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Tales of Vasili Novikov

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  17:04:53  25 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Tales of Vasili Novikov

Tried to make a good one. I hope you guys enjoy


''Novikov,you there?'' A voice shouted.
''Yes,I am still here!'' I replied,looking around.
''This blowout was the worst of all,probably.'' I shouted. ''Give me a rope!''
''Here my friend,get up here.''
I climbed the rope,looking upwards as I saw my friend,Semenov.
''How did you fall to that pit?'' Semenov asked.
''You were in the convoy,Semenov. You probably saw that Anomaly.''
''I tried to get out,but our APC got rolled over,also knocked me out.''
''Whatever,Semenov. Let's find some survivors and get out of here.''
I looked around the corpses,trying to find a survivor. I looked at one.
''Whoa,this comrade is not looking good.'' I muttered. His eyes were fried. ''No survivors,Semenov.''
''Wait,this one is still alive.''
I told Semenov to get him on his feet,and I sat on a stone.
''Novikov,you are a mess!'' Semenov shouted. ''Your arm is bleeding!''
I looked at my arm. It was bleeding slowly.
''Semenov,get me a bandage!'' I shouted.
Semenov tried to find a bandage,and finally found one under a dead medic.
''Semenov,do you know how to use a bandage?''
''No,maybe this guy knows.''
Luckily for us,the survivor,Petya,was a medic. He patched me up,and we started to walk. I looked to my suit,which was a mess. I asked Petya: ''Which car you were in?''
''I don't remember,but it had a mounted machine gun.''
I got my binocular out,and started to look around.
''Give me a bolt,Semenov.'' I said. He gave me a metal bolt. I looked at the metal bolt,then threw it. It had a reaction.
''Take a report,Semenov.'' I shouted,and I looked up to Petya and said: ''Do not sit like a duck. Help him!'' I shouted,as I sat on the ground,trying to contact our bunker.
  19:36:57  25 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
is it good? I don't care if it is positive or negative,I would accept any kind of comments
  20:13:22  25 January 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
Messages: 429
Its goods for a start I probably would of add a little more detail but too much detail will kill a story good any ways
  20:15:33  25 January 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
I did not add much detail as it was a prologue. Thanks for the comment.
  22:46:15  25 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.1

''Wild Territory is not good for guys like us.'' I muttered. I was still thinking of the crash. We were in the car,a guy was asking me of anomalies,and it just blew up like a bomb. I did not understand. Blowouts could not throw cars as if they were ants. I asked Semenov about what happened.
''Sir,I was talking to Professor Kuznetsov,and our car just got rolled over. I saw Professor Kuznetsov got his arm crushed,and after that I hit my head hard,when I woke up Professor Kuznetsov was dead. I looked to the front seats,but they were crushed. I got out of the car,and found you. That's all.'' I thanked Semenov,and got Petya. I told them ''We are going in the woods.''
Petya replied: ''That is not a good idea in my opinion,sir. Why are we going in the woods?''
''Because that way goes straight to Yantar!'' I shouted. We started to go in the woods,as I got Semenov nearby. I got his helmet off and asked him: ''Semenov,where are we?''
''Sir,my PDA is broken. I don't know.''
I was afraid,as we did not know where to go,and I got my men in an unknown territory.
''Semenov,do you know how to handle a gun?''
''I know how to use P99. I don't know anything else.''
I asked the same question to Petya.
''Sir,I don't know how to use an assault rifle. I only know how to use a PP2000.''
I sighed,as we could get attacked anytime now,and we did not have any weapons. I shouted at my group: ''Now,if we get caught,we will all use codenames. Everyone finds himself a codename now.''
Semenov said: ''Why?''
I replied: ''If we get caught,they will ask our names. If we use a codename,they won't understand who are we.''
We were still traversing the woods as we heard Petya: ''Sir,I found a stalker camp!'' I looked up to them. They were all wearing random armor.
''Petya,get closer and ask them who are they.'' Petya accepted,and moved in to the camp. They turned to Petya,which asked them who were they. Suddenly,they shot Petya many times. They looked like rookies,as they did not have guards. I understood who were they after a couple of minutes. ''Semenov,come here!'' I shouted. I could not risk my life being seen. ''Semenov,here is a frag grenade. Do you know how to use it?''
''Yes sir.''
''Very well then. Throw this amongst them. We will avenge Petya.''
Semenov pulled the pin and threw the grenade amongst the group. They had no reaction. ''Semenov,run! They are zombies!'' I shouted. I saw their camp blow up after our grenade triggered some combustibles. I got Semenov on his feet,and said to him: ''Semenov,give me your binoculars.''
I looked away with his binoculars,seeing The Bunker,300 meters away.
''Semenov,we have to run!'' I shouted. We started to run to The Bunker,trying to avoid zombie gunfire. Semenov got hit,and I had to carry him to The Bunker. ''I am sorry.'' Semenov muttered.
''Don't worry. You are going to be okay.'' I replied. ''Damn,this was one hell of a day.'' I muttered. I felt that we were safe as the doors opened. I got Semenov safely to The Bunker. Sakharov asked me: ''What happened,Vasili?''
''We got hit by a blowout.''
''I should have known!'' He shouted.
''What should we do?''
''Vasili,go to The Bar. Our work is done here. Here's your sum.''
''You were hired. And it is time that we leave The Zone. We got enough studies,as a man called Strelok gave us crucial information. We don't need to stay anymore. And we can't get you out of The Zone. It is illegal.''
I got out as I saw a transport helicopter take The Bunker,and go away.
''Damnit'' I muttered. I walked away,going to The Bar...
  01:28:14  26 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.2

I was in The Bar,a place where men who wanted to ''drown their sorrows'' as I looked around. The Barkeep was a veteran man,who was rumored to be a stalker once. ''One energy drink,please.'' I muttered,as I got a strange response: ''Haven't seen one of you eggheads around here.'' a guy shouted. I did not understand these guys;trying to harass someone for fun.
''What happened,egghead?'' The drunk continued. I just took my energy drink,which probably had no ''energy'' in it. I slowly drinked it,feeling the liquid go down my neck. I turned back to see the harassing guy. He was a
Loner. ''What you lookin' at?'' he shouted. People just laughed. I said nothing,as my skill in fighting was nearly none. I grabbed my pistol,got it out from it's holster,as a drunk Dutyer aimed at me: ''No shooting in The Bar,stupid.'' He said. I left the rotten place,walking out. As I went through,that drunk attacked me,punching me in the nose. I fell,thinking of what to do. ''You stupid! You think you can be a cool guy?'' I tried to counter his other fist,as I clumsily fell. ''Stupid! You don't even know how to fight!'' He shouted. I reached for my pistol,which was hopefully silenced. I got it out,but that maniac kicked it out of my hand. I took out a knife and plunged his foot,pinning him down. I took my pistol out as he screamed,and aimed it at his right eye. I took the shot,and he fell. That was the first kill I got. I took my knife,and started to run away,as I got knocked out by some Dutyers.

''What should we do?'' One of them asked,while looking at me.
''Let's carry him to Krylov.'' They grabbed me and started to carry me.
''Weird guy,looks like a fool.'' One of them said.
''Appearances can be deceptive.'' I muttered.
''What?'' He replied. I passed out as we got in the base.
''Why did you kill Oleg Gusarov?'' Krylov asked,angrily.
''Self-defense. He attacked me.''
''How can we know that you don't lie?''
''Ask The Barkeep. Oleg left the place after I left.''
''Someone get to The Barkeep!'' Krylov shouted.
I tried to move,but I was tied.
''What is your name?''
''Vasili Novikov. I was an Ecologist.''
''Ecologist? That explains your orange suit.''
''Yes,I tried to get a kevlar on it...''
''Novikov,you know that killing someone in The Bar is punished with death?''
''No,sir. I did not know.''
''You need to take a lesson then. Throw him to a cell!''
They threw me in,thankfully my suit's Hazmat gear protected me from that stench. I got up,looked around,and decided to sleep.
''You took a lesson.'' Krylov entered. ''Next time you do something,and we kill you. If not for The Ecologists you were dead.''
I got up,and went inside The Duty base. They let me get in and out because of my relation with The now-gone Ecologists.
  07:55:12  26 January 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
Messages: 429
good interesting you had the eggheads leave thank this is the first happening

curious to see how far Vasili can push his relationship with the eggheads
  09:17:00  26 January 2010
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Out In The Stix Bartender


On forum: 12/22/2009
Messages: 1901
pretty interesting I want to see what develops.
  15:23:12  26 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
I thought writing from an egghead's perspective would be interesting,and it was. I had to sell my bulat suit for an orange Hazmat suit to understand what they have been through
  18:00:48  26 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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01/27/2010 20:08:47
Messages: 3940
Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.3

I had to find something. I remembered why I came to The Zone: I was forced to. I swept those old memories away,and looked at my backpack. Three bottles of vodka,two canned beans,and some bread.
''I can live another day with these.'' I muttered. I opened the other part of the bag,in order to see my ammunition.
''Only one clip for a Walther P99. Great.'' I got up,walked to a chair,and started to look around. There were two guards in the base. I got out of the base,going to The Bar. I entered,and took a seat. ''Hey,Barkeep,do you have ammo?'' I asked.
''I do. I have armor too,which is probably better than your stupid orange jumpsuit.''
''Do you sell weapons?'' I asked.
''I do. Why are you asking?''
''I need to buy a weapon. Do you sell AK series?''
''That is a stupid question,my friend.''
''Okay,so be it. How much is an AK-102?''
''I don't have an AK-102.''
''I have AK-74. That should do the job.''
''Very well,I want to buy it and some ammo for it,like three clips.''
''Here it is. 20000 roubles please.''
I gave him the money,and checked the gun.
''I hope I can reload it.'' I muttered. I did not know where was the safety lock,I never used an AK-74 before. I looked at the barrel,which was rusted.
''It is not in top condition.'' I muttered. I got out,walking.

I slowly walked to Army Warehouses,which was home to a faction called ''Freedom.'' I got in the area,as a Freedom patrol pointed their weapons at me.
''No trespassers. And what is this suit?''
''I am an Ecologist. I am not looking for trouble. I am not hostile.''
''Ecologist huh? Rocket,come here.''
''Rocket?'' I muttered.
A hulking guy walked slowly at me,towering me.
''You are allied with Duty. Kill him,Mikhail.''
Suddenly,Rocket fell on the ground,lifeless.
''AMBUSH!'' Mikhail shouted,as three others fell.
I pointed my gun at Mikhail,shouting: ''On your knees!'' As he tried to escape,and I shot him blindly.
A Duty patrol was there,and they saved my life.
''What are you doing here,Ecologist?''
''I was looking around. I heard there were a lot of anomalies here.''
''There is. And there are anarchists too.''
''What do you mean?'' I asked.
''Look,these Freedom guys are just criminals. They want to open The Zone.''The patrol leader replied.
I looked around,and took my notebook,sitting in front of the anomaly.
I threw a bolt at it,looking at the reaction. It blew into pieces.
''Hmm. A Whirligig. Class: Dangerous.'' I muttered. I thought: ''Ecologists are gone,and you are still doing their jobs.''
I got up,walked to the Patrol,and asked: ''Where can I find an AK-102?''
''Look at the corpses. Freedom generally uses NATO guns,but you might be lucky.''
I turned at the corpses,and saw a L85. I took it,and looked at the barrel.
''Better than my AK.'' I muttered. I started to walk to the Loner encampment nearby,as I had to find some shelter...
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