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imperial's projects and General State of Affairs announcement

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  14:37:46  23 September 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/28/2010
Messages: 333
I wish you all the best and I am sure you will come out safe and stronger.
  14:14:47  23 September 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 09/20/2009

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09/23/2011 14:15:29
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Hi Imperial Reign.

I just bumped into this thread after 2 weeks without an internet connection.

Before reading this, I thought life sucked most of the time, and not only because of the problem I mentionned above, which BTW seems quite trivial now.

But as I also know that this life is worth living and fighting for, I'll just wish the best to you and your family.

I can only do that from where I stand, I wish I could do more.

Don't give up your life, don't give up your dreams.

Like someone said earlier, cancer is a bitch, but we all know that human beings can be very much stubborn, and I'm convince that your will to fight it is stronger.

Fight and come back with us, smiling and modding as before.

I get that showing us your smile through a website can be tricky, but if you try hard, we'll see it.

Best luck and health to all of us, the community,

  10:23:15  18 September 2011
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On forum: 02/15/2011
Messages: 47
My best wishes to you, Imperial!
  11:21:02  17 September 2011
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Tejas Stalker
Official Stalker on Facebook


On forum: 05/12/2007
Messages: 26806
imperial's projects and General State of Affairs announcement


Anything you need...just ask.

  14:57:08  16 September 2011
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Звуковой Шаман


On forum: 10/29/2008
Messages: 3075
Much thanks for the support, everyone. I'll still be around as I can, I was only trying to pass along that most of my projects are going to be grinding to a halt. I'll have a lot of time off from work through disability, so I might plod along at something as I feel alright, but . . .

At least I've got the experience to know what I'm getting into, I know what to expect. There's literally nothing I can do but accept this ordeal, as much as I don't like it, but at least I have the support around me to help out.
  14:01:03  16 September 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/06/2009
Messages: 5171
There's a lot of it about, Imp.

My mother is currently wading through chemo.

Take 58 minutes or so to peruse this......

I'm ready to give the middle finger to the law and offer mother this extra chance.

I'm currently being prevented from even mentioning the existence of this possibility to her. My father is an ex-cop and so solidly indoctrinated against the 'cure' promoted by the film that he will only consider it as a last resort - by which time it will almost certainly be too late.

Drug companies have no interest at all in finding cures for cancers. They make 80% of their profits on drugs for cancer treatment - why make a drug that cures a problem that you're making billions out of?

And it is big drug companies, trying to protect their ill-gotten gains, who continue to push to keep other possibilities as unpublicized as possible.

  11:05:50  16 September 2011
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100RadsBar - Formerly known as LoboTheMan


On forum: 06/03/2009
Messages: 1653
Cancer is a bitch
I sincerely hope that you get well, my thoughts, and best wishes, go to you and your family.

My son got diagnosed with leukemia when he was 2½ years old in 2006.
We went through about 2½ years of treatments, and so far all is well. We still have go to regular controls at the hospital for about another 2 years.
  02:19:17  16 September 2011
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The sound guy...


On forum: 04/05/2007
Messages: 2131
Never give up, never surrender!

Strength to you, fellow stalker!
  00:04:44  16 September 2011
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First the Zone, then the world!


On forum: 08/30/2008

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09/16/2011 0:06:02
Messages: 1072
You beat cancer once, you can beat it again. Got to stay positive, and I'm sure there are plenty of people around you who will support you.

Very best wishes.
  17:46:37  15 September 2011
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Настоящий Cталкер, Русская Версия


On forum: 10/23/2009
Messages: 1890
Sorry to hear that man

Get well soon, and if you ever come back, let us know so we can give u a nice WN
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