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Explosion Realism

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  19:56:51  24 April 2005
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005
Messages: 7378
Welcome to the forum, and thank you for your serving and putting your life on the line to make the world a better place. I agree with you, sometimes in games grenades are underpowered, my brother-in-law also worked on Full Spectrum Warrior. I set off a grenade once by accident, I could not here anything for an hour and I couldn't sleep for two days. It was an M-67 that some U.N "peace-keeping" soldiers lost in my old town in Russia. I picked it up as soon as I saw it, then the pin hooked on to my sleeve and I pulled it off by accident, I realized what I did and ran like the devil behind a nearby corner. Thankfully the building was a factory, not much glass that shattered, but the shrapnel pierced the wooden door/gate! I could not hear anything after that and I ran at least forty feet away from it before it detonated in 10.3 seconds. Good point.
  04:47:07  24 April 2005
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Adam Therio
On forum: 04/24/2005
Messages: 7
Explosion Realism

Hello, My name is Adam Therio after serving my time with the UN in the Cyprus Conflict (when the Turks invaded we where the peacekeepers) I know how grenades explode and such and personally I would like to see the grenades & RPG’s in this great looking game be treated with the same realism they deserve. Keep in mind RPGs are just rock powered grenades but more powerful.

When they explode please don’t make a fire blast that lights stuff on fire I have never thrown or seen a grenade (assuming is a fragmentation grenade) that lit stuff on fire…

Grenades don’t smoke, they unsettle dust but they don’t make a mushroom cloud OR a could of grey haze, unless u modify them

Grenades break every window around them for 50 meters guaranteed, anyone who’s has had one blow a short distance away knows the little shit that hits you and sticks in you like splinters (you don’t sleep that night) & that little partials in turn breaks windows like extremely fast mini-bb’s.

Grenades are LOUD its gay when I throw a grenade in a game and it goes “bang” if possible could you shake the screen and make a light ringing noise in the audio, it doesn’t matter if your behind cover if you lob a grenade around a corner and it doesn’t go that far your ears are going to hurt/bleed.

Could you make it so you can hold the live grenade? It adds to the strategy greatly if we could through it and it detonate w/o giving the other STALKER’s a chance to run, but at the same time made the timer range from 6-8 sec so if you hold it too long BANG your dead.

I don’t see anything here that would be too hard except maybe the windows breaking as that might take too much CPU usage, If you want a good example rent “Full Spectrum Warrior” and fire the grenade launcher or through a grenade, THAT’S how it happens!
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