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Red Storm

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Question How do you like Red Storm
Its okay (Y)
I liked Fallen in the Rain Better :|
I hated it (N)
It Sucked HARD CORE (U)
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  21:23:35  8 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Red Storm Part 17 - Operation Pripyat, Part 2

---Operation Pripyat---
"FIRE" shouted Dirov as the troops took out the next too snipers, it was all happening fast for Bullet, he was being carried again and the city of Pripyat was speeding by, everything was blurry, the troops were charging straight for the Pripyat Eye, they would make a stand there...
"Master, your men will take out the snipers, we will deal with all these military troops" said Dirov
"no point, I will deal with all the snipers, take my men, you will need em" said Master as he aimed his rifle at the nearest sniper and fired
"ok LETS GO" shouted Dirov as he led them through the city, the eye was behind this big building, the troops were in front, they can run through or fight through two more sniper alleys.
Dirov ordered his men to charge full force at the gate, he looked back at Master as he stealthily moved off into a nearby building.

They ripped through the outside defenses and fought their way inside, they ran through until Dirov saw something, he order them to pick up Bullet.
Dirov pushed a wheelchair forward and they put Bullet gentily into the chair, Dirov then ordered one of the rookies to push him.
"LETS GO" Dirov shouted and they headed out the other side to gaze upon the Pripyat Eye.

Bullet watched as they ran straight for the Eye, they looked around and saw a large military force rush through the southern building.
"SHIT" Dirov shouted and they ran straight for the arch, towards the stadium.
They set up at the arch and pushed cover, they would hold here until the troops from Limansk leave the underground entrance behind them.

They fired until their magazines were empty, the enemy ducked behind cover and fired.
"RETURN FIRE" shouted Dirov as his troops got up and fired
"ENEMY RETURN FIRE" Dirov shouted and his men ducked as bullets flew over them.
"RETURN FIRE" He shouted
"ENEMY RETURN FIRE" he repeated
The battle carried on a few minutes until they heard some movement behind them, they ducked down and turned to see several stalkers climb out of the underground entrance and duck as bullets soared over them.
Dirov looked at them.
"Lukash? Borov?" he asked
"dead" Milov replied "Vironin? Master?"
"Dead and Missing" Dirov replied
"shit" said Milov as he examined the scene
"We will deal with this, get going" said the Bandit leader
"what?" asked Dirov
"GO" said the Bandit "we will hold em off, get going"
"you sure?" asked Milov knowing the answer
"yes, now stop wasting time" said the Bandit
Milov patted him on the back and signaled his men to follow, Dirov led his.
They ran down the path hearing shots behind them, they turned to watch.

"DIE MOTHER FU..." said the Bandit leader as he was shot in the gut by the military, they were swarming the arch finishing off each bandit.
"hey soldier, fuck you" said the bandit as he clicked the kill button.

The survivors stared at the arch as it suddenly exploded, the arch collapsed in on its self leaving a large wall of debris.
"lets go" said Milov
"but the bandits?" asked Dirov
"there dead" said Milov
"and Master?" asked Dirov
"he can fend for himself, our mission is more important, we are killing the zone and saving the innocent" said Milov, I sound like a fucking Dutyer, he thought to himself.
"can we just go somewhere safe?" asked Bullet "I'd like to rest"
"why are we trudging a man on a wheel chair" asked Milov
"he survived the third explosion by himself here, we are not leaving him, not after all this" said Dirov "LETS GO"
  21:21:56  8 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Red Storm Part 16 - Operation Pripyat, Part 1

---Operation Pripyat---
Bullet stared at the blood all over his visor... it wasn't all his blood....
--2 hours ago--
Vironin pointed ahead at the buildings, Sniper alley.
"Master, your troops take the eastern path, wipe out the squads that will ambush us at each crossroad" said Vironin "Dirov, take the west path, your objective is the same"
"and you?" asked Master in a slow and reassuring voice
"I lead the Dutyers head on" said Vironin
"thats suicide" Master replied
"not if I lead them" said Vironin as he signaled them, the battle had begun.

The Dutyers charged straight through the main road.
"SNIPERS ON THE LEFT" Roared Vironin, his troops aimed to the left, never stopping and fired.
"SNIPERS TO THE RIGHT" he roared again as his troops aimed to the right and fired
"SNIPERS ROOFTOP" he roared as his troops fired at the rooftops
"CROSSROADS, PREPARE FOR AMBUSH" Vironin shouted, he saw both ambushes getting mowed down.
"SNIPERS ROOFTOP" he shouted...

The Exiles charged down the west side, they met the Monolith second ambush, they fired quickly.
"LETS MOVE THE DUTYERS NEED US" shouted Dirov as they headed straight seeing two more ambushes ahead, a block away each...

The stalkers got on their knees and fired short, controlled bursts at the enemies ahead. Master counted each one drop before waving his hand, they ran forward to the next group.
They ran through and shot the next group, they watched the enemies this time turn and fire before they did.
"FIRE" shouted Master, his voice booming

"FIRE" shouted Dirov, his enemies heads turned just in time to see a burst of shotguns and Grozas rip them apart.
"GOOD JOB LETS MOVE" shouted Dirov and with that they charged to the end of the street.

"SNIPERS TO THE RIGHT" roared Vironin as his men took out the snipers. They hit the end of the street and paused.

---1 hour 30 minutes ago---
"we dealt with the snipers good work, this next one is going to be tricky, I see snipers all along the rooftops waiting for us, Master go left, Dirov go right, Ill go straight through" Said Vironin
"another ambush you take head on?" asked Master
"I assume so" Vironin replied
"you are taking all the dangerous missions" said Master as he loaded his gun "I expect you want to have all the fun to yourself" Master, laughing signaled his troops to take the western path...

Dirov realized where he was heading, this lead to a monolith base, he signaled his troops to be on guard.
Dirov turned the corner to see a shocking surprise, the entire building once known as a monolith base was destroyed, completely, a large pile of rubble.
"lets cautiously move in, the debris could be good cover in case of an attack" said Dirov as he lead his troops through the rubble. He looked around an heard a faint cough.

Bullet stared up at the sky, its been several days since the building collapsed and he hasn't had food since, he was hungry but he also didnt want to die, he looked around as he heard footsteps, he coughed by accident, quickly readying the Desert Eagle in the one hand he had free.
He saw someone drop down near him, he aimed at him.
"shit... Bullet? is that you?" said a familliar voice, Dirov, he used to play cards with him.
Bullet looked at him, was his name Bullet? hes been alone here for a while...
"shit it is bullet, GUYS I FOUND A SURVIVOR, NO NOT A MONOLITH, A DUTYER FROM THE LAST FIGHT WE HAD HERE" Dirov was shouting, he saw a large amount of Dutyers, or at least he thought they were Dutyers, there armor was black and blue not black and red, he saw Dirov, taking his gas mask off.
"is that a good idea sir?" asked one of the men
"he has been here with one arm half buried under debris for a couple weeks, he needs food" said Dirov, as he pulled out a large sausage "eat up, we will get you out"
Bullet dropped is gun and grabbed the sausage hungrily as he quickly ate the sausage.
"got anymore?" asked Bullet
"shit I don't think this is Bullet I think we found Hog by mistake" one of them joked
"oh shut up and help me get his mask on" asked another "don't want the dust to choke him to death"
"ok five of you drag while the rest of us lift" said Dirov and they lifted the debris on his arms and legs and pulled him out.
"OW" said Bullet as he was lifted up, his legs broken.
Dirov quickly ran and grabbed a flag from a collapsed flagpole, he had two of his men hold each end and they carefully put Bullet on it, a makeshift stretcher.
"lets go, everyone cover them" said Dirov and they marched forward

---1 hour ago---
Master had taken out the rest of the snipers and signaled his men to advance, they were nearing the end when something jumped out at them, a three headed man... he had to be going insane, it turned one of its heads and picked up a machine gun and fired at them.
"SHIT GET TO COVER" said Master, that was the most human like mutant he had ever seen... it was unnerving.
"FIRE" he said as his men fired, they hit one of his heads with a shotgun blast and it was ripped off, but suddenly it grew back.
"MY GOD" said a stalker just before getting mowed down by the mutant.
"FIRE" said Master "AIM FOR THE HEADS"
Master had heard of an old Greek myth about something like this, a hydra, a giant three headed serpent, its weakness was fire, to stop it from regrowing it had to be burned at the neck, where would he get... thats it, incendiary grenades.
Master stood up and threw the grenade, it exploded right when the heads were shot off, perfect..?
The thing started flailing its arms every where and ran at them before exploding in there faces... interesting...
"LETS MOVE" shouted Master

---30 minutes ago---
Vironin exited the tunnel, his men had taken some hits, he saw master coming around the corner, his men were pretty beaten up.
"what took you so long" said Vironin "snipers pin you down?"
"no a mutant, the most fucked up mutant of them all" said Master
"what was it" Vironin asked
"it was a three headed man, and actual fucking man with three fucking heads, he attacked us with a machine gun" said Master
"that is creepy" said Vironin
"you didn't see it" Master said "If you had you would be scared shitless, not creeped out"

---0 minutes ago---
"There they are" said Vironin "took you long enough, whats that your carrying"
"found a survivor" said Dirov
"monolith?" Vironin asked
"no duty" said Dirov, watching Vironins face change to disbelief "its Bullet sir"
"really" Vironin as he moved to see him.
Bullets legs were ripped apart and mangled, his left arm was bent the wrong way, he looked in pain.
"you alright soldier?" Vironin asked
"hungry sir" he said in a hoarse voice "OI you, you promised me more food"
One of the exiles past him another large sausage, several others helped take his gas mask off.
"you have been here since the blowout?" asked Vironin
"yeah, team killed" said Bullet "last time I requisition RPGs" he said laughing painfully
"We found him in a collapsed building, I heard a cough and thought ambush" said Dirov
"Lucky you" Vironin said getting up
Vironin got hit in the neck by a sniper round, he fell over.
"SHIT" Dirov cried as his men aimed their guns and fired at the sniper

In all the excitement, Bullet was left on the ground.
Bullet stared at the blood all over his visor... it wasn't all his blood...
  20:59:25  7 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Operation Pripyat

Ill put up the next two parter, Operation Pripyat soon!
  20:57:45  7 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Red Storm Part 15 - Operation Limansk, Part 2

---Operation Limansk---
They ran in shooting, they did a full force rush this time up the hill shooting anything that moved, the rush was grueling as the Monolith made some little adjustments to a perfectly muddy hill, they added bear traps, land mines, tacks, even some trip wires that fire guns straight out of the mud. By the time they reached the hill they were muddy and covered in the blood of the unlucky, they then had to run into a potential ambush in pitch black environments.
They ran through shooting as they were bombarded from all sides. They couldn't win this kind of a fight.
"RUN, RUN ON THROUGH IGNORE THE ENEMY" shouted Lukash as his men ran through the sea of bullets to the other side.
"FUCK FUCK FUCK" said Borov as a shot hit him in the foot, he hopped on the other the rest of the way until...
A shotgun blast hit him square in the back and he slid down the muddy hill.
"Fucking bastards" said Borov
"shit we have to get you out of here" said Lukash
"go, I have surprises for these bastards too, get out of here" said Borov "GO"
Lukash signaled the troops forward. They survived the monolith defense and they ran forward to find the path to the old hospital, one commander short he thought grimly.

The monolith came running down the hill, each one shooting a dead soldier, Borov planned a special device, he clicked the button as a Monolithian aimed his pistol at him.
"FUCK YOU" Borov said as he and his nearby wounded and dying bandits blew up in a large explosion.

"fucking hell" said Lukash as he saw the entire construction yard collapse. The morale of his troops was already dropping, suddenly.
"SNIPER" he shouted as he saw one of his troops fall over. A Monolith sniper was up in a tower at the end of the street.
Lukash looked at a bandit beside him carrying an RPG and nodded, the bandits all stood up and the one with the RPG aimed
"FOR BOROV" he screamed firing the RPG at the small tower.
The tower collapsed in a echoing explosion, collapsing on the nearby building. They had to move quick or the path to the old hospital would be gone.
"CHARGE" Lukash shouted as his me rushed through the arch it formed just before it crashed onto the ground, tearing the building with it...

They ran down the slope, taking not of the extensive debris, they ran through the entrance, running through an underground tunnel before running up some stairs into another hell, there were several MGs set up and two snipers, the entire path was one long narrow stretch right in front of the MGs, there were troops along the upper walls as well.
He saw debris on the lower level, great cover.
"Bandits, you distract the MGs on the lower level, use the cover" said Lukash
"Mercenaries, you take the right hand path, follow the path to the other side and take out the snipers, my men will distract them and the Insurgents will find the way out of this room" said Lukash
He watched his plan and hoped it worked...

"MOVE MOVE MOVE" said the bandit leader as the they got behind cover taking heavy casualties, the kill button was in his hands now
He and his men started blind firing at the enemies as the mercenaries ran along the path.

"Fire at the snipers men" cried Lukash
He and his men stood up and fired.
Prata Prata Prata
Prata Prata Prata
Lukash fell over, his chest bleeding, it was painful, he looked at his enemies and saw the nice red and gold colors, bastards he thought as he stared at his wont, scraped the heart, fuck he thought.
"SIR SIR" he heard Milov scream, he could barely hear anything, or see for that matter, he was numb. He looked at Milov, its time to settle differences.
"There is no Freedom and Insurgents, only one... lead em well Milov.... lead em well...."
Everything went black
"yes sir" said Milov "only Freedom" he was covered in blood as he fell over, Forester put his hand on his shoulder.
"He put his fate in your hands, lets make him proud" said Forester "and I found the entrance, its behind the Machine Gunners, and oh look the mercenaries pulled through"
That got Milov's attention, he turned around to see the snipers get mowed down and the machine gunners get killed by several grenades, he signaled the troops together and they headed for the exit.

The next room was smaller and they saw red flag helicopters flying overhead.
RPGs were fired at the helicopters, three out of five were destroyed, the other two headed their way.
"EVERYONE OPEN FIRE" Milov roared almost immediately drowned out by the discharges of many different guns
A helicopter was hit and it crashed into a nearby room, the other began firing its machine guns, missiles at this range would be too dangerous.
Then it hit, Milov saw a single shot from a bandits Makarov flew right into the tail rotor, it spun out of control and crashed into the level below them.
"GOOD WORK LETS GO" said Milov pointing to the next door, this one had no floor, just a ramp leading into a dirt pit.
Milov led his forces through the pit and immediately was under fire, AMBUSH, it seemed like endless troops were either firing or jumping down from the two upper levels.
"Fire" Milov shouted "there were the sounds of hundreds of shots firing"
The battle was quick, machine guns and RPGs helped that, well over half of them were dead and there was no one who hasn't suffered a bullet.
Milov looked in horror.
"sorry Milov, I guess I wasn't ready" said Forester, several shots to the chest, he was coughing up blood so badly it was practically pouring out of it.
"nononononono" said Milov as he examined his wound "we will get you out of here"
"you've already done enough, you set me free of the zone and are going to destroy it" said Forester "make me proud he said"
Forester held out an artifact, it was covered in blood an was the strangest artifact he had ever seen, it was blue with several brown bits sticking out.
"take the compass... and.... live... fre..." said Forester, he went limp, dropping the artifact.
Milov walked over and picked up the artifact, and stared at Forester, he put it on his belt and felt as if he had more energy, almost like a caffeine, something he needed, he signaled his troops and led them into a tunnel to the Pripyat Underground...
  20:55:34  7 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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10/07/2008 20:58:01
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Red Storm Part 14 - Operation Limansk, Part 1

---Operation Limansk---
"GET DOWN" cried the commander as several RPGs fired out from the enemy garrison.
"SIR INCOMING" a RPG hit their cover blowing up the commander and his team....

"sir, the monolith are well entrenched" said a Freedomer
"to be expected, we shall head to the west, there are some higher buildings their, we can get snipers ready to provide Borov cover fire, Borov will head straight through with his men and we will have the mercenaries sneak behind them" said Lukash "We must take that bridge"
"yes sir, I will send the message" said the Freedomer

"Hear that boys, they need a nice distraction, CHARGE BOYS AND LET THEM HAVE IT" cried Borov as he signalled the troops to charge, he charged with them seeing the building across the street made him think he was making a mistake, every window had a MG nest.
"Oh shit" he mumbled to himself.

"come on men, they need us to bail them out and thats what we will do, we will swim across the east river, scale the fences and take the side entrance into the Machine Gun emplacement, after that we will signal them and prepare for the next advace" said the Mercenary Leader
"If we do it fast they wont even see us" said a Mercenary as their leader signaled the advance, with that they heard many machine guns firing.

"SNIPERS, READY, FIRE" said Lukash as the snipers fired at the Monolith troops trying to reinforce the bridge, there were a large amount setting up a barricade to slow the bandits movement, the snipers took out a good amount of them.
"RELOAD" Lukash cried as his snipers began to reload.
"SNIPERS, READY, FIRE" He cried again as his snipers unloaded their magazines.
"RELOAD" he repeated, the snipers did as they were told.
"SNIPERS, READY, FIRE" He repeated, the next row of monolith were down.
"RELOAD" he cried again, they reloaded.
"CHANGE TARGETS" he shouted, the snipers aimed their rifles at the side entrance to the MG nest, he saw the mercenaries swimming across the east side of the river.
"SNIPERS, READY, FIRE" Lukash repeated as he watched the little people across the river collapse, he then saw the Mercenaries sneak in the side entrance, there were some flashes in the nest and the signal was lit, a single MG shot to the air.
"PACK IT UP SNIPERS, LETS MOVE OUT" he shouted, they were across the river.

"Sir get the troops ready, the tank column is driving down the main road, they should be here in a few minutes" said the Radio man
"Good Job, LETS MOVE OUT" said the commander

The bandits rushed through, taking the MGs and whatever better gun they could find, they watched as the Freedomers caught up.
"where are the Insurgents?" asked Borov
"right here" said Milov
"this one is a tricky one" said Borov as he pointed to the tank column
"Bandits, you will attack from this building, Mercenaries, sneak from behind, Insurgants, follow the mercenaries but enter the buildings on the other side, provide support fire for the bandits, we will get to the building on the end of the road and provide sniper fire" said Lukash
"you heard em boys, lets let em have it" said Borov and they ran to the upper windows.
"follow me" said the mercenary squad leader as he motioned the Insurgents and Forester to follow "we have to be quick and quiet"
The bandits started firing.
"Better just be quick" said Milov

"SNIPERS, SET UP" Lukash shouted as his men were in position, each one got onto one knee and aimed at the troops meeting the tank column, they saw the bandits begin the attack.
"SNIPERS, READY, FIRE" Lukash cried

"orders Milov?" said an Insurgent
"wait, just wait" said Milov
"but what about our orders" asked the Insurgent
"I said wait" Milov replied

"SHIT WHERES OUR SUPPORT FIRE" Borov shouted as his men sustained casualties.
"fucking bastards" cried a bandit

"why arent they firing" said Lukash as he saw the mercenaries wait for the next diversion

"NOW" shouted Milov, his enemy had fully turned their backs and several men in the tanks rose into the machine gunner seat.

"SHIT" said Lukash "SNIPERS, READY, FIRE" he shouted as his men unloaded their magazines.

"HA TAKE THAT FUCKERS" cried a bandit as he watched the military get hit from almost all sides
"TAKE THAT MOTHER FUCKERS" His troops started shouting
"GOOD NOW LET EM HAVE IT" Borov shouted as his Machine Gunners on the roof started firing armor piercing rounds.

"NOW" whispered the squad leader, the mercenaries jumped onto the first tank and through a grenade down the open hatch, they rushed through shooting everyone in front of them, throwing grenades in each tank.

The column was gone quickly and they gathered their survivors and headed for the construction site...
  20:53:44  7 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Operation Limansk

Im putting up the first two parter, Operation Limansk right now!
  09:15:18  6 October 2008
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On forum: 04/06/2008
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Cool as

I'm really liking this.
  17:29:22  5 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Nearing the End?

We are nearing the end of the series, there will be three two parters, and a finale that will sum up the story, there will be a very short 'series' called Eye of the Storm which will be a loose and vague mix of advertisements, news events and diary entries that will give you a slight explanation of what happened afterwards. Hope you enjoyed so far... oh and the votes will determine if I create another series based off of this one.
  17:26:18  5 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Red Storm Part 13 - Three Roads to Hell

Life, all have...
Little enjoy...
Taken for Granted...
Forgotten in Death...

---The Army---
"LISTEN UP PEOPLE" Gregor shouted "you know the plan, the military had a days head start, the monolith are entrenched, we have to fight through, to you positions people"
The army split into three forces, the Limansk force would head to the old mercenary camp, the path to the Forester's hut, the Pripyat force would head to the abandoned Barrier, the path to the scorcher, and the Chernobyl group would head to the old trail, along the path to dark valley.
The forces marched through their positions and sat, this would be a bloody battle, they had to be prepared.
"GO" shouted Gregor into his PDA and everyone marched, it was the day to remember, the week would go by and we would remember how we stopped the zone, or would not remember at all. I hope for all our sakes we survive, thought Gregor.

---Operation Limansk---
The force marched through the old path towards red forest, the walk was long and when they made it they found a pleasant surprise, the Insurgents all had their guns drawn, the group stared at them.
"I have come to see Milov" said Lukash as he and his men were led down the road to the forester's hut.
"Lukash what brings you here?" asked Milov
"still want to fight the military?" asked Lukash
"we are getting our base back?" Milov asked excitedly
"no, we head to Limansk" said Lukash "the military have a head start and we must reach the center before they or the Red Flag do"
"Limansk, where the others died why" asked Milov
"we are going to destroy the zone, either step aside or aid us but we are not going to loiter" Lukash Replied
"shit, just a second" said Milov as he ran to the Forester's hut, he emerged with an old man and returned to Lukash.
"Forester was wanting to go to the center of the zone a while ago, he has agreed to go with us, he believes the answers are there" said Milov
"okay lets go, Forester, do be careful, your knowledge of the zone shouldn't go to waste" said Lukash
"don't worry about me, worry about yourself" said Forester as they marched through the forest towards the bridge to Limansk.
They found the bridge and crossed it, they had hit their point of no return, there was no going back from here...

---Operation Pripyat---
They marched through the old road to the scorcher, nothing in sight but cars and debris, they marched and marched until they heard something unnerving. Out of the bush a large bear emerged, its fur was matted and some areas it was missing, then he realized it was no ordinary bear.
"Shit a Pseudobear" a stalker screamed
The mutations of the zone had been spreading while Duty fought each other, Vironin thought to himself.
"FIRE" screamed Vironin as his men fired at the bear, it moved with surprising speed and it ran head first through the bullets, it crashed into the center and let off a roar, a piercing, painful roar that seemed to release a shock wave, everyone around the bear was thrown into the air, it turned its head and charged at Vironin.
Vironin inhaled and fired, the shot hit it right in the eye, the bullet pierced the eye and hit the brain killing the beast. Vironin let off a sigh of relief and helped the wounded up and they marched again.
They found the path to Pripyat, after looking around they marched on, they reached their point of no return, there was no going back from here...

---Operation Chernobyl---
The group walked along the old trail, it led them before the city of Chernobyl, they stared at it for a while, not many stalkers gaze upon the cause of this, most refer the cause of all this as the Power Plant, but the Power Plant was there because this city was there, it was too far away so Pripyat was made, and now the zone is here, they each stared for a moment then marched on. Owl lived here at one time, moved away when the plant blew, and now hes back. They walked until they past a small farm, they found a herd of cows, but the cows turned their heads and charged, it was revealed that they were known by stalkers as Auroch, seen in the radioactive farms, they were not too dangerous, a lot like flesh, dangerous when careless but not for the average stalker. The group opened fire as the herd charged at them, the herd was mowed down but one managed to reach them, its horns pierce a stalker's exoskeleton causing him to fall over in pain, the Auroch readied to charge but was stopped by a sudden shotgun blast.
"dangerous little suckers" said Beaver, bringing up the rear, he was carrying a flamethrower, given to him by Gregor, he was having trouble keeping up at times but at least he kept them on their toes with his whining.
"so, how are we going to destroy the zone?" asked Buffalo
"easy, we find the keeper of the heart" Gregor replied "before they do"
They looked as they reached the road, a road that went straight through Chernobyl, they reached their point of no return, there was no going back from here...

Strelok was working on his suit, he stepped into a purple chemical and felt pain, he pulled out his leg, no damage to the suit, he stepped away and unattached the boot, his foot was fine.
"It hurts like hell but it works" said Strelok
"good, just need to find a way to relieve that pain" said the Scientist, there was a loud bang. The ground shook and Strelok felt his insides grow cold, he knew this feeling. He reattached the boot and ran upstairs.
"Hey you forgot the suit" cried a Scientist
Strelok ran outside to see the sky turn red, his suit's built in Geiger counter ticking.
"RUN ITS A BLOWOUT, EVERYONE GET TO COVER NOW" Strelok screamed to the crowded street, everyone just stared at the lights, HE HATED CIVILIANS, he ran downstairs.
"get everyone outside?" said the scientist
"NO GET THEM DOWN HERE, THERES A BLOWOUT, THE ZONE HAS REACHED MOSCOW" screamed Strelok, it was a nightmare, he escaped the zone and now hes part of it again, its following him. Shit he thought, should have built a bunker in Siberia instead, or flee to America, get lost as an Illegal Immigrant. Something was calling him to the Chernobyl NPP, and something told him it wasn't the Monolith...

Freedom of death comes at a cost...
World will burn with fires of hell...
Come to see the or the sky will burn...
Now comes seven marches, heading for hell...
  17:22:39  5 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Red Storm Part 12 - Calm before the Storm

---The Army---
They did the impossible, not only did they manage to lead Bandits and Stalkers, but they united Freedom and Duty as well as Duty's offspring, the Exiles. They marched north, they would prepare the battle for the zone in the army warehouse, just what they saw, no one but Shadow had expected.
"my god what is happening" asked Gregor
"I asked Sidorovich if he can call his military contacts and 'tip' them off that the only way to destroy the zone was reaching the center, I figured if they fail they can always just clear a nice path for us" said Shadow
"Brilliant now we must plan" said Gregor "Freedom, Bandits and Mercenaries will take the city of Limansk, "Duty, Exiles, Stalkers will rush Pripyat"
"What about you and the loners?" asked Buffalo
"We are heading for Chernobyl, as will the loners and whoever Volunteers" said Gregor
"I will go" said Shadow
"as will I" said Buffalo
"meh, might as well" said Beaver
"I am going" said Owl "my destiny is there"
"And so will I" said a voice behind them.
They turned around and saw Guide walking towards them.
"Guide, your here? I thought you were exploring the zone" said Fanatic
"I am going north because I had the urge to a few days ago, now that hopefully the final battle of the zone is taking place, I want my part" said Guide
Fanatic looked at Gregor "my men are ready, we march to Chernobyl when?"
"Tomorrow, let us camp at the old farmstead, its far too small for all of us but we will need to rest somewhere" said Gregor
"How about the army base? asked Lukash as he pointed to a large force of soldiers leaving it, everyone inside it seems.
"Ill be damned, it looks like destroying the zone is finally more important than sitting in a base all day" said Borov
"after Kiev was taken of course it is" said Beaver "now lets get something to eat before we blow this joint"
They marched to the military base and snook in while the military werent looking, they made camp and waited for tomorrow.

"Our enemy have united, and the military press north, the Monolith are swarming the NPP, they are hampering our progress" Said Khalepski
"yes, our plans will go as schedule nonetheless, have you found the Keeper of the Heart?" asked Mikhael
"no but I found the man who does" said Khalepski

Doc walked through the Bar, it was fairly deserted, he walked inside the one hundred rads bar.
"I said come in don't stand there" said a friendly greeter
"hello... Doc is that you, I haven't heard anything about you in years" said Bartender happily
"where is everyone?" asked Doc
"heading north" Bartender Replied
"again?" asked Doc amazed at how stupid people can be, the north was a death trap.
"not for riches, they are fighting the zone, one last desperate bid, if they fail... all the stalkers die, if not the zone dies" said Bartender
"I have to join them" said Doc "you don't mind watching my dog do you?"
"um sure why not" said Bartender
Doc left the dog, couldn't bear losing him, he was in capable hands now, he walked outside and headed to Army Warehouse, he looked at his PDA to see a large group of stalkers in the warehouses, that was his goal, lets hope he wasn't too late.
He made it to the base and found several stalkers keeping watch. He approached them.
"Heading north" asked the stalker
"you?" he replied
"yes why?" the stalker asked
"good, so I'm heading to the right camp" said Doc merrily as the guard let him pass"
He would talk to the leader and help them reach the heart of the zone, he recently uncovered a PDA of a fallen Power Plant worker and had learned an access code to the heart chamber whatever that was.

"Sir we have news of Ghost" said Khalepski
"And?" asked Mikhael, ready for more bad news
"he's dead, found him in a lab" Khalepski said proudly
Mikhael sighed, then said "excellent, lets get the troops to the Plant, the monolith are fighting in Pripyat and Limansk, the military are trying to break through their defenses, get the Wendigo to Chernobyl, you will oversee Chernobyl, I shall head for the power plant with the remainder of our troops, take as many as you would need, and make use of our garrison there.
Khalepski sighed as he left the room, he would take two regiments and keep an eye on the Wendigo, he hated the thing already.
"Sir I have the prototype for you" said a soldier holding up a gauss rifle, with two extra gauss barrels.
"Excellent, this should help our victory" said Khalepski as he marched towards the elevator.
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