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  11:42:02  3 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Lakota Part 33 - Fimbulwinter

(This is the calm before the storm, second to last part, the final chapter, the end is nigh, we are the knights who say ni, I will shut up now and let you read already)

“it has begun, in one hour the armies of the stalkers will reach the northern regions, the battle will begin” said Blood “we must reach the heart chamber of the nuclear power plant and destroy the Chernobyl Heart”
“yes master” said Lakota

“Listen up” Madcap began “we are going to the north, Duty and Freedom have powerful bases there but we know that the Red Flag will crush it without a sweat, we cannot beat them but we can stall them, we will hold them off as long as possible, at least until our team has completed its op in the power plant, now we will have many allies in this mission though most of them will be fighting across the entire world, we have sent messages to what is left of the armies, they will strike with what is left”
“what are our odds sir?” Muffins asked
“low enough that I can speak with confidence that most of us wont be seeing tomorrow” said Madcap grimly “if we fail this is the end, we cannot fail again, last time we weren't ready and this time we are”
The soldiers cheered, though it was halfhearted, they knew none of them were going to make it, they just hoped they were wrong...

“this is Professor Sakharov, the last flight out of here has arrived” Said Sakharov slowly “anyone who doesn't want to stay can leave, those that remain will fight... and most likely die”
Sakharov was coordinating the troops using his science base's radar to coordinate the troops, he knew the Red Flag will come to him shortly after the attack begins, he would be forced to surrender his research or die, Sakharov preferred the latter...

“listen up chaps” said Badger “this is it, we go in we are probably going to die, the radiation is impossibly strong but if we follow the path it will remain less than fatal, as long as we keep the anti rads, we have divided it into 12 each, lets do this... after this drink...”
This was it, the biggest job they have ever done, apparently the Clear Sky have discovered a large shard of the monolith, well he just found a bigger one, he would have to get to it first, getting it out of the Chernobyl Anomaly was a different story...

“Listen up, you are handpicked, the best we have” said Fanatic “we are the strike team, we are to enter the power plant and recover this 'Chernobyl Heart' as well as the heart chamber codes, we will then sacrifice one of our own to destroy the zone once and for all”
“so your saying we are going on a suicide mission in which success is martyrdom?” said Odysseus slowly
“yes it is” Fanatic replied
“when do we leave?” Chain asked
“five minutes, pack your bags” Fanatic replied “Acid, Dragon, Fireball, Tox, Bovine, Shard, Chain, Odysseus, Venal, Gloat, Icing... I hope you are ready for this, and don't die without a fight”
“got it sir, if we are going down go down with a bang” said Fireball
“yes and for the record, overkill is allowed, just don't waste your ammo” said Fanatic laughing, well if he was going to die at least they were all going down heroes...

---Long Shot---
“so you have the coordinates?” asked Long Shot
“yeah, if people knew you were alive...” said Snitch
“DO NOT tell them” Long Shot replied
“okay okay, wasn't going to, he is going to be in the Chernobyl Power Plant in fifteen minutes, hell is going to break loose so I would wait” said Snitch “good luck with your daughter, I really mean it”
“let me guess, they conscripted you” said Long Shot
“well they found out I was trying to sabotage so yeah I am in the forward push, I might not live long” said Snitch
“I wonder what they would do to me?” said Long Shot slowly
“what did you do?” Snitch asked
“killed a friend, if you will excuse me I have some hiking to do” said Long Shot

Scorcher sat in the bar, he was in a bad situation, he was to lead an elite team to strike behind the enemy lines, however his elite team was small and he knew that the enemy were about ten times the size of their army, how could a team of three possibly effect them and how would they survive a counter attack?
“another drink” asked the barkeep
“yeah, I am getting nervous” said Scorcher
“you should be, even I am nervous” Barkeep replied
“really?” Scorcher asked
“yeah, while all the guys are up north, who the hell is going to defend us down here” said Barkeep “and before you say the Red Flag aren't coming, let me tell you that they are, the enemy stronghold is always the target of war”
“yeah, lets hope the militia can hold this place” said Scorcher, he sipped his bottle of vodka.
“hey are you ready to leave?” Bubbles asked “they are giving us a jeep to travel on, it will be quicker”
“let him have his moment” said Ra “we are about to go on a mission to our deaths, he needs some time to think”
“more like time to pray” said Scorcher
“there isn't enough of that recently” said Ra
“spoken like a Dunekin” Bubbles replied laughing
“hey, we are exactly what we all thought we would be” Ra replied “we all believe in technology now, not religion”
“well shall we be the first ones to pray in like a year?” said Scorcher
“I doubt it, I bet the Dunekins do every day” said Ra
“don't forget the creepy Marshwalkers who treat the zone as a god” said Bubbles
“I swear to god if I die, I hope the Marshwalkers aren't right” said Scorcher
“well lets get going, death awaits” said Bubbles
“good luck” said Barkeep slowly
“and you” the three of them said as they left the bar and climbed onto their new jeep, it had a big gun, maybe they will make it out alive...
  01:43:20  3 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552

Yeah just Get STRELOK they killed his last friend Doc so its Present time Crismon rain gonna get torn to peices while the Reds are about to eat 5000 tons of lead so it's party time bring us nice cakes

maybe tonight, expect the unexpected is all I can say about the end
  12:15:44  2 December 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Yeah just Get STRELOK they killed his last friend Doc so its Present time Crismon rain gonna get torn to peices while the Reds are about to eat 5000 tons of lead so it's party time bring us nice cakes
  10:16:46  2 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Lakota Part 32 - Insurrection

(yeah.... the next part is up, enjoy the Lunch, the dinner and dessert will come later, P.S. this one is short)
---Stalker Headquarters, 3 weeks later---
The stalkers had called a meeting with the other factions of the zone, the situation was grim.
“I would happily end this if I could but it isn't going to stop any time soon” said Milov
“yeah, and you can't do what Gregor did a year ago because you aren't telling us to fight the zone, you want to fight the impossible” said Bullet
“Listen it has to be done” said Fanatic
“the Red Flag have taken over, the great stalker war has ended and now our enemies control the entire god damn world we can't let them continue victorious” said Master
“then what do we do?” Milov asked “charge and die”
“of course they don't want to help” said Falcon “the Exiles are on your side Master”
“Our swamps are threatened, we will help” said Skink in a creepily misty voice
“right... anyone else want to volunteer?” asked Fanatic
“the Dunekins are at your side” said a man talking through a computer
“well I guess we should too” said Milov
“the safe zones are being slaughtered, we will aid you” said José Silva from a computer
“they will be sending their men to secure our post, we will hold them off, we have some information that could prove useful” said Professor Sakharov from a computer “they seek the heart”
“shit” said Fanatic slowly “is there anything we can do?”
“get the damn heart before they do” said Sakharov “oh and for us no we may die but just get the heart, put an end to this”
“well in that case...” said Bullet “count us in”
“well thats settled then” said Master “we shall begin the insurrection immedietly, but we will need a distraction. Send word to the bandits clans that the Red Flag are going to attack them, that should cause problems”
“this is Badger, we found a way in” said a voice from a computer
“into where?” Fanatic asked
“Chernobyl of course” said Badger “now you guys go do what you need to do and we will uncover the piece”
“Thats it!” said Fanatic excitedly “take the shards to the power plant, the Monolith will be drawn to it, we have the united stalker clans now we just need to start the war”
“its always the same story” said Milov “we unite the clans and overthrow them when they attempt, last time we failed... this time...”
“we will not” said Bullet “when do we strike”
“three days from now” said Master “we strike at once, it doesnt matter if its together, we will strike”
Just then a computer screen lit up, a man was seen on it in a familiar uniform.
“this is General Valkovski of the Clear Sky Remnants we have recovered a several of the Monolith Shards, we heard of your gathering and are curious of what to do with them” said the man
“Clear Sky never dies does it” said Scar slowly
“return it to the power plant, in three days we are going to strike back against the Red Flag, we hope to see you then” said Master “good luck”
“In three days the Red Flag will be gone, we will see you there” said Valkovski, the computer turned off.
“Scar I will need some Mercenary support” said Master
“well that might be simple, Mercenaries are desperate for jobs since the Wraiths started buying for lower prices, the Mercs are almost out of the business” said Scar
“I will need the Wraiths too” said Master “these are the targets” Master passed him several classified folders
“right away” said Scar

“excellent work, shame the others didn't make it but they were like you, they needed to prove themselves” said Blood “and now they are dead, you are the stronger, welcome Crimson Brother”
“what am I to do” said Lakota slowly, he had lost all regard to the lives of others, he wanted revenge, he wanted the blood of his enemies.
“I can almost taste your rage, we shall strike in three days, we will kill all in our site and take the power plant, in there is the heart, we must destroy it” said Blood slowly
“yes sir” said Lakota

Three days, they were fighting the same war since he left it seems. He just intercepted a message and listened in to the gathering of the stalkers, most of the clans it seems didn't show but those who did are ready to strike. He knew where he had to be... in three days... in three days...
  09:50:56  2 December 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
YEAH! OOORAH! nice job just let Strelok finish him no one can intervene not even SCAR not even Crismon Rain it's thee Man go go go KILL him let him bleed slowly
  09:44:30  2 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
The End!

Yes we are right at the end, 3 more parts left, well 2 and an Epilogue. I hope you are enjoying, work on the Finale will begin very soon. NOW GET READING, oh yeah and in case you didnt notice I had just posted part 31. If you read it get back to bitching, It might make me go faster, or it will piss me off!
  09:42:30  2 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Lakota Part 31 - Reincarnation

Lakota woke up, his body was burned badly. He opened his eyes to see a dark room with a red glow to it, his body was in pain but it felt different, as if it wasn't really his. He looked around to see two other stalkers, they were both wearing crimson, both in SEVA suits, one wearing a robe over it.
“he is awake sir” said one of them looking into a computer “he is stable”
“good” said the robed one, he looked at Lakota “leave us”
“yes sir” the other replied as he left the dark room
“yes you are alive, we found you abandoned in the middle of a crater, your allies abandoned you to death” said the robed stalker “you are here until you recover, and then you are going to aid us, sleep”
Lakota's eyes lowered, he fell into a deep sleep...
Madcap looked around, the dust was still clearing.
“who did we lose?” said Madcap slowly
“almost everyone” said a voice “Kenji, Long Shot, Miracle, Parade, Jetman...”
“I get the picture” said Madcap as he lifted himself to his feet. The dust began to clear as he looked around, the lift had reached the bottom of the shaft, they were in a dark mine tunnel it looked like. He saw two Freedomers tending to Odysseus who looked like someone threw him through a blender, he saw Ra staring down the pass, he saw the man he was talking to, Chain... he saw a few outlines in the dust. “okay everyone who is alive?”
“Chain here” said Chain “Oddball is scouting the tunnels”
“Ra here” said Ra slowly
“Ouroboros here” said a Freedomer
“Caduceus here” said the other Freedomer “Odysseus is here but he is in no condition to speak”
“Granite here” said an outline
“Scar here” said another outline
“Bubbles here” said another outline
“Muffins.... here” said the furthest outline “and I think Oddball is back”
“so we lost a lot of us back there, any idea what hit us?”
“hey guys, I found a way out lets hurry up” said Oddball as he ran into view
“just give us a minute to get Odysseus travel ready” said Caduceus
“hurry up then” said Madcap “we need to find out what happened”

“who ordered it?” Milov asked
“Jammer called it in, he said they lost” said the Freedomer
“do you think anyone could have survived it?” Milov asked slowly
“the fuel air bomb detonated quite close to the ground, there was nothing left of the camp” said the Freedomer grimly
“I hope the Red Flag are gone from here then...: said Milov looking out of the window

“good morning Lakota” said the robed man “are you ready for your assignment?”
“yeah” Lakota said slowly, he was still scarred but he felt better “what is it”
“we need you to kill a man, he is quite dangerous, we are sending you with a team” the robed man informed him “here are the coordinates, check into the armory for your gear”
“I still don't know who you are” said Lakota checking his map
“my name is Blood, I am the leader of the Crimson Rain”

---Long Shot---
Long Shot walked slowly through the forest, his PDA beeped. He pulled it out and answered the call.
“what is it?” Long Shot asked
“excellent work Long Shot, the stalkers fell for our trap” said Militov “your reward is 300m from your position, enjoy”
Long Shot checked his map and found the spot, he quickly ran to it, he found a suitcase. He quickly checked it for any traps before opening it, he found a tape. He pressed the play button.
“Daddy please help, I am in a.... GIVE ME THAT... DAAAAA...”
“Fuckers” Long Shot said slowly, first they murder his wife and kidnap his daughter and now they blackmail him into helping them, and now they send these mocking tapes for him but he keeps working of them because he would do anything to hear her voice. He will get his revenge when the time comes, he just hopes they keep her alive until then.

---3 days later, Strelok---
“...and he turned around to find his artifact gone!” said Doc laughing
“that was a good one” said Strelok “did I tell you the joke about the Bloodsucker, the Dwarf and the Magical Artifact?”
“yes, about twelve times so far” said Doc “now be a good lad and get us some more steak and maybe another bottle of vodka”
“yes master” said Strelok feigning fear, he got up from his seat by the lake and returned to the cabin, he pulled out a platter of steaks and began to look for a bottle of vodka. He opened a cupboard and looked through the empty bottles, he grabbed on and put it on the counter. He suddenly heard some gunshots behind him.
He looked around and saw Big Ben on the counter, he grabbed it and ran to the door. Seven or so men in Crimson stalker suits, they were wearing masks and carrying a variety of weapons. Strelok looked around, he saw a stack of timber near the door, a bird bath, a pile of sand and the under construction shed, he noticed they were standing near these objects, he rammed through the door.
He dived behind the timber firing at a nearby stalker, he ducked behind it as they opened fire at him, when they stopped to reload he jumped up firing the rest of his clip at the nearest stalker, when he ran out he threw it and ran for the construction site. He jumped towards one of the sheds beams and kicked off of it, he kicked the nearby stalker in the side of the head.
He ducked as a shotgun fired, he then ran to the sand swinging his hand threw it, the sand went through the mask of another stalker blinding him, he then dived for Doc's Steak knife throwing it a the man just as the man took his mask off.
He grabbed Doc's side arm and shot another stalker and ran to the stalker near the bird bath, he kicked the birdbath spraying the mans gun, he jumped onto the birdbath and kicked the man in the face. Another stalker ran at him from behind, Strelok sidestepped and pulled the sword out of the stalkers sheathe as he passed by and swung it around taking the mans head clean off. He saw another man fire a shotgun at him, Strelok threw the blade as he ducked, it went right through the mans heart, he turned to the other only to see him retreating.
He ran to Doc's side, there was a bullet straight through his heart. He pulled Doc off his chair and laid him by the lake, he placed the pistol back into his hands and laid it across his heart before closing his eyes. Strelok closed his own eyes before muttering “Sleep tight dear friend, you shall be avenged” He stood up and headed towards his own cabin, he put on the experimental exoskeleton and looked through his weapons.
He grabbed his trusty Desert Eagle 'Big Ben' and his fast firing AK-74, he grabbed an SVD, two Makarov's, 2 machetes, a Spas-12, his PDA and the rest of his money and headed out, he looked at his PDA in the contacts page, he saw the last assassin's name before it blinked out of range...
He couldn't have gotten far, he will find him and when he does he will suffer... He will kill this, Lakota...

---Madcap's group---
“here it is” said Oddball “it doesn't look like we will have any trouble”
“I beg to differ” said Scar “I was here before, this was where I found the Compass Artifact for Forester a few years back, we are below that level meaning this should be the....”
There was a loud bang as a bucket crashed through the door.
“this is the Poltergeist room” said Scar “everyone fire through the door and run to the ladder”
They all fired off a clip into the room and ran, it was like a spark in an oil pit as everything in the room began to fly in all directions including the stalkers, one by one they grabbed onto the ladder and attempted to climb, they quickly pulled themselves out of there.
“well, shall we” said Scar looking at the others, they were all out of breath, Scar quickly ran to the exit, he swore under his breath.
“what... is it... now” said Madcap limping to Scar
“look” said Scar pointing at where Forester's camp was, now it was a massive crater.
“my god” said Madcap “we should head to the Freedom base, for supplies and to find out what happened”
“agreed” said Scar
They grabbed their things and quickly headed out...

Fanatic looked at his PDA, he saw a dozen or so dots reappear, he let out a sigh of relief and heard a knock on the door.
“come in” he said
The door opened and two men stepped in, Snitch and.... Master.
“Master? Is that you?” said Fanatic “we thought you were dead?”
“We need to talk” said Master slowly, Snitch crept out of the room disappearing from sight...
  00:05:04  2 December 2008
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HL2 Master
Senior Resident

On forum: 06/28/2008
Messages: 271
Yeah man, in the words of Clear Sky STALKERS, "SPEED UP!!!!!!!!!"

We want more.

  21:50:11  1 December 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552

and sorry for the caps but....

sorry about the delay, viruses and dying computers and deleted files = crap. I havent had time to work on anything, maybe I will get the next part finished tomorrow, and yes the next part involves Strelok... kindofWELL be patient I haven't forgot about you kindofSEE you tomorrowmaybe.
  15:44:59  30 November 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
and sorry for the caps but....
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