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  01:54:15  23 November 2008
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On forum: 06/28/2008
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  13:39:09  6 November 2008
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Lakota Part 30 - Retaliation

(Hello boys and girls, heres your Pie, Cake, Ice Cream and Pudding, I hope you enjoy the next part of Lakota)

They walked silently, they listened to the distant barking of dogs and the howls of the bloodsuckers, they pitied Lakota's group, they were unfortunate enough to have a reason to enter that village, Granite's group however just had to walk past the old Brain Scorcher, at least it was off. The Scorcher was apparently some device that could melt your brain like the name suggests but was turned off by a Marked One. They stopped at the old barrier, they could hear gunshots behind and ahead of them, they walked down the path into the cover of the trees...

“lucky bastards” Odysseus said silently, they were looking into the village before them, it was inhabited by bloodsuckers, Lakota had learned to hate them, they loved to harass night watchmen, they heard a howl deeper in, they took a few steps in, Scout ran off, Odysseus could be heard cursing under his breath, they looked around, the village was deserted...

“gotcha” Snitch said to himself silently
“Snitch” said Fanatic entering the bar “did you find out about them?”
“uh yes” Snitch said quickly closing the search page “they are the Crimson Rain, at least thats the rumor, I will transfer the information to your PDA”
“ok thanks” said Fanatic, Snitch waited until he was gone, he quickly grabbed his MP5 and his backpack before leaving, he had to catch up with his target...

“The scouts have relayed their findings, the base was right under our very nose, they had taken over the old Forester's hut, the Freedomers fight with the Dutyers has caused them both to neglect the Red Forests, they are growing wild” Madcap began “so its time for..”
“Sir” Oddball interrupted “didn't we send a squad to the Freedomers?”
“yes we did, in search of supplies, it was a four man group” Madcap answered
“then... aren't they going to cross through the Forester's camp?” Oddball asked
“well thats the fastest wa...” Madcap suddenly stopped “oh shit, Pack your bags we move immediately”
They were walking into a bloody ambush...

They were almost through the garbage, suddenly Scorchers PDA began to blink.
“this is Scorcher” said Scorcher
“shit” Fireball said “what do you think happened”
“I have no fucking clue, lets go” Scorcher ordered, he didn't like this...

They quickly got in the trucks, they had few trucks but they needed to get there quickly, they would send one truck to pick up Scorcher's team, the scouts had said the base was heavily defended, they would need ever man they can get. He could probably get Granite's team to stop them, he would have to make the call.

“shit, they blocked our way back” Chain said watching the stalkers
“good thing we dont have to go back...” Granite replied, he saw his PDA flashing “hello?”
“sir, we kinda are cut off” Granite replied
“use the old path, head through the forest, don't let them reach the forester's camp” Madcap ordered
“yes sir” Granite answered “fuck, lets go”
They began along the path towards the old Brain Scorcher...

They walked through the village, it was dead quiet, nothing was in sight.
“they are fucking with our heads” Lakota said silently
“I'll say” Odysseus replied “did you hear that?”
“hear what?” Kenji asked
“listen” Ra replied “they are surrounding us”
Howling broke out, all around them, they couldn't see anything but they could hear the howling, they emerged from their lair. What seemed like endless bloodsuckers came out of every building they saw, they immediately opened fire, they fired randomly at the bloodsuckers, suddenly a shape came out of nowhere and grabbed Odysseus before jumping off with him.
“SHIT” Lakota screamed, another shape grabbed Kenji. He swung around and watched another grab Ra, he was alone, he was then grabbed himself and saw the ground disappear below him, he landed beside the others, there were several bloodsuckers and one large one, it had suction cups on his hands and a bigger array of tentacles, a soulsucker, it slowly walked towards them, it lowered over Lakota.
The beast fell over.
The next one, then the next one, then the next. One by one the suckers fell over dead, Lakota turned to see Scar staring down at them.
“twice I saved your lives, why are you always in the same position?” Scar asked
“well, I don't know, maybe we are just that unlucky” Lakota replied, they climbed to their feet “well we have to get to Limansk, do you know the way?”
“yes, I was there several years ago” Scar replied “the path hasn't changed much”
“lets go” Lakota replied
They walked silently down the path, an old outpost was deserted and they walked through, there was a long road ahead and a thick forest of red before them...

---6 hours later---
The trucks stopped, they could see the forest ahead of them, they climbed out, the Freedomers had raised the bridge.
“well ain't that wonderful” said Madcap looking at the Freedomers watching them from across the river.
“state your business stalkers” said a voice on Madcap's PDA
“I am here to destroy the Red Flag base” Madcap replied
“there is no Red Flag base here” the voice stated
“yes there is, its in the old forester's camp” Madcap replied
“wait one moment” said the voice
“this is Milov, where did you say that Red Flag base is located?” a second voice replied
“the leader of Freedom himself” Madcap said “well its in the old forester's our scouts reported it six hours ago”
“I am sending a team down, we need to eliminate that camp” Milov ordered “don't let any of them survive”
“will do” Madcap replied the bridge lowered and several squads marched across it, and a tank...
“what did you say?” Badger asked
“the signal is there” Shouter replied
They had left the garbage region and headed north, they followed several shortcuts to get around the battles, they found themselves looking at the biggest anomaly on the planet.
“The signal cant be there, nothing can survive in that” Badger replied “you know the story, get too close you die, enter it you die throw something in it and it explodes”
“I know it doesn't make sense but the signal is located right there... in Chernobyl” Shouter replied
“wait wait wait” Dime interrupted “that... is Chernobyl”
“used to be” Badger replied
“yeah a nuke blew up” Reaver replied “the radiation levels were strong in Chernobyl and doubled with the nuke it just tore the bloody place to shreds”
“yeah and now its rumored to be a goldmine but no one is brave enough to go near it because it kills everything within a five mile radius” Goblin said laughing “and now our target is inside, how fucked are we”
“very” Badger answered, how could they get to it...

They walked along the path, they were almost there just around this hill, they heard a snap in the bush.
“behind us” Scar said silently, they turned around and aimed at the bush, Granite's team emerged
“stop” Granite silently shouted at them “the Red Flag base is just around that corner”
“really?” Lakota asked
“yeah its in the old Forester camp” Granite answered
“how do you know?” Scar asked, there was a very loud explosion “never mind, lets go”

---The Attack, 30 minutes later---
“This is Jammer, were going to need that air strike after all” said Jammer the Freedom radioman
“roger that Jammer we will send them in five minutes” said the voice
“thank you command” said Jammer relieved now he just had to survive five minutes.
His squad was quickly mowed down by machine gun fire and he found himself lying in a hole in the ground, his leg felt like it was broken, the hole seemed to serve its purpose. They had struck very quickly, they drove their tank right through their wall and began firing at all nearby enemies, though it was short lived because the tank drove into an electro anomaly frying all computer systems and everyone inside, they couldn't even use it as cover because the electro anomaly was going off every few seconds. They had charged through and were quickly mowed down by the Red Flag, by this point they had managed to regroup and get into a defensible position, the trucks plowed through the walls and into a couple of machine gun bunkers before getting blasted by RPGs, the Stalkers had crawled behind cover they lost most of their men. A collection of Loners and Mercenaries, who served as the stalkers reconnaissance team had joined the fight, attacking from the rear, for the most part they did well, they even eliminated the enemy snipers but were quickly mowed down by the surviving machine gun posts, now it looked like only a miracle will save them, or a napalm strike...

---Lakota's Group---
They watched the attack they needed to get in quick, there answer came driving up the road, a Jeep stopped and several Red Flag troops emerged, they were quickly disposed of by Scar and Long Shot who were hiding in the trees, they changed into their uniforms and got into the Jeep.
“I'm going to find a sniper perch, just call if you need me” Long Shot said running into the trees
They drove through, lets hope these masks disguise them, they turned off their PDAs and turned on the dead stalkers PDAs, quickly hacking them, making sure they said they were alive. They drove along the road and passed the roadblock, Scar drove because he was the most fluent in Russian, they drove on through and saw the attack, it was desperate and they had to act immediately.
“I'll man the gun” Lakota said climbing up, an RPK, nice choice.
He watched as the Stalkers turned to them, they aimed their guns at the Jeep, this was their chance, Lakota thought to himself, he turned and fired on the nearby machine gun post, he turned on his PDA, they quickly drove out of the way as an RPG just barely missed them, they hit a land mine and the Jeep flipped, it drove out of control and they crashed into a fuel tank.
“EVERYONE OUT” Scar shouted, they jumped out of the windows and dived as the entire building exploded, their Jeep flew over their heads and into the last Pillbox.
“GO GO GO” Madcap shouted and his troops stood up and ran towards the sandbags, firing at the Red Flag troops, the Red Flag were cornered. Lakota noticed a small outline scaling the tower of the forester's hut, he noticed Long Shot popping up on his PDA, perfect view of the battle. The air strike hit just then, a massive stream of fire descended on the battle.
“GET TO COVER” Scar shouted, Lakota jumped towards the sandbags and pulled them over himself, he felt the intense heat of the flames. He climbed up to see Red Flag troops emerging from the Forester's hut, the Stalkers were getting lined up against the walls. A man wearing a long trench coat emerged, he was carrying a sword, obviously an officer.
“you” said the officer to Lakota “come here”
“uh yes sir?” Lakota said, he just remembered he was wearing the Red Flag armor, he approached the officer, checking his PDA when the man wasn't looking, General Militov.
“comrade, take this sword and slay the intruders” General Militov ordered holding a sword
“yes sir” his voice was strained from the burns and was barely audible, he grabbed the blade, the General pulled out another blade. Lakota swung at his neck, the General quickly pulled the blade up blocking his attack. He swung back at Lakota, who ducked swing at the Militov's legs, Militov was fast, he quickly jumped back and swung down, slashing his shoulder, Lakota saw Kenji slowly pull out his Katana blade from his back, he lunged at the nearest guard slashing his head off, he saw the Stalkers jump up and join the fight. Lakota swung a Militov's face, his attack hit him, slashing a long gash across his face. Militov replied by quickly stabbing at Lakota, who didn't react fast enough and felt the blade rip through his sides, Kenji swung at Militov's back who spun around parried the blade, punched him in the face and stabbed Kenji straight through the stomach.
“No” said Lakota swinging up slashing across Militov's trench coat, Militov slashed along his sides, he saw the stalkers overpowering the guards, Lakota stood back. “Long Shot, kill this fucker” He saw Long Shot fire, suddenly there was a blinding pain, he saw blood dripping down his vest, he looked up to see Militov smiling, who raised his blade and preparing to stab into his chest, suddenly he saw a flash of fur as Scout rammed into Militov's head biting every part of him he could see, there was a gunshot and a yelp as scout fell over, Lakota could barely move, he was bleeding too much, he ran at Militov, and found that he had ran straight into his blade.

“Jammer's personal log, I am in a deep pit, my leg is broken and I am now badly burned, I doubt I will last long, my breather is damaged, no oxygen is getting in and my arm is too heavy to lift, I understand I am using all potential oxygen but I doubt anyone will find me soon, I will send my last breath on activating emergency code 666” said Jammer hoarsely, he was getting sleepy, he clicked 666 and sent it to command, he closed his eyes ready for oblivion.

Madcap stared, he looked to see a large plane flying overhead, it was dropping something big, it was falling slowly towards them. “RUN” he shouted, he pointed to the Forester's hut behind them, they ran for it, he shot the lock off of the lift and climbed inside, several others followed, there was a loud explosion and the entire building shook, fire filled the sky snapping the wires and plunging them into the darkness below...

“hello Master” said Snitch
“so you found me” Master replied “what are you doing here Snitch
“I would ask the same of you, we need to return to Rostok, Fanatic is trying to contact the Crimson Rain” Snitch replied
“lets go” said Master “we can't let that happen”
They ran from the building, into the sunlight beyond...
  15:28:19  4 November 2008
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Lakota Part 29 - Famine

The aftermath of the attack was almost as brutal as the attack itself, several supply warehouses were destroyed, almost half of their ammunition stores were gone and their food was disappearing at an alarming rate, their medical supplies were dwindling, they were on the brink of famine. Fanatic had called together a meeting, most of the guardsmen were there, only the rookies were left outside.
“as you know” Fanatic began “our supplies are falling and we need to act, we have about a weeks worth of supplies give or take, we need to ask of assistance”
“who will assist us?” Madcap asked “we are just a bunch of nobodies”
“he has a point, our allies are spread thin and are having troubles of their own” Scorcher said grimly
“the Marshwalkers have never helped us when we needed em, why do we even bother with em” said a man named Chain
“because we need all the help we can get these days” Scorcher replied
“but they don't even help us to begin with” Chain replied “I say we should go to there base and take what we need”
“NO!” Fanatic shouted “we are not sinking to the level of bandits”
“how about we raid the bandits” Fireball asked “they have lots of supplies and we can easily make it look like it was one of their many enemies”
“so we rob the thieves, thats your great idea” Scorcher asked “no wonder why we are falling apart”
“so the Marshwalkers aren't doing shit and the Diggers don't have anything to begin with” said Chain grumbled “why do we bother with them”
“we can always find alternative methods” said Snitch “I heard a rumor of another group, a secretive on that only answer...”
“Snitch, I respect your knowledge but now is not the time to dwell with rumors” Fanatic replied
“how about Duty or Freedom” Lakota asked
“Duty or...” Fanatic said surprised “we never thought of them”
“maybe it is because they are too busy killing each other” said Chain
“so are we going to ask them or are we going to sit here arguing over morals” Granite asked, hardly anyone noticed he was there
“Granite, form a team and head for Pripyat, Lakota, form a team and head to Limansk, we will ask them for help” Fanatic ordered “Snitch, I will let you find information on this other group, Madcap, get together a raiding group and find out where the Red Flag base is, I will call Badger to get his diggers to work and Scorcher... head to the swamps, get a team together”
They set off, it seems that the answer to their famine was to split up, spending more resources, Lakota didnt know how this would help but it was worth a try.

“so are you coming or not?” Granite asked
“I will” Bubbles replied
“I guess I have no choice, nothing to do other than rebuild” Long Shot replied
“hell I have to go or Fanatic will have my skin on that whole apartment incident” Chain said looking over his shoulder “I'm surprised he doesn't know yet”
“then lets go” Granite ordered, they walked north to the gates
“CHAIN GET TO HEADQUARTERS NOW” roared Fanatic's voice from the PA
“HURRY UP” Chain shouted, they broke into a run and headed for the door, once they were outside Granite called Headquarters
“Granite do you know where Chain is, Ill have his skin for this” Fanatic asked
“I have him here, hes part of my team and we've already left the base” Granite answered “what did he do?”
“he released a caged bloodsucker in the apartment near headquarters, the thing is refusing to die” Fanatic replied “not only that but he...”
---A few minutes later---
“OH MY GOD” Granite replied “why would he do that?”
“I have no clue” Fanatic replied “not only that but he...”
---A few minutes later---
“WHAT” Granite shouted out of surprise “what was the pseudogiant for?”
“it gets worse” Fanatic said grimly “he...”
---A few minutes later---
“I see why your mad, I think I made a mistake bringing him” Granite replied

“so you coming?” Lakota asked
“fine” said Odysseus
“I will come, but if I see my kin I will follow them” Kenji said
“I always wanted to see Limansk” Ra said optimistically
“lets go” Lakota ordered, they walked towards the north gate, Scout running happily at his feet, well this should be an interesting journey, Lakota thought to himself.

“okay lads, listen up we have to go and find some stashes for Fanatic, he will pay us well for any ammunition or medical supplies we uncover, anything else we find or anymore shards will be welcomed as well” Badger began
“well it has been a while since he had a good pay” said Griffon
“yeah and we better survive this one, I nearly died last time” Dime replied looking through his PDA for stash info.
“we almost always die so lets just make sure it doesn't happen this time” Badger muttered grudgingly
They walked towards the south gate towards the war torn garbage region, after all the deaths that happen in that area it has become one hell of a goldmine.

Snitch looked through his many informants, he searched for suitable stalkers to run errands, he had to find information on this faction, he was getting fed up with Fanatic these days, he liked it under Master's command, though Master was kind of pissed about that little assassination job Snitch ordered but other than that it was simple, Master respected his information and tended to act on it, with Fanatic he tends to ignore him, Snitch suddenly had an idea. He typed down Master in the search engine, he immedietly found sightings of Master.
“excellent” Snitch said to himself “If I can find Master, the stalkers will truly be scattered”
Now all he had to do was find him...

Scorcher, Fireball, Dragon and Acid marched south out of the Rostok gates, they were heading to the marsh no one goes there, no matter how insane.
“how do you think they will treat us?” Fireball asked
“what do you mean?” Acid asked back
“do you think they will welcome us, politely ask us to leave, throw us a party?” Fireball replied
“they will probably do us all a favor and shoot you” Scorcher replied, he wished he didn't have to bring him
“yeah maybe they will shoot you too Acid” Dragon said bitterly
“or maybe you will get shot” Acid replied
“shut UP” Scorcher shouted at them “stop bickering like little schoolgirls and pay attention to where we are going, if you hit a whirligig its your own fault”
This was going to take a while...

“Listen up, the operation will send 5 independent reconnaissance squads out to search for the Red Flag base, once we find them we will launch a full out offensive, we will bring three squads against them, two to strike and one to ambush any retreating enemy forces, we will show no mercy” Madcap briefed his team
“What happens if they have tanks?” a stalker asked
“what is your name boy?” Madcap asked
“my name is Irkukstov sir” Irkukstov replied
“no it isn't, from now on your name is Muffins, now Muffins do you like your new name?” Madcap asked
“its...” Muffins began but seeing Madcaps eyes he quickly changed his answer “Its lovely sir”
“GOOD, now open up your ears and listen” Madcap began “the enemy will have tanks, probably lots of them too, thats why each squad will have an RPG, to take care of excessive numbers we will grant each squad an RPK as well, anyone want to add anything?”
“yeah, nice name Muffins” Oddball said “and what do you mean by independent squads”
“they are loners and mercs and hell anyone who will accept payment” Madcap answered
“great...” Muffins replied
“yes it is great, we don't have to get ourselves spotted and killed before the mission” Madcap said “which is the point I will let you get spotted and killed as long as we can complete the mission”

Fanatic looked into the fireplace, this was risky, he could lose half his men...
“I hope this works” he said to himself “I really do”
  13:47:36  2 November 2008
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Guess Who.


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Heh took me forever to come up with the song for the last part, I searched and I searched, I checked through Beatles songs because I got a stroke of inspiration, for some reason I kept saying "Beatles is the answer" and as I was looking through it I almost decided on another song (which probably wouldnt have turned out as good ) when I noticed Strawberry Fields Forever, I checked it and in the comments I saw a comment that sealed the deal with this one. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed so far!
  13:45:14  2 November 2008
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Guess Who.


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Lakota Part 28 - Strawberry Fields Forever

He saw the shot go straight through Lakota's head, blood sprayed as he collapsed.
“NOOOO” he screamed, he turned and fired off his rounds, he dived behind another dumpster, he saw several stalkers run out of a nearby building, they were quickly mowed down by the attackers, he saw one of them dropped a blade, a falchion, in these times people resorted to any weapon they can think of. Odysseus dived towards the blade, he grabbed it and swung up, he chopped the arm right off one of them.
“FUCK YOU” he screamed as he swung the sharp blade through the group, blood and limbs flying as they tried to resist.

{Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.}
{Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
Lakota was in a bright place, so bright he couldnt make out anything but himself, he heard the song.
“fuck if this is heaven the Church really has it wrong” Lakota said to himself “then again if this is hell its not too bad”
{Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.}
{It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out.}
{It doesn't matter much to me.}
A shape emerged from the blinding light.
“hello son” said the voice
“dad?” Lakota said, his father died years ago
“yes” said the voice
“where am I” Lakota asked, he felt like a child again, that day when his father didn't return.
{Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.}
{Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
“you are in a place before beyond” he said “I am proud of you and what you have done with your life”
“I never thought you ever cared about my choices” Lakota said
{No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low.}
{That is you can't you know tune in but it's all right.}
{That is I think it's not too bad.}
“I always did, and this is the most important part of your life” he replied
“but, I just... died” Lakota said
{Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.}
{Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.}
{Strawberry Fields forever. }
“you did, and I am proud you aren't bothered too much about it” he replied
“but, I just don't know why we are talking” Lakota said
{Always no sometimes think it's me, but you know I know when it's a dream.}
{I think, er No, I mean, er Yes but it's all wrong.}
{That is I think I disagree.}
“you died, but there is more to your story, it will go on” he said “you will face a decision unlike anything you have ever been faced with”
“what decision?” Lakota asked
{Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.}
{Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
{Strawberry Fields forever.}
“I cannot tell you” he said “but its time for you to wake up, your story is not over, you are needed at the moment, we will see each other again”
“but dad what...” Lakota began but he felt a hand grab his heart and pull, he found himself in the alley, he lifted himself up, he saw Odysseus staring at a pile of bodies, one of the attackers was behind him, missing an arm and aiming a pistol at Odysseus's head, Lakota fired off his clip into the the man, who fell over onto the ground.
“Lakota? I.. wha... You were dead?” Odysseus stammered
“yeah but I am not dead enough” Lakota replied, he climbed out of the dumpster and dropped the pistol, he replaced it with a colt 1911 one of the attackers was carrying “nice job”
“what you think I wasn't paying attention all those months in Japan?” said Odyseus laughing
They walked out of the alley to find a bloody mess by the gates, the battle seemed to be over and the medics were running through the streets.
“you should get that check out” Odysseus said
“what?” Lakota asked
“the big fucking bullet hole in your head, the one that should have killed you” Odysseus replied
“this is Madcap, gunshots heard in the Headquarters” Madcap said through the radio
“lets go” Lakota said running for the Headquarters.
They ran down the steps to find a pile of bodies, blood all over the wall, Lakota saw Fanatic up against the wall.
“sir you okay?” Lakota asked him
“I'm fine, they took the bloody shards, damned Monolith bastards” Fanatic shouted
“Odysseus, got any bandages?” Lakota asked
“yeah I got some” he replied, he quickly pulled them out
“you seem to need them yourself” Fanatic said pointing to the bullet hole
“I'm fine, now its the Monolith you say?” Lakota asked
“these ones were, they and the attackers weren't the same clans though” Fanatic said coughing up some blood
“I fought about a dozen of them a few minutes ago” Lakota said
“yeah before you got fucking killed” Odysseus replied
“what?” Fanatic asked completely confused
“he got shot straight in the head, the bullet went straight through and he collapsed, dead” Odysseus said bandaging Fanatic's wounds “and then he got up a few minutes later and hasn't said anything about it”
“yeah and I don't plan to” Lakota replied “hurry up we have to see to the damage”
A few hours passed, they helped Fanatic around the city, it was badly damaged, apparently the enemy used artillery, they reviewed the dead, Madcap spent most of the time informing him about the attackers.
“red and gold armor, many spoke Russian” Madcap said “well who doesn't these days”
“Red Flag” Fanatic said “I thought we killed those scumbags”
“not dead enough sir” Madcap replied
They patched each other up, to everyones surprise and confusion the bullet had gone straight through his head but it didn't harm anything inside, it was impossible to do but it had somehow managed.
Guards were posted everywhere afterwards, and after a five hour shift he was ordered to return home, he fought enough already and managed to argue another five hours but they had enough now, he went home and patted Scout on the head, his father gave him that dog, he laid down in his bed, placing the Matebas he recovered on a chair beside it, he thought of what had happened, he heard the song in his head, he never really spent much time listening to the Beatles, why the hell was it playing then...
  13:08:17  2 November 2008
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Lakota Part 27 - Urban Frenzy

(Ha ha heres the next part)
There was a painful clunk and that peacefulness was silenced by endless pain, Lakota opened his eyes , he quickly pulled off his mask, he looked around to see fires and explosions, the fighting had finally started, he quickly looked for his gun, he pulled out the Mateba Autorevolvers and looked around, he heard a lot of chatter on the PDA.
“AND WHERE THE HELL IS LAKOTA” said a gruff voice
“right here Madcap” Lakota said “whats our status”
“bad guys storming the north and east gate” Madcap said, head to the nearest
“this is Fireball, I am reporting a tank at the north gate” said a youthful voice
“Fireball this is Scorcher, I see it, I already have the RPGs ready” said a Scorchers stern voice
“Where the hell is Oddball?” Madcap asked
“hes getting his weapons” Fireball replied
“he already was seen with a bloody G36 at his guardpost” Madcap said
“thats not what he classifies as a weapon” Fireball said laughing
Lakota ran to the north gate, he saw a large amount of troops, he saw his fellows set up behind sandbags.
“EAT LEAD MOTHER FUCKERS!!!” said the unusual voice of Oddball
The stalkers turned around, Lakota had to look himself, and so did all the enemies. They all stopped what they were doing, Oddball had come out with what looked like an exoskeleton with several layers of Kevlar and Steelplating randomly placed around it, he was also carrying two drum barreled Tommy Guns, Lakota just stared in disbelief at the sight, he quickly returned to his senses as Oddball opened fire at the enemies, the fighting restarted, Lakota fired his Matebas as enemies surrounded, he fired off blindly at the enemies, he saw the tank speeding towards him, he heard his Matebas click and he threw them aside, he jumped through a nearby window and jumped out the other window, he turned to see some men dropping down from the walls, they were not like the others.
“what is Oddball doing this time” Madcap said in response to the hundreds of what the fucks that filled the radios.
“he is wearing what looks like a tank and is shooting them with prehistoric guns” Fireball replied laughing
“I guess we shouldn't expect anything else from him, it took the enemy by surprise” Scorcher said “he distracted the tank long enough for us to fire the RPGs”
“this is Long Shot” said Long Shot “sorry to use your channels but I got an excellent shot from where I am”
“welcome to the squad Long Shot” said Madcap “take the shot if its good”
Lakota stared at these intruders, he was unarmed, other than his long knife he kept in his sleeve. They walked slowly almost limping, they walked right up to him, some were mumbling.
“who are you?” Lakota asked
“the shaaaaards” the leader moaned, he grabbed Lakota by the neck, Lakota just noticed he was in an Exoskeleton, he could feel his bones crunching together. A shotgun blast hit him in the side of the head, the man dropped Lakota, he turned towards his attacker.
“fuck you” Odysseus said firing off the rest of his shots, he then began to reload, the men raised their light machineguns “FUCK” and with that Odysseus dived behind a dumpster, Lakota took this distraction to stab the leader in the eye with his long knife, the attack would normally kill an enemy but this one turned and punched him in the chest, he flew into a dumpster, he felt as if all his bones had shattered. He heard shouting and gunfire, Lakota noticed a pistol lying in the dumpster, there were a few shots in it, the murder weapon that he was searching for a few days ago, he grabbed it and got up, he fired off at the attackers, one of them fired his pistol, it flew straight through Lakota's visor, he fell backwards, blood all over his visor, he collapsed in a heap and felt no more...
  12:50:19  2 November 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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Now it's better me thinks the new world order are behind this and not the Red Menace
  12:21:27  2 November 2008
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Guess Who.


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Lakota Part 26 - The Battle Begins

(ok this was harder to do than normal, so heres the next part, ENJOY)
They walked on, they shared each others stories as they walked, nothing happened so they really had nothing better to do, Scar's tale was a fascinating one there was a large gap apparently where he couldn't remember anything for almost a year but he explained that he was trapped in some part of the Chernobyl Power plant where the psy emissions almost fried his brain, the only reason he survived was because of another mercenary, one of the casualties of the battle apparently.
“whats going on?” Dime asked
They looked up to see a convoy of trucks driving towards the bar, they seemed to be carrying a large supply of weaponry, more than anyone needed, Lakota thought to himself.
“I dunno” said Lakota “we should hurry up, its getting late”
They headed through, they sat and watched as a large convoy of stalkers drove though the city, they were quickly led out of the city.
“this isn't good” said a voice behind them, it was Snitch, the mysterious man who spends most of the time in the bar trading information.
“what isn't” Granite asked
“the war has begun, apparently some Freedomers disobeyed an order and shot at a couple Dutyers, sparked conflict, and now that the major powers are at total war stalkers around the world are getting hired, some factions are even drafting them right off the streets” he said grimly
“so where does that leave us” Granite asked
“fucked” said Snitch “if you have an allegiance with another faction, and the same if you aren't”
“you get shot or you get drafted” Dime replied
“just hope you aren't their when they come for recruits” Snitch said
The crowd was dispersing, Lakota and Dime headed for the Headquarters, they found Fanatic looking at a map of the world, there were lines and arrows drawn all over it.
“you made it and you brought him back too, how many survived” Fanatic asked
“no one sir” Dime replied “though we almost croaked until we got rescued”
“by who?” Fanatic asked
“Scar” Dime replied
“oh.. him” Fanatic replied
“what do you know about him?” Lakota asked
“a lot, I carried that crazy fuck out of the damn power plant as it exploded” Fanatic replied “I wish I was carrying someone a lot more helpful, he to this day hasn't done anyone any good”
“well at least he helped this reach you” Dime said placing the crate on a table
Fanatic opened it to see a large crystal shard, a lot like the one he recovered for Badger.
“thank you, you have done well” Fanatic replied “now about that offer Lakota”
“when do I start” said Lakota
“well, we need some patrol work, and hopefully this whole war idea will pass” Fanatic replied “if not then we will remain neutral”
“right sir” Lakota replied, he was a little nervous now, war meant that the Ronin would march, it seems they would have to march without him.
They left the Headquarters, Lakota's PDA now marked him as a member of the Stalkers.
“Now you are stuck with them” Dime said laughing “prepare for morning wakeup drills”
“what about you?” Lakota asked
“I joined the Diggers, we go and collect objects, kinda like bandits but less usage of knives and interrogation” Dime answered
“don't forget being taken down by a man with a hunting rifle” Lakota said
“right before he helps me get on my toes and patches me up” Dime replied laughing
“don't rely on that too much, chances are not everyone is that kind” Lakota replied
They turned the corner as a fist hit him in the face dropping him to the floor, Dime went to grab his weapon and was thrown back against the wall, Lakota felt a blade against his chest, he looked up to see a familiar face staring down at him.
“hey Ra, why does everyone I know have to point a weapon at me” Lakota asked
“your too kind and trusting for your own good Lakota” Ra replied laughing as he helped him to his feet “sorry about that” he added to Dime
“don't mention it” Dime said
“so how have you been, havent seen you since Greece” Lakota said half laughing
“well, I went off, explored India and let me tell you there are crazy shit in India” Ra said “I spent some time exploring Poland and then found myself in the Ukraine, thats when you popped up on my PDA, how about you”
“Well my plane to France got hijacked and I crashed in Japan, spent some time there before moving to the Ukraine, and the time I spent here has been hell” Lakota said
“well, thats to be expected, a few years ago this place was known as hell, now the world is” Ra said
“really? I thought it was always the capitol of the country” Lakota said
“which country?” Ra asked
“any country, whichever one has the most Senators and Lawyers” Lakota said laughing, they headed for their apartments, Lakota fell asleep, Scout licking his face.

The next morning he donned the new suit he was given, it was a modified version of the Sunrise suit but with the colors and symbols of the Stalkers, he also had an upgraded night vision and a filtration system that changed his voice, he just had to spend the next few minutes after putting it on doing Darth Vader impressions before he went for his patrols. Patrols were long and dull, after his five hour patrol he got the rest of the day to himself, well until his next five hour patrol hit, after ten or so hours, so he spent those times at the bar or with his friends, he did fairly well for the first few weeks, it seems like he was meant to help people and by guarding and guiding the people in Rostok, he seemed to be doing just that.

---Two Months Later---
Night Patrols always had an almost boring nature to them, the only reason they gave their guards better night vision was to make sure it was possible to make night patrols even more dull, Lakota stared off, a couple other guards near him, they chatted silently as they ate their meals, watching the fields outside of Rostok, after spending a month and a half patroling and the rest of the time helping in West Rostok they managed to secure it, the mutants were pushed out and the perimeter was set up, East Rostok construction was complete and the Western area was under construction, that meant that Patrols were longer and night time had more to watch, he stared off, in about ten minutes they would move to the next guard post. He didn't know what happened until it was too late, a large explosion knocked him off his chair and he heard the clatter of Tupperware and the sound of footsteps, he looked around but all he could see was blood, he heard shouts and felt himself get dragged along the perimeter wall, he heard machine gun fire and the ricochets of bullets, he was in pain, there was another explosion and the pain ceased...
  07:52:00  30 October 2008
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ok I had a nice little idea pop up in my head, I was thinking of making kind of mini-stories for some of the major characters, most of the characters are really missing that background and I was thinking it may be a good idea to expand on them, if you think this is a good idea give me the thumbs up or give me a hell yeah!
  04:01:54  30 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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yep it worked for me too but now in 7th grade stuff gets stupider by the second I mean so much crap we are studying I mean come on any normal person doesn't study 14 different classes (geography , History , Biology , Maths , Albanian , Macedonian , English , French , Chemistry , Physics , and a ton of other crap like about the KKK which is located about 3 milion km away )

Bye bye gotta sleep

sad news children, viruses have stopped me from making stories, you will have to wait until we fix it, I just hope we dont have to system recover...
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