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imperial's projects and General State of Affairs announcement

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  21:05:15  14 September 2011
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Звуковой Шаман


On forum: 10/29/2008
Messages: 3075
imperial's projects and General State of Affairs announcement

For those who've seen my posting at facebook, and that I've been in contact with via email, Steam, MSN or other messaging services - you're already well aware of my current real life situation and how things are panning out . . .

. . . for those not in the know, a brief synapse: the last few months have been extremelly hectic with major life issues that have managed to put my stress handling capabilities to the test. In brief, I had found out I was going to be a father, only to have that taken away a few weeks later. Our family had to put down one of our dog's, a cherished memeber of the family of the last 12 years. There's also been a lot of drama with work and finances . . . not to mention, my general health has been questionable . . .

. . . I was diagnosed yesterday with stage 3, possibly stage 4 lymphoma; we're not yet sure whether it's Hodgkin's or non-Hodgkin's, or which specific strain it is. Needless to say, I'll be undergoing extensive chemo and radiation treatments again - only 8 years after I was declared free of cancer previously. Above all else, this is NOT a death sentence . . . far from it! It's simply going to be a really rough period for me while undergoing treatments. I'm going to have to go on disability from work, and finances are going to become extremelly tight as the medical bills pile up . . . there's also some talk by my employer that they may possibly terminate my employment if my treatment woudl force the company's policy rates up (which, IIRC, is entirelly illegal - they'd be hearing from a lawyer, and I would also pursue unemployment and wrongful termination if they took such action) . . .

Anyhow - the point that I'm trying to get at is that my modding projects are going to be coming to a halt for the time being. Frozen Sky especially. As much as it pains me to make such a decision, I simply won't have the time to continue my hobby on a regular basis. That's not to say that might not plod along with something as I have free time, I'm going to have to have something to focus on as my health improves . . . just don't expect any new material or project completions any time soon.

I WILL still be around the communities, offering advice, help and whatever general banter or trollish behaviour I can accomodate. The community I've grown to know here is a big reason I'm making an effort to extend this knowledge - I know there are others who are and will be concerned - I consider many of the long-time modders and users here as much of friends as I do the friends I keep in real life. Instead of keeping everyone in the dark, I simply figured I'd let everyone know what's going on, and what plans I have for any of my current projects.

. . . and in the mean time, as always, good hunting, stalkers!
  21:19:21  14 September 2011
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Yeah, Good Luck With That...


On forum: 01/31/2009
Messages: 1070
Imperialreign, some very disturbing news my friend. Just make sure you recover ASAP. There's nothing else i can't tell you.

I like to think everything is going to work ok.

Good luck, Imperialreign.
  22:32:02  14 September 2011
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messing with code


On forum: 01/21/2010
Messages: 1519
That's very bad news, imperialreign. Sometimes, real life just sucks, good and bad luck are in co-occurence even tighter than one would anticipate. These are the moments in which we are remembered that behind a great virtual community, there are real life people with stories and problems far beyond what we are discussing here.

My very best wishes, I hope you'll get well soon!
  22:54:54  14 September 2011
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On forum: 09/12/2009
Messages: 86
Good luck, dear friend! I hope things get ironed out quickly and efficiently.
  23:35:15  14 September 2011
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On forum: 08/21/2011
Messages: 22
And I thought I was going through a rough period; Surgery in April after an accident (nothing major but a the largest part of the wound was near the lower back), wound still needs to be cleaned twice daily and some general discomfort is still there, though nothing compared to the first two weeks post-surgery. I also can't use a bike for the time being which sucks for college life.
That's nothing compared to what you're going through, my thoughts are with you and your family.
  00:01:10  15 September 2011
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On forum: 08/24/2009
Messages: 348
Best of luck to you man, i hope everything will be alright for you mate.

My deepest respect to you!
  12:00:21  15 September 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 12/28/2007
Messages: 1868
Damn Best wishes to you and your loved one's imperial!
  14:51:26  15 September 2011
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has abondened XRay and uses Unity3D now


On forum: 05/02/2007
Messages: 1077
jesus. Seems like i have to switch you offline and fix your stats via packet_utils {imperialreign} to get you back with full health and boosted cash!
Nah, maybe not the issue you should make jokes of he? I wish you enough strenght to handle the situation.
best wishes,
  15:12:37  15 September 2011
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On forum: 05/20/2009
Messages: 79
You will be back

Imperialreig, Ha life is such a curve ball thrower, but it's good in a sense that it's not the end but another beginning. I thank you for your great mod work, I have so enjoyed playing them. In the future I look forward to them again. So "keep your pecker up".
  17:46:37  15 September 2011
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Настоящий Cталкер, Русская Версия


On forum: 10/23/2009
Messages: 1890
Sorry to hear that man

Get well soon, and if you ever come back, let us know so we can give u a nice WN
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