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Painted Skies

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  13:35:28  2 March 2010
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a bit of this and a lot of that


On forum: 08/08/2008
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Painted Skies

Gentle hues of orange and red filtered through the trees as the wind swirled around the creaking branches swaying to and fro .
'Who would of thought such a remarkable place would be so fraught with danger' thought Artyem, breathing in deeply as his mind wandered off.



Artyems shook his head as his mind slowly faded back to the present.

'Parko!' "Yessir?"

'Get your men over to the ridge, stat' "Yes Sir"

'Carter, dammit, wheres that radio?' "Here Sir"

'Good, get Shivko on the line and tell him we finally have a target for his new toy' "On it sir"

'Brannick' "Sir?"

'Go with Parko and the boys and herd them round the perimeter northwards towards the gate, Shivko will meet them there, heh heh'

Parko guided the bandits northwards, and held position behind a makeshift bunker of crates and sand bags.

'Shivko, are you in place? over'


'Shivko, come in dammit'


'Parko, do you read?' "Sir?"

'Dunno where the f**k Shivko is... tell your men to hold as long as their itching fingers can' "Roger that sir"

Five minutes passed and random gunfire filled the dry air.
Parko`s patience was almost wearing out when he heard it.
A distant humming, soft at first then louder.
"Shivko" he thought with a smirk.

"All right men, on my command, fall back, head south and meet up with the General at the camp"
"Little more, little more, steady guys.......... NOW, GO GO GO"

The soldiers took flight towards camp as Shivko rolled up in the BTR.
  14:14:42  3 March 2010
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a bit of this and a lot of that


On forum: 08/08/2008
Messages: 6349
"YOOOOOO OOOOOOH" screamed Shivko, always fancied himself one of Kelly`s heroes.
"Forward men, lets see what this baby can do."
"Two clicks left, forward a bit, there, HAA AAALT"

The BTR pulled up to an abrupt halt, with dust clouds all but enveloping it.
Then the silence broke with sounds of the monstrous canon rotating.
The bandits, now realising what had happened amidst the melee, were scrambling helter skelter in chaos, trampling each other in their endeavour to escape what surely will be their demise.
"Gunner, fire one" 'Fire in the hole'

The canon erupted with an ear splitting 'BOOM'
"Five degrees east gunner and make sure you dont miss this time!"

Once more the 'BOOM' echoing from the distant hills, then, carnage.

Seems like the bandit ploy of safety in numbers certainly worked against them in this instance as bodies were splayed in all directions.

"Again gunner, again, WHOO OOOO"

Artyem steadies his binoculars and focuses in on the bandits. He can hear Shivko`s cries of joy over the canon.
"Shivko`s got them boys, lets head back to camp and meet Brannick and the boys, I`m sure Shivko will be around later for a vodka once he`s had his fun"
  14:55:20  4 March 2010
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a bit of this and a lot of that


On forum: 08/08/2008
Messages: 6349
(later that night)

"Barkeep, a round for the boys" 'Sure Artyem, I`ll line them up'

"Parko, Brannick, sit your assess down and lets drink" 'Aye sir'

It was a busy night at the bar as usual. The dim lights barely visible in the haze of cigarette and cigar smoke.
The atmosphere was cheery as it was pay day and some would be on mandatory leave as of tomorrow for "sanity reasons" as the company put it. They didnt care what it was called, it was always welcome to get your mind off things and perhaps make acquaintances with some of the near local lasses.
Athough Brannick had a near disasterous experience once when his 'jill' turned out to be a 'jack' and he`s never been let to forget.

'Sir, you never did finish the story about you and the general on recon in the wild territory' said Parko.

"Well, once the general and I had taken out a group of sniper mercs in some dilapidated building they called home, we ran into a group of eco`s who seemed to be in a spot of bother. Seemed like there was merc`s all over the bleeding place. Thats when we radio`d Shivko."

'Shivko, sir? But he`s so young, how could he have possibly been in service then?'

"Shivko`s father and I go back a long way. Happy go lucky Pavlik we called him. Always there when you needed him and always had a smile on his dial. Shivko is his double. We convinced the general to let him join our ranks when he was at the tender ag of 16, and with a bit of arm bending, he agreed, and the rest is history"

'So what happened next?'

"Well, Shivko had friends everywhere. Allways did favours, and allways had favours owed to him. He made a call to one of his mates who apparently can organise anything and acquired twenty merc suits. He radio`d to give the call sign and proceeded to approach the merc pack from the rear. They were of course completely unaware of them and were focused on our crew, as we were now in sight, firing randomly as if it was supposed to be some sort of scare tactic, little did they know we were laughing our asses off watching Shivko approaching."

'So all this time they never suspected a thing?'

"Nope, shivko slid into place, then came the signal. DIE YOU BASTARDS, he screamed. The mercs, now thinking they had backup and had us outnumbered, became cocky and rushed to our position, guns blazing. Of course Shivko`s crew stayed put and in about five seconds, had mowed them all down, heh heh. Those were the days..."
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