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suggestions for clear sky which i cannot wait for its gunna pwn

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  19:16:24  20 July 2007
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On forum: 03/15/2007
Messages: 538
suggestions for clear sky which i cannot wait for its gunna pwn

These are suggestion that i have for STALKER clear sky
tell me what you think, and the bio robots in chernobyl(real life)really robots?

1-vehicles (helicopters especially)
2-More places to go (cities, towns, tons of stuff like that)
3- more solider types(like light infantry, heavy infantry and medics)
4- ability to talk to npc's with a mic, like give them commands in battle or just say high and actually have them respond

5- more animals (like cats such as cougars or even just the normal housecat)

6- more variety of weather, not just cloudy during the day then raining at night always, throw some clear skys in there or have a partially cloudy day

7- zoomable scopes

8- a hacker that you can get for doors

9- be able to play guitar or listen to a radio

10- have your headlamp burn out after a period of use, then have to go find a lightbulb

11- able to shoot the pad locks on doors

12- more destructable enviroments

13- be able to custom order a suit or gun

14- a bigger backpack to hold more things

15- fix stealth

16- be able to use radios for contact with a faction or the trader

17- let us shoot people in places like the bar or the mobile lab

18- have the zombified stalkers turn into zombies after a period of time

19- more frequent blowouts and you would have to go in a basement or a hole

20- the ability to set up a camp where you can go to sleep and relax

21- have like sacks of rubuls

22- be able to shatter windows.

23- fix the grenade dud problem

24- have a testing ground for weapons

25- be able to sleep

26- ability to mark a path on the pda map or to mark where a pack of dogs are or where high radiation is, so you dont get lost and it would be more realistic, like a palm pilot does in real life

27- have some places not effected completly by the zone, they will have stores and civilized people and even maybe a house feature where you can buy a house and the furnish it

28- have a lighter or matches and be able to start your own fires

29- more weapons old and new

30- make it so the npcs dont just walk into anomolies

31- be able to go prone

32- throwing knives

33- more sniper rifles

34- improved crosshairs for scopes

35- have different suits change your hands and arms

36- more dialoug

37- flash bangs or smoke grenades

38- the ability to shoot birds

39- the ability to shoot out lights and break them off the roof by the fixtures

and last but not least

40- the ability to melee with a weapon
  20:01:00  20 July 2007
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Cowboy From Hell


On forum: 12/26/2006
Messages: 438
shoot keypads....and then? do you expect a magnetically sealed/heavy door do open ?

throwing knives? you only need max 2 knives...they are way to heavy to use them effectively

flashbangs and smoke..well there are smokes in the game...but i'd like to see co gas nades...and gasmasks or something like that...(for the early suits)

and one thing..customizable camo (most likely soviet / europe) for your suits...they are like 200 different patterns out there and we only have one per suit?...make the pattern count on the "oh the enemy sees me"bar for stealth (like in metal gear solid 3)
  21:22:59  20 July 2007
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Level ?? Demon (Boss)


On forum: 01/26/2007
Messages: 6527
Level changer from NPP to Pripyat. I think this is the most important.
  00:42:45  22 July 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/25/2007
Messages: 340

suggestions for clear sky which i cannot wait for its gunna pwn
11- able to shoot the pad locks on doors
38- the ability to shoot birds


you can do them in nomal stalker to take down birds you need luck and to put up a lot of shot's try a 200 pelt shot gun or some type way to get more shots up.
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