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  22:15:46  18 October 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918


4. They shot at his dog (unleashing his inner RAGE )

LOL Dragon Ball FTW! rage super People
LoL so he is like that guy how's he called Goku I think I saw it on TV today turns super human when his rage level is full lol made me ROFL
Thanks for all the fun you've provided

you ready for more? Ill see what I can do, after I get something to eat!!


Thanks for listening to me and sorry about the caps i just started to love them today

  22:46:08  18 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552


4. They shot at his dog (unleashing his inner RAGE )

LOL Dragon Ball FTW! rage super People
LoL so he is like that guy how's he called Goku I think I saw it on TV today turns super human when his rage level is full lol made me ROFL
Thanks for all the fun you've provided

you ready for more? Ill see what I can do, after I get something to eat!!


Thanks for listening to me and sorry about the caps i just started to love them today


no problem, great to hear you enjoy them, I will post it NOW!!!
  22:52:00  18 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 11 - Captured

(WARNING, the following part of Lakota and a couple more after that contain Russian Dialect, please do no be alarmed and report to your nearest translator, or just harass a Russian or someone who speaks it like Siro until he gets fed up and tells you what they said)
---9 months ago---
He heard several voices, they were speaking... Russian? He also heard the sound of an engine, he opened his eyes to see darkness, he felt around, he was in a bag... in the trunk of a car.
“FUCK” he said to himself, how did this happen? He heard the engine stop and felt himself get picked up, he struggled attempting to break free until he felt something hit him in the head.

He woke up to find himself in what felt like a packing crate, he felt around to find a sharp piece of glass still in his arm from when he jumped out the window, he pulled it out and began to cut the bag he was in, he felt the box, the idiots put him in something cardboard. He kicked his legs ripped it open and climbed out, there were several armed me looking at him, Makarov's aimed at him, he assumed they had Dum Dum rounds, if not this fight would destroy the plane, he also noted they were wearing red and gold, funny how he thought Russians stopped using those colors.
“СПУСТИТЕСЬ НА ГРЕБАНОМ ОСНОВАНИИ” said a nearby man, Lakota wasn't paying attention, he noticed someone left a weapon on a table. He dived for it.
“СТРЕЛЯЙТЕ ЕГО” said the man and they began to fire at him, he flipped the table, the rounds went right through, he fired the gun, another Makarov, at the men, he saw the first go down, a shot hit his shoulder, he ran towards the washroom, the bullets flying by he opened the door, the door absorbed the next couple shots.
“HEY I CAN SPEAK TOO, FUCK YOU” Lakota said as he leaned out from behind the door and fired, he took another down and they began to fire again, he ducked back.
“ПРЕКРАТИТЕ СТРЕЛЯТЬ ПРОКЛЯТЫЙ САМОЛЕТ” cried a voice from the cockpit, Lakota was really getting sick of all this Russian, he couldnt understand a damn thing
“Назовите мужчин вокруг задней части, см., могут ли они обрамлять его” said the man
“да товарищ” said another
He heard some shouts behind and felt several guns to his head. He raised his hands and turned around to see about five men with Makarov's squeezed into the small corridor.
“hello” said Lakota, he ducked down and kicked, they were knocked back, he closed the door as they fired, they hit the men on the other side, he felt them attempting to open the door so he slammed it open, he pinned them to the wall and he grabbed a Makarov, he finished the pinned ones off and partially closed the door, he saw several shots firing, they hit these ones reinforcements, he turned and fired off at them taking out a couple more, he grabbed another Makarov, well he knew duel wielding sucked but what the hell, he closed the door and dived forward, he fired at the men, he took out the last two leaving their leader. Lakota got up and aimed at him.
“что Вы собираетесь делать, мы не находимся в середине нигде, смотрите из окна, Вы видите ГДЕ-НИБУДЬ сейф?” said the man
“you know what, FUCK YOU” said Lakota and he fired both rounds into the mans chest, he fired his gun as he fell to the floor, the shot hit him square in the chest, he fell backwards. He looked around to see several more men clearing the room, all went black...
  22:53:16  18 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 12 - Cellmates

---6 months ago---
Lakota was stuck in a cell, receiving poor food, occasionally hearing some raised discussions in Russian and felt quite bored, the plane landed after his little fight, he found himself patched off in this cold and damp cell, where was he? That could be anyones guess. He occasionally was kicked or punched or something of the sort but for the last few months he had nothing, at least they left him a calendar, they said it was so he can count the days till execution, that was in a few hours now. He was very much alone, he sat in this cell without anyone, his dog, who knows where Scout went, he felt alone for the first time in years. He heard the door open, it was disguised as a wall.
“Поместите его с другим, позволяет не, тратят впустую наше время с ним” said a voice
“да товарищ” said another
“и если другой пробует убежать, убивают его, иначе напоминают ему, какой день это” said the first voice
“да товарищ” said the second
The man walked in throwing another on the ground, he man was heavily bandaged, though he was shot in the exact same spot as him, square in the chest.
“привет снова, Вы знаете, какой день это, смотрите на календарь, это говорит, что выполнение, thats право обладают остальной частью ваших минут.” said the man, he pointed at the calendar as he talked and left, Lakota assumed he was mentioning the execution.
The new prisoner coughed and looked around.
“hello, you alright?” Lakota asked, his voice was raw, he forced himself to talk due to lack of use.
“yeah, I got grabbed back home in Egypt, they nearly took the entire village down” said the man “where did they grab you?”
“France” Lakota said
“funny, you don't sound French” said the man
“Canadian, I've had one hell of a journey” said Lakota
“well, where in France did they grab you?” said the man
“in a village, near La Rochelle, they grabbed me right after I took out the entire town, I woke up and took out almost all of them on the plane” said Lakota
“he he, I gave em trouble on the truck ride too” he said “names Ra by the way”
“old Egyptian sun god?” Lakota asked
“yeah, got the name a while ago, I got lost in the desert for weeks, I prayed to everyone I could and even started to pray to the old gods, apparently Ra answered” Ra said
“how did he answer?” Lakota asked
“found a truck over the hill after I prayed to him” said Ra “it just comes to show that the old gods can still be prayed to in a time of need”
“yeah, I'm Lakota by the way” Lakota said
“why are you named that?” Ra asked
“well I'm a very friendly person” Lakota said laughing “even when they shot at me or robbed me I still cant leave them to die”
“feel the same about them” Ra said
“nope, for some reason I just don't seem to care about them” Lakota said
“well they are bastards” Ra replied laughing, Lakota laughed too
“well, my execution is in a few seconds now” said Lakota “you can hear them coming now”
They heard some footsteps, there was suddenly a loud explosion and the single light went out.
“what was that?” Ra asked
“looks like the old gods found a way” Lakota said getting to his feet...
  22:53:55  18 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Lakota Part 13 - Destruction of Property

---6 months ago---
There were several explosions outside and gunfire, the door burst open and several bodies fell in.
“lets go, keep your head down” said Lakota as they ran out the door, they saw a poster on the wall “are you fucking kidding me? They have a layout of the entire facility in the prison”
“why do I think these guys are morons?” asked Ra
“This is like a cliché bad guy moment” Lakota said in disbelief “theres an armory second door to the right”
They both ran to the door and opened it, it was abandoned and they found a box labeled Inmate Property
“they even kept our gear” said Ra
They suited up and ran out, they headed through the tunnels, they didn't know where they were but it was one hell of a battle upstairs. They found a staircase above and they ran up it, they found themselves in the middle of a vast desert, the large military base they were standing in was getting bombed by several planes.
“lets climb the fence and get out of here” Lakota said pointing to the desert “we travel east”
“but the desert is something we shouldn't just run into” said Ra “its dangerous”
“lets just hope were lucky” said Lakota as he climbed the fence, Ra followed.
They ran off into the desert, there were several explosions, they climbed over a wave of sand and saw another outpost, this one smaller, they also saw that there was a jeep with a missile launcher on it left unguarded.
“hey Ra, feel like some payback?” Lakota asked laughing
“hell yeah” he replied
They slid down the sandy hill and climbed into the jeep, the keys were still in the ignition and the gun was fully loaded with refills, it was too easy.
They drove straight through the fence, firing on several tank attempting to escape, they fired a a radar tower.
“ok lets quickly stop at the water tower and fill up these water tanks” said Lakota
Ra stayed at the gun while Lakota quickly filled as many as he could, there weren't many people here, he ran back and forth until they were all inside, he drove through the fence and headed east, he hoped they had enough fuel...
  19:34:54  20 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 14 - Sahara

---6 months later---
They drove on through endless sand dunes, they saw some desert anomalies, large dust devils that could suck in a tank, that was a dangerous though. They drove through seeing an occasional tornado sized one go by, they drove and drove until... The engine ran out of gas.
“shit, were out” said Lakota, he and Ra each had one bags worth of ammunition, one rocket for the launcher and two large containers of water left.
“looks like were walking” said Ra
They each grabbed their bags and a container of water and got out, they walked along the endless sands under the sun, it felt like days but it was only hours, they saw several animals in the distance but nothing would wander on these sands.

It was a couple weeks later, they walked along the sands, they had one container of water left, there was a sudden tremor.
“what was that” Ra asked
“I thought you would know” Lakota asked
“this isn't Egypt, this is Libya, I know NOTHING of Libya” Ra replied
Suddenly a large wormlike beast emerged from the sands.
“now this is a cliché moment” said Lakota
“RUN” shouted Ra as it noticed them.
They ran through the sands, it occasionally burst out, they suddenly reached a drop off. It was right above them.
“JUMP” shouted Lakota and they both leaped off the edge, they dropped right into a pit of sand.
“we safe” asked Ra as he panted heavily
Suddenly several large scorpions started to climb out of the sand.
“FUCK” said Lakota, he pulled out his C7, it was quite battered. He fired at the scorpions but it jammed “FUCK”
Ra pulled out a Desert Eagle and looked around.
“do mutants know what parley means?” asked Ra
“fuck no” Lakota replied
There was a loud explosion and the scorpions were ripped apart, they looked up to see several men looking down at them, a couple carrying grenade launchers, two of them threw ropes down. Without even thinking they both grabbed the ropes and climbed up, they were pulled out of the pit.
“thank god” Lakota said
“thank whichever was listening” Ra said laughing
They looked at the men who had save them. They were wearing almost full body coverage, they had gas masks and visors that you could bearily see through, Lakota suspected they were see through, the clothes were beige and brown, they could easily disappear in the sand.
“Dunekins?” Ra asked
“what are Dunekins?” Lakota asked
“they are stalkers, they are attempting to spread religion throughout the zone” Ra replied
“which religion?” Lakota asked
“whichever religion, the point is that the entire zone has lost faith, people die daily and there needs to be a divine word to lead us on our paths” said one of them “you escaped the Red Flag and nearly fell victim to the zone, this is fortunate you were spotted falling into it, get in a truck we will take you to our base”
“thank you” Lakota and Ra both said as they climbed in, they finished their container of water and left it.
The trucks continued driving east, towards Egypt...
  19:35:46  20 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 15 - Egypt

---5 months ago---
They were driving through the sand dunes for a few days before they found the Nile river, it was the next month according to that calendar in his jail cell, they drove on along it, he saw several mutants, including elephants and giraffes but he also saw some animals that weren't mutants, they were being shepherded along the river.
“why are people shepherding lions?” asked Lakota, the thought seemed weird
“those are some of the last animals that survived mutation, they are to be shipped to Australia, it is the one place on Earth that survived the zone” said a Dunekin
“Australia? Wow so the people are still living normally there?” Lakota asked
“no, the people had left for the rest of the world, they agreed to leave the continent to the animals that survived the mutations, several veterinarians and animal handlers that survived the zone are now living there, keeping the animals an eye on the animals” he replied
“we will reach Al Qahirah in about a day, get some rest” another Dunekinsman said
With that Lakota fell asleep, he hadn't slept in a while.

He woke up to find himself in a nice city, he looked around to see trees and grass, he assumed the city was located near the delta. He got out of the truck when it stopped, the Dunekin unloaded and the leader walked up to him.
“well, our leader heard of your stories, he is giving you permission to fly on the plane heading for Greece, our allies of Freedom are located there, you may go your own ways at that point” he said
“thank you” Ra said “when do we leave?”
“now, lets get your things ready” said the man
They approached another 747, it was covered in armor platings just like the last one, they entered and sat down near the back, it was full of supplies with a handful of Dunekin. The plane took off and began its journey over the Mediterranean sea, Lakota looked out at the beautiful water and fell asleep...
  19:36:54  20 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 16 - Highjack

---5 months ago---
They landed in Athens, it was beautiful, they descended from the plane.
“well I guess this is it, may the gods, whichever watches over us keep an eye on you” said Ra
“and you” Lakota replied “may we meet again”
With that they went separate ways, Lakota checked out the Parthenon and several landmarks, he walked through the streets, seeing the 'Freedomers'. They wore Greek military uniforms, the officers wore Ukrainian and even Russian uniforms, these were them, these were some of the first stalkers. Lakota stared amazed as they passed by, he had his weapons fixed and walked along the road, his plane was taking off soon, he was heading back to France to search for Scout.
He entered the plane and saw many stalkers, he sat down, the plane was taking off. He saw Greece disappear, he turned around to see several men wearing masks pointing guns at the stalkers.
“Change of plans” said one of them, he noticed the plane turning the other direction.
“hey” said Lakota, he got up and felt himself get hit in the back of the head, he passed out...
He woke up to find himself lying down in the cargo bay, there were several other stalkers.
“you ok?” asked a stalker
“what happened?” Lakota asked
“well you were hit in the head pretty bad” he replied “whats your name?”
“Lakota” Lakota replied “because I'm friendly towards people no matter what but I think thats going to change in a moment”
“Odysseus” he replied “because I go off and get on some adventure and always find my way home, despite what ever happens”
“lets hope it stays that way” Lakota replied “where are they?”
“they sealed us in here they control the cockpit” said Odysseus
“how long was I out?” Lakota asked
“three days” he replied
“we could be anywhere in three days” Lakota replied
There was a crash and the plane spun out of control. Lakota grabbed onto the netting, Odysseus was too slow, he was knocked back and would have probably gone farther if Lakota hadn't grabbed his arm.
“thanks” said Odysseus
“no problem just hold on” Lakota replied
The plane continued to spin until it crashed into the ground.

Lakota woke up about an hour later, he shook Odysseus, who coughed.
“you alive?” asked Lakota
“well it hurts like hell” he replied
“lets get out of here, the cargo ramp was torn off” Lakota replied
They walked out of the plane and saw a rocky coast with a thick fog, England? He thought to himself.
“where are we?” Odysseus asked
A shape moved quickly in the fog.
“get down” Lakota shouted to Odysseus
Lakota looked as a rock flew out of the fog and hit Odysseus in the head, he fell over unconscious. Lakota looked and saw a man wearing what looked like a samurai outfit, modified to include a gas mask approaching, a large katana sword in hand. Japan, Lakota thought how can I mistaken Japan for England.
Lakota pulled out his Berreta Cheetah and fired at the man, the man ducked and rolled towards him swinging the blade, Lakota felt something sharp slash across his throat. He felt the wound, it was thin but bleeding heavily, he fell backwards and all went black...
  19:40:00  20 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Lakota Part 17 - Dojo

---1 month ago---
Lakota woke up, he was sitting in his quarters, the same quarters he had spent the last four months in, he was living amongst the Ronin, a group of imperialistic warriors who lived in Kochi Castle, while he was not serving them, he had quickly become a friend amongst them, they were attempting to take over the world and add a government, something this new world lacked, their goal was not like in the movies, they did not want to slay too many of their fellow stalkers, they just wanted them united, it was quite honorable. He spent the last few months with Odysseus, training with the others, he learned a lot under them, they even gave him a katana of his own, something they grant only to members and close friends.
He was worried though, he had been gone for so long, was Scout even alive?
“Rise and shine” said Odysseus as he entered the room “man I cant believe we spent the last four months pigging out and practicing fighting, I thought we were goners that day we crashed”
“any word from the prince?” asked Lakota
“a messenger said we will be free to leave today if we wish, they have a plane ready to fly, its destination is the Ukraine” said Odysseus “they say China and Russia is too dangerous these days”
“well are you packed?” Lakota asked
“yeah, I can't wait to see the Ukraine, I'm gonna miss this place” Odysseus
“yeah me too” Lakota said, but in truth he wanted to see the back of it for a while.
The plane was at the old Kochi Ryoma Airport, it wasn't an international airport before the blowout but now they use it for long distance flights. They looked around, they had just changed into their old attires.
“remember, when the time comes, we will meet our brethren, in battle if we have to, I hope I will see you there” said a Ronin
“you too Kenji, I will miss kicking your ass” said Lakota
“oh don't even start, I nearly killed you when you first arrived” said Kenji “and before you go all sissy on me, I have orders to keep an I on you”
“yeah, don't go out dressed like that though or you will be a sitting target” Odysseus said
“yes I know, I am changing in a few minutes, get to the plane” Kenji replied
The plane took off an hour later, Kenji arrived wearing an old stalker outfit, he still wore a Ronin Headband.
The flight was long, they saw several fights below, the Ukraine was ahead, the heart of the zone, the beginning of all that has happened...
  19:40:54  20 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Ok thats it, thats all I have so far now you have to wait for me to get around to it because I have a busy week!
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