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Red Storm

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Question How do you like Red Storm
Its okay (Y)
I liked Fallen in the Rain Better :|
I hated it (N)
It Sucked HARD CORE (U)
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  21:16:53  2 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Red Storm Part 3 - Desertion

(This is the longest one I made, second being the last)

It was cold and dark, the storm had passed, the radiation was lowering with every step he took, it was a long day full of death and destruction, but what else was a stalker expecting.

The rain was pouring, many stalkers hated the rain, calling it a bad omen, cursing at its every drop, but it wasnt to Owl, to him it was a gift. Owl lived alone, all alone in one of the only fertile patches in the zone, Owl lived on a farm he rebuilt, restocked and fortified all by himself, noone helped him so why should he help them, he hated the people who take this place for granted and the people who loved this place too much, it is what it is, its a new world and a slow death, people should stop calling it extremes and learn to accept that.
He looked over at his crops, he rarely went anywhere near civilization, in this world and the next, he was fine by himself, he fought with others only to get attached to them before they died, but not now, now he had no one, he had nothing but his crops and his trusty Kalashnikov, an old 47, he sat on his porch, his home fortified, complete with barbed wire, turned over trucks, a wall to high to jump and a gate, it was his home.
Inside his home it was well furnished supprisingly, there was food in the fridge, a tv, radio, a comfy couch and a big cushioned bed, it had a record player and a bath tub with working water, it took him a while to figure out how he would get that, but now he was relaxed, the rain watered his crops assuring he always had food to eat, though he always expected that the radiation was helping his crops grow because they grew fast and big.
His crops were of wheat, potatoes and strawberries, all he ever needed, he would cook the potatoes for dinner and have bread with strawberry jam for breakfast and lunch, he had nothing like this luxtury back in Moscow and now he was finally in a place he wanted, he went occasionally to the Bar for supplies, being an ex-duty he was always welcomed, he himself helped them clear out the bar as well as the agroprom research center, the old duty base.
His supplies being vodka, several other foods for when he was sick of his every day meals and other foods, hell Bartender made so much money from selling food he start importing more just for Owl, he even suggested sending stalkers over to deliver. Owl said when hes too old to get it himself he would do that, but at the moment it was a nice thrill exploring the deeper areas of the zone again. Bartender and that old dog Sidorovitch made there deals with the Military so they wouldnt bother his little farm while on patrols, he owed them for that, he bought a PDA like theirs, long range, able to reach most of the zone with its contacts and communication system.
He would look at it and remember fond memories of his stalker life, sometimes he would have fun seeing where stalkers were, laughing at the ones who would be running really fast across his pda, he assumed they were being chased by dogs or a sucker or one of those silly mutants he used to worry about. He however became quite interested when he started seeing stalkers heading north, whatever sent them up there he was curious about, the north was a place where your brain melts, young uns always believed there were increadibly gold mines of artifacts, instead Owl believed there were vicious beasts beyond imagining up there.
The real suprise was when they were popping up in Pripyat and the NPP and even Limansk and the old hospital, he nearly fell of his chair that day, it was a miracle, they found a way to the center of the zone, but that was when it hit. He watched as an interesting little dot labelled Marked One, who became his favorate entertainment, staying up late watching him run from dark valley to yantar and constantly returning to the ol' bar suddenly went straight for the scorcher, and then came out and ran north, he then was seen shooting his way through Pripyat as several dots blinked off the screen, he suddenly lost focus as he saw Limansk was again full of stalkers, there were thousands of little dots disapearing, he stared and stared having trouble finding Marked One again.
Then he saw him, a little dot called Marked One running across the bridge to the NPP, there were little monolith dots and and even military dots fighting up there and he saw Marked One running to the power plant. He quickly called up Bartender.
"Hello? Owl you ol' dog what are you up to?" said the familliar voice of Bartender
"Is what im seeing on my PDA real?" said Owl shaking
"wha.. oh yeah you mean the center, of course" said Bartender "have you seen Marked One by any chance?"
"yeah ive seen him running back and forth for you" said Owl amazed "he just entered the Sarcophagas"
"really wow, i knew he had the stuff" said Bartender "with all this fighting though it looks like business is going to be sour for at least a week"
"yeah I hear you, theres no one at all in wild territories, even garbage, you would think bandits would attempt to take over now everyones distracted, and hell even cordon is empty" said Owl
"yeah but when offered endless riches or even better a wish..." said Bartender
"hmm three dots just appeared in Wild Territories, out of nowhere" said Owl
"yeah that happens, oh and it looks like there coming here, possible customers or there heading north" said Bartender
"well good luck getting rich off those artifacts, its almost time for my supper" said Owl
"good luck in your 'Retirement' see you later" said Bartender
So it was really happening, he hoped he would see it but he was too far away to reach it and decided that supper smelled good. He was barely finished his meal when there was a loud bang. The Geiger counters he placed throughout his home started to tick rapidly and the sky went red.
"SHIT" said the old man as he grabbed whatever food he could as well as ammo for his AK-47 and he ran down into his shelter. It was dark and he nearly broke his neck coming down the stairs, he turned on his flashlight and headed downstairs. He found his old suit, a stalker suit with several upgrades and chainmail protection as well as an trench coat made of leather and mail. It had great protection against anomalies and radiation as well as animals and guns, he put it on, it seemed to fit right despite its weight, he put on his gas mask and attached the oxygen tanks, he didnt turn them on because he always saved them for emergancies. He then attached his PDA to a slot on his wrist and turned on his flashlight, after that he proceeded to go down two more levels, he built his shelter to be strong.
In his shelter there was a cupboard full of medicine and several coolers for storing food, he also had a fireplace that went to the surface, it was opened with a touch of a button, he kept it closed, there was a feather bed and a nice comfy rocking chair, he also had a radio. He turned on the radio and leaned back on his chair, finishing his supper and pulling over a blanket as he went to sleep.

The six of them stared at the screen in disbelief, they all raised their guns, even Bartender found a shotgun for the occasion and they opened the vault door carefully, the sweet smell of fresh air and open vodka bottles filled the vault, they slowly walked up the stairs, ever vigilant for a stray mutant or bandit hiding in the bar, it was an odd thing to do in the heart of duty territory but it needed doing, they found themselves in the bar again as the two dutyers went to secure their posts and the doorway.
"Well its safe outside, the place is nice and I thought I heard people, several shouts, Ill resume my post by the door" said the Dutyer
"well I had enough of you three now get out of my sight for a while" said Bartender and with a slight touch 'Dirge for the Planet' turned back on the radio.
The three of them walked outside, Shadow looked at Beaver and saw that most of the mud was washed off, the shock of being free of that bunker probably was the only reason the dutyers didnt notice.
"Beaver your suit" said Shadow
"oh man! this was a new suit" said Beaver
"NO your suit, if the dutyers see that they will shoot you and it would have been a waste of time putting up with your crap" said Shadow
"oh shit" said Beaver "well what do I do?"
"How should we know" said Buffalo
Shadow punched Beaver and he fell into a pile of mud.
"what the fuck was that for" said Beaver
"the dutyers wont bother you now" said Shadow
"you were waiting for the chance to do that werent you" asked Buffalo
"hell yeah" said Shadow with satisfaction
They heard some dutyers talking.
"I know we have to help them but we also have other more important duties to attend to, we are here to stop the zone not save the wounded, the zone is out of control and this is what we prepared for, we cant just wander off on what could be a trap or spend resources arriving too late" said a voice, Vironin, Shadow did business with him.
"But they said they were caught in the explosion and need help, we MUST help them or we're letting the zone take their lives" said another
"we simply do not have the resources or the manpower to do that, that explosion nearly wiped out all our stalkers" said Vironin "dont you forget that Dirov"
"Well im not going to let them die, if Duty wont help them then I will, and whoever else wants to help me can feel free to" said the Dutyer Dirov
"you are my second in command, what kind of example on the men are you making, this is mutiny" shouted Vironin
"well then Duty doesnt need me and I dont need it, if we are going to abandon those who need it than we have falled from our path, I am leaving and anyone who wants to follow may follow" Dirov screamed out not just at Vironin but the gathering crowd, he wandered off some of the crowd following.
"wow" said Beaver "Duty just split in half, we have to report this to Lukash"
"lets get out of here while the crowd is distracted" said Buffalo
The three of them snook past the gathering crowd and headed for the old army warehouse path, they saw the same Dutyers who left duty, led by a tall man in an Exoskeleton, he assumed he was Dirov, walk towards the old Wild Territories path.
It wasnt as evenful after that, they walked through the army warehouse region, taking note that large sections of field were ripped and ravaged, huge crators and ditches were all along the old gentle fields. When they reached the Army Warehouse it was as calm as it ever was, they passed the old farmstead and the path to the Bloodsucker village as well as the old debris pit, they reached the entrance to see another grim sight.
Military, lots and lots of military, the Army was taking control of the warehouses and a large amount of freedomers were leaving the base, it seems that the military spared them if they agreed to abandon their base.
"this isnt good, if the military chokes down on the zone any more than we are going to have a major crisis on our hands" said a Freedomer
"yes but if we dont deal with the fact we are homeless at the moment we will not last the night" said Lukash, another old employer of Shadow
"but we need to act!" said the freedomer
"but as I said earlier we lost our numbers, our bases we have NOTHING" said Lukash "our first order of business should be heading to the dark valley, the bandits are our allies and we can set up their for a while until we get our own base"
"BUT WE CANT LET THEM DO THIS" shouted the freedomer
The crowd dispersed, what was happening, another storm hits and these factions just break apart like they were made of sand. The three of them walked towards the remainder of Freedom.
"yeah what do you want now" said Lukash "wait a minute, Beaver? I thought you died when the minefield blew"
"yeah I thought I did too, only a sniper took me out" said Beaver "I was captured by those Red Flag bastards"
"the Red Flag, where did they take you?" Lukash asked
"Limansk, got busted out by Duty only to be hostages and dragged through a war, we barely got out with our lives" said Beaver "we spent some time in bar, got trapped when that blowout his and just escaped"
"yes i would have asked why you didn't join the fight if the explosion didnt hit, we lost almost everyone" said Lukash grimly "and now the survivors decide to split up and that will solve all our problems"
"more or less good news, the Dutyers also split, because of a distress call and half of them didnt want to go help em" said Beaver
"yeah cant wait to hear who else split, seriously just because we have a third explosion doesnt mean the zone has to change" said Buffalo "well at least not our way of life"
"he has a point but its sadly not the truth" said Lukash "wait a minute, Shadow is that you?"
"yeah, my story is the same as his by the way" said Shadow
"as is mine" said Buffalo
"all captured" said Lukash "never expected you of all people to end up in a cell Shadow"
"yeah lifes been great" said Shadow, who just realised it had been raining the entire time "and what is with this damn rain"
"yeah its been getting stressful" said Lukash "we should get going now"

Owl woke up, hmm he over slept, he walked outside before remembering the blowout, quickly checking the rad level, it was fine so he walked upstairs, his meal was ruined, he checked his fridge and found most of the food had gone bad, even worst his crops took a beating, but they were stubborn little devils and held onto their life, it was raining so he didn't need to water them, sligtly worried about acid rain but decided he had a major dilema now, he needed to restock.

He walked back downstairs and grabbed his AK-47, stocked up on ammo, grabbed an old Revolver, he never remembered the name and walked out, quickly running back in to grab a loaf of bread and some medkits, he had to leave prepared, he took his keys and locked both the door and the gate before setting off to the zone.

The walk was different, he thought he was going senile but then he realized the fields were starting to get warped and he was getting worried, he didn't bother check the size of the blowout, for all he knew it could have warped the entire zone, with that thought he put his hand by his holster. He forgot how much he hated these trips.
He finally reached the dark valley path, an old path he found a few years ago that leads safely to Army Warehouse, he walked through it seeing several holes in the ground, someone blew up the whole minefield, well thats one less problem to worry about. He kept walking until he suddenly stopped, he heard something... he saw a stalker running through the fields to the south, he saw him running and screaming.
"GET AWAY ITS COMING RU...AHHHH" the stalker screamed as a large bird, almost like a vulture or a crow swooped down and carried him up into the air and drop him.
He landed with a painful crunch as his neck, spine and legs were broken, the bird swooped down and start to peck and eat at him, Owl slowly crept away as he saw smaller crows swarm the body. He saw Rostok just ahead and carefully crept beside the ruined buildings and climbed the fence.

He entered the Bar finding less than a quarter of the original population wandering the streets looking grim, most of them had there masks on so you couldnt see their faces, something uncommon, most people want to see other people in this place, not faceless masks that remind them of the horrors outside of the bar. Owl found himself entering the bar.
"I said come in do... Owl what a pleasant surprise" said the greeter "its an unusual time for you to show up"

"I know, the journey was too much for my old bones to handle" said Owl, he saved that kid's life in garbage about a year ago, helped him get to the Bar and even got him a job there.
Owl walked down the steps into a dimly lit bar, it was crowded, but there was no talking at all, everyone seemed to be staring depressingly at their drinks, was that storm THAT bad?

"Owl a pleasant surprise, here for supplies" said Bartender
"yes, that blowout wiped out my stock" said Owl "business catching up?"
"yes, that 'blowout' was so powerful it wiped out half the stalkers in the zone, a lot of friends died, people are drowning their sorrows in vodka" said Bartender
"how big was it?" asked Owl
"it was slightly smaller than the second Chernobyl explosion" said Bartender
"my god" said Owl, it was all he can say
"even worst it not only affected the zone, but the stalkers as well" said Bartender "Duty has split and it is rumored that Freedom and the Bandits have, how can the Bandits split is beyond me"
"this is terrible, and to think we once believed the zone was secured" said Owl
"on better news the scientists are having a field day" said Bartender "the Scientists are the dominant faction in the zone, Sakharov brought in a lot, they are even expanding the Yantar lab, adding two more bunkers and an underground, as well as having two military squads to defend, they refortified"
"well the mutants go stronger, I just saw a very large crow grab a stalker and drop him several feet in the air" said Owl
"yes, stalkers have reported frightening new beasts, they are arguing over naming em" said Bartender "for instance, theres a rumor of a mutant that can cause a persons brain to explode at a mere glance, the stories are incredible but they are probably false.
"I hope" said Owl as he grabbed the supplies from Bartender "good luck, feel free to call me about how this 'Great Depression' is will ya"
"will do, see you later owl and do be careful" said Bartender

It was a dark room, it was an office in Kiev, now part of the expanding zone Mikhael looked out the windows of his office, he wore an old soviet officer's uniform, he was once a great and renowned General, now he is something more, his uniform painted red and gold which was fitting, his office had a large Soviet flag as well as a hammer and sickle statue, he was the leader of Red Flag and was in the new headquarters, their position in Limansk and Pripyat had been compromised, and it was only a matter of time until their base in Chernobyl was discovered too.
"you called Comrade Mikhael" said Khalepski, his finest general
"yes comrade Khalepski, the plan went accordingly, we now have complete control of Kiev, the zone will expand and with it our control" said Mikhael
"there was some resistance, and our prisoners escaped" said Khalepski cautiously
"damn, we can find them later, but first we must hunt the elusive... Wendigo... it holds the key to our conquest, we must also find Strelok, find the whereabouts of Ghost and Doc, we must also find Guide, Forester and Owl, of course no need to worry about Fang, our assasination went according to plan, though the assassin didn't make it out alive"
"all resistance in the zone has crippled, our enemies the stalkers had split, the survivors dwindling, the plan is going well" said Khalepski proudly
"remember, the hunter must follow the prey carefully only when it has truly been cornered may the hunter strike, remember that and when the world is taken by the zone, only then may we strike, take out the vital organs and the rest shall follow" Mikhael said before dismissing him
He stared into the pouring rain, thunder clapped, the day was ending, the first successful day in 30 years...
  07:35:33  2 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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AWwwww i want to read it, yet i dont want to read it because of the Clear sky spoilers. Grrr so confused.

Only a Shadow of Chernobyl spoiler in the first two, and its not TOO bad. The only clear sky reference in the first two is they mention the Freedom Bartender, so you can read those two. But after that no, if you want watch finish Clear Sky
  04:38:15  2 October 2008
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AWwwww i want to read it, yet i dont want to read it because of the Clear sky spoilers. Grrr so confused.
  16:25:08  1 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Red Storm Part 2 - The Zone that Changed

"Hey Beaver are we going the right direction" said a Freedomer, they had been walking for days in the rain.
"Use the PDA it says yes" said Beaver
"Those PDAs don't tell us if theres a bloodsucker in our way, the fog is killing me" said another Freedomer
"They used to" said the fourth Freedomer "I wonder why they don't anymore"
"probably because the MASTER stalkers believe it takes out the thrill of exploring" said Beaver "or the thrill of being killed"
"that is stupid, we payed more money to get a PDA that doesn't tell us if we are about to get ambushed" said a Freedomer
"seriously who runs these factions" said another
"hey its not all bad, look at the other features, like the contact and encyclopedia page" said another
"yeah great so i can find out whats mauling me to death when im getting mauled to death" said Beaver "or so i can find out who isnt giving a fuck while I'm getting mauled near him"

Lukash had sent two teams into the rain storm to go through the secret path to dark valley they recently found and start an alliance with the bandits, they needed this alliance so they can sneak supplies through dark valley instead of finding a harder way of smuggling it into bar.

"well when this is all over we will have half of dark valley for ourselves and the bandits get garbage, and ol' Ganja's bar will open up again and we can listen to the Bob Marley music until our ears explode" said Beaver
"think they will still roll joints" said a Freedomer
"I hope so or this is a waste of time" said Beaver
The Freedomers laughed, Lukash sent two teams because people have been going missing in rain, he would have sent more but he didnt want the bandits to think its an assault.
"you hea...." said a Freedomer just as the ground beneath him exploded, spraying the area with blood and bones.
"SHIT MINE FIELD" screamed Beaver
the Freedomers panicked and frantically searched for any mine markers, they didnt see this coming... then suddenly they saw flashes ahead of them. They quickly crouched down and waited.
"OH SHIT" said a Freedomer as a large pseudogiant charged through the mines, each exploding as he ran through.

The Freedomers opened fire emptying round after round as the creature charged them. The giant pounded the ground with its fist sending a shockwave out... activating the mines. There was a loud explosion and all went black.
Beaver got up and looked around, he saw another Freedomer, Tilik, get up.
"what happened" said Tilik
"the fucking Pseudogiant blew all the mines" said Beaver as he looked at the craters all around him.
"how are we going to get vehicles over this, the fu..." said Tilik followed by a loud crack, there was a splash of blood and Tilik fell over.
"FUCK" said Beaver, all Freedomers are familiar with the sound of a sniper rifle firing.
There was intense pain in Beavers chest as he fell over, blood pouring down his suit, he looked around as he saw shadows moving through the fog.
"son of a...." said Beaver as he fell backwards, into someones arms and all went black...

Beaver turned over in his sleep, the memory wasn't his happiest, and he still wondered if the bandits go their message, for all he knew the bandits could have shot the other team, the Bandits were getting jumpy when people entered Dark Valley, a stalker named Marked One showed up and nearly killed Borov, they were barely able to stabilize him, and the Marked One was able to fight his way out of it and escape. The bandits were ashamed of themselves for letting their leader down in the most grievous situation.

Beaver's mind then turned to Bob Marley and Joints and he slowly and happily drifted more into a deeper sleep, until he felt someone hit his shoulder.
"Wha..." said Beaver
"GUYS GUYS WAKE UP" shouted Shadow
The beeping got loud.
"look who's bothering us with his music now" said Buffalo
"say what" said Bartender "no shit"
The Bartender ran to his computer, he started looking through data, there was a beep on his computer as a video message was sent.

"hey man, that was one hell of a storm, I'm reading minimum life outside, guess what, the entire zone is morphing, I don't recommend leaving but hell, how else are we gunna make money" Shadow recognized the voice, it was Sidorovich, the fat man in cordon.
"Really thats interesting, what do you mean by morphing exactly" replied Bartender
"like, the zone is changing, new mutants, new artifacts, hell new anomalies, the entire zone is warping, its crazy out there" said Sidorovich
"shit you serious" said Bartender
"Ill ask" said Sidorovich, another video message popped up.
"hello hello, oh hello there Bartender" said an old voice
"Sakharov, is it true what Sid is saying?" said Bartender
"oh yes, its quite remarkable, though isn't helping my case really, Yantar is getting quite radioactive now" said Sakharov
"this is remarkable, though a little disturbing, what do you think caused the change" said Bartender
"well that might have been out fault" said Sidorovich
"You mean Marked One" said Bartender
"yes what ever happened at the Nuclear Power Plant has caused this mess" said Sakharov "and its entirely your fault"
"oh shut up you helped him too" said Bartender
"well... yes... hmm.." said Sakharov "im calling in several teams of scientists, this zone is a walking death trap and we must know all about it"
"you do that and ill see if any stalkers in the north are alive" said bartender
"and ill check the south, ill call up Fanatic and see if him and his boys pulled through" said Sidorovich "ill also call my army contacts, this will be top news inde... OH SHIT"
"what is it" asked Bartender
"Sakharov are you reading this" said Sidorovich
"yes yes I'm... oh dear" said Sakharov "that is not good"
"what is it?" asked Bartender "whats happening"
"well you see" said Sakharov "the zone... has expanded"

Please comment
  13:34:55  1 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Red Storm

Part 1 - Radiohead
-No one saw it coming, we thought we were stopping it, but instead we unleashed it, a storm like no other, a Red Storm-

A man fiddles with the radio, cycling through channels.
"hello everybody we now go to Vlad with the weather" said a man on the radio
"hello everybody its a rainy day, expect some thunderstorms by the evening, over to you Romanov" said the weather man
"thanks and now to play this mornings song, I think we will go with 'For What It's Worth' by Buffalo Springfield.
{There's something happening here}
{What it is ain't exactly clear}
{There's a man with a gun over there}
{Telling me I got to beware}
{I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound}
{Everybody look what's going down}
{There's battle lines being drawn}
{Nobody's right if everybody's wrong}
{Young people speaking their minds}
{Getting so much resistance from behind}
{I think it's time we stop...}
A man turns off the radio
"hey I was listening to that" shouted Buffalo
"meh the noise was frustrating me" replied Beaver
"can we have some piece and quiet" shouted the Bartender
The Bartender turns on the radio and starts looking for another song to listen to.
"Ah Dirge for the Planet, love this song" said Bartender happily
{Rising up the dust}
{Barren lands are desperate to blossom}
{Dark stars strive to shine}
{I still remember the blue ocean}
{In this dying world}
"Don't you listen to anything else, this is the only song that plays in your bar" said Beaver
"And will you shut up, what do you want me to play Bob Marley?" the Bartender shouted back
{The seas overdumped}
{The rivers are dead}
{All planet’s cities turned a deserted land}
{Annihilation declares its day}
{Life slowly}
{Utters me “remain”}
"we played that in the old Freedom bar" Beaver shouted back
"do you ever SHUT UP" it was Shadow this time, since the blowout hit they were forced to sit in this small shelter with two dutyers and Bartender until radiation levels lower. IT WAS HELL.
"well we would if someone played A GOOD song" Buffalo shouted
"oh man the song is over thanks a lot" said Bartender
{Rise up this mornin',}
{Smiled with the risin' sun,}
{Three little birds}
{Pitch by my doorstep}
{Singin' sweet songs}
{Of melodies pure and true,}
{Sayin', ("This is my message to you-ou-ou:" }
"YES FINALLY" said Beaver
{Singin': "Don't worry 'bout a thing,}
{Cause every little thing gonna be all right."}
{Singin': "Don't worry (don't worry) 'bout a ...}
"HEY STOP THAT" screamed Beaver
{Ooh, yeah! All right!}
{We're jammin'}
"not a bad choice actually" said beaver
{I wanna jam it wid you.}
{We're jammin', jammin'}
{And I hope you like jammin...}
"ok how about this guys, why dont we sit... WITHOUT MUSIC" said Shadow, these guys have nothing better to do.
Beaver starts clucking his lips, Bartender starts tapping his keyboard, Buffalo starts playing with his moonlight, its glow flickering all around the room.
{There was a Buffalo Soldier in the heart of America}
"BEAVER" screamed Shadow
"fine" said Beaver reluctantly as he turned off the radio
{There must be some kind of way out of here}
{Said the joker to the thie..}
"BUFFALO! if I have to stop you guys one last time... Ill stab every last one of you" said Shadow
"FINE, theres just nothing else to do" said Buffalo
"Then go outside and check if the radiation levels are clear" said Shadow
"but then you won't be allowed to let me back in if they aren't" said Buffalo
"EXACTLY" said Shadow
The two Dutyers had fallen asleep a while ago trying to ignore the bickering, at first they tried to stop it but it just got out of hand.
"how about 'I' play whatever must 'I' want because its 'MY' Bar and 'I' own the damn radio" said Bartender
"how about this, 'I' play a song 'I' want because 'I' haven't bothered any of you with terrible music" said Shadow
Shadow fiddles with the radio
{I don't want to set the world on fire}
{I just want to start}
{A flame in your heart}
{In my heart I have but one desire}
{And that one is you}
{No other will do}
Shadow lays back
"see this is called GOOD music" said Shadow
{I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim}
{I just want to be the one you love}
{And with your admission that you feel the same}
{I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of}
"Is that what this is called" said Beaver
{Believe me!}
{I don't want to set the world on fire}
{I just want to start}
{A flame in your heart}
"Screw this I'm going to sleep" said Bartender
"Me too" said Buffalo
"yeah I'm out" said Beaver
As they all drifted asleep Shadow thought to himself... Good now i have the Radio to myself. But it didn't last long and it didn't matter because the computer started to beep, stating radiation levels are back to normal. At least as normal as you can get in the zone.

Please tell me how you liked it, there is more coming.
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