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Zone Shorts

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  10:44:52  1 February 2010
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Wil Freekill
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Wil Freekill
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Zone Shorts

Just think... all of these have a Moral. Post one of your own! Or try to find the morals of each story

Also, Forgive me if it is a bit Messed up or if the Spaces between the lines are off, I tried to make it best I could, and this is my first story (that I've posted)

Violence, that’s all I’ve known for a while now , Ever since I’ve come here, always fighting, Not even stopping when I sleep… The faces of my comrades… All I’ve known for a while now…

“Dmitri!” I heard as someone slapped me awake. Great…. More questions…

“Hey there buddy. You gonna answer our questions yet?”

I looked at him, thought for a second, and said in a slurred voice “Please remind me what those questions are… Friend” I said with such venom I surprised myself. It seemed to have an effect on the Corporal. Because he stuttered for a second, then began to ask.

“Where is your Squad leader, Where is your gear stashed, and why are you here.”

I rolled my eyes, typical military lot, all in it for the loot. I began to answer “I’m not sure where it is, but I can tell you where to look for it.” He leaned forward almost eagerly, and I finished “Stuff it.” He leaned back slowly, looking confused. Just wait until you understand it buddy… think it out… There ya go!
Before I could even giggle though, I got a slap that send stars across my view.

“You think you’re funny, scum?” He yelled in my ear. “We can just kill you, and be on our merry way!” He continued, “But you won’t.” I sneered back at him, “you won’t, and because you Military scum are just as bad as we are, all you want are artifacts and Intel. And you’ll get neither from me.”

This made him pause for a second, he looked down at me and said, “Hows about this, If we don’t get your Intel, we won’t kill you. We’ll throw you in an anomaly so you can slowly and painfully become an artifact we can use. Hows that?” He said evilly.

I paled; I knew what he was talking about. God… He’s gonna throw me into a Whirligig… “Uh… Let’s not do anything to hasty, you might regret killing me.” I stammered out.

I couldn’t help it, there is no way in hell I’m living through 20 hours of compression from my normal size, into the size of a baseball. That’s why everyone in my squad carried a fragmentation grenade. In case they get stuck in one of those.

“Maybe we ca-“ I started to say, when a gun butt hit the back of my head. Everything went black. When I came too, I was seated in the middle of a street, or, what seemed like the middle of a street.
Funny thing, Whirligig, They don’t seem like anything, until you see the shimmery air right in front of you.

“So,” The Corporal began, “What’s it gonna be, Intel or pain.”

“How about this Sir” I said “You untie me, and I’ll make the decision, if I’m gonna die painfully, I’ll do it of my own accord.”

Hmmm… I only see another soldier; both of them have ak-74’s… I should be able to take them.

The Private untied me, and as he did I grabbed his side-arm and double-tapped him in the chest with it, he dropped. I stood up and saw the Corporal start to run away, I shot him in the leg, and walked over to him.

“So, You’re gonna throw me into a Whirligig are you? You’re gonna get the Intel from ARE YOU?!” I was screaming at him, He seemed scared, But that didn’t bother me none.

I brought up my gun, shot him in the chest and yelled “ANSWER ME SCUM.” He looked up slowly, his eyes glazed over, and said “Stuff it.” And flipped onto his back, ak-74 at the ready, and shot me in the chest. I began stumbling backwards trying to catch myself. Then I fell, right into the Whirligig…
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