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Red Storm

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Question How do you like Red Storm
Its okay (Y)
I liked Fallen in the Rain Better :|
I hated it (N)
It Sucked HARD CORE (U)
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  17:20:42  5 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Red Storm Part 11 - Battle March


It was unlike anything guide had seen, an army of stalkers and bandits and others to the south, and duty against duty to the north, had the world gone mad.
He thought he saw Fanatic to the south, he was probably facing his destiny by now, lets hope he survives this, we need a good leader these days.
Guide headed north to see more of the new zone.

---The Army---
Gregor was looking in Awe, the three of them managed to unite the zone against the zone, or at least the southern zone, the north was a battleground they must pass.
The army marched immediately, no point letting the zone wait, they marched north and had few incident, a rookie walked into a purple pool on the ground and his legs melted, he fell into the liquid and disappeared, a new anomaly it seems, worst that a fruit punch and appears on the surface, the zone was getting more dangerous, the boys called it a Chemy.
They walked through to the gate to bar, it was abandoned and swung ajar, they walked through, they past several bigger and stronger, highly volatile whirligigs, (swhirligigs, the stalkers CREATIVELY called it) and they marched on, there was nothing all the way until.
Dogs barking in the distance, the barking was coming nearer and nearer, from behind.
The stalkers turned around to see a large pack of dogs charging, several pseudos also followed but what was leading scared them the most, a fairly large, three headed dog.
"THE CEREBUS" shouted a rookie, the dog of legend that scared the rookies of cordon.
They let off, there was a good hundred of them and they poured out endless fire from their guns, the dogs had no chance, but they didnt back down, instead they leapt. The dogs were on them before they could finish reloading, people were getting mauled all around and they fired hopelessly until...
One of the Cerebus's heads was hit
Another one was hit
The last one was hit and it fell over dead. The dogs immediately fled leaving a large amount of wounded stalkers behind. They turned to see who fired and saw a lone stalker walking down the hill, an AK-47 at his side and a Mosin-Nagant in his hands. He walked down the hill and approached him, then he cleared his throat.
"My name is Owl, I have come to face my destiny" said Owl "or Die if the zone wills it"

He couldn't believe it, he watched as Owl came down the hill and joined them, Owl was in retirement, he hated other people, so why did he just join an army just like this. It was amazing, guide decided he should watch these men from now on.
He followed them through bar, and thats when the war began. He saw Dutyers and exiles in a great battle, the army just marched right through the city until the two forces saw them, it was quite comical, they all dropped what they were doing and saw a large army just marching through their city, at one time they would have stopped them at the gates but no one was there to report it.

---The Army---
"halt" cried a Dutyer "state your business... stalkers"
"we are passing, either join us, get out of our way or meet your end" said Gregor
The Dutyer ran off, probably to tell Vironin, excellent Gregor said as he saw exiles back way, probably thinking we were reinforcements.
"what the hell is going on" said Vironin as he was led by the Dutyer to the army, Gregor ordered them to continue.
"Who are you" shouted Vironin "you have no business here"
"yes, we have no business here, we have business to the north and this is the quickest route, there are other routes but this is more direct" said Gregor "there is nothing you can do to stop us, you may join us or surrender, we are fighting the zone and we have no business with you"
"fighting the zone" said Vironin in disbelief "Duty, fights the zone"
"No you don't, you fight Exiles, they are not the zone" said Gregor
"but.." Vironin couldn't let someone else fight the zone, he and his followers dedicated their lives to this, it was either call off the fight or be failures "STOP FIGHTING" he screamed
His men lowered there weapons and marched over to him, the exiles did the same.
"surrendering?" asked Dirov as he marched towards him
"this fight is over" said Vironin "this man is leading his troops, he is fighting the zone, we cannot let him fight it without duty's assistance, and I'm sure there will be plenty of weak and wounded during this, this war goes nowhere while this man finds something worth fighting, something we prepared our lives for but never truly did, I am going north"
"really? asked Dirov "then... we will march, the Exiles will not disband Vironin, but our duties require this of us" and with that he marched north, signaling his men to follow.
"I am sorry, we could have dealt with this earlier" said Vironin "we march north, to glory or death"
And with that he marched north, as did Gregor.
  20:14:31  3 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Mate, this is awesome!

thanks, I got the rest of the story ready but im going through editing, it should be up soon.
  09:13:24  3 October 2008
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On forum: 04/06/2008
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Mate, this is awesome!
  21:32:26  2 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Red Storm Part 10 - Call to Arms

(I have added up to part 10 and completed the series, plus epilogue, I will upload the rest of the series later, enjoy)

In the shadows of life and death, people search for inner meaning...
Death strikes all as swiftly as the night...
But life strikes only the lucky...
Or are they really...

---Khalepski and Mikhael---
He watched as the massive beast was hauled into a tank, the tank was airtight ensuring that the radiation doesn't leak, it was mounted on a truck and was driven to a lab, deep in Kiev.
"its is done" said Khalepski
"excellent, we shall be sitting in office, the world trembling at our feet" said Mikhael, it was ten more days until their plans succeeded.

---Vironin and Dirov---
"This is madness" said Vironin "not only do you betray duty but you are now declaring war on us"
"Vironin, Duty failed its mission a long time ago" said Dirov "Theres only room for the Exiles"
And with that Dirov and his escort return to the Wild Territories.
"I'm sorry Dirov, really" whispered Vironin "GET OUR MEN TOGETHER, THE EXILES HAVE DECLARED WAR"
Duty vs Duty, its a fate he never wanted...

Gregor looked at them in surprise as they were marched to his tent.
"You followed me?" said Gregor completely surprised
"yes, we did, this is a war we cannot let pass" said Shadow
"yeah... what he said" said Buffalo, they still didn't know what Shadow was doing.
"Good, we need all the help we can get, we will meet you in Garbage in one day" said Gregor "bring as many as you can"
And with that he ordered his soldiers to lead them out of the marsh...

If life and death cannot combine...
What is between...
Death of death...
Life of life...

They were left at garbage and Beaver headed with full speed towards Dark Valley, he reached Dark Valley by nightfall and quickly headed for the bandit base.
Beaver headed to Borov's Office when he found Lukash's empty, he found them negotiating with several mercenaries.
"Ah!, I was wondering when you would return" said Borov
"we were told to come and gather some help" said Shadow "the army marches in garbage and we need all the help we can get"
"Army? you mean the military" asked Lukash
"no, the Clear Sky Reborn" said Beaver
"Clear Sky? I thought they were gone" said one of the mercenaries
"They were, they reformed and are preparing to war with the zone itself and with it I assume the Red Flag who caused all this" said Beaver
"they ruined everything for us, we will prepare, but we must be careful" Said Lukash "where are the others"
"Buffalo went to Agroprom to see the stalkers and Shadow went to gather loners in cordon and search for Sidorovich" said Beaver
"why Sidorovich" asked Borov
"I don't know... he said he had a plan" said Beaver

---Buffalo and Master---
Buffalo found the place all right, it was a large factory, he walked inside and found stalkers gathering, waving happily and as they downed bottles of vodka, it was a nice enough place to be but he had a mission.
He walked up the steps until he found the leader, Master. He had heard of him, he was apparently a master Stalker who had traveled all over the zone.
"hello, here to join the clan?" asked Master
"Im here to ask for your help" said Buffalo
"Very well, what is it you need" asked Master
"I need you to ready your men for war" said Buffalo
"War?" asked Master "which war?"
"The war against the zone" said Buffalo
"every day is a war against the zone" said Master
"but tomorrow we gather and march north, to fight the zone and well whatever the zone throws at us until we reach the powerplant" said Buffalo
"well... the power plant you say, only region I never seen, well I will prepare whoever is willing, where do we meet" asked Master
"Garbage, we gather there" said Buffalo

---Shadow and Fanatic---
He ran through, past the old blockade, ran down the road until he reached the spot he was ambushed, not even a shell casing was left, nothing to show they were there, sure its been days but still, it was quite unnerving.
He ran through the camp until he saw Fanatic.
"where is Wolf?" Shadow was in a hurry
"hes dead, he met his end to the north" said Fanatic, the newcomers face was familiar
"who is in charge of the village" asked Shadow
after a brief pause Fanatic said "I am"
"well we need to move quickly, our forces gather to the north and we need your help" said Shadow
"help with what" asked Fanatic
"we are heading north, we are marching to war" said Shadow
"what war" said Fanatic
"the war against the zone" said Shadow "take whoever is willing"
With that Shadow ran for the familiar steps to see Sidorovich...

---Shadow and Sidorovich---
He ran down the steps, turned the corner and opened the door, Sidorovich was sitting at his usual chair.
"hello... Shadow! i haven't seen you in... days" said Sidorovich "what is it you want"
"you still have contacts with the military?" asked Shadow
"yes why, want to negotiate your execution?" asked Sid laughing
"no I want you to tell them that the zone is expanding and the only way to stop it is to head to the center" said Shadow
"why?" asked Sid
"because an army of stalkers is gathering and heading north, we need to distract the Red Flag and Monolith, we need access to the north" said Shadow
"I will see what I can do" said Sid
"thank you" said Shadow as he got up and left, time to go to garbage, it was almost morning...
  21:30:34  2 October 2008
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Red Storm Part 9 - The Wendigo

"What is it" Mikhael asked the soldier, he was sick of these interruptions.
"sir we found it, the Wendigo... well Professor Sakharov found it, he counted it as an unknown source of radiation, it was strong enough to be a blowout but it moved like a living thing" said the soldier
"this is excellent news, send the squads that way to capture it" said Mikhael "and call for Red Squad to get a helicopter and go there, tell them to bring Gauss Rifles"
"you don't think the mercenaries will succeed?" asked the soldier
"no i know they wont succeed, i just want to test it" said Mikhael dismissing the soldier, he predicted in eleven days the plan would succeed, lets hope he was right.

---Mercenary Squad (Audio Recording)---
"Where did it go" said a voice
"shit I don't know, it was big and white" said another
"watch out OH MY GOD" said the first voice
Sound of unidentified screams and ripping noises, the recording ends abruptly.

Khalepski was supervising Red Squad and see the Wendigo be taken, he was staring at the freshly butchered corpses of four mercenary squads, they were all setting the Geiger counters off the charts, they kept a distance.
"Looks like one mean mother fucker messed with them" said a soldier
"yes, the Wendigo is a vicious beast, find the thing, keep a distance and use the Gauss rifles" Khalepski replied
It took them over two hours to find the beast but when they did it was something they didn't expect. A big white furry shape leaped into their squad, they ran in all directions firing their Gauss Rifles, missing it completely, the thing had massive five fingered claws that it used to rip its prey to shreds, it also was highly radioactive, as Sakharov had discovered, but its breath was not what they expected, radioactive and the coldest thing they ever felt.
One by one red squad was taken out until it was just Khalepski and the helicopter.
"shit" said Khalepski as he climbed onto the helicopter and aimed the gauss rifle "Pull up"
The helicopter rose a few feet in the air as he saw the Wendigo charging at him, he readied his Gauss Rifle as he saw it leap, flying straight at him. It all seemed like slow motion, he pulled the trigger hearing each heartbeat as the thing raised its claws and...
The shot hit it straight in the head, it fell backwards in mid air and crashed on the field below, several men in hazard suits dropped down and tied a rope around the Wendigo.
Mikhael will be please, thought Khalepski

"marsh?" asked Beaver again as they walked through the valley. "why the marsh"
"clear sky reborn, their base is there, we have to reach there before the march.
"but... why the marsh" asked Beaver again
"oh come on Beaver, shut up about your Bloodsucker fear" Buffalo said, he was getting annoyed
"well its easy for you, you got a blue glowy thing that makes you run longer" said Beaver
"yeah but he never uses it" Shadow reminded him "he just plays with it, LIKE A GOD DAMN FIVE YEAR OLD
"well go fuck yourself" said Buffalo "your just jealous"
"If i was jealous i would have it already" Shadow said
The walk was long and dreary, they finally reached the path to the marsh in Garbage, the walked through the path, the great swamps before them,
"if anything moves, well you know the drill lets go" said Shadow as they began the crossing.
They heard rustling as if being stalked and whenever they talked to Beaver, he replied in a high pitch voice.
"hurry up Beaver" said Buffalo
"ooOKkk" said Beaver
They walked and walked until they found themselves staring at a long path of bushes and reeds.
"Lets go" said Shadow as he and Buffalo marched in, Beaver stared for a few moments but heard something behind him and ran in screaming.
"SHUT UP BEAVER OR YOUR GOING TO WA..." Shadow was cut off, there were several guns aimed in their face...
  21:29:05  2 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Red Storm Part 8 - Voices

"sir the hunt continues, the elusive Wendigo is proving difficult, the device is almost ready, after its ready we must place it" said the soldier
"excellent, send Khalepski my regards, so the stalkers are eluding us, very well, we will have another attempt, and it seems time is running short, WE MUST HAVE... Him" said Mikhael
"yes sir right away sir" said the soldier as he was dismissed
It seems the world will be within our grasp, thought Mikhael, it seems all we need is the Keeper of the Heart...

Skies of blood red...
Fires of deep blue...
The end is coming soon...
When shadow sweeps across...
Nothing left but his rule...

Owl woke up with a start, he thought he heard something, as if the zone was calling him, beckoning him for some reason, if that was so he thought to himself, then my retirement plan was a big waste of time, if something needs doing call the young uns. He looked through his fridge, nothing much to snack on, he grabbed some crackers and piled cheese on them, for some reason he was bothered, by the death of that kid? that was days ago, it didn't need to bother him, did it?
"zone is never a nice place..." he said slowly, then he heard it, something was climbing his fence. He ran down stairs and got his AK-47 and some ammo for it and ran back up. Men were climbing over and loading weapons.
"You are not invited, leave or you will be forgotten by the unforgiving zone" said Owl, they fired in return. He ducked down and fired off, they were ruining his nice house.
The first two went down fairly quickly, several bursts at their heads and they were down, the others were not so forgiving, they blind fired, destroying most of his furniture, he saw shapes moving along his fencing, they were surrounding him.
"I'm going to miss this place" said Owl as he ran down into his bunker, he smashed open a glass box and turned a lever, he ran down into the lower levels and sealed off just before hearing the building above him explode. He then turned to the old fireplace, clicked a button and the fireplace moved out of the way, revealing a dimly lit path.
"Rats" he said, walking into the tunnel as the fireplace closed behind him "theres no going back now"

Life as one..
Death as he...
When claws rend bone...
No real homes...

"what are you saying" said Lukash "you cant leave now"
"I have to, this isn't going well, war is going to start and I must find out more" said Shadow
"yeah.... what he said" said Buffalo
"you men have been north" said Borov "survived their prisons, escaped their wrath, and now you leave us"
"yes, sirs, we have to figure this out, i thin..but we have to try to stop more lives from meeting a purposeless death" said Beaver "i think"
"fine, but where are you going may we ask" said Lukash
"to the swamps" replied Shadow "we leave tonight"...

Doc heard it, he went outside, he thought he heard a voice in his sleep, it was unnerving but he suddenly felt the urge to return to the zone, at least the deeper areas. He questioned it before grabbing the assassin's pistol and calling his dog over, he looked around, winter was coming, and with that thought he walked off into the morning fog.

---Forester and Milov---
"It must be so Milov, you may stay here but I am going north soon" said Forester "but I will wait for a while, the zone doesn't want me to go right now, its hard to explain"
"but Forester, with mercenaries after you, you would need our company" said Milov
"perhaps Milov, but lets not worry about this now, for its morning, and morning is a time for breakfast" Forester replied, he lowered his voice when Milov left "or thoughts of death"

It was cold and dreary but Guide pressed on, his sleep had worried him but he is continuing his exploration of the New Zone, though this sudden urge to go north surprises even him, he didn't think much of it afterwards.
He found a strange new artifact, Fur, it seemed to provide warmth at the sake of radiation, it was quite an asset now that winter was coming, he stuck it to his belt and felt relieved, he walked on north.

Shadows and Flames...
Ice and Death...
Life and trees...
Mortals in these...

Professor Sakharov looked at his research, it was astounding after all this change, the zone expanding was grim news indeed but he continued to look for anything else out of the ordinary, he noticed an abnormally high level of radiation moving quickly through the fields to the north, he was curious, it was like a blowout or an anomaly, but it was highly mobile as if it was alive, it was astounding. He looked around, the new scientists were a real help and the zombies were really subdued, almost as if something wanted them to find this.

Prepared? how can they prepare for the ever changing zone before them, he readied his men and prepared, in two days they march, and the battle to destroy the zone begins, they know its going to be hard...
  21:27:46  2 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008

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Red Storm Part 7 - Bullethole

"who are you" asked Shadow
"I am Gregor, leader of Clear Sky Reborn" said Gregor, I was just passing by when I heard a bloodsucker roar and saw those lights in the window, it could have been a ruse but I couldn't take that chance.
"Yeah thanks again for that, I don't even know what that was" said Beaver "Its definitely not a bloodsucker"
"yes, it mutated from the bloodsuckers" said Gregor "It is known now by those who see it as the soul sucker, people are believing that they suck out your soul as well as your life, its quite ridiculous but they are deadly all the same, they even are seen leading bloodsuckers"
"really, thats... interesting to know" said Buffalo eying all the blood and gore
"Can I go?" said a small voice under all the bodies
"oh man almost forgot about you after all this fighting, lets get him to the bandit base" said Beaver
"yea we are welcome there" said Buffalo
They left the building and walked across the street.
"what were you doing out here, I thought Clear Sky was based in the Marsh" asked Shadow
"We were until that damn blowout wiped out most of our men" Gregor answered "I was returning from the nuclear power plant, I had just been exploring the place, that Marked One cleared up a nice path. I was coming back to warn my men to prepare for the war.
"War? what war?" asked Buffalo "I never heard of a war!"
"the war I talk about is the war against the zone" Gregor answered
"I thought clear sky were researchers, or something" said Beaver "why are you going to fight what you came to research"
"We were researchers, and after researching we learn t it must be destroyed" said Gregor "I must go now, tell no one about me, we must use stealth or our enemies will discover us before the time is right"
"you mean the zone or the Red Flag?" asked shadow, but when he turned around he was gone "creepy"

Bullet opened his eyes, it was raining, he looked down to see debris covering his lower body, he couldn't feel his legs, his visor was foggy and cracked, several holes and bloodstains impaired his vision. His exoskeleton was damaged and several areas were torn apart, he coughed, blood spat out.
He looked around painfully, he could barely make out the Pripyat Eye, it was partially collapsed. He saw where he was... he remembered how he got here...
---4 days ago---
"GET DOWN" shouted Bullet as machine gun fire mowed down several of his comrades, the battle for Pripyat was a bloody battle, all around him stalkers were fighting. He watched as his men returned blind fire at the machine gunners position, he was getting worried.
"whats our status" shouted Bullet, his PDA damaged from a sniper round.
"Freedom has entrenched in the eastern buildings, our forces to the west are fortified, our advance is only hampered by the bandits and the monolith" said Radar, a Dutyer
"good, now lets take care of this MG nest, he spun around and fired over his cover. He saw a shot hit the gunner in the shoulder and saw the turret turn towards him, his men got up and fired at the gunner, bullets hitting his shoulder, chest, arm and head, the man fell over, a bloody mess.
"good job, SQUAD ADVANCE" shouted Bullet and they slowly pushed forward "lets get to that Freedom base, requisition some RPGs we might need them, lets join the advance squad"
The Dutyers joined up with three other squads, they were going to rush a large apartment building, almost every window had a sniper or a machine gunner, this was going to be painful.
"FIRE" Bullet roared as the men fired at every window in sight, jumping behind what ever cover they could to reload.
Instantly the Freedomers returned fire, bullets flew in every direction as he saw some of the slower Dutyers take the punishment.
"Shit my gun jammed" Bullet said as his men returned fire "Radar are you hit"
"no sir" replied Radar "and.. I found another way in, we can take a side route, we have to leave the other squads here or it will look suspicious"
"really?" said Bullet "well lets get going, main squad follow me"
There were seven Dutyers in main squad, all in exoskeletons, the seventh Radar however had a SEVA, they also only used Grozas, they ran through the streets, the shooting became distant as they reached their target. It was the end of the building, debris from the building beside it made a form of bridge.
"Inside double time" said Bullet as he headed into the building "prepare for anything"
The Dutyers walked upstairs and entered the doorway.
"what in the hell" said Bullet, quite confused "what do they think they are doing"
There was a large pile of debris, surrounded by monolith... all... bowing as if it were god.
"men, lets show them the same mercy they showed our comrades" said Bullet as all of main squad raised their Grozas and fired, wiping them out without any resistance, they saw the collapsed wall, it formed a perfect bridge.
"lets move, keep quiet till we get close" said Bullet
They slowly crossed the bridge.
"what the hell are they up to" said a Dutyer as several heads turned, seven Dutyers sneaking into the building before them.
"they wont survive in there, continue firing" said the squad leader.
They slowly walked through the building, the place was full of bullet holes, they slowly crept until they saw a Freedom Sniper looking out the window, they carefully crept and...
Radar stepped on some debris.
"what.." said the Freedomer before getting shot in the head
"AMBUSH" said a Freedomer below
"shit screw stealth open fire" said Bullet as his team started firing.
Outside the situation was lighting up.
"Look they are firing somewhere else" said a dutyer as he saw flashes but saw no bullets
"GIVE EM HELL, FIRE THE RPGS" said the squad leader
Twelve Dutyers carrying RPG-7s aimed at the building and fired, the shots hit the side of the building blowing several feet in, the levels behind them could barely hold their weight, they lost their support.
"SHIT FUCK" said Bullet as the entire hallway they fought on creaked and slowly angled to the left.
"RUN, DEEPER IN, RUN" said Bullet as the supports gave way, he ran down the hallway, the place was turning quickly, he turned the corner and saw halfway along the hallway, it was tearing lose, he ran as fast as his exoskeleton can let him and he jumped. He barely held on as the rooms behind him collapsed into a heap, into an anomaly and explode.
Bullet pulled himself up and ran along the hallways, he turned the corner and fired at several Freedomers, and then the second barrage, this one was different.
"GET DOWN" yelled the squad leader as he hid behind the cover, a full line of T-90 main battle tanks were driving down the streets, the Freedomers fired at the tanks, causing them to turn and fire their main cannons at the building, the building was torn apart by the damage, it was almost as if someone planted explosives beforehand because the building simply exploded in the lower levels, knowing freedom it was probably a fail safe.
Bullet looked around trembling as every thing was falling, he saw some freedomers and had to make sure that they wouldnt make it, he opened his pouch and pulled out his last five HE grenades and ran at the freedomers, pulling the five pins and dived. The explosion tore up the area around him and the next thing he knew he was falling gently into peaceful oblivion.
The sky went red.
And everything went black.
Bullet stared, he looked for his arms, one was impaled by a large pipe, the other was free, he noticed a Desert Eagle lying on the ground beside him and reached for it, he held it up and examined the magazine as best he could. Seven shots, he would have to save it...
  21:25:46  2 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Red Storm Part 6 - Assassin

The soldier nervously looked at Mikhael waiting for orders, there was still a cleaner wiping his predecessors blood from the floor.
"I have a job for you soldier, don't disappoint me" said Mikhael "I need you to hire some mercenaries, their objective is no longer to kill but to capture"
"yes sir, at once" said the soldier
"and the search for the Wendigo goes?" asked Mikhael
"it is proving difficult to track, we have three mercenary squads hunting it" said the Soldier
"good, at least its progressing, money is not an option, get the best" said Mikhael
"yes sir at once sir" said the soldier as he was dismissed
Mikhael stared out into the stormy sky above the dead city Kiev, Strelok was in Moscow, he was a dangerous one who took out two assassins before they even moved their hands near their guns, and Doc somehow weaseled out of his assassin, Guide and Forester must not be so lucky.

---Forester and Milov---
Western Red Forest was a maze, it was thick and full of anomalies and mutants ranging from dogs to extraordinary new discoveries, to the north, Forester got up and went outside, he lets stalkers set up outside, helps him feel safe some days, the new group were some men who called themselves the Insurgents, ex-Freedomers and hated the military, Forester neither hated nor loved the military and never really had time for the Anarchists.
"hello" he said merrily to the Insurgents
"hello Forester, thank you for accepting us, we have no where to go to" said the Insurgent Leader, Milov
"no problem, Its nice having company from time to time" said Forester "now I heard an interesting tale from a passing mercenary squad yesterday about a massive beast capable of ripping a person to pieces and could freeze a man's very soul with its fearsome breath, now that would be an interesting beast"
"believe the story?" asked Milov
"well you can never be too sure in the zone, some of the most unrealistic tales end up being true" said Forester as he walked merrily to his tent
Milov watch as a Mercenary walked down the road and towards Forester, he saw them talking for a moment when another mercenary and another came up from behind, Forester fired his hunting rifle at the mercenary as he tried to pull out his pistol. The others aimed.
"NO" screamed Milov as he aimed and fired at them, the other Insurgents turned to see what was happening.
The Mercenaries turned towards Milov giving Forester the time to turn around and fire his hunting rifle taking out another mercenary, the last mercenary turned around and was hit in the head by one of Milov's shots.
Milov hurried over to Forester and kicked a nearby mercenaries body.
"that... was unexpected" said Forester
"yeah, what happened?" Milov replied
"he said that I was to come with him and there was no choice in the matter" said Forester "I said im staying right here and he said that he had no choice but to terminate me"
"shit" said Milov "well looks like he wont be the last, my boys will help protect you"
"I am quite capable but my age is always a problem, thank you" said Forester

---Guide and Fanatic---
Cordon was relatively unchanged, despite the fact that dogs were getting more aggressive and rumors of a vicious creature, a spawn of hell many stalkers called it was leading the dogs, hunting even the most experienced of stalkers.

The small stalker village for this reason was fortified, several of the dwindling loner population just disappeared in the night, it was a nightmare thought Fanatic, Fanatic was left in charge of the rookie village after Wolf died and had to manage it all by himself, it was hard, he never respected Wolf a lot until now, and after all Wolf even lost his brother shortly before he died, that must have been hard.

Guide was in town too, he was a revered stalker, one of the first and he knew the entire zone like the back of his hand, he would tell the rookies tales of great beasts of mythic proportions and epic sites in the north and strange and wonderful artifacts, he helped fanatic a lot, the zone was changing and Guide wanted to explore so he was restocking for a great journey, the rookies morale was always great when Guide was around, if not a little reckless.

"thanks a lot Guide, its been hard without wolf around" said Fanatic
"yeah I know, he was a great stalker, Wolf and Hound deserved better fates" said Guide "you know I have to leave"
"yeah, morale will drop and hell will break lose" said Fanatic grimly "can you live with that"
"don't you try to pull that on me" said Guide half laughing
"MERCENARIES!, THEY ARE COMING!" Screamed a Rookie running down the hill
Rookies everywhere reached for their weapons, Fanatic held up his shortened AK-74 and looked at the others weapons, compared to his and Guides AK-74 with scope, they seemed greatly underpowered.
Then he saw them seven, maybe eight, yes there four shapes on the left and four on the right, the left side were armed with Abakans with grenade launchers while the other side were armed with G36Cs. This didn't look good.
"quick get into cover" said Fanatic "provide us cover fire, keep them pinned"
The battle had started, rookies with Makarovs, Pb1s, MP5s, and various Sawn Off shotguns were firing, the sounds of AKs and G36s were barely audible, the fight was over quickly, several rookies were on the ground bleeding out with others fumbling with med kits, fanatic took the mercenaries weapons and pilled them by the campfire, he offered them to the rookies. They deserved something to help them survive at least a little longer.
"sadly I must go, you handled yourself well, just help them survive and your camp will continue" said Guide as he disappeared over the hill
My camp, Fanatic thought, he then proceeded to help the wounded.

---Vironin and Dirov---
Duty had seen better days, the bar was barely holding, the same propaganda played but very few stalkers inhabited the zone, and those who did were in one of the many factions now inhabiting the zone, too many factions for us stalkers own good, we are too spread out.
Duty didn't want any more lives to be affected by the zone but they needed the help, the military are taking as much as they can to restrict the zone, Vironin respected that decision, but by taking the Freedom base they neglected the barrier, Vironin then realized how much Duty relied on Freedom, Monolith raiders came pouring from the north, it was quite disturbing... he saw several familiar names, names of some of the stalkers that headed north on his PDA, it seems not all of them died, but that was to change, the monolith raided the warehouses and even the bloodsucker village, they began an assault on bar that nearly broke through.
"I am getting sick of this, we need all of our men, call Dirov, we need to sort this out" said Vironin
"yes sir" said a Dutyer as he called Dirov
"this is Dirov" said a voice through the PDA
"Vironin would like to speak to you" said the Dutyer as he passed it to Vironin
"Vironin, to what do I owe the pleasure" said Dirov
"cut the crap Dirov, you know why I call, we cant split like this, neither of us will last like this, we need to work together" said Vironin
"our aims may be similar little Vironin but they are different, our views of the whole thing are wrong, we can work together but we will never be the same whole" said Dirov "shit well Ill have to call you back, sorry"
Son of a bitch, thought Vironin angrily, this wasn't helpful, he sat down and stared into the fireplace, he laid back and tried to think...
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Red Storm Part 5 - Soulsucker

It was a cold windy day as the sun was rising, it took some getting used to, staring at the dead city of Kiev, it was only a couple days ago packed with people, now they are dead and their bodies mass buried. Mikhael stared as his plans succeeded, but something was amiss, the door opened behind him as a soldier marched up to him, salutes and then proceeds to give him yesterdays report.
"so anything go as planned" said Mikhael hardly looking at the report
"um... yes and no sir" said the soldier, he was worried
"what does that mean" asked Mikhael
"well... no one has found our base in Chernobyl, and the zone expands, our enemies are fractured and Freedom has just disappeared, we can't find where they relocated, we assume them dead... but... our Assassins we sent after Strelok, have been found dead in Moscow" He swallowed
"well Strelok is a master stalker of course he wont be caught with his pants down, what about the other Assassin we sent? the one after the old man?" asked Mikhael, his eyebrows raised
The soldier hesitated "he... disappeared sir...." he said slowly
"WHAT!" Mikhael screamed "Strelok I understood, but the old, delusional man survived"
Mikhael reached into his desk and pulled out an old Tokarev, the Soldier stared at it in fright.
"WHO HIRED THE ASSASSINS" Mikhael screamed at the soldier
"um... me sir" he wished he didnt say that
"that saves me some trouble" Mikhael said calmly as he unloaded three rounds into the man
He then clicked a button on his desk "theres a mess I need you to clean up" he said and two guards came in, stared at the body for a moment then carried him away, one more body to hide...

Beaver looked around, the building was dark and empty, like most buildings in the zone, there was also a stairway leading downstairs and upstairs, the light came from upstairs so he decided to go up, he walked up the steps and turned into the room with the light.

The room came into focus, Beaver stared in shock, there was blood and bodies all over the place, the walls and hell even the roof was red and dripping, in the corner there was a man covered in blood, he was holding a shotgun and under all the blood Beaver noticed something, Freedom colors.

"Its me Beaver, I am from Freedom as well, I am investigating the source of the light, if you want me to leave I will" said Beaver
"Please don't leave me here" he added in a small voice
Beaver raised his weapon and looked around.
"I already killed them" the man said pointing behind Beaver
Beaver turned around slowly and saw what he was talking about... Bloodsuckers, five bloodsuckers to be exact.
"Holy shit fucking hell" Beaver said, he hated them ever since his encounter in the swamp
Beaver backed into the room next to the other man and crouched down in the corner. Then he heard it. The most horrible noise he had ever hear.
"FUCK HES BACK" screamed the man as he raised his shotgun
Beaver raised the Ruger LCP he was given and stared at the door way, preparing for what he was about to see.
What he saw he wasn't prepared for and probably never going to be prepared for. The Beast was slightly larger than a bloodsucker, it had more tentacles and on its hands the claws were larger and it had strange suction devices that Beaver did not want to imagine what they were for.
The thing ran at them with incredible speed and they fired at the thing. It grabbed the man with its hand and it started to pulsate, the man was getting whiter with each pulse. Beaver kicked its head and it turned let go of the man and grabbed him, the claws seemed to retract when it wanted to let go, it clasped his leg with them and threw him by swinging and letting go, he flew into the wall with the bloodsucker corpses, the thing pounced on him.
The beasts head blew open and it fell on top of Beaver who was swearing under his breath, he turned to look at his saviour, a man in sky blue camouflage and a black vest and mask.
Beaver had seen that uniform before, back at the marsh a year ago, when he left that pipe he hid in and found his friends being guided through the swamp by a man in the same colored armor.
"who are you" he asked
"I am Gregor, Leader of Clear Sky Reborn" said the man

Borov looked at them, "he is dead then, we have seen many men march to their deaths there, the bloodsuckers there are powerful, he never stood a chance" he told them
"Bull Shit" said Shadow "I don't believe that"
He and Buffalo left Borov's office and walked outside
Lukash was granted his own office, a train car they moved into the camp, he set up and worked like an embassy for freedom in this base, the bar was ok for a bar not owned by freedom, it played polka music all day, not something you would hear in a freedom bar.
"He cant be dead" said Buffalo
"I know, and thats why I'm going to check" said Shadow as he pulled out and loaded his Colt 1911
"Then I'm going with you" said Buffalo pulling out his Taurus PT92
"Fine then you cover the rear" said Shadow
"Why the rear, the first person to die is always at the rear so the group doesn't know they are under attack until its too late" argued Buffalo
"I always thought that it was the person in the front who always dies first to show how dangerous the situation is" replies Shadow
They both stepped outside of the gates, they noticed it was raining again. They raised there weapons and charged the building and burst through the door, they smelt fresh blood.
"SHIT" they both screamed as they ran up the stairs, turned the corner and came through raising their guns.
"Hello" said Beaver happily "nice of you to join us"

Strelok stepped outside, it was still raining the next day, he walked to the office across the street and went into the elevator, no more cafes he thought to himself as he rode it up to the top, the CEOs office, it would be a nice interview, simple and straightforward he thought, though his background didn't really make him suitable for this kind of work, he would be working a nice job that he hadn't done in a long time. Honest Work.
"hello" said the CEO "you are Mr. Strelok I presume"
"yes, Mr. Vildrid" said Strelok
Mr. Vildrid was the CEO of a major corporation dedicated to the production of armored suits, something Strelok new a lot of, though his work on them had been amateur.
"So let me get straight to the point, you believe you can work for us, in production of the new state of the art survival suits why?" asked Mr. Vildrid
"well I know all work I have ever done on these suits are amateur but I had spent a couple years surviving in these suits" Strelok said, straight to the point indeed
"really, now that is interesting, your one of those stalkers" said the CEO
"Ex-Stalker I prefer despite how hard it is to realise that" Strelok said
"just like old war veterans I see, hard to return to an honest mans work" said the CEO, those lines were well thought of "we are short of testers, honest ones though, the ones we had stole our suits and headed to the zone"
Strelok found that funny, most stalkers come to the zone with barely a shirt on and some smart buggers decided, why do that when you can steal a prototype suit from a major corporation by pretending to work for them... that seemed so familiar... he pushed the thought away.
"well its hard to take your mind off of it yes but it will come to pass" Strelok said "thats where you come in"
"yes work is the best way to take your mind off of the past" said the CEO "welcome aboard, you start officially tomorrow but you may get aquainted to the area today if you wish"
"Thank you sir, I will probably check the place out for a while" said Strelok
Strelok wandered the building and saw many sights in the lower levels, where he would be working, it was like walking into Q's Lab in one of those Bond films, films seemed so long ago... The suits were being hit by everything, men with Groza's, men with Flamethrowers, electrical devices, axes, knives, Strelok even thought he saw an RPG-7 but he decided it was best to keep moving.
He finally found the Beta testing, Alpha testing he assumed was what he just saw, he saw several men walking into a 'LIVE' anomaly, he remembered hearing Lab created anomalies weren't as strong as the real zone anomalies, and they didn't last long, but it was still quite frightening, there was also a lot of paper work.
Strelok thought to himself that honest work and stalker work was hardly any different these days, he walked up and found several artifacts being tested, he decided to investigate.
"what was this one again" said one of the scientists holding up an artifact Strelok recognized, a Mica
"dunno maybe a Jellywig or a..." said the other scientist as Strelok cut him off.
"thats a Mica, handy little devils, stops you from bleeding at the cost of radiation" said Strelok
"and who the hell are you" asked one of the scientists
"I'm Strelok... the new guy in beta testing" Strelok replied
"oh a new guy, who do you think you are, how would you know more about artifacts than us" the other scientist asked
"well anyone who spent more than a day in the zone would know what that is" said Strelok
"oh a stalker, more of them..." The scientists rolled there eyes
"at least I had the balls to explore and see it in the field, instead of sitting in a lab mistaking a Mica for a 'Jellywig' great scientific discoveries you two, keep up with the Nobel Prizes" and with that last remark, Strelok smugly walked back into the elevator, fools he thought, he should be on that research department...
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Red Storm Part 4 - Borov is Busy

He had escaped the zone and discovered the truth, he found himself lying in the old Ukrainian country-side and was relaxing and breathing in the nice clean air, he got up and found the road, as he said to himself earlier, he did not know if what he did was right, but he made it and he figured thats all that mattered, he thought of his friends, sadly he doesn't remember anything about them other than their names and how they died, Ghost and Fang...

He remembered his meeting with Doc and was curious about where he went, he suddenly heard a car. He ran to the car and paid the driver to take him to the nearest airport, he looked in his wallet to find himself staring at a seemingly impossible amount of rubles, but the average man has never been to the zone, they know nothing of riches.

He took the plane out of the Ukraine, it brought terrible memories, he found him self traveling until he bought a nice apartment in Moscow, he relaxed on his couch with a bottle of vodka he drank for drinking sake instead of survival and turned on the TV, it was a horrible site, bright lights over the zone, the zone had expanded and engulfed Kiev and several nearby towns, he dropped his vodka in suprise.. he had not expected this, or maybe he did and was too thrilled at the fact he was free, he quickly picked up the vodka and got a towel to clean up the mess and went to sleep worried, maybe the C-Concious were right and he destroyed the worlds chance of survival... he drifted off asleep.

The next morning was cold, winter was coming, the rain was pouring like it was for a week or so, he was sitting in a cafe wearing a long coat, he was going to get a job, he needed one to take his mind off of bloodsuckers and pseudodogs and all the other freaks of nature he encountered, he got up and grabbed his suit case before heading for the door, he walked half way down the street when the cafe behind him blew up and he dived for cover and pulled out his trusty desert eagle 'Big Ben' and looked around, people on the street were staring at him as he quickly stowed away his pistol, several police officers quickly showed up and dispersed the crowd, he got up and walked down the street, then he saw it... several men in long trench coats were following him, they wore black stereotypical Russian fur hats, they didn't even bother taking their eyes off of him.

He turned into an alley and saw them quickly turn the corner, he turned the corner pulled out his gun and waited. They turned the corner and he right away unloaded two shots, each hit their hearts, he quickly fled the scene. Who the hell were they, he thought he was free but something told him he was wrong, he ran back to his apartment making many detours in case he was followed, he would not sleep easy tonight...

Owl made it home, uneventful compared to last and he loaded his fridge with food, he pulled out a steak, something he hasn't eaten in years and put it on a frying pan, he heard the sizzling and took a deep whiff of it and waited for it cook, he found that Bartender also got him bbq sauce, he decided to pour it over with some sea salt and black pepper, this would taste good.

He thought of that young stalker as he was killed by the bird, maybe he should have done something, maybe he couldn't, but the look in that young man's eyes did frighten him, he was also worried about those birds, he never thought of birds when designing his fortification, he might have to build a big net over his home... but those talons, barbed wire and steel wire Owl thought maybe.

He went downstairs and got his barbed wire and steel wire out and started to make a giant net, covering his entire farmstead, it was hard work but he liked hard work before an afternoon snooze, so he got to work, he finished and was delighted by how well it worked out, and so he got his vodka out and went over to his rocking chair and went to sleep...

Doc was out walking his dog, he was looking at the distant trees across the lake, that storm was incredible, he barely survived it, he decided he will be careful, he brought his dog home and sat down by the lake, he was humming to himself when he felt a gun aimed at his chest.
"Get up" said the voice
He did as he was told.
"Turn Around" said the voice
He did as he was told again. He saw a well armed man holding a deadly looking pistol, a silencer attached, he had a very cold and bloodthirsty look to his eyes and he stared at him almost in disbelief, Doc didnt understand what was so disbelieving about him.
"Your Doc? said the voice
"um yes last time I checked" said Doc, he was quite confused
"you cant be, i was sent all this way for you" said the man "you can die any minute now, why do I have to kill you"
"Kill me? why would anyone have to kill me" said Doc, he was still confused, and worried
"well I guess I gotta do what I'm payed to do" said the Assassin as he raised the pistol into an aim, turned the laser sight on and cocked the pistol. The next thing doc saw was the man throw to the side, a big fluffy shape on top of him.
"good boy, now ill get your food in a minute" Doc added as the dog began to bark at him "first I got to dispose of the body"
Doc hauled the body away and buried him, his dog was a great friend and was always there when he needed him but he figured it would be safer to take the assassin's pistol. The fact anyone wanted to hunt him was worrying, but his thoughts went elsewhere...

They walked and walked, the rain pouring they wandered until they found a gruesome sight, a body, ripped apart almost surgically, they kept moving along the path destroyed by mines and headed for the dark valley and the area they once called home, they arrived there at nightfall to see the Bandits had heavily fortified the place, but a light in a building across the street caught Beaver's Attention.
"I'm going to check that building out" said Beaver "I'll catch up with you"
"ok don't get killed" said Buffalo as the group continued
They reached the gate and knocked.
"Who goes there" said a bandit
"Lukash of Freedom, we need to see Borov" Said Lukash
"Borov is busy" said the Bandit
"can we wait inside, its awfully cold out here" said Lukash
"fine, but if you try anything" said the bandit
"a thousand bandits will shoot us right, we are allies" said Lukash
The gate opened, it was Bar all over again, the place was almost deserted, bandits were more numerous though they were poorly equipped, they walked in grimly.
"you here to see Borov" cried another bandit
"yes" Lukash Replied
"good hes ready to see you" the bandit called to them
The group separated, the Freedomers waited at the bar as Lukash, Shadow and Buffalo proceeded to Borov's Office, it was an old place with barred windows, the door was guarded by two guards and on the inside there were two more guards, Borov had a Spas-12 on his desk in front of him, it seems the rumors were true about him being jumpy.
"Freedomers return to the dark valley in the shittiest of times, what is it your here for" said Borov
"The military took our base and our members are split, we need shelter until we can secure a base" said Lukash
"well you are welcome here if you help us our, our members split as well, the Renegades they now call themselves, reusing an old bandit clan title, they when off to set up in the garbage region" said Borov grimly
"any word of the others, I was told that duty also split" Lukash asked
"yes, the Exiles they call themselves, abandoned their duties quite literally they now aid the weak, the weak die for being weak they don't need saving" said Borov "and your old friends, Insurgents they call themselves, they now just raid military patrols, oh yeah and the Stalkers reformed"
"stalkers reformed?" asked Buffalo
"a year ago the loners formed a faction called the Stalkers, just any stalker could join, they fought us and the military attempting to free the zone for all stalkers, killed a lot of us and forced us out of our old base" said Borov with a tone of anger
"what happened to them? like why did they have to REform?" asked Buffalo
"the bloody zone they fought to free destroyed their base, mutants swarmed the old farm and they were disbanded" said Borov
"well the 'Exiles' have set up in Wild Territories, right next to duty, the Insurgents took the old path to foresters camp in red forest" said Borov "the stalkers are in Agroprom, feel free to stay, just make sure your men carry their own wait and pull through on their end"
"what about that house across the way" asked Shadow
"that old house?, we avoid that" said Borov "Thats bloodsucker territory"
They sat in silence after he said that...
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