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Red Storm

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Question How do you like Red Storm
Its okay (Y)
I liked Fallen in the Rain Better :|
I hated it (N)
It Sucked HARD CORE (U)
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  16:06:20  20 November 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3558

I like this, im not done yet.

I esspecially like how you think the exact same way as me about Streloks tampering causing the zone to expand again.

In one story on here I said it expands to twice its original size. Yours keeps growing...Scary


yeah dont you hate when your zone keeps growing, specially around vintar and in public... *shakes head* I hope you enjoy the ending, I will be making a couple more stories and mini stories to tie up loose ends and pull a Rowlings and add more loose ends then I started with but yeah, hope you enjoy
  07:03:00  20 November 2008
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HL2 Master
Senior Resident

On forum: 06/28/2008
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I like this, im not done yet.

I esspecially like how you think the exact same way as me about Streloks tampering causing the zone to expand again.

In one story on here I said it expands to twice its original size. Yours keeps growing...Scary

  20:20:08  9 October 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
It rules ! simply very good waiting for the sequels
  19:19:37  9 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3558
yeah best ending I could come up with, better than the old ending, but yeah, so if you have any ideas to help me with the new series id love to hear them because I am making the new one longer, it the first draft I had about 50 parts, now it looks like I'll be making more, Glad you enjoyed the series
  14:24:58  9 October 2008
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On forum: 04/06/2008
Messages: 124
I liked your story

Especially how the failed hahaha but then they were all like, "Fuck it, fuck the world, we're all happy living in the zone anyways."

  12:55:27  9 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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The End

Yep, that was the end, they don't really save the world, instead they fuck up big time and screw the world over, they then carry on with their day, how awesome was that
was that really the end? well I have a concept for a sequel in the works, got an entire world to explore but then again, I doubt I can think up a world of new and exciting mutants, anomalies, artifacts etc.
So... if you have any Ideas about what I could add, or characters you want me to add to my next Story, just leave a comment with the concept.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed, I made the ending a lot bigger and more detailed than it was and I'm quite happy with it, please leave nice big positive comments about how kick ass I am and how much you love me or well anything else

"I said come in don't stand there" The overly friendly Duty Greeter

  12:50:17  9 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Red Storm Part 20 - The Beginning of the End

Owl was getting up when he heard it, the rain was heavy and loud but he could still hear it, a low growl... he was being hunted.
He felt his insides chill as a cold breath blew over his shoulder, a rancid smell of rotten flesh, fuck he thought to himself.

Owl spun around and saw the beast, a big creature with a very thick coat of white fur, it had massive claws and sharp teeth and two piercing. It swung its arms and snapped his Mosin-Nagant clear in half.
"SHIT" said Owl as he ran down the street, the beast on his heels, he turned a corner and pulled up his AK-47 and waited for it to turn the corner. He looked up to see the beast looking down at him from the roof of the building above. Clever bugger.
Owl fired up at it, he emptied his entire clip into its head but the rounds seemed to bounce off of it. This wasn't going well, he thought to himself grimly.

Owl turned and looked, he saw a factory down the street, the doors looked strong. Owl ran for it, hearing the beast roar and the ground shook as it crashed down into the ground.
Owl turned and jumped into a nearby building, he closed the door and ran for the back door, there was none, SHIT, he was cornered.
The beast jumped through the door shattering it, it stared at him.
Owl ran straight at it, then turned, he jumped out the window and ran down the street, he didn't stop until he reached the factory.
He slammed the door shut and locked it, immediately the door started to rock as the beast rammed into it, it was trying to break through.
Owl recognized these tactics, a commander who personally takes care of his enemies, unleashing a beast onto a controlled environment... Khalepski...
"KHALEPSKI" Owl shouted, he turned around to see it. A nuclear missile, this was definitely Khalepski.
"Hello again Vlad, or is it Owl they call you now" said Khalepski "Its nice to see an old comrade, even if hes a traitor"
"Traitor is it? I thought I retired" said Owl "You are the one betraying our country"
"No, they are the traitors, they surrendered to democracy" said Khalepski "our oaths just forgotten"
"well, now we sit here with a giant beast hammering on the gates, I wonder what will happen when it breaks through" said Owl
"yes, that would be interesting, but right now I have to leave" said Khalepski
"no you wont, I wont let you" said Owl
"how do you expect to do that" Khalepski asked
"well somewhere on the lines of this" Owl replied, aiming his AK-47 at the nuclear missile.
"you don't want to do that comrade" said Khalepski
"how would you know what I want" Owl replied
"well I thought you were no longer fighting, retired, why destroy someone else's plans" said Khalepski "I thought you had no side but your own"
"sadly, your side is crossing my sides path" said Owl
"Very well, I regret this decision but you leave me with no choice" said Khalepski "I am sorry brother"
There was the whooshing sound of three gauss rifles, Owl felt blinding pain, he looked down to see three holes in his chest, he looked up to Khalepski, cradling his three barreled gauss rifle.
Owl heard the doors burst open and watched as Khalepski reloaded his rifle, he saw a big white shape leap past him, Owl felt his trigger finger twitch, he pulled down the trigger.
The recoil of the gun was powerful and almost impossible for him to control, he heard Khalepski scream and the beast let out a deafening howl.
Owl felt a sharp pain, suddenly he was relaxed, everything was going white and he was in perfect oblivion, oblivious to what was happening and perfectly calm, he fell backwards before feeling his body melt around him into the sea of white.
Then... he felt nothing...

---The Army---
The 5 tanks drove down towards the NPP to see a crowd of stalkers in battle against the Monolith, it seems that they are still holding. The tank cannons fired upon the Monolith, quickly forcing them into a retreat.
The forces climbed out of the tank, the stalkers were small, their numbers were depleted, this was a grim scene, not a single uninjured stalker was left.
"where are the others" asked Gregor
"none of them made it" Milov replied "they died heroes"
They sat in silence for a while.
"what about Owl and Beaver" asked Dirov
"Beaver didn't make it" said Buffalo
"but where is Owl" Dirov asked
"he stayed behind" Shadow replied.
They turned towards Chernobyl, there was a bright flash and the entire city just disappeared, they saw the sky turn blood red above it.
They sat in silence once again.
"well, they died like heroes" said Gregor "now lets join them"
With that the stalkers turned towards the NPP and marched towards the hole in the sarcophagus, the one the Monolith fled into. There was no going back, there never was.
Doc stayed behind to tend to Bullet, a handful of stalkers stayed with them.
They split up to find their goals, it was a dark tunnel, the Limansk and Pripyat forces split off, hoping to find answers and the way to end this. The Chernobyl force pressed onwards.
"Anyone hear that" asked Shadow slowly
"I hear it too" Gregor replied
There were scratching noises behind them, they turned around, their flashlights illuminating only part of the hall, somewhere behind the curtain of darkness laid a beast of some sorts, scratching their way towards them.
They sat silently in fear, not knowing what to expect, they didn't expect what they saw.
Hundreds of rodents, climbing on the walls, the roof and the floor where running at them, only they weren't rodents, their teeth and claws were quite large, they also looked slightly bigger. They were rare in the southern parts, a few days ago some stalkers met their ends to these buggers, the survivors called them Rippers, because of how they kill their foes, they never explained that.
"RUN" shouted Gregor and they ran off into the tunnels. They ran for what felt like hours until the scratching noises were gone, only to notice that they were missing some of them.
"Who are we missing" Gregor asked
"Shadow, Guide, Fanatic, Buffalo and Mashko" a Stalker replied
"Let us continue" said Gregor, they would have to do without them.

Why fight what cannot change...
The truth is out there...
Do not fight with reality...
Come now and face true destiny...

They walked and walked, the man named Mashko was injured, one of the Rippers had grabbed onto his leg.
They walked down tunnel after tunnel, climbed ladder after ladder, they were lost.
"lets find a map" said Buffalo
"oh yeah" said Shadow "lets find one of the thousands of maps that are scattered throughout the sarcophagus for our viewing pleasure"
"shut up" said Fanatic "I cannot listen to you argue all day"
"I think we should take the next right" Guide said "I feel that is the way we must go"
"Oh and how do you know that" Shadow asked
"Don't be a fool boy, I know you can hear those whisperings" Guide replied
They stood silent for a while before hearing it, it was random gibberish, but it seemed to call them...
"agreed" Shadow said "we take the next right"

---Clear Sky---
They found a room, it was collapsed but their was a ladder going up, they saw a glowing light above, this was it.
They climbed up the ladder and over some debris, they were inside the reactor. There was a giant crystal their, the Great Monolith.
"My god its real" said Gregor "its... beautiful"
The Clear Sky Reborn climbed up and surrounded it, staring in awe.
"I am sorry Great Monolith" said Gregor "It must be done if we want to live in a better world"
The stalkers aimed their guns at the Monolith and fired.
The Monolith shattered and the shards sprayed out, Gregor watched as the larger of the shards flew up through the collapsed roof of the sarcophagus, but the rest of the shards ripped through him and his men.
Gregor looked down at the hole in his chest, there was a purple mist exiting it, it floated towards the remains of the monolith, he watched as the monolith exploded in a great purple light and the same purple substance floating up through the roof of the reactor.
Gregor stared as the mist finished exiting his body, there was suddenly nothing, he didn't notice his end, none of them did...

Dirov stared at the room, it was a circular room with some destroyed device in the center. It looked like some sort of holo-projector-thing from some star wars movie, he looked around, he was in some sort of lab, a secret in the heart of the zone.
"Sir what is this place" asked a Dutyer
"something we have looked for, something that would explain the zone" Dirov replied "find any data in this room, we will give it to Sakharov, if we survive this.
"yes sir" the Dutyer replied
Dirov looked around, he noticed an exit, that may prove useful later.

"My god" said Milov "we must be staring at the greatest secret in the world, the secret of the zone"
"I agree sir, this is... fascinating" a Freedomer replied
They were in a circular room, in the center were several tanks surrounding a computer, each one with a human inside, the tanks were shot up and the humans were all dead, their blood was visible in the green liquid, someone wanted to end this, thats for sure.
"what could have happened here" asked Milov
"didn't a stalker named Marked One reach this place before that explosion" a Freedomer asked "maybe he did this"
"or the Monolith did it" another suggested
"or the Red Flag did" another suggested
"whoever did it, they did a good job, this is completely destroyed, we might be able to salvage some data from it" a Freedomer said
"Gather whatever data we can, we could learn a lot about the birth of the zone, something everyone wants to know" said Milov
He saw an exit, leading to the rooftops, that was where the shooter stood, he noted it as a quick exit route, who knows what could happen...

They were in a long hallway, it was wider than the tunnels. The hallway was dimly lit, a few lights and tv screens were flickering, the walls were lined with bodies.
"This is where the voice is coming from" Guide said cautiously
"This is where the mercenary is too" said Shadow "the one who knows where this Heart Keeper is, according to Gregor"
They walked along the corridor before hearing it
"Death comes swift..."
"Shadows and flames..."
"Heart of the world..."
"Nears its goal..."
They saw the speaker, there was a mercenary laid against the wall, he was talking to himself, it was quite unnerving.
Shadow crouched beside him before he knew what he was doing, he checked the PDA on the guy, the mans name was Scar, a mercenary.
Shadow looked through the PDA, looking in the message log, it went on for days of random words, he then saw the interesting part.
"Take down his Psy Armor" said a man named Lebedev "hes getting away shoot him, yes you did it, now lets wait and see what happens, wait whats happening, we thought the zone would get better, whats happening, AHH MY HEAD FEELS LIKE ITS GOING TO BURST.
Shadow stared at it, the last few moments this man was sane. He looked through his mission logs, he was ordered to stop a man named Strelok, he was to stop him from reaching the sarcophagus in hopes that the zone would correct itself.
Shadow looked up at the mans face, he was looking back at him.
"Of seven marching to hell..."
"five remain..."
"the final two will leave unharmed..."
"I am looking upon the Heart Keeper..."
"reach your goal and meet your destiny..."
They stared at him, Shadow didn't know what to think anymore, it made sense but... it couldn't be true, how can he keep something if he didnt know where it was.
There was a roaring noise behind them, they turned to see an odd mutant slowly marching down the hall.
"Overseer comes to see his patients..."
The thing looked like a controller, except its skull was shaped as if it had two brains, its head was exceptionally big.
Mashko pulled out his pistol and aimed at it.
It looked him in the eyes and they watched as his head exploded.
"FUCK" said Fanatic
"DON'T LOOK IT IN THE EYES" said Buffalo
The rumors were true, the beast that could make your brain explode with a slight glance existed. But for some reason Shadow didn't look away, he stared at it.
Their eyes met but Shadow didn't feel his brain burst, instead they just stared at each other.
They heard a scratching noise as the Rippers had found their scent.
"Goooo...noooow...meeeeet...fateee..." Shadow was taken by surprise, he had never heard a mutant say something he could understand.
The Mindflayer turned around to meet the hundreds of Rippers that were climbing through the door.
"Lets go" said Shadow, they turned to run but Shadow felt something grab his leg, he turned to see Scar holding it, his eyes seemed a bit more focused.
Shadow grabbed Scar and carried him over his shoulder, they ran down to the end of the hall and out the door, they turned the corner before hearing hundreds of popping noises.
"Hurry up" said Shadow as they turned another corner, several shots missed them by inches, the Monolith had found them.
"RUN" shouted Shadow as they reached a hatch on the ground. Shadow opened the hatch, there was a ladder going down to a tunnel below.
"climb down and help me lower Scar" shouted Shadow
There was a shotgun blast and Guide collapsed against the wall.
"GUIDE" shouted Fanatic
"Go, get out of here kid" said Guide "I explored the zone, its fitting I die at its heart, now get going, I will hold em off" he began to fire down the hall.
Fanatic slowly climbed down the ladder, he reached the bottom and caught Scar before helping Buffalo down.
"sure you don't want to come?" asked Shadow
"I'm fine kid don't worry about me" Guide replied as Shadow climbed down the ladder and sealed it behind him.
"WANNA PLAY KIDS, LETS PLAY" shouted Guide as he fired at a pipe along the wall, it ignited and the entire hallway burst into flames.
The ground shook as they stared up at the tunnel above, the lights had all shattered.
"come one were almost there" said Shadow as they reached a crossroad.
"well this is it, the exit is to the left, I am going to the right" said Shadow "go"
"I'm not going just yet" said Buffalo
"I will get Scar to the exit" said Fanatic "take Buffalo, you will need all the help you can get"
"fine, but... fine" said Shadow, he didn't want him to come, he had a feeling this wouldn't turn out well...

Dirov heard it too, someone stepped on some glass outside, someone was coming. The Dutyers looked around, before they knew it their were red and gold shapes surrounding them.
"HEY ASS HOLES FUCK YOU" said Dirov as they opened fire, shooting everything that moved.
Bullets were ricocheting everywhere, the battle ended quickly, almost half the Dutyers were gone, Dirov looked down to see his gut ripped apart, he didn't even feel them hit, he looked around at his fellows.
"I... join our brothers... lets... make them proud..." he said painfully before collapsing on the floor, he felt himself get lifted up, everything went black. He hoped he made Duty and the Exiles proud, he didn't know what fate awaited them...

---The Heart---
"Comrade Mikhael" said the soldier "the heart reactor doors are unlocked, shall I open?"
"yes soldier, what of the city of Chernobyl" Mikhael asked as the heart reactor doors opened.
"According to our scouts, the entire area is gone, just wiped off the earth, there is a giant anomaly that covers the entire area, anyone near it dies of radiation, anything or anyone that manages to enter it just disappears" said the Soldier "Khalepski is gone"
"well all we can do is wait for the heart keeper, he should be hear any second now" said Mikhael just as a loud gunshot echoed in the room, the soldier dropped dead.
"did you have to shoot him, he was ever so loyal" said Mikhael, he quickly turned and fired a concealed Tokarev, the shots hit Shadow in the leg and Buffalo in the shoulder, they both collapsed to the floor.
Buffalo fell against the wall and watched as Shadow fell against the opposite side.
"Mikhael, why don't you just do us all a favor and die" Shadow said as he examined his wounds
"well first you shall, maybe I will die when this is all over" said Mikhael as he raised his Tokarev.
Buffalo looked for the gunman. Judging by the shot it was an AK-74 but it was firing way too fast.
The gunman was in an exo-skeleton, he was holding an AK-74 just as Buffalo had expected.
Mikhael had disappeared, probably ran out the door on the opposite side of the room.
"who are you" asked Buffalo
"my name is Strelok" he said "it seems I have arrived just in time"
He looked at Shadow who nodded back.
"Get it over with" said Shadow
"I am sorry for this but you understand" Strelok said as he pulled out a Desert Eagle and shot Shadow right between the eyes.
Buffalo didn't know what was happening, he watched as Strelok pulled out his knife and begin to cut around Shadow's heart, he pulled it out and that confused Buffalo the most, it was not a real heart, it was an artifact.
Strelok then, holding the heart, marched towards the heart reactor...
Strelok fell backwards, Mikhael emerged from the door across the room holding an AK-107, he then walked over and took the heart from Strelok.
"Strelok, nice of you to join us, I have been searching for you but I have obviously underestimated your skill" said Mikhael
"so you sent them after me, well they weren't very good" said Strelok
"well I must leave, important mission you know, taking over the world" said Mikhael and he stepped into the reactor.
Strelok throw his knife at the computer next to it, the knife hit a button and the reactor door sealed, there was a flash of light and the room began to shake.
Strelok got up and grabbed his gun, he picked up Buffalo and carried him out of the room, Buffalo was staring at Shadow until he passed out of sight.
"Can you run?" asked Strelok
"yes" Buffalo replied as he was set down.
Buffalo attached the Moonlight to his belt and they both ran down the collapsing hallway.

---Fanatic and Scar---
Fanatic was practically carrying Scar down the hallway, he was nearing the exit as the place started to collapse behind him, he was going at an easy pace before but now he was running as fast as he could, he could hear footsteps behind him, he turned to see Buffalo and an unknown stalker in an Exo-skeleton running towards him.
He reached the exit and ran in to a teleport anomaly before he even knew it was their, everything went black...

---Strelok and Buffalo---
They watched as a shape turned and looked at them before continuing.
"WHO WAS THAT" shouted Strelok over the crashing noises behind them.
"FANATIC? WHATS HE DOING ALL THE WAY UP HERE" Strelok asked, Scar sounded familiar too
They ran out the exit and ran straight into the Teleport anomaly, everything went black...

---The Bar---
Bartender sat in his bar, it was quiet, he wasn't expecting anyone, they were off in their grand crusade, he sat with only the two Dutyers who helped him for company.
He occasionally had a conversation with Sidorovitch or Sakharov, but at the moment he was alone, he heard a bang and a bright flash.
Fanatic and a mercenary crashed into a table, they came out of nowhere. They were closely followed by a man in a wheel chair and an old man he knew as Doc. Then a man in an Exo-skeleton and Buffalo flew into the wall.
After that a large group of Dutyers and Exiles just crashed onto the floor, then next thing he knew a bunch of Freedomers, some mercenaries and a bunch of stalkers just came flying in all directions out of nowhere, he stared at his now totaled but crowded bar.
"SERIOUSLY MEN, WHAT THE HELL" he shouted as they all clambered off the floor.
"Hey Bartender" said Milov "Get as much vodka as you can, we are in need of a good drink after that.
The ground shook and everything went black.
"SHIT BLOWOUT" said the Greeter as they heard a door slam shut and heard footsteps running down stairs, he sealed the second door. "WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY COME FROM"
"I have no fucking clue but lets get out of here" said Bartender "follow me to the shelter, this is seriously going to be a tight fit"
They all managed to fit but they had little stretching room, they looked around.
Bartender passed around some vodka, he decided it might be better to take some down after that last time they had to hide in here.
"so who did we lose" asked Doc
"Lukash" said Milov
"Vironin" said Bullet, Bartender knew he saw that man before.
"Borov" said Milov
"Guide" said Fanatic
"Dirov" said Bullet
"Owl" said Doc
"Forester" said Milov
"Beaver" said Buffalo
"Gregor" said Fanatic
"Master" said Bullet
"Shadow" said Buffalo
They sat in silence, their bottles raised before drinking.
They sat in silence for most of the night, until a beeping woke them up from their silence.
"Radiation is back to norms" said Bartender "lets get out"
They climbed out of the bar and looked outside, they looked around. The Freedomers prepared to leave, they assembled the survivors, Milov was left in charge, he felt like taking Limansk, he would set up a memorial for those who died, he owed it to them.
The Dutyers, also planned on leaving, they were assembling, Bullet had decided that they will take control of Pripyat, and set up a base their, leaving Bar to the stalkers. Fanatic being in charge now after Master disappeared.
Bartender looked as he saw the man in the exo-skeleton leave with Doc, who now had his dog following him. Bartender looked on his contacts screen to see the mans name.
"Hey Marked One, Why didn't you tell me you were alive" said Bartender
He turned around and looked at Bartender "My name is Strelok" he said before leaving with Doc.
Strelok thought to himself, he couldn't escape the zone, so he decided he would live within it, like Doc, he was going to build a little house near him, and relax, lie back in the sun, and finally be free, he liked that idea.
Buffalo stared up into the sky, he thought of Beaver and Shadow... Shadow is dead he said, but Beaver may still be alive, and with that thought he set off into the fields of the zone.
Bartender looked at the mercenary, he saw his name was Scar. Some of the stalkers said his brain was addled.
"Hey mercenary you ok" asked Bartender
"yeah, Im just fine thank you, got a job for me or a bottle of vodka?" he said laughing...

The Zone had changed again, this time it expanded, it decided the Ukraine was too small for it, it set its mind on the world, Mikhael was a fool to think he could use it, it lived on its own but nonetheless his dream came true, the zone covered the world...
  10:12:10  9 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Red Storm Part 19 - Operation Chernobyl, Part 2

---Operation Chernobyl---
The convoy was driving slowly, the mud could be heard sloshing as the rain poured ever on.
Shadow wasn't right, he wasn't feeling good, he just watched someone who he fought and fought for days on end die... and he couldn't stand it.
It was as if Beaver was keeping them going, for all he knew he was, he was dead, and now they sat in silence.
Owl seemed bothered by it, thats probably why he stayed, he might have already died but he was a crafty old man, and was skilled with his weapons.
Shadow prayed for him, something he hasn't done in years, not since his life was destroyed when the Nuclear Power Plant exploded, since the radiation wiped out the area, since he was denied access to his home, to Chernobyl, his family was trapped inside, their screams rang in his head...
He blinked back to the present and thought to himself, I hope we succeed.
Buffalo hadn't said anything since we left, he just stared into his moonlight, he didn't even play with it like he used to.
Shadow felt sorry for him, death of a friend must be hard but he already lost a lot of them earlier, Shadow had lost worse but this was still painful, he longed to see his sister, his wife, his son, his father, his mother, all of them but... they were gone.
Owl would succeed whatever he was planning, that was going to happen, he hoped.
They had been driving along the road to the power plant, to their left was the cooling pond, to their right was the Pripyat River.
Gregor occasionally said something in the radio to help bolster morale but it was as low as it could go.
"okay boys, theres some Red Flag pursuing us, lets man the guns and give em hell" said Gregor
Shadow got up and manned the cannon, he wanted revenge and this was the zone presenting him the chance.
He spun around and aimed.
He fired, the shot hit the drivers seat of the first truck.
There were several other shots, he watched as the first few vehicles were totaled.
He reloaded, fired and repeated.
It went quite well until the helicopters showed up, they fired destroying a few of the helicopters but they nearly destroyed one of their tanks.
Shadow aimed and fired, it hit the propeller and exploded upon impact, he watched as the helicopter fell into the cooling pond.
There was a loud bang as a BMP-3 hit them sending their tank off course.
Shadow fired a shot into the small window on the drivers side.
He watched as the interior of the BMP-3 lit on fire and it crashed, he then saw a man climb out with an RPG.
"TAKE THIS FUCKERS" he shouted.
Shadow fired as quickly as possible.
The shot flew straight at the man, who had just fired his RPG, both shots hit and the explosion blew back into the shooter.
"wow did anyone see that, I just hit the other mans shot" said Shadow, it was an impossible shot.
"oh shut up, thats impossible" said a stalker below.
"damnit" said Shadow as he turned the cannon, he saw the NPP right in front of him.
"Were there" said Gregor "Lets end this"
Finally, it will all be over soon, if only Beaver was here to see it...
  10:10:31  9 October 2008
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Red Storm Part 18 - Operation Chernobyl, Part 1

(Ok I managed to redo these parts, they are short... a lil too short it seems but oh well, im finishing up the last part, never was really proud of that one and it looks like I finally have a reason to redo that one)

---Operation Chernobyl---
They were up against a building, ricochets flying everywhere, they peeked around the corner to see soldiers shooting out of windows, all wearing the colors of Red Flag.
"Cover Beaver" shouted Gregor as the force turned the corner and ran for cover, they blind fired as Beaver turned the corner with his flamethrower at hand, he aimed and then fired a stream of flames into a nearby window, the screams of the soldiers could be heard over the constant roaring flames.
The day continued like this as Beaver proceeded to burn each and every window helping the army advance, they then proceeded with caution. It was suddenly quiet.
"Look up there" whispered Owl "Ive seen those birds before, keep quiet"
There were giant crows on the roof, Carrion Reapers as they were called, they didn't seem to notice the long line of stalkers carefully marching past.
The sniper shot came out of nowhere and hit a soldier, the birds heard that.
"RUN" shouted Owl as the force ran forward shooting upwards at the birds.
"HAHA BURN SUCKERS BURN" shouted Beaver as he shot a constant stream of flames into the air, the birds didn't stand much of a chance.
"HURRY UP BEAVER" shouted Buffalo
"Ill hold em off, Ill catch up when I'm done with em" said Beaver as he burned the birds.
The force continued marching, Owl looked over his shoulder at Beaver as he fought the birds, then he noticed it.
"BEAVER GET OUT OF THERE" Shouted Owl but it was too late. Beaver's Fuel tank had ruptured and was leaking quite rapidly, then a single spark hit the fuel and it exploded.
"BEAVER!" Shouted Buffalo as he turned to the explosion, there was a large ball of fire, the birds were pecking through the flames.
"DIE" Shouted Owl, it was that kid all over again, he fired several rounds at the bird, the birds noticed the old man shooting them and grabbed Beaver's body before flying away.
They stared at the fire as the rain began to pour, they then looked around.
"we need to get to some form of transportation" said Gregor
"Tanks" said Shadow, everyone had forgotten he was there, he pointed to a parking lot full of tanks.
"Good work Shadow" said Gregor and they marched towards it, the rain was pouring now.
They claimed 5 tanks and climbed inside, Shadow was about to climb in when he turned around, he saw Owl standing alone in the rain.
"Come on Owl, lets get out of this god forsaken town" said Shadow
"No... this is my destiny, my enemy is here, go and face yours, I shall see you on the other side" said Owl and he turned his back on the tanks as they began to drive down the road.
Shadow didn't fight, he then climbed inside his tank as it began to drive. This wasn't going to end well.
Owl watched the tanks move, he looked as he saw several soldiers load up into trucks and tanks, he noticed that there was a jeep left behind, a jeep an officer would drive, he also noticed that there was a large fuel tanker, he stared at it and realized, good his enemy didn't leave.
Time to die you bastard...

Khalepski stared out the window as the two vehicle groups left, he watched as an old man sat down by the side of the road, clearly waiting for him.
Khalepski pressed a button on the wall, lets see what the Wendigo makes of him...
  21:24:29  8 October 2008
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Guess Who.


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Operation Chernobyl? Postponed

Well, After major pain in the ass error, ALL data I had is gone, all of it deleted, so I have up to now done (thanks to the fact it is on the site) but now I have to redo the last 3 parts, Because of this I am cancelling the Epilogue, and of course I dont remember much about the last 3 other than who dies and how, so the last three are just not going to be the same...
I also lost data on the first 50 parts for the next series (I didnt finish any other than the prologue but I had them all laid out ) so I am thoroughly pissed an have a lot of work to do...
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