since X16 is the one where like 50% of the players went through about 12 pairs of diapers, the other 50% went through 6 and didnt sleep for a week!

the next few are coming out soon, just have patience and don't egg my car

I won't egg your car this was nice but I hate translating please write in english it's like Monsieur le petit avion .... I don't understand anything please write in english and about X16 It rocks!! yeah blooooodsuckeeer!
  13:41:52  26 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3559
Bringin back those horrible moments of X16 and combinin them with your 'better' than average horror film... a brilliant combo, since X16 is the one where like 50% of the players went through about 12 pairs of diapers, the other 50% went through 6 and didnt sleep for a week!

the next few are coming out soon, just have patience and don't egg my car
  13:39:48  26 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3559
Lakota Part 23 - Depths of Hell

They walked and walked down the staircases, they walked through halls, past washrooms, locker rooms, checking rooms, it went on forever. The lights flickered occasionally but some areas were complete darkness, there was nothing anywhere in sight, they walked through carefully waiting for the enemy to strike, but it never came.
“anyone else ready to piss their pants?” asked Pistola
“fuck that I think I'm going all the way to number two here” said Long Shot
:Lakota could barely handle it, they were messing with them, they hid and made occasional noises off in the lower levels, taunting them, hell he even saw things fly by on their own. The zone was a cruel fucking place and he was right now in the worst of it.
“hear that” Bubbles whispered
“what should we be hearing?” asked Leona
“footsteps..” whispered Bubbles
They sat in silence, Lakota heard it too, there were faint footsteps behind them.
“they weren't ahead of use ready to pounce at any moment” said Granite “they were behind us all this time”
They increased in speed, they quickly rushed down the next flight of stairs towards a door, Leona quickly began to hack the code, there was a low growl behind, many low growls. Lakota turned to see several gas masks emerging from the shadows, men, men with masks walking on all fours came crawling out of the endless abyss of darkness and leaped at them roaring like a lion. They fired instinctively, they fired off ripping through the creatures, they fell to the ground in a bloody mess.
“Snorks” said Granite “don't let them that close, Pyro check the hallway again”
“fine” said Pyro
He quickly flashed his light along the hallway, they gazed in horror, he swung the light back to reveal tens, hundreds, thousands of faces staring at them, men and women just blankly gazing at them, as if waiting for the order to advance.
“FUCKING SHIT” said Blade
“my god” said Semenov “its amazing, they are clearly waiting for orders”
“first thing, holy shit” said Bubbles “second thing, who are they waiting for, or what”
There was a beeping noise, they quickly turned around to see Leona raise his hands in triumph, its open now lets get the fuck out of he...
A massive claw grabbed him and dragged him into the now open doorway. The zombies let out a loud moan and began their advance.
“RUN” shouted Long Shot and they quickly ran into the open door, they heard a few shots being fired behind them but they didn't stop they quickly ran, they almost forgot about the beast that grabbed Leona before they heard his screams ahead of them. They ran through another doorway, the door ripped off its hinges to find Leona's armor ripped, blood leaking out of the cracks, his pistol smoking. There was a large beast on the ground, it had only one bullet hole which was located in the eye.
“good shot now get moving” said Pistola “the fucking zombies are advancing”
The moaning drew closer. They quickly ran down the hallway and jumped down a manhole. They checked their PDA, they were getting close to their goal now, just had to reach the next level. They quickly ran down the path, this path was crazy.
“what the fuck” said Lakota staring into the room, it was a maelstrom in there, furniture, boxes, containers, bodies were all flying around, getting flung into walls like ragdolls.
“now what” said Pyro staring into he room
“poltergeists seem to have gotten bored” said Semenov “we should make sure they don't see us”
“what happens if they see us?” Long Shot asked slowly as a rock hit him on the head “ow”
“they see us?” asked Pistola
“they see us” Blade replied
They ran screaming down the hall as all sorts of objects were thrown at them, they ran straight through the maelstrom and reached the other side, slamming the door behind them.
“who wants to do that again?” Granite asked
They stared at him.
“I didn't think so” Granite said laughing
They turned around to see another manhole leading down to the lower level, they climbed down to find a surprise, it was partially flooded.
“Lake Yantar” said Blade looking at all the water “whats it doing down here”
“lets file that under DONT want to know” said Pyro looking around he raised his flamethrower over the water levels.
They walked down the flooded path, they heard splashing noises behind them.
“DONT THEY EVER STOP” Pistola shouted as they ran, moaning noises behind them
They ran down the flooded corridors, they turned to see the entrance to the secret level.
“I can get it open” said Semenov “just make sure none of those specimens bother me”
They turned around to see hundreds of faces once again staring at them. They opened fire again taking out a couple before they continued.
“how much longer?” asked Bubbles firing his shotgun at them “and I hate Hollywood for making me think this can handle zombies”
“just a few more seconds” said Semenov
“fuck this shit” said Pyro as he fired off a burst from his flamethrower, the door opened right as the fire hit an oil leak from a nearby pipeline. The hallway exploded in a big inferno, they barely had time to jump through the door, the lights went out...

Lakota woke up to find himself floating in the water, he looked around only to see black, he clicked his flashlight on, he found himself in the lab, it was empty though, he checked his PDA, several hours have passed. He was alone. He got himself onto his feet, he looked around the room and felt for his weapon, it wasn't there, he saw blood all over the walls, there were gunshots above him.
“Lakota is that you” said a voice, there was a loud gunshot behind him, he turned around, he was sprayed with blood as Pistola fell over, a large beast standing behind him brandishing a shotgun. It was the ugliest thing he has ever seen, it looked like a man but one hand was shaped like a club, his skin looked thicker than normal and he was bigger than a normal man. He looked for a weapon, he couldn't see any but he felt the answer, he felt the cold steel katana strapped along his spine. He pulled it out and stared into its eyes. It pulled the trigger, there was the click of the hammer, he dropped the shotgun and swung the clublike hand, Lakota ducked, he swung up with the katana, there was now a large bloody gash along the beast, he swung again, the beast swung its arm down snapping the katana in half. Lakota stared at his broken blade and looked at the beast, he ran at it and stabbed blindly, he opened his eyes to see a blade sticking out of its heart. Now he had to deal with getting out.

He left the katana behind, he quickly gathered what he could from Pistola, he took his Mateba Autorevolvers and as much ammo as he could for them, he might be able to get some money off of them, what was he thinking? He couldn't sell them. He ran down another door and looked at his PDA, the stash icon was right beside him, he turned to see a smashed pipe with a small lunch box in it, he shoved it into his backpack and continued, he ran up some stairs and climbed a few ladders, he could hear gunshots above, he ran up and up until he reached the top floor, he saw the firefight. There were a lot of bodies on the ground, he could see Bubbles, Long Shot and Granite firing at the zombies, he saw a bloodsucker sneaking up behind them.
“BLOODSUCKER” Lakota shouted firing off at some zombies who noticed him shouting.
Blade jumped out of nowhere and swung a vicious cleaver at it, he wrestled it for a minute, he chopped its head clean off, several snorks landed on him. Lakota ran towards the others.
“whats happening?” Lakota asked
“we thought you were dead, wheres Pistola?” Bubbles asked
“dead” Lakota replied, the harsh reality hit him hard
“were trapped” Granite said grimly
“no we aren't, hasn't that accident down there taught you nothing, keep your heads down or lose em” said Lakota as he stood up and fired at a fuel pipe along the wall, he quickly ducked as they exploded, a wall of fire flew over their heads.
“nice shot now lets get the fuck out of here” said Long Shot grabbing the dead's PDAs.
They ran down the hall and jumped out the door, they ran up the last steps, jumped through the window and ran down the streets, zombies were coming out of every door and window, the path ahead of them was closing in on them.
“LOOK” shouted Lakota pointing to their right, a partially collapsed wall. They ran towards it and jumped over it, they ran down a long path and climbed the wall, they had a clear run to the Yantar base.
They reached the base and went inside for their reward, it was split significantly smaller now...
  13:38:35  26 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 22 - Trimming the Dead

They stared into the dark and gloomy dried up Lake Yantar, there was a distant moaning in the winds here, it was almost unnatural. Lakota didn't understand though, they said that no one comes here but he could see a lot of stalkers on the hill, he saw a couple bunkers set up with a wall around them, he also saw some military commandos, they slowly walked down the hill, they holstered their weapons.
“stay away from the people here, those that don't live in this camp are doomed men” said Granite “best not to let them take you”
They walked slowly towards the entrance where they were greeted by a soldier, they flashed their PDAs and the soldier reluctantly let them in, they walked towards the largest of the bunkers, Granite clicked a button.
“Hello? Hello?” said an old man
“Sakharov, let us in” said Granite “you dont want some helpful stalkers to freeze to death?”
The door opened, they stepped inside to find that it looked roomier on the outside, the place was cramped and full of boxes and displays, they walked towards a desk where Sakharov was, he was an old balding man, he was obviously scientist by the way he dressed and by the look of all the equipment around him.
“Granite, I thought you found a nice anomaly to jump into” said Sakharov
“aw sorry to disapoint you, were here for the job” said Granite
Sakharov examined the stalkers behind him, he eyed them closely before replying.
“well, the job is very, very dangerous” said Sakharov “it requires you to go into the heart of X16, a dangerous place if I ever seen one”
“we know the risks, we need cash and you pay well” said Granite
“well, heres the plan, I found out of another level deeper in, it is sealed by a complex passcode, if we can get one of my men to that door we can open it, once its opened we can take the contents which is sadly classified” said Sakharov “but I must warn you there is are some new breeds of zombified stalkers in that deathtrap”
“new breeds?” asked Granite
“well... there are some that can act just like a normal zombie but... they are so animal like they cant handle tools or such but have claws, others are fast and can scale walls, and others are... different” said Sakharov, he looked nervous
“different?” Granite asked
“well... we haven't seen all the breeds, only a few” said Sakharov “meet the team outside I shall call them”
He immediately grabbed a phone and called them, Granite turned to them and motioned them to the door. He seemed to know something, but he didn't want to tell them. They were handed a small device for stopping psy waves or something, though he said it was limited, Lakota doubted the flimsy devices. They left the bunker to find two men in green full body suits, similar to the orange ones he has seen all over the walls in the bunker, he looked at his PDA, Professor Semenov and Professor Leona, it looked like its going to be an escort mission.
“lets get to work” said Granite
“the psy emissions should be disabled, but we should keep our protectors on nonetheless” said Semenov
They walked along the path, the hill was deserted now, they reached the top and found nothing, not a single soul on this once crowded hill, they continued towards the gates to the factory, they turned the corner and found... nothing.
“well this is unnerving” said Long Shot
“just a little” Bubbles replied
They walked around, Lakota noticed something on his PDA, the small stash icon, he should be on top of it, he looked down and saw nothing before realizing it, it seems the stash is inside X16.
They walked towards a building, they kicked the door in and searched it, it was empty as well.
“too easy” said Blade “this is obviously a trap”
“hey I thought these zombies were mumbling idiots” said Pyro
“we have no idea” said Granite, with that they walked down the stairs and through the door to X16...

---Eiffel Tower, France---
He looked off the tower, it was still a beautiful site, just in a different sense. The city below was once a gleaming city of lights, now its a dead city full of empty buildings, an occasional dog walking through the abandoned streets.
“monsieur que les Américains envoient leurs troupes vers Europe, et les Russes envahissent Europe d'est” said the soldier
“il a l'air d'ils étaient sont déclarés, envoie les troupes” said Grand Loup
“oui monsieur” said the soldier
If it was a war they want its a war they will get, Grand Loup thought to himself, he pulled out a cigar and lit it, for now he will savor the night while it lasts.
  19:05:28  23 October 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
YOU made me hungry get me more cookies or a extremley large CAKE

very well as always

  18:54:05  23 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 21 - Westward

(Here are your cookies, I am now making your cake)
They marched through the Wild Territories, all he could hear was the constant hail of bullets and streams of fire, there were occasional explosions and roars as well. They looked around as men with flamethrowers burned down holes and others firing AK-74s into old buildings, occasionally they saw movement inside and blood seemed to flood the ground.
“halt” said a stalker “state your business here”
“we are attempting to get to Yantar” Long Shot said
“going to work for Sakharov? Well keep your head down here, recently some digger uncovered a gold mine of artifacts but the place was flooding with mutants” said the Stalker “just try not to get in the way of the men, they are quite jumpy these days”
“will do” Long Shot replied as they walked down the road again, they watched a man with a machine gun mowing down mutants, he attempted to reload but was swarmed, it took five shotgun blasts to get them off him.
“not going to well it seems” Lakota said watching more mutants run out of the holes
“yeah lets not linger too long” said Long Shot
“you know the way?” Lakota asked
“the PDA helps but I asked for directions just to be sure, no one has used to Yantar path since the blowout” said Long Shot “anything could be this way”
They passed several buildings and passed through a construction site, they found a path and followed it. They saw a tunnel under a road they couldnt see any way to get to, there was a problem.
“stay back” said Long Shot “does the ground look... odd to you?”
The ground under the road looked cracked it also looked hot, it was almost as if they were volcanic cracks.
“yeah” Lakota said “now what?”
“the center looks pretty safe lets try to get through” said Long Shot pulling out a bag of bolts.
He threw a couple into the place and they exploded in a big fireball.
“not good” said Lakota “lets find a way around”
They turned back and walked, sure enough there was a whole in the wall leading on, they continued down it until they heard the most bonechilling roar they have ever heard.
“what was that?” Lakota asked raising his Berreta Cheetah
“sounds like” Long Shot said raising his Taurus Raging Bull “a Bloodsucker”
Just then a large blurry outline ran out of a nearby building and pounced on Lakota, he stared at its face as it revealed itself, it was a large beast with tentacles where a jaw would normally be, he stared in horror as it wrapped its tentacles around his face.
The beast's head was ripped clean off, Lakota looked up to see the large outline of Bubbles staring over him.
“you must be one stupid son of a bitch to walk straight into bloodsucker territory” said Bubbles “that goes for you too Long Shot”
He lifted Lakota onto his feet, he looked around to see Bubbles and Long Shot looking at him, he also saw Pistola and several other stalkers. He felt his face to feel slight scarring.
“what are you two doing here?” Pistola asked
“trying to get to Yantar” Long Shot said “thought this led that way”
“yes it does but never enter with only two” said Bubbles “lets go”
They walked down the path, Lakota looked at his PDA, the other stalkers were Pyro, Blade and Granite. Pyro and Blade were veterans, Granite was labeled Master.
“how did you guys get your name?” Lakota asked
“I got my name because I am quite good at stabbing things” Blade said pointing to his AK-47, it had a brutal looking bayonet on it.
“I got mine because I like burning things” Pyro said “its short for Pyromaniac” he held up his flamethrower and Lakota noticed his bandelier had vodka bottles with cloth sticking out instead of ammo or food like the others.
“how did you get yours” Lakota asked Granite who just stared at him. “ok then well...”
“your lucky we were heading this way, we heard that Sakharov has a very important mission” said Bubbles
“yeah and when we saw you pop up on the PDA we had to check” said Pistola “rumor has it you died in France”
“really? Thats great to hear” said Lakota “nice to know I am believed dead, but yeah I nearly did in France, but they decided it was better to capture me instead”
“who captured you?” Pistola asked
“some clan called Red Flag, I got grabbed, I fought my way out and then they grabbed me, I fought, got thrown in jail for some months then broke out” said Lakota
“really? I hear that Red Flag are responsible for the zone, or at least the fact it controls the world” said Bubbles
“I wouldnt know, all conversations I heard were in Russian” said Lakota “I should really learn it some time”
“keep quiet” said Granite, his voice was cold and strong “we are approaching the border”
They walked slowly and quietly as the sky grew dark and cold, the land ahead looked dead and only the beeps of their Geiger counters could be heard...

---White House, USA---
“General, the Red Flag are marching troops through Europe and Asia, they are declaring war” said the Soldier
“then signal the troops to attack, we cant let them take over, send forces to Europe, High Priority” said the General
“yes sir” said the soldier
General Ford stared out the window of the once great capitol of the United States, it was an empty wasteland these days, there was rarely any life, his men made sure of that, the Global Guard will defeat the Red Flag and restore democracy in the world, and for that to happen... he would have to go to Europe himself...
  21:01:22  22 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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I am going to be working on them a bit more... maybe!
  20:22:34  22 October 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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  18:56:36  22 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 20 - The Faction War

Heres your lunch hour snack (I found out I dont have much work to do after all, I finished it in two days and have like a week to relax, and this story hit the 20 part mark, thats when Red Storm ended, this story is obviously going to be longer and in honor of that and... well to make the parts seem longer , I am returning to the method I used to write Red Storm just modified, ENJOY OR YOU DESERVE TO DIE, Just kidding! Oh and if you really enjoyed so far give me a FUCK YEAH in the comments or just call me a fucking retard if you hated it )

Lakota turned around to see Long Shot pointing a Taurus Raging Bull at his face.
“gonna lower that thing?” Lakota asked
“yeah sure” Long Shot replied holstering the revolver.
“yeah you missed one hell of a story, lets go to the bar” Lakota said
They reached the bar and found some seats in the back, they ordered some drinks. Lakota looked around to see the bar was almost empty.
“so have you heard from the others?” Lakota asked
“well, rumors and some other things” said Long Shot “there are a lot of rumors these days, they say a great war is going to happen soon”
“a great war?” asked Lakota, he couldn't help think of the world wars
“yeah, Freedom and Duty may be the largest factions but they aren't the major ones, the Global Guard want to reunite the world in a democracy, the Red Flag want communism, the Immortals want to rule in peace, not sure what kind of rule they want, then you got the Highlanders, the Cuirassiers and the Footguards who all want to rule in monarchy... but they just cant decide who will be the monarch, oh and theres these Reichsoldners who want to rule in dictatorship and all, the world is in hell right now” said Long Shot “the peace will only last as long as the Peacekeepers can keep it but its going to erupt”
“forgot the Ronin, they want Imperialism” said Lakota
“the Ronin? Never heard of em” Long Shot said
“well I spent a couple months at their base, got one of them following me around, making sure I dont croak” Lakota replied
“ah well, the other stalker factions are picking sides, Freedom and Duty are getting on each others nerves” said Long Shot
“who are on Duty's side?” Lakota asked
“well I believe the Peacekeepers and the Bandeirantes are on their side” Long Shot replied
“who are on Freedom's?” Lakota asked
“Dunekins and rumor has it the Exiles” Long Shot replied
“Exiles?” Lakota asked
“just before the disaster the Dutyers split, well every faction split but the Exiles and the Renegades are the only ones who stayed that way” Long Shot replied “oh yeah bandits used to stand united but now they split, renegades, bandits, marauders, cartels, raiders and pirates are fighting over turf all over the world, plus mercenaries and wraiths are fighting over jobs” Long Shot replied “oh yeah and the Monolith Shardseekers are searchin the earth for some sort of crystal shards, some guys known as Clear Sky Remnants are hunting em, they want to destroy the zone but they believe the Monolith are the key”
“the Monolith and Clear Sky?” Lakota asked
“Monolith used to be some crazy fanatics who controlled the northern regions, the Clear Sky were some sort of researchers, well the Clear Sky were almost destroyed twice and the Monolith lost their Great Monolith or something like that” Long Shot said
“well... wait how do you know all this?” Lakota asked, he seemed to know a great deal
“Snitch” said Long Shot pointing at a man in the corner wearing dark clothes “it costs a deal but its good to be informed”
“anything else?” Lakota asked
“well I heard Bubbles is nearby, Pistola is here helping with the Wild Territories, rumor has it Dime found his way to garbage with a group but bandit fighting has left Garbage almost inaccessible” Long Shot said “oh and rumor has it that some man name Buffalo is somewhere in Yantar, hes supposed to be a master stalker or something beyond that, theres also rumor of a man named Master, you wouldn't guess but another master stalker is somewhere out there, he was the original leader of the stalkers but disappeared or something”
“well its great we have someone like Snitch here, who are his sources?” Lakota had to ask
“don't know don't care really” Long Shot said “maybe its better not to know”
“yeah well, I think I'm going to get a job” Lakota said looking at his wallet, he had barely 100 rubles left, he could barely pay for the drinks.
“hear the scientists need some work” Long Shot said “they pay good money but Sakharov has some thing about sending stalkers on very, very dangerous missions with almost no chance of success”
“heheh I would probably accept one of those” Lakota said laughing “any other information?”
“well the Stalkers have found some allies” Long Shot said “the Diggers have allied the stalkers, apparently Fanatic has been using them to find some things and the Marshwalkers, some weird group of hippies or something are helping them find things in the marshes, I have almost no clue what they do though, also theirs a rumor of some new group but who knows, theres an entire world to explore there must be millions of stalker clans”
“well, I am going to get some things together, we will check out what the scientists can offer” Lakota said “I'll meet you at the Westgate”
“ok see ya” Long Shot said turning the corner
Lakota headed to his apartment and looked around, he found his gear in a box, he looked through the gear that came with the place. A sunrise suit, the suit that stalkers seem to wear and a couple medkits full of antirads and bandages. He grabbed the Sunrise suit and filled his bag with food and medkits.
“No” he said as Scout sat by his feet “you will stay I will ask someone to feed you while I'm away, I will try to make this quick”
He opened the door and walked down the hall, he knocked on one of the doors. The door opened shortly after.
“who... oh hi Lakota” said Odysseus “what brings you here”
“I'm going to Lake Yantar, I need someone to watch the dog and well my house while I'm gone” said Lakota
“oh ok, I guess, I have nothing better to do” said Odysseus
“well I will see you when I'm rich” Lakota said as he continued down the hall towards the stairs.
He left the building and ran to the westgate, he quickly was stopped by Badger.
“Rumor has it your going to Yantar” Badger said “their is this device I would like you to pick up, if you see it in your travels, its in an old stash, I will upload the coordinates to your PDA”
“my what?” Lakota said
“your PDA, its in your suit pocket” Badger said almost annoyed “you plan to head to Yantar and you barely know how your suit works?”
“just found it” Lakota said examining the PDA, it had his name on it, it showed the locations of other PDAs, it had an Encyclopedia, a contact and calling system, it had a map of the world with detailed views of it and... he could see everyone with a PDA on it, it was an incredible piece of hardware, he also saw that it had a diary and a message recorder as well as a top 10 list of stalkers and a personal stats list. “its a wonder how they fit all this on to a little device”
“heh, thats Sidorovich's job” said Badger “all the companies are falling apart and hes the only one with the contacts to get more of them”
“I'll have to meet this Sidorovich, he sounds like one smart guy” Lakota said
“don't get your hopes up, hes a fat bastard who sells things at a monster of a price” said Badger “though he has great connections and shouldn't be underestimated”
Lakota examined the map and found the little blinking stash icon in Yantar, in what looked like a large factory.
“well I will return it if I find it, any finders fee?” Lakota asked
“heh, spoken like a true stalker, I will see what I can do” said Badger “I am a digger after all, I have a lot of loot to give”
“well I hope I dont have to do any digging myself” Lakota said as he continued towards the path to the westgate. He found Long Shot leaning against the wall cleaning the lens of his Tac-50 sniper rifle.
“ready to go?” he asked
“yep” Lakota replied
They walked through the gate towards the path to western rostock, the Wild Territories...

---Moscow Kremlin, Russia---
“Comrade, the plans are going well but the prisoners in Libya have escaped, the world is almost fully controlled by the zone” said the soldier “though Australia and several nearby islands have survived the storm, other than that comrade Mikhael's dream has come true”
“his dream has not come true, the world is controlled by the zone, we dont have control over the zone, the heart must be recovered and the word of communism must be spread across the world, get me a radio to all of our generals” said the man
“yes sir” said the soldier as he did as he was told
“this is Comrade General Militov, the time has come, generals of Red Flag, prepare the assault, DO NOT STOP UNTIL THE WORLD IS UNDER OUR CONTROL!” said General Militov “assemble your troops, march them on, and get the Red Squad to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, I NEED THAT HEART”
There were many at once sirs from the radio, he shut it off, the great Mikhael's dream would come true under his command, he would command the world... but first he needed that heart, he also needed those shards...
  21:04:39  20 October 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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This Rocks Make more pleaseeeee...

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