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A "What If" S.T.A.L.K.E.R Story

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  03:47:06  12 February 2010
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Chris Metzen's Son


On forum: 03/11/2009
Messages: 189
A "What If" S.T.A.L.K.E.R Story

Alright, so I finished playing Smoq's Faction Warfare mod for Clear Sky and was in a writing mood, but I wanted to continue with a S.T.A.L.K.E.R theme. And that's why I'm here, posting this proposition to you.

Okay, I know this is a bit "unrealistic" but then again, a NP 'sploding and resulting in a supposed conscious Zone isn't too real either. (At least as far as we know. ;D)

What if we wen't back in time a bit. Say we came up with a zone story but in 1938, at the brink of WWII. I know the zone came into existence due to the Chernobyl Power Plant more or less overheating and eventually exploding but I have a sort of "work around" for it.

Here's my work around:
-The Zone has always existed. All around the globe, but it was so subtle that it was almost impossible to pick up on/notice the world changing effects it did in the games.
-The Zone's portrayed as being able to react back when we bomb/"attack" the Zone, which is what's kept people from bombing the shit out of the Zone, correct? You see where I'm going with this?
-With a force such as the plant going off brought forth the birth of the exclusion zone of 35km or however many kilometers it was (Don't remember), imagine what having the World at War could do?

Now, this would be an alternate WWII seeing as how having access to Artifacts and Anomalies would bring forth advances in technology. But like I said, this is the start of World War II, so it wouldn't be too drastically changed, seeing as the Zone wouldn't have emerged instantaneously as Hitler invaded Poland. It wouldn't be 'till the major conflicts, engagements and bombings took place that the Zone started to lash back at us.

So I figured it could start out like this:
-Hitler annexes Austria. Then later invades Poland, sparking World War 2. Great Britain declares war on Germany, along with France. Italy declares war on Ethiopia, and in turn, Great Britain and France declare war on Italy, bringing on the Faction "Allies." Germany and Italy gather to bring about the rise of the "Axis Superpowers". Basically, the historical start of WWII.
-Now here's where it drives off from the historical trail. Germany invades Denmark with force. Bombing commence and just over 2,000 (give or take a few hundred) people are killed while the fighting ensued.
-As the bomber planes drop their payload onto their designated targets, Geiger counters start picking up build ups of radiation. Wind turbulence drowns out the sound of the beeping, and is gone unnoticed. The bombings commence for another 2 weeks and radiation starts spiking all over the devastated areas. Danish scientists pick up the radioactive spikes and are baffled. After 3 weeks of strategic bombing, and 2 days of conventional warfare, Denmark surrenders to the Third Reich and annexes Denmark. The radiation levels are climbing to dangerously high levels, and is brought to the attention of Hitler.
-Hitler orders an invasion of the Netherlands and strategic bombings commence again. Radiation levels spike there as-well. Hitler is convinced that a new generation of bombs was created and assumes he was just waiting to receive the news of this. Germany's troops press into bombed out area's and report feeling sickness and inability to keep their food down, loss of hair, and even loss of the ability to see straight. (Sorry, a bit rusty with my radiation poisoning. xD)
-2 months later, Great Britain bombs the troops stationed in the Netherlands, resulting in, you guessed it, more radiation. But there's something different this time around. It's as if the Earth itself was changing, morphing into something alien like. As radiation rises, wildlife, including birds, begin to be effected by the radiation in unimaginable ways.
-Germany pulls troops out of The Netherlands due to the constant bombings and air superiority of Great Britain. Britain lands troops via sea along the North-West coast of Germany, pushing into Denmark and The Netherlands in an attempt to liberate them both. But something goes horribly wrong.
-Three weeks after the bombing of the Netherlands, the wildlife begin to show signs of mutation, giving birth to horrific creatures with adaptations that put them ahead of the unaffected animals and plants. The "normal" species start to die off, paving the way for the new breed of mutated wildlife. (Will divulge more detail if this is supported.)
-The British troops were unprepared for what they encountered and had heard rumors of radiation bombings from Germany and had brought Geiger counters with them. Pockets of massive, along with little amounts of radiation littered both Denmark, the Netherlands and even the Northern tips of Germany. The thing was, there was no fighting on German soil.
-The radiation started to spread and out came ground-zero.

I fear I've gotten carried away with this, if any of you would like to read/participate in this shovel ideas at me and I'll see what can be done. I also would need someone who knows how the Zone would react to such things occurring, because I'm willing to bet I'm wrong somewhere. I would also need someone who knows how radiation would take it's toll physically, as-well as mentally, on humans.

Constructive criticism would be nice. But I'm willing to take whatever you'll give me. xD
  17:31:06  12 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/28/2009
Messages: 429
pretty good like your plot? that the zone has always been around and how destruction sparked its growth sort of like an infection or something.

you description of the radiation effects on troops is about right to my memory I thank if the doses were high enough that radiation also destroys/mutates skin cells finger nails fall off too I thank.

And I thank the Zone would probably fight the invading forces don't know how much your Zone is like our zone in the game.
  23:56:47  12 February 2010
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Chris Metzen's Son


On forum: 03/11/2009
Messages: 189
Eventually the Zone would, if you will, "spark up" like it did in the games, but on a much, much grander scale. Instead of it being consolidated into one area, it would "spread" to the area's where most of the fighting would happen. In which case, the Zone would eventually retaliate in response to the soldiers.

I'll write up a rough draft and share it later this weekend as I'm going somewhere and won't have access to a PC.
  01:24:30  14 February 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Uno question smart people. Why the Hell didn't the zone appear during WW1? I mean there was alot of blasting around from day 1 in WW1, just in battles such as VERDUN, MARNE, YPRES and Somme. Think somewhere around 20 Million people died, a kiloton of explosives were used and airplane with submarinez!!!

Not to be a Pain though, I'd love to also mention that the best place for the Zone to appear during World War two is once again in the Ukraine, at Kursk :


The second fragment of information relied on by Karlsch are some
after-action reports filed in the wake of Kursk by Japanese observers
attached to Soviet forces. The Japanese sent news to their Moscow
embassy that there had been two extraordinary attacks by the Germans.
The Germans had launched two kilo shells at the Red Army and those uses
had an extraordinary affect on the troops. The Soviet troops had been
"burned black" and supposedly the Reds identified the weapon as a gas
attack, and signalled the foe that any repetition of the attack would
bring immediate Soviet chemical reaction.

The Japanese observer claimed that the Kursk weapon had been an atom
splitting bomb, and reported that the weapon had also once been used in
the Crimea at some unspecified time.

Again, this is not the strongest evidence. The date of the "attacks" is
given as Saturday 7-3, 1943, when a careful reporter would know that
Kursk started Monday 7-5. (Of course, it is possible the secret weapon
was used a weekend in advance of the armored assault

Or just jolly old Tunguska, yep that place where the blast in 1907 was happening.
  21:53:29  15 February 2010
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Chris Metzen's Son


On forum: 03/11/2009
Messages: 189
You know the weird thing was, I was texting my buddy about that earlier today, and I thought to myself "Watch someone's gonna ask about WWI."

That's when I came to this, the Zone's portrayed as being a conscious being by some, and that's exactly what it is. Since the Zone can coexist with the Stalkers in the games, why not do the same in the story/plot?

Since the Zone has coexisted with Humanity for countless generations it has been giving Humanity the benefit of the doubt. Since WWI was supposedly the "war to end all wars", and it was thought to be just that.

Well when the sounds of war rifled through the streets once again, the Zone was fed up with the incompetence of Humanity, and has decided to step in and finally end it. I know this may resemble God/Heaven whatever the hell you choose to believe in and for all we/they know, it could be. :3

I'll keep those important dates in mind though, it may help with some dialogue, thanks for inadvertently helping. XD

Just one problem, I don't know where to start. Should I start post-emergence of the Zone, or share the point-of-view of a soldier experiencing the changes first hand.
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