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Tales of Vasili Novikov

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  17:04:53  25 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov

Tried to make a good one. I hope you guys enjoy


''Novikov,you there?'' A voice shouted.
''Yes,I am still here!'' I replied,looking around.
''This blowout was the worst of all,probably.'' I shouted. ''Give me a rope!''
''Here my friend,get up here.''
I climbed the rope,looking upwards as I saw my friend,Semenov.
''How did you fall to that pit?'' Semenov asked.
''You were in the convoy,Semenov. You probably saw that Anomaly.''
''I tried to get out,but our APC got rolled over,also knocked me out.''
''Whatever,Semenov. Let's find some survivors and get out of here.''
I looked around the corpses,trying to find a survivor. I looked at one.
''Whoa,this comrade is not looking good.'' I muttered. His eyes were fried. ''No survivors,Semenov.''
''Wait,this one is still alive.''
I told Semenov to get him on his feet,and I sat on a stone.
''Novikov,you are a mess!'' Semenov shouted. ''Your arm is bleeding!''
I looked at my arm. It was bleeding slowly.
''Semenov,get me a bandage!'' I shouted.
Semenov tried to find a bandage,and finally found one under a dead medic.
''Semenov,do you know how to use a bandage?''
''No,maybe this guy knows.''
Luckily for us,the survivor,Petya,was a medic. He patched me up,and we started to walk. I looked to my suit,which was a mess. I asked Petya: ''Which car you were in?''
''I don't remember,but it had a mounted machine gun.''
I got my binocular out,and started to look around.
''Give me a bolt,Semenov.'' I said. He gave me a metal bolt. I looked at the metal bolt,then threw it. It had a reaction.
''Take a report,Semenov.'' I shouted,and I looked up to Petya and said: ''Do not sit like a duck. Help him!'' I shouted,as I sat on the ground,trying to contact our bunker.
  19:36:57  25 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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is it good? I don't care if it is positive or negative,I would accept any kind of comments
  20:13:22  25 January 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
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Its goods for a start I probably would of add a little more detail but too much detail will kill a story good any ways
  20:15:33  25 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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I did not add much detail as it was a prologue. Thanks for the comment.
  22:46:15  25 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.1

''Wild Territory is not good for guys like us.'' I muttered. I was still thinking of the crash. We were in the car,a guy was asking me of anomalies,and it just blew up like a bomb. I did not understand. Blowouts could not throw cars as if they were ants. I asked Semenov about what happened.
''Sir,I was talking to Professor Kuznetsov,and our car just got rolled over. I saw Professor Kuznetsov got his arm crushed,and after that I hit my head hard,when I woke up Professor Kuznetsov was dead. I looked to the front seats,but they were crushed. I got out of the car,and found you. That's all.'' I thanked Semenov,and got Petya. I told them ''We are going in the woods.''
Petya replied: ''That is not a good idea in my opinion,sir. Why are we going in the woods?''
''Because that way goes straight to Yantar!'' I shouted. We started to go in the woods,as I got Semenov nearby. I got his helmet off and asked him: ''Semenov,where are we?''
''Sir,my PDA is broken. I don't know.''
I was afraid,as we did not know where to go,and I got my men in an unknown territory.
''Semenov,do you know how to handle a gun?''
''I know how to use P99. I don't know anything else.''
I asked the same question to Petya.
''Sir,I don't know how to use an assault rifle. I only know how to use a PP2000.''
I sighed,as we could get attacked anytime now,and we did not have any weapons. I shouted at my group: ''Now,if we get caught,we will all use codenames. Everyone finds himself a codename now.''
Semenov said: ''Why?''
I replied: ''If we get caught,they will ask our names. If we use a codename,they won't understand who are we.''
We were still traversing the woods as we heard Petya: ''Sir,I found a stalker camp!'' I looked up to them. They were all wearing random armor.
''Petya,get closer and ask them who are they.'' Petya accepted,and moved in to the camp. They turned to Petya,which asked them who were they. Suddenly,they shot Petya many times. They looked like rookies,as they did not have guards. I understood who were they after a couple of minutes. ''Semenov,come here!'' I shouted. I could not risk my life being seen. ''Semenov,here is a frag grenade. Do you know how to use it?''
''Yes sir.''
''Very well then. Throw this amongst them. We will avenge Petya.''
Semenov pulled the pin and threw the grenade amongst the group. They had no reaction. ''Semenov,run! They are zombies!'' I shouted. I saw their camp blow up after our grenade triggered some combustibles. I got Semenov on his feet,and said to him: ''Semenov,give me your binoculars.''
I looked away with his binoculars,seeing The Bunker,300 meters away.
''Semenov,we have to run!'' I shouted. We started to run to The Bunker,trying to avoid zombie gunfire. Semenov got hit,and I had to carry him to The Bunker. ''I am sorry.'' Semenov muttered.
''Don't worry. You are going to be okay.'' I replied. ''Damn,this was one hell of a day.'' I muttered. I felt that we were safe as the doors opened. I got Semenov safely to The Bunker. Sakharov asked me: ''What happened,Vasili?''
''We got hit by a blowout.''
''I should have known!'' He shouted.
''What should we do?''
''Vasili,go to The Bar. Our work is done here. Here's your sum.''
''You were hired. And it is time that we leave The Zone. We got enough studies,as a man called Strelok gave us crucial information. We don't need to stay anymore. And we can't get you out of The Zone. It is illegal.''
I got out as I saw a transport helicopter take The Bunker,and go away.
''Damnit'' I muttered. I walked away,going to The Bar...
  01:28:14  26 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.2

I was in The Bar,a place where men who wanted to ''drown their sorrows'' as I looked around. The Barkeep was a veteran man,who was rumored to be a stalker once. ''One energy drink,please.'' I muttered,as I got a strange response: ''Haven't seen one of you eggheads around here.'' a guy shouted. I did not understand these guys;trying to harass someone for fun.
''What happened,egghead?'' The drunk continued. I just took my energy drink,which probably had no ''energy'' in it. I slowly drinked it,feeling the liquid go down my neck. I turned back to see the harassing guy. He was a
Loner. ''What you lookin' at?'' he shouted. People just laughed. I said nothing,as my skill in fighting was nearly none. I grabbed my pistol,got it out from it's holster,as a drunk Dutyer aimed at me: ''No shooting in The Bar,stupid.'' He said. I left the rotten place,walking out. As I went through,that drunk attacked me,punching me in the nose. I fell,thinking of what to do. ''You stupid! You think you can be a cool guy?'' I tried to counter his other fist,as I clumsily fell. ''Stupid! You don't even know how to fight!'' He shouted. I reached for my pistol,which was hopefully silenced. I got it out,but that maniac kicked it out of my hand. I took out a knife and plunged his foot,pinning him down. I took my pistol out as he screamed,and aimed it at his right eye. I took the shot,and he fell. That was the first kill I got. I took my knife,and started to run away,as I got knocked out by some Dutyers.

''What should we do?'' One of them asked,while looking at me.
''Let's carry him to Krylov.'' They grabbed me and started to carry me.
''Weird guy,looks like a fool.'' One of them said.
''Appearances can be deceptive.'' I muttered.
''What?'' He replied. I passed out as we got in the base.
''Why did you kill Oleg Gusarov?'' Krylov asked,angrily.
''Self-defense. He attacked me.''
''How can we know that you don't lie?''
''Ask The Barkeep. Oleg left the place after I left.''
''Someone get to The Barkeep!'' Krylov shouted.
I tried to move,but I was tied.
''What is your name?''
''Vasili Novikov. I was an Ecologist.''
''Ecologist? That explains your orange suit.''
''Yes,I tried to get a kevlar on it...''
''Novikov,you know that killing someone in The Bar is punished with death?''
''No,sir. I did not know.''
''You need to take a lesson then. Throw him to a cell!''
They threw me in,thankfully my suit's Hazmat gear protected me from that stench. I got up,looked around,and decided to sleep.
''You took a lesson.'' Krylov entered. ''Next time you do something,and we kill you. If not for The Ecologists you were dead.''
I got up,and went inside The Duty base. They let me get in and out because of my relation with The now-gone Ecologists.
  07:55:12  26 January 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
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good interesting you had the eggheads leave thank this is the first happening

curious to see how far Vasili can push his relationship with the eggheads
  09:17:00  26 January 2010
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Out In The Stix Bartender


On forum: 12/22/2009
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pretty interesting I want to see what develops.
  15:23:12  26 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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I thought writing from an egghead's perspective would be interesting,and it was. I had to sell my bulat suit for an orange Hazmat suit to understand what they have been through
  18:00:48  26 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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01/27/2010 20:08:47
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.3

I had to find something. I remembered why I came to The Zone: I was forced to. I swept those old memories away,and looked at my backpack. Three bottles of vodka,two canned beans,and some bread.
''I can live another day with these.'' I muttered. I opened the other part of the bag,in order to see my ammunition.
''Only one clip for a Walther P99. Great.'' I got up,walked to a chair,and started to look around. There were two guards in the base. I got out of the base,going to The Bar. I entered,and took a seat. ''Hey,Barkeep,do you have ammo?'' I asked.
''I do. I have armor too,which is probably better than your stupid orange jumpsuit.''
''Do you sell weapons?'' I asked.
''I do. Why are you asking?''
''I need to buy a weapon. Do you sell AK series?''
''That is a stupid question,my friend.''
''Okay,so be it. How much is an AK-102?''
''I don't have an AK-102.''
''I have AK-74. That should do the job.''
''Very well,I want to buy it and some ammo for it,like three clips.''
''Here it is. 20000 roubles please.''
I gave him the money,and checked the gun.
''I hope I can reload it.'' I muttered. I did not know where was the safety lock,I never used an AK-74 before. I looked at the barrel,which was rusted.
''It is not in top condition.'' I muttered. I got out,walking.

I slowly walked to Army Warehouses,which was home to a faction called ''Freedom.'' I got in the area,as a Freedom patrol pointed their weapons at me.
''No trespassers. And what is this suit?''
''I am an Ecologist. I am not looking for trouble. I am not hostile.''
''Ecologist huh? Rocket,come here.''
''Rocket?'' I muttered.
A hulking guy walked slowly at me,towering me.
''You are allied with Duty. Kill him,Mikhail.''
Suddenly,Rocket fell on the ground,lifeless.
''AMBUSH!'' Mikhail shouted,as three others fell.
I pointed my gun at Mikhail,shouting: ''On your knees!'' As he tried to escape,and I shot him blindly.
A Duty patrol was there,and they saved my life.
''What are you doing here,Ecologist?''
''I was looking around. I heard there were a lot of anomalies here.''
''There is. And there are anarchists too.''
''What do you mean?'' I asked.
''Look,these Freedom guys are just criminals. They want to open The Zone.''The patrol leader replied.
I looked around,and took my notebook,sitting in front of the anomaly.
I threw a bolt at it,looking at the reaction. It blew into pieces.
''Hmm. A Whirligig. Class: Dangerous.'' I muttered. I thought: ''Ecologists are gone,and you are still doing their jobs.''
I got up,walked to the Patrol,and asked: ''Where can I find an AK-102?''
''Look at the corpses. Freedom generally uses NATO guns,but you might be lucky.''
I turned at the corpses,and saw a L85. I took it,and looked at the barrel.
''Better than my AK.'' I muttered. I started to walk to the Loner encampment nearby,as I had to find some shelter...
  02:22:16  29 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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01/30/2010 1:12:08
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.4

I looked around,and checked the movement of anomalous activity.
''Anomaly subject 3 has changed the piece of metal into something that emits radiation.'' I closed the recording unit. I got my respirator off,and I looked at it's recycler.
''Broken.'' I muttered. It was crashed,and it's filter system was opened wide. I sat,and checked my gear.
''Hmm. A broken AK-102,no ammo,and a magazine of a L85. Armor is ripped in the chest,it's burn defences are gone. Great.'' I got up,looked around,hoping for a trader. I was in a camp,so I decided to go to The Duty Base. I got up,started to walk,and I went away with my broken AK. I walked away,going to The Bar slowly.

I went to The Duty Base,everyone was drinking vodka. I slowly walked to the trader,which came familiar. I asked: ''Do you have armor?''
''Of course we have.'' He replied.
''What do you have?''
''We have three Stalker Suits,five PSZ-9d Suits,a PSZ-9Md,and an weird,average armor.''
''How much are they?''
''Stalker suit costs 11500,PSZ-9d's are 25600,PSZ-9Md is 78900,that weird armor is 4000. Thinking that you are an Ecologist,I can give a discount about...700 roubles.''
I checked my PDA,which showed me that I had 5000 roubles.
''I'll take that cheap one.'' I gave him 3300 roubles and I got away.
I wore the suit,which was khaki. I wore the internal respirator,which had a NVG.
''I can change the NVG's with my SSP.'' I muttered,as I checked the kevlar,which was weirdly,nearly none. I checked it's radiation protection,as I saw that it did not have radiation protection. I wandered away,as I threw my recorder away...

I was in Yantar when I heard a transmission: ''Help..Us...'' I wondered: ''Could it be the Space Anomaly?'' As I fell,stupidly.
  15:13:39  2 February 2010
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02/03/2010 22:06:53
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.5

I started shouting as I tried to get up. Nobody was around,and I had nearly no ammo. I looked up to my leg,which was bleeding fast. I was shouting,as if I were dying. But I would be some dessert,as my leg was broken,and a dog pack was coming slowly. ''Hmm. If I throw a piece of meat,they would go there,and I need a bandage,so that I could move.'' I muttered. ''Dogs usually pack up in four to six dogs,and an usual alpha male. They are probably looking for food,and if I cannot get up,I will be a meal.'' I got the bandage,opened it and started to wrap my leg. I checked it,and started to get up,using my rifle like a walking stick. ''One,two,three...'' I was muttering,as I saw the dog pack. All of them were surrounded in blood,some wounded. I took a magazine,and started to count the bullets.
''Twenty FMJ rounds. Just in case.'' I got my backpack,and looked for another bandage. None.

I got up,started going near the swamps. A dog lunged at me as I walked. It's lower jaw was gone. ''I hope my magazine won't jam.'' I muttered as I blind fired into it's mouth,point blank. ''Gone,I hope they won't come after me.'' I started walking again,as I saw some stalkers. ''Loners? I hope they are not zombies.'' I thought. I started to shout at them: ''Hey! Who are you guys?''
''My name is Borya! Who are you?''
''I am Vasili! Help me,my leg is broken!'' I replied.
''Okay my friend!'' He shouted,as I saw something on my googles: Blood. Borya neared me as he asked: ''Stalker,why is your head bleeding? Are you okay,my friend?'' I fell,blood smell making me bad.

''Stalker,you there?''A voice asked. I could only grunt and gasp.
''Are you okay? There was a cut on your forehead.''
''Ram,check him. There might be goods on him.''
I was tied,and I was still bleeding. I could not see anything,my googles were surrounded in blood.
''Where am I? Borya,you there?'' I started shouting,as a mass fell on me.
''Hmm. Dump the other rookie,and we can go.'' The voice added. Someone got my backpack,and my helmet.
''Leave him. He will die.''
I passed out...
  22:06:38  3 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.6

Snow. The only thing that would not be in The Zone. It was snowing,and I was partially buried in it. It was weird,something soft,gentle. I was probably unconscious for a long time,and it was weird.
''Damnit,I can't get out!'' I muttered,as I tried to shove the snow off me. After I finally finished it,I started to walk in the white curtain. A group of stalkers were sitting on a hill,drinking vodka and eating fried sausages. I was alone in this man-made hell,and now this white curtain was like a film of my life: Colorless,emotionless,fragile. I shoved the snow off my way,making a little pathway through this white. I stopped as I saw another guy,trying to make his way out of the snow.
''Hard day,isn't it?'' I shouted.
''Right,it is hard to see without a mask.''
''Who are you?''
''My name is Pyro,I am a trader.''
Losing my respirator was like walking naked on a street for me,so I happily wanted to buy one.
''You are lucky,stalker. I have some gas masks.''
I took one from his backpack as I gave him 3300 roubles.
I wore it,and I felt weird. It was warm. I had no weapons,no money,and no backpack. It was just me and my armor.
''Pyro,where am I?''
''Near Yantar,It is Wild Territory.''

I started to move along,leaving the lone trader behind. I still had a magazine,which was weirdly,of a Vintar. ''Thankfully,I am still warm.'' I thought. I probably walked for a long time,as I entered a forest. Two packs of boars were nearby,and they could smell me.
''Damnit Vasili,run!'' I shouted as I started to move my way out. I hid behind a tree,in the snow.
''Not so easy,now.'' I muttered. They started to look around,as I sprinted to another tree.
''I can climb this one,I think.''
I grabbed a branch,pressed my foot against the roots and slowly ascended. I grabbed the other branch,as I heard a cracking voice.
''Damnit!'' I shouted,which got the attention of the boars. They neared my position as I jumped blindly,hoping to catch a branch as some of them fell. Luckily,I grabbed another one,and hopped on it.
''A hill! I can jump on it!'' I shouted,and I looked around. There was a stash,a dead stalker,who probably killed himself,and a burrow.
''Hmm. I can make this place my safe zone.'' I muttered,as I tried to jump on that hill. I grabbed the edge mid-air as I tried to climb,but it was in vain. I tried to grab something in a last attempt to live,as I would probably die from that fall. Thankfully,I grabbed a rope,which was a ladder. I grabbed it,got up,and threw the corpse down as I searched the stash: A lot of canned food,a double-barrel shotgun,a rusted Vintar,and some other stuff,like a radio.
''Good.'' I muttered,as I grabbed the sleeping bag and opened it...
  22:47:24  3 February 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
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good your Characters seem to go threw hell though my guy isn't in the best of shape at the moment
  23:38:19  3 February 2010
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02/03/2010 23:45:08
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.7

''Attention all stalkers,a blowout is coming,find shelter.''
I did not pay attention,as I was in a good shelter. My new ''home'' was here,a beautiful sniper hideout. I went back to sleep again,as I heard a distant scream,of a stalker. I grabbed my Vintar,looked around in this white abyss,as I saw footprints. ''Footprints? That is weird.'' I muttered,as I climbed down slowly,looking carefully. Whoever that was,or whatever that was,started to moan. The sky started to turn red,so I had to be careful. After I moved for six meters,I saw someone,walking and moaning. ''Zombie?'' I had a chance for study,but I had to be careful,if I would not be aware,these could be my last steps. He fell,and stopped moaning. I ran to him,outrunning a falling branch and escaping animals,whom were probably escaping the blowout. I ran to the corpse,which was probably a zombie,and grabbed it. I started to carry him to my ladder,and I tied his feet to the ladder.
''Hope it won't rip apart.'' I muttered,as I got up,and started to pull him up. The blowout started to come,as I grabbed him and took him into my makeshift ''home'' and tied him,as I sat on the ground and started to read a book.

''Where am I?'' a harsh voice asked.
''You can talk! Oh my god,I have to write this on my journal.''
''Why can't I talk?''
''Aren't you a zombie?''
''I am not. See? I am talking,and not grunting at all.''
I took my book ''Secrets of human brain'' and opened part 7.
''This shows that if a man should get hit by a sudden blast of energy,he would be dead or a meatbag.'' I looked at him. He was probably a veteran,from his clothing,face,and weapons.
''Who are you?''
''My name is Bug. Who the fuck are you?''
I was hoping to get a normal response,but that guy probably saw a lot of bad things,and he was a harsh person,normally.
''My name is Vasili Novikov.''
I grabbed my syringe,and I pressed it against his wrist.
''WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MANIAC?!!?'' He shouted,so I stopped taking blood samples abruptly.
''Do not worry. I am just taking blood samples.''
I looked around,and found a pack of canned beans.
''Here. Take this.'' I muttered,as he started to shout like an animal.
''What the hell is wrong with this guy? One second,he is normal,after a few seconds,he turns maniac!'' I shouted,as I heard a voice. He was ripping the ropes! I aimed my double-barrel at him,shouting to stop. He stopped,and said: ''I am sorry. But I was a little bit weird,I mean...''
I stopped him and tried to stabilize him,but it was in vain.
''I am sorry my friend.'' I muttered as I knocked him out. I tied him more carefully,and disarmed him. I got out,as a snow storm started.
''You will be here for a while,friend.'' I muttered as I grabbed my bag...

By the way,readers of my previous stories will realize something
  12:08:04  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.8

There is no place safe in The Zone,and I knew it. Someone was shooting,and I had to hide my shelter. That guy was still sleeping,and I was not tired anymore,I had a quiet sleep. I grabbed my Vintar's scope,ripped it,and looked around. ''These guys mean business. They are armed very well.'' Going down from the ladders was a bad idea,as they would see my footprints,so I had a plan: Jump to the tree branch,then climd down and observe. Bug was waking up,so I knocked him out again.

I prepared myself,started to run,and I jumped. If I would fall,I would probably die,so it felt like a jump ''for it'' for me. I grabbed it,pressed my feet against the tree,and hopped on it. The gunshots were getting closer. I saw one of them fall,as I saw the worst thing;he got decapitated,and something grabbed his internal organs,and impaled him on a branch. I threw up,as I was not a man of brutality,who can see a man getting disemboweled and laugh. I looked at the others,who sticked in group,suddenly fell,as one of them started to run at my direction. I aimed my double-barrel at him,and waited. If he would shoot at me,I would reply. He just ran,in a ''run for it'' fashion,which made me wonder whether this guy was really escaping,or he was just looking stupid as I realized it was serious. He was wearing a trenchcoat,and a stalker suit in it. I aimed,shouting ''Halt!'' as I saw him got ripped apart. The other members of the group were dismembered too,so I ran for the ladder,grabbing it and getting up.

I got the ladder,and I started to wait. The creature's footprints were not coming here,so I sighed,but suddenly,a pale,huge creature jumped on me. That thing was white,but blood stained. It's mouth was huge,able to swallow a pistol whole,and tentacles were just underneath it. But it was not a bloodsucker,a bloodsucker would not do this. It would run away. My double-barrel was out of my reach,so it was my end. I closed my eyes as I heard two shots,which took the mass off me.
''It seems like you need some help.'' A voice said.
''How the fuck did you get up and rip the ropes?'' I asked.
''Easy. Now get up. You owe me one.''
I got up,gave him the canned beans and opened a can of meat.
''Yummy. Now,who the fuck are you?'' I asked,as I ate the food...
  14:21:46  4 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.9

''There are many creatures around,pockets of radiation follow.'' He started. ''North. I went north. A place of many things,some astonishing,some sinister...''
''Did you find any artifacts?'' I asked,curiously.
''There was one artifact I stole,Gate,they call it. It teleports.''
I wondered as he aimed a gun at me.
''I owe you one,you owe me one. Spare.''
''What are you doing?''
''I am a thrashman,and I lack mercy. Now,a good sniper,a shotgun in prime condition,lots of food,I do not have money,so it will cost a bullet. Much cheaper way.''
''Don't,oh fuck please don't!'' I shouted as I heard two gunshots,one missed me,the other one threw me down,as I screamed,my wounded leg now ripped open.
''What the-'' I crashed on a branch,which threw me down to the ground,then fell on me. I grunted,as he jumped to a branch,then down,quickly. I grunted,and gasped,as my leg was nearly gone,and I fell from a long height,probably a broken rib. ''Ahh,what the,why,spare me,please? I will give money,don't kill me....''
He stopped as I faded out,probably thinking I died.
I woke up in the red snow,painted by my blood. I was probably going to die soon,as I saw the ladder.
''That bastard,I will kill him...''
I saw him,he jumped near me,saying: ''I haven't done it for a while. Let's find a girl now,Cordon will do the job.''
I would not let a psychopath rape a girl,or kill her. I had a stupid,but an effective idea. I grabbed some snow,tucked it inside my leg,which was ripped open and I took some rags,and tied it.
''Will do the job.'' I went back to the ladder,made a booby trap by tying a bomb to the entrance,while getting what I can from there. I started walking,tracking his footsteps like a hunter. I saw him kill an animal,just for fun. ''This guy is probably insane.'' I started walking behind him,my coat making me look like a veteran.
''He stopped,wonder why.''
He took a breath,and suddenly started to run like the creature that attacked me last night.
''What the fuck!'' I muttered,while sprinting to him in the snow storm.
''I hope I will get nearby.''
He was mutated by artifacts and radiation. His face was like a zombie.
I grabbed my shotgun,which was slinging off me.
''Now who's talking.'' I muttered,as my feet started to pain.
''Snow melted.'' I thought,as I used the same tactic to get my feet numb. He used a different way through,as I tracked him. I saw him moan,as if he were a wounded stalker.
''That trick won't work now.'' I muttered,as I went nearby,but my vision started to blur.
I went nearby as a group of three stalkers came nearby.
I could see the look on his face. Two men,and a girl. I stalked him,as he swiftly killed the two,and looked at the girl.
''Now,no escape.'' He shouted,as I ran to him. He threw off his hoodie,as I grabbed his pistol,and aimed at him.
He grabbed the girl with one hand as I started to pull the trigger.
''Die,die you maniac! DIE!!'' I shouted,as if I were a maniac. I emptied the whole magazine on him,then I took a knife.
''Now,I can finish my examination.'' I muttered,as the girl looked at me,shocked. I opened his chest,took some examples and took a good brain matter.
''Hmm. Grey matter took over.'' I muttered,as I shot him again,and I grabbed him,hoping to throw him into a frozen lake.
''You may be a maniac,but your features are astonishing for a human. Your samples will make us evolve.'' I thought,as I grabbed his artifacts,then threw him into the frozen pool of water,as I gagged and tied him.
''No chance of escape.''
I looked back at the girl,who was scared by the things,and I saw she got unconscious. ''She will die out here.'' I muttered. I grabbed her hand,and started to carry her.
''This Bug guy won't scare you anymore.'' I muttered. She was just a teen,in her early 20's.
''I hope she won't attack me.'' I thought,as I carried her away,hoping that my bleeding was over...
  14:38:52  4 February 2010
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NOOOOOOOOOOO! BUG! how did he turn in to a maniac? WHY GOD! WHY!!!
  14:40:04  4 February 2010
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Thrashdude keep going I don't want it to stop i'm to intrigued your story tears me away from writing Alexi's sentence
  14:54:19  4 February 2010
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did you return?

It had been like eternity!


billybob,it's a very cool story of yours,keep it up. It tears me away from Vasili's Tales.
  15:09:58  4 February 2010
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did you return?

It had been like eternity!


billybob,it's a very cool story of yours,keep it up. It tears me away from Vasili's Tales.

yup i am back in business thrashdude! i just checked in today, (i was taking a break from "Horrors of the Zone 2" and then i saw your new story! really awesome job mate! i CANT wait for the next chapter
  15:26:45  4 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.10

''Who are you? Where am I?'' a little,fragile voice asked.
''Easy now. Don't attack me,and I'll explain.''
She was afraid,it was obvious.
''Look girl. You have been kidnapped and nearly raped by a maniac mutant-human hybrid. I hope it died,as I saw nearly a hundred bullet rounds on him.''
She reached for my water can,and asked: ''Can I drink?''
I nodded. She was shocked,her clothes nearly torn open. My leg was still in bad shape,and I was scared like hell. My tripwire was disabled by unknown means.
''My name is Tanya. Who are you?''
I was shocked. Such a little girl in The Zone. I was 41,and I was still thinking of what I am doing in The Zone.
''I am Vasili Novikov,now who are you?''
''I came to The Zone one month ago. I will be 20 after two days.''
I felt like Leon,which was a touching movie,and weirdly,one of my causes to come in The Zone.
''Girl,here. Take my Vintar,I can't use it.''
She looked at me weirdly. I stood guard all day,hoping that he is dead. She fell into sleep after eating some canned food.
''I guess I could sleep.'' I muttered,as I opened my sleeping bag.

''HELP ME!'' A voice shouted. I suddenly woke up,looking around carefully as I saw that man. His face,burned,blood stained,as he looked to me. I grabbed a revolver,which was amongst the other stuff,and shot him six times. He absorbed all the wounds,and grabbed the girl,and threw me. I got up,jumped down to chase him. Tanya was still shouting for help. I ran,fastest that I could,as I tried to track his footsteps. Suddenly,he stopped,and threw her away,towards my direction. He turned to me,and punched me in the chest,fastly,and threw me to a tree. I grabbed my shotgun and shot him two times,as I saw the girl's Vintar. I took it,and shot him nine times,and it jammed. ''Oh boy.'' I muttered as I looked at him.
''He walks as fast as a bloodsucker!'' I muttered,as I got punched again. I fell,as he jumped on me. ''Why are you disturbing me,rookie? What did I do to you?''
My tear fell to the ground. I kicked him off me,then tried to engage in fist-fight with him. I tried to punch,but a sudden roundhouse kick threw me away,and knocked me out.

A dog was on me,smelling me. I kicked it,and started to walk.
''That girl was like my dead daughter,Anna.'' I muttered,and I cried.
''I WILL KILL YOU,BUG!!'' I shouted,and I started to run. I saw a lot of dead bodies,after a few minutes ''Right direction. Now you will see a bit pinch,maniac.'' I muttered. I grabbed a SPAS,and walked. I saw him,swiftly tearing a stalker. I saw Tanya,as well,which was tied,naked. I jumped nearby,hoping to avenge her,as I walked. I saw him,no longer sane. ''Maybe I can save you,seeing I can't kill you,I can tame you.'' I thought. He turned on me and opened fire. I fell,a gunshot to my chest making me shout. I saw him grab Tanya. I grabbed my SPAS,and shot him. ''Thankfully,it shoots slugs.'' I thought,as I got up,and shot him again. Tanya looked at me,crying. I punched Bug in the face,then tied him. ''Who are you?''
''My name is Bug. I have,some problems,you see. I am real sorry.''
''Being sorry won't help you.''
''I am real sorry.''
I looked at his face,his eyes were telling the truth.
''How can I help you...'' I thought.
''He is probably schizophreniac.'' I muttered. I had an idea. Serious treatment would help him,but only the military had it.
''I have a plan.'' I muttered,but I saw Tanya.
''I will put you out of your misery.'' I muttered and aimed at his head...
  17:23:51  4 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.11

''I am sorry,real sorry. I am controlled!'' He explained.
''Well,that won't be a reason for not blowing your head off.'' I shouted,angrily. ''You raped a teenager! DO YOU KNOW WHAT DID YOU DO?''
''I didn't. I didn't!'' He shouted,but I still shot him in the leg,stopping him.
''Tanya,did he do something like that?''
''No,no,oh no...''
''You see? You got a girl insane!''
The gentleman inside me was dead. I was no longer that ''Merciful egghead,'' I was a ''Brutal father'' now. I kicked him in the face,and aimed with my SPAS. ''Give me a reason for stripping her like that,and I will spare you.''
''Sir,as I said,I did not,it was another guy like me!''
''What did you say?'' I replied.
''There are more like me. I am not like them. Please,spare me.''
I lowered the weapon,and took some clothes. I grabbed Tanya,and dressed her my old armor,which looked like a hybrid of ecologist armor and a stalker suit.
''Tanya,Tanya you there?'' I asked,as the guy behind me asked me something: ''I know a place. We can stay there.''
I turned to him and asked where it is.

He turned and took Tanya,as we started to go. We finally came to a base,abandoned.
''They must have gone to a raid.'' Bug said. wondering who were those guys,I entered the barracks,as I called Bug.
''Can Tanya sleep here?''
''Yes,she can. Although you will have to stand guard,as you know,they might return and,you know...''
''I will not let them.'' I shouted,and took a chair. I sat on it,and I waited.
''Vasili,is that you?'' a voice asked. ''Yes,I am here. You are safe now.'' I replied,my voice hardly going through my beard.
''Tanya,who are you actually?'' I asked.
''Well,I am from Estonia,and I had to find some money. After a month,I met you in...''
I pressed my finger against her lips.
''Wait. Someone's coming.''
A stalker in a PSZ-9Md suit entered.
''STATE YOUR BUSINESS!'' I shouted,suddenly grabbing my shotgun.
''Who are you and what are you doing in this base?'' He replied.
''I am...
I thought many nicks,telling my real name would be stupid,but I could not find any nicknames.
''I am Vasili Novikov.''
''What are you doing here?''
''Shut up!''
''Who are you?''
''I am Simka,and you are trespassing. You go out,our soldiers need the girl for morale.''
I felt like I had been injected with ten doses of adrenaline.
''You dare say that?''
I punched him in the face,my fist shattering his helmet.
''What the? Guards!''
A lot of them came. I knocked the first two with my headbutt,and the others with fistfighting. I eventually fell,and they pointed the barrels at me.
''Guys,guys. I know this guy. He is not trespassing.'' Bug said.
''Bug? I thought you were dead!'' Simka said.
''DO YOU KNOW THIS GUY?!'' I shouted at Bug.
''He is an old friend.'' He replied.
Everyone in the crowd started talking,as I shot my shotgun upwards,gaining attention.
''Shooting is prohibited! Throw them into the cell!'' A guy shouted,and I got knocked out...

Simbalime,as always,we merged again
  18:53:44  4 February 2010
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indeed we did mate

if its not a big bother, then i think i will start writing a mini chapter


"So, how have you been, Bug?. i haven't seen you since you shot me with your Pmm" Simka asked Bug, both surprised and angry. "Did i shoot you? i can't remember anything! i just woke up in the red forest." Bug exclaimed. Simka then smiled. "Haha, i am just kidding mate. although, you did shoot me and it still hurts like hell. anyway, who are these guys? and come on, you know i was just kidding about the girl" Simka asked. "yeah, i know. but that egghead takes jokes a little bit seriously. the girl is named Tanya, and the egghead's name is Vasili Novikov" Bug replied. "So, how did you end up with them?" Simka asked. Bug sighed. "Uhh, long story. you better go talk with Novikov, i bet he is angry right now." Bug explained. Simka nodded in reply, then gave an informal salute and went over to Novikov's cell.
"YOU BASTARD! WHERE IS TANYA!" Vasili yelled. "Calm down, i was just joking about the girl. she have been taken to the clinic, and she is under treatment right now. don't worry. I've got the best medics in the whole zone" Simka tried to calm down Vasili. Vasili was silent for few seconds and then asked "Who are you guys?". "We are the remaining forces of UFOTZ. how can we assist you?" Simka asked. "First of all, we could do with some food and water. do you have that?" Vasili asked. "Of course. may i ask what a Scientist with a SPAS is doing in the zone? i thought you guys only got out on expeditions, not hunting artifacts." Simka asked. "i am not hunting artifacts.... its a long story, now show me where Tanya is" Vasili asked. Simka gave yet another informal salute, and opened the cell door.

end of mini chapter.
please note that this is Thrashdude's story, and i am only writing this little side chapter

  19:40:17  4 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.12

I was sitting in my cell,planning to slaughter them. ''I will get the guard,break his neck,go for his weapon,then shoot every last of them.''
As I waited,my oppurtunity came along. ''You there?'' A guy asked as I shouted: ''WHERE'S TANYA?''
''Don't worry. She is in the infirmary.''
''Okay,otherwise I would blow your brains up.''
After a few questions,I got out. Everybody was looking to me. I felt weird,as I had to ally with those guys. ''What is UFOTZ?'' I asked Simka. He explained,as I heard of another raid.
''UFOTZ attack! Everyone to your positions!'' A siren voice shouted.
''What is going on?'' I asked.
''UFOTZ attack.'' Simka replied.
''I thought you were UFOTZ.'' I was surprised.
''Long story. Tell you later.''

I neared a trench,and I asked the guys what was going on. I was not very welcome,as they tried to beat me down. I went away to the infirmary,looking for Tanya.
''She is okay.'' A guy replied to me.
''Can I see her?''
''No,patient visit hours are-''
''I am no longer an egghead.''
I left the medic there,bleeding.
''Where am I?'' A voice asked,as I crashed the door open.
''Tanya,we are leaving. This place will be attacked.''
I opened the sewer grate,saying: ''This will get you to somewhere safe.'' I muttered,as I started to close the grate. She left me her revolver and some ammo for it,as I left the place.
I did not know what happened to the medic this time,as I crushed him with all the tubes I could find.
''Maybe there was acid.'' I muttered. The gunfire started,as Bug walked.
''Hey Bug,see you guys.''
''Why?'' He replied.
''I probably killed your medic.''
''You did what?''
I ran towards the exit,grabbing another SPAS,and shooting to the air.
I saw Bug run to Simka,and tell the news.
''Guys,shoot our prisoner on sight. Repeat,on sight.'' A siren voice shouted.
I was in a free for all. I ran towards the UFOTZ,jumping and shooting as I heard some gunfire. I looked upwards,as a helicopter went to the base.
''Hmm. I could use this to redeem myself.'' I muttered,as I entered a flanking position. ''Two guys. No match for a stealthy guy.'' I muttered,as I jumped to the middle,shooting them both,as I saw another shotgun. ''Handy.'' I muttered,as I neared the APC.
''Gunner is inside,an RPG is inside.'' I thought. I opened the door,got in,pulled the gunner down and finished him with a point blank Striker.
''Here is the RPG.'' I muttered,and grabbed it. I got out,aimed,and shot the helicopter,although I was not lucky;it fell on the base,destroying a lot of buildings and killing a lot of men.
''Oh fuck...'' two exosuits were coming,so I entered the car again,sitting in the middle. One of them entered,and I grabbed my shotgun.
''Damn.'' I muttered,as I blew his head off.
''What the-''
Other one did a clever move,but I had the advantage. He threw a grenade inside the car,but I got out behind,as I ran away,the car exploded. It was burning,and the guy came nearby.
I grabbed him and pushed him inside the car. I ran away,looking into the base,as UFOTZ retreated. I got in,as everyone was looking to the wall of the base. I wondered why,as I took my answer. The helicopter's fans flew off,one of them impaling Istvan and throwing him against a wall,pinning him down.

Simbalime,my new character is VERY aggresive,so I made him a damocles' sword. I hope you will forgive him.
  19:47:15  4 February 2010
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naaw, i think its cool you made a character like that. its nice to see an egghead that actually can fight although the UFOTZ loyalists are pretty mad at him for killing one of their medics

i think i will wright a mini chapter shortly, IF it doesn't bother you
  19:53:37  4 February 2010
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don't forget. He killed Istvan too (accidentally)

and,I am not bothered by mini chapters,they give me inspiration
  20:12:27  4 February 2010
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hehe okay. i am working on the mini chapter now
  20:24:38  4 February 2010
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all the soldiers were heading to the crashed chopper, where Istvan were impaled. "Istvan! Istvan talk to me!" Simka yelled. he got Istvan away from the chopper. "Stay with me Istvan!" Simka yelled, although he knew that Istvan was far beyond saving. he had tears in his eyes, and sorrow grabbed his heart. "WHERE IS VASILI NOVIKOV!" Simka yelled. he started to scout the crowd, were he saw Vasili. he rushed towards him, but by the time he got there, he had already left. the crowd were looking at him with curious eyes. "HAVE ANYBODY SEEN VASILI OR THE GIRL?"
he yelled yet again. Rain were falling down from the sky, and thunders sounded. he had the same feeling that he had felt half a year ago, when he was still sitting in the rookie camp in cordon.
"WE SHALL ALL STORM PRIPYAT! AND DESTROY RUSTIK AND HIS RENEGADE SCUM!" Simka yelled yet again. Rayoji walked over to Simka, and said; "Simka, the Zone have you in its hands. it wants you to do this! i think you should calm down!" Rayoji said angrily. "WE MUST STOP THIS NOW OR NEVER!" Simka continued. "Simka, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" Rayoji yelled. Simka could clearly see that the soldiers were on Rayoji's side. "FINE! IF THATS HOW YOU WANT IT! I WILL GO TO THE FUCKING MONOLITH MYSELF!" Simka yelled. he took his UFOTZ badge, and tore it apart. "Don't do this Simka...." Rayoji said with a low voice. "YOU ARE ALL FUCKING COWARDS! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE THE GUTS TO.." Simka was interrupted by a punch in the face from Rayoji. He fell to the ground, but he got up again. "CALM DOWN SIMKA!" Rayoji yelled. Simka replied with a right hook, followed by a kick in the stomach. the guards around him then held him.
he kicked one of the guards in the groin, while he draw his pistol and shot the other one. "DON'T MOVE A FUCKING MUSCLE, OR I WILL KILL RAYOJI!" He yelled. he quickly ran away from the base, and left it. he saw Vasili and Tanya on the way out. they were hiding in a container behind the base. but weirdly, Simka didn't do something about them. he sent an evil look, but that was all. he turned around, and walked away. but then he changed his mind. he went to the container, and sat silently behind it. Tanya and Vasili didn't even know he was there.
Vasili draw his SPAS, and quickly aimed it at Simka. "GET AWAY FROM HERE, OR I WILL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!" Vasili yelled. Simka was quick, and he quickly but gently pushed the SPAS aside. "Listen, i know a way out of here. i can get you to the cordon, there is no UFOTZ patrol down there. once you are there, head down to the rookie village.
come on, follow me! the UFOTZ would have our heads if they saw us here" Simka explained. Vasili and Tanya didn't understand why Simka was helping them, and neither did Simka. they followed him, and they came to cordon. he dropped his XM8 carbine and his PSZ-9Md suit and gave them to Vasili. then, Simka took off to god knows where.

End of mini chapter
  20:39:03  4 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.13

After all,UFOTZ was low on numbers,their commander insane,their best man killed,a lot of them slaughtered...
''Why did I get in here?''
I left Tanya. She was safer. I got my shotguns,and tried to go to Pripyat. It would be a long journey,so I prepared myself. I had a stupid armor,and some weird gun that I did not know to use,so I just threw them to a rookie's stash. I started to walk through the snow,watching the running dogs. ''Fuck,another blowout?'' I was in the middle of nowhere,no place to hide in,so I had to be fast. I shoved the snow,jumped,and repeated this till I got tired. I fell,as the sky turned red,as a wave of energy evoperated the living. It destroyed a tree,and got me in it,washing me with radiation.

Snow was even stronger. Thanks to it,people realized the anomalies easily,and I just ran. I finally came to a tunnel,half collapsed. I went away,shot a zombie,and got out.
''So that's it. Pripyat.'' I muttered. A whole ghost city,buried in snow. I saw no one. I wandered amongst the apartments,and sometimes hallucinations. I saw Bug in an apartment buried in rubble,being helped by an unknown man in my hallucinations. I took aim on a park as I heard a dart noise,and one of them shot me.
I passed out...
  20:49:29  4 February 2010
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remember,Pripyat is full of mutated UFOTZ soldiers, and Rustik as their commander.

but its your choice, its your story
  21:22:20  4 February 2010
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I know. I will...

  21:34:19  4 February 2010
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hehe okay
  22:12:50  4 February 2010
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Next chapter?
  22:22:17  4 February 2010
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hold on... hold on...

  22:29:12  4 February 2010
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  23:07:39  4 February 2010
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(eats the whole waiting room)
  23:24:48  4 February 2010
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(eats the waiting building)
  23:26:52  4 February 2010
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man your scaring me
  23:30:06  4 February 2010
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man your scaring me

yeah, i got that effect on some people.......
  00:25:16  5 February 2010
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hold on,I will finish it
  11:12:21  5 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.14

''Damn,what the fuck?'' I shouted. Three dart rounds were sticking out of my coat. ''What?'' I grabbed one of them,and looked at them.
''Cyanide Dart-34*21,huh? Now things get serious.''
Cyanide Dart 34 was an experimental poison,but the production stopped due to ''laws''of warfare. I saw one of the snipers,which changed magazines. I hardly got up,sleeping dart's power was taking effect. I tried to walk,but I fell,so I had to crawl. The sniper aimed at me,and took the shot. I was lucky,it missed due to snow,but he used HEIAP rounds.
''Oh boy,explosive bullets?!'' I shouted,and I tried to crawl even faster,but the sleep dart got me unconscious again.

''He is dead.'' Someone shouted.
''Good.'' I opened my eyes as I saw them leaving,new ones coming. A group of stalkers which looked zombified.
''They are not zombies.'' I muttered,as I opened my backpack and diary.
Amongst scrambled words of human brain,zombie anatomy drawings,I found this line: ''Zombies cannot communicate.''
I closed my diary,placed it back,and got up. They saw me,and suddenly,they started to run like the animal that attacked Tanya.
''What the!'' I muttered as I ate a punch,which threw me to a wall,and I got disoriented. One of them neared me and aimed,so I just grabbed the barrel,and tried to push it against his head. The others did not shoot,because a stray bullet would wound or kill him. I pushed it,but I was not victorious. He kicked me and tried to focus,as he got back. I prepared my pistol,and aimed it against his grenade launcher.
''I hope it works. I saw it in a movie.'' I muttered as I fired. The bullet entered the grenade launcher,causing a huge explosion which killed some of them,and left the others unharmed.
''What can I do...'' I muttered as I took another dart from my coat,which was sticked. I ran to the two,and pressed the dart against his neck. The other just turned and tried to punch me,but he hit my shotgun. The shotgun broke,it's barrel stormed out.
''This must be the squad leader.''

I had to be careful,as a punch from this guy would open a hole in me. I tried to find a gun,but I did not know how to use their flashy guns. I just grabbed one of them and pulled the trigger,which shot a grenade.
''Is this a grenade launcher trigger?'' He got hit,and he fell. He got up again,and I pulled the trigger. I emptied the whole magazine,and finally,got him to his knees. I got his knife and placed it in his head. I ran away,and took a weapon,that I did not know how to reload...
  02:10:01  6 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.15

I ran,as fast as I could. Those snipers did not need to shoot me. If they missed a meter away,the explosion would turn me into borscht soup. I had to get in a safe place,even Monolith would be safer. I would just babble ''O Monolith,Praise Monolith'' and they would not shoot me. I ran from these mutated things. They were fast,and they were chasing me,bullets straying away. I stopped,and turned. One of them aimed at me,so I emptied the mag. None of the bullets hit.
''Fuck.'' I muttered as he took the shot. The bullet was slow,so I had a chance to yell ''Fuck you'' to this world as the bullet entered the ground,creating an explosion,then spraying fire. ''DAMNIT!'' I muttered,as I saw another sniper. He aimed directly at me,so I threw myself. I fell,not even able to get a few steps away,but,it saved me from dying. The bullet whizzed over me,and exploded in contact. I fell,as I realized something;some of them were chasing me on the ground. I ran away,and took cover,as I tried to shoot.
No ammo. I just started sprinting,and entered one of the apartments.

I tried to run upstairs,and,thinking I got away,I stood for a breath. I saw them getting here. I opened a door,looked for a closet that was big,and I found one.
''Hmm. A closet. I hope they won't find me.''
I was afraid,so afraid that I could kill myself in order to escape from them. They entered the room,and they started searching.
''He is here! Find him!'' They regrouped in front of me,and I had a plan.
I got out,and suddenly tried to run away. They tried to grab me,as the sniper shot.
''I hope it's HEIAP.'' I muttered as I jumped,while the guys behind me got caught in the explosion. I saw them,one of them still alive. I searched them. I took all their PDA's,and I found a Mama's Beads. ''Hey,who are you?'' The alive one shouted.
''Who are you?'' I replied.
''I am... I don't remember.''
He coughed,as I neared him. His leg was gone,and his arm was nearly severed.
I got his mask out,as I saw his face. Nearly zombified,and no mutation. I patched his leg up,and asked: ''Do you want to live?''
''Yes,don't kill me.'' I grabbed his hand,and started to carry him. Thanks to my luck,we were near the tunnel,and we entered it.
''Who are you?'' He asked again,dust shrouding his wounded face.
''I am just a stalker.''
He had no weapons,and started to tell me something about them.
''Do you know why we are here?'' He asked.
''Our commander got us here.'' He said.
''I remember now. I was called Foxtrot. Our commander promised us good weaponry,control,and money. I could only get this white stalker suit. He was lying.''
After a long,boring walk,I finally got him to my stash.
''You,thanks.'' He muttered,as I tried to contact UFOTZ loyalists' camp.
''Hey,stalkers,I captured one of them. He seems passive.'' I muttered,as I heard a voice: ''Good. We can use him.''
  03:39:14  6 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.16

I was angry. The cocky UFOTZ bastard shot a perfect subject! ''God,I swear,if they kill another hostage,I will kill Rayoji. They are our meaning of protection of Zone!'' I shouted,as I kicked some stuff back in my hideout.
''Damn Rayoji,thanks to him,I have to go there again...'' I had to be prepared,those snipers hardly missed. I looked over to my stuff,which consisted of a respirator,and some food. Suddenly,I had an idea.
''I need paint. There must be a spray here.'' I muttered,as I found one.
''I will paint the armor in UFOTZ colors,and I will infiltrate their base.''
I felt bad,as I was going to put myself in danger for ''study.''
I grabbed my radio,and I suddenly shouted: ''RAYOJI! WHY DID YOU KILL THAT BASTARD?!!''
''What the fuck,egghead? He did not talk...''
''Damnit,are you insane?''
''I AM!''
I grabbed a pistol,and jumped down safely,thanks to the mattresses down. I started to walk in the ''white curtain'' to Agroprom. ''Damn Rayoji is making me mad. MAD!'' I shouted,as I walked. When I finally got to the camp,the guards were looking at me.
''WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?'' I shouted,as I started to walk in the base blindly. I got up the stairs,looking for Rayoji.
''No,that bastard somehow lived.''
''I swear to god,if you touch another subject,I WILL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!''
''Damn you,Vasili! He didn't talk afte-''
He tried to get up,but I just shot him in the leg.
''DAMN!'' I shouted,as I got ''Foxtrot'' out of the base. Two guards came,trying to hold me.
They just stopped in shock.
I opened the back door of an APC,and threw Foxtrot in it. I opened the door and started to go. An unfortunate guard tried to shoot me got crushed.
I asked:
''Foxtrot,you there?''
''Good,you will be cured.''
My fury was swift,but it was short-lived.
''I can't go to the base and kill them as I want. I must leave.'' I muttered,as I got to my ''place'' which was snowy.
I hid the car underneath the branches and the snow,and took Foxtrot up there,for further study.
  14:33:10  6 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.17

''Hmm. Brain's job is done,the nervous system acts like a brain,therefore making headshots useless. Brilliant!'' I took my scalpel,and took an example.
''They seem to be controlled,controlling cells stopping the feelings,although Foxtrot is not that good,he is a prototype. But,these ''super cells'' can stop pain,making a great evolution in the human history!''
Foxtrot moaned,and shouted.
''I Can't see! I CAN'T SEE!!''
''Damn Rayoji blew up his eye.''
I was a doctor,and I had the oppurtunity to make an eye transfusion.
''Foxtrot,I can cure you.''
I grabbed my jars,took one of the flesh eyes,and a snork foot.
''You will feel a little bit pinch.'' I muttered,as I looked to his veins and nerves.
''I don't need to tie them,your nerves are automatically going in!'' I placed the eye,and started to bandage. ''Now,you will have the ability to walk.'' I took the leg,and started to restore it's nerves.
''These tendons will keep you.'' I placed the leg,and hoped that his leg would accept the foot.
It did. I got up,as nine hours was passed,and slept.
''He is here. Kill him,and his subject.''
I looked down,and saw a group of ''cleaners'' getting up.
''Snipers,and some other guys.'' I muttered,as I grabbed the shotgun.
''They won't see it coming.''
''Zone three to Zone four-one. Do you see the target?''
''Negative,waiting for contact.''
''What? These guys are just spec ops wannabes!!'' I shouted,as I saw one talking.
''Zone three,this is Zone four-two. I heard a voice. Out.''
I grabbed my shotgun,and placed my trap.
If they would get up to the stairs,they would trigger the tripwire. The tripwire would pull the pin of a frag grenade cluster,killing them.
''C'mon maniacs.''
I saw one get up here,and he helped his friend up.
''Zone four-two. I there is nobody here.''
''Oh god...'' I muttered. I was hidden.
''Zone four-five,we are going in.''
It exploded,burning and tearing all the UFOTZ loyalists that came up the ladder.
''Damn! Suppressive fire!''
Suddenly,snipers started to pot-shot my hideout.
''Damnit,DIE!'' I shouted as I grabbed a RPG from the arm.
''You won't need this anymore.''
I took the shot,destroying a tree.
''Zone three here! MY LEG!'' He shouted as I heard a voice:
''We got thermals on him.''
I heard a whizzing voice,as I fell by the bullet...
  18:15:29  6 February 2010
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any comments? I would appreciate any kind of comments...
  18:46:05  6 February 2010
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02/06/2010 20:24:33
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.18

''Argh,I am shot...'' I shouted,as I looked around. They had a lot of casualties,and some of them retreated. Five guys were coming,and I had to prepare myself. I popped my back against a rock,and waited for them.
''Oxide four,this is Oxide five. I cannot see him. Out.''
I leaned towards left,and looked at them. They were up here,coming slowly to my ''home''with big guns. I grabbed my shotgun,and shouted: ''DIE! ALL OF YOU DIE!'' As I shot the lead stalker,and blew the other three off. One of them was getting up the ladder,but I just grabbed his head.
''What?'' He shouted as I blew his head off.
''DAMN!'' I shouted,and I looked around. A lot of them were coming this way.
''More?'' I muttered. I told Foxtrot to escape.
''Foxtrot,get up the rocks on the right,and run away.''
He nodded,and started to go.
I grabbed the dead guy's rifle,and started to blind fire.
''Die,you scum sucking motherfuckers!'' I shouted,as I tried to reload.
I took off my pistol,and started to shoot at them with a PMm.
''Use the EGLM.''
I stood my ground,as I saw the grenade. It landed in front of me,and burned my face.
''ARGH!'' I shouted.
''Base,should we take him captive or should we waste him?''
''Waste him.''
He aimed towards my eye,and cocked the hammer.
''Die.'' He muttered.
I closed my eyes,as I heard gunshots.
''What's happening?''
I saw a stalker in grey armor kill them all,in rapid succession. I looked up.
''What did you think? I left for a gun.''
He patched me up,and said: ''My snork foot is not good. I'd rather be walking with one leg.''
I grabbed a knife,and sliced his leg.
I got him up,and gave him some ammo. He needed it.
''Foxtrot,you better go back to your camp. People try to shoot you.''
He nodded,and grabbed a pole,as he walked down to the path I showed him.
''Who knows,maybe we will see us each other again.''
  19:57:50  6 February 2010
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great story i am interested to see where you go with Foxtrot. oh yeah by the way, damn that Vasili is bad-ass Vasili killed just about everyone in the UFOTZ loyalists faction, there wasn't many of them left, about fifteen or fourteen stalkers. but great story
  20:22:52  6 February 2010
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Well,it was plain luck. And if not for Foxtrot,the story was over....
  20:52:25  6 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.19

''Sir,we are in search of him right now. He killed seven of our men!''
''I Don't care,he is hostile!''
''Yes sir,shoot on sight.''
''Hey,mate,what do you think about this Vasili guy? He had a temper,and now he went nuts.''
''Yeah,thankfully we got more guys. We are like 100 or something!''
''Right. He has no chance.''
The guy on the right aimed down the sights.
''I think I saw him,Dmitri!''
''Near that tree. Cover me,friend.''
Borya went near the tree,and turned.
''All clear.''
Suddenly,Dmitri heard Borya's scream.
''What? Buddy, you there?''
He found Borya,plunged against the tree with a knife.
''Buddy? BUDDY?''
Dmitri turned back,as he saw a pistol aimed against his head.
''You made me be like what I was once...''
Dmitri and Borya were never seen in the UFOTZ loyalist camp again...

Killing someone was a weird feeling. But,sometimes,if they make something,the killer inside you takes the wheel. He did. He did it ten years ago too,when I was in the military. I had to be undercover. I lived with scientists,and when I first heard of The Zone,I found my way out. A place where there are no laws.
Yes,I lied to all my friends,all my family. My name was not Vasili Novikov. My name was Mikhail Tchorevsky. ''A web of lies...'' I muttered,as I grabbed another PMm.
''Damn those. I will probably kill Rayoji.''
I went near the base,the snow hiding me.
''Good thing I painted this armor white.'' I thought,as it was a long winter.
I opened the foul-smelling sewer grate,as I got my map off,my flashlight between my teeth.
''Now,ten meters left,two meters right,a ladder upstairs,then I am in the medic's room.''
I slowly traversed the sewers,full of rodent.
I finally came to the ladder,and I jumped.
''Good,it is sturdy.'' I muttered as I climbed.
The air was not good,full of burned flesh.
''Help me,medic!'' Someone shouted,as I realized something: These guys were the survivors.
''He just shot us,why did we bring only one sniper?'' He shouted,as he moaned.
''Don't worry,I will take care of you.'' Someone said,as he asked: ''So,Petya,what happened there?''
The medic entered the room,as he saw the now-dead Petya.
I swiftly closed the door,and grabbed the medic.
''Sleep tight.''
I gagged him with my arm,then knifed him in the forehead.
''Okay,I am currrently in the medic's office. I can get to the HQ from here.''
I got out,and ran back.
''Medic,you there?''
I suddenly grabbed him,then I broke his neck.
''I did not take all those years of training for vain.''
I got up,placed a supressor to my PMm,and went backwards.
''Guard huh?''
The snowstorm made a huge voice,so I just placed a bullet in his head.
I walked away,neared the HQ.
''I will go in from behind.''
I ran to the back of the building,and got up,thanks to the vine.
''Now,I am just a floor away from him.''
I got in,and grabbed the medic.
''Where's Rayoji?''
I just shot some rounds upwards,gaining attention. I got up,still using the cook as a meatshield.
''He is here. Open fire!'' Rayoji shouted,as I left the cook there.
''Damn! It was the cook!'' One of them shouted,as another one neared the staircase.
''Sir,he is not-''
''I am not.'' I muttered as I shot the last guard.
''Kill me,egghead!'' Rayoji shouted.
I just stopped,and turned back.
Was it worth killing for? He just did all those things for his men...
''I knew you couldn't do it-''
''I did.''
I jumped out from the window,grabbed the vine,then went back.

''Hmm. That Vasili guy did quite a good job.''
''Right,look at this. He killed them with a single mag.'' Bug said,and added: ''I am leaving.''
  21:01:37  6 February 2010
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''Yeah,thankfully we got more guys. We are like 100 or something!''

haha nice save there

but let me get this straight, Rayoji died?
if so, Vasili/Mikhail IS the most bad-ass guy on the planet
i think its safe to say that the UFOTZ loyalists just got OWNED
  21:36:12  6 February 2010
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Pilot twist:

Vasili AKA Mikhail was a psychopathic killer,and a veteran in Spetsnaz. He worked on covert ops,till he was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia. His split personality,Vasili,took over. After so many bloodshed,Mikhail took ''What was rightfully his''
  22:14:44  6 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.20

I started to walk around Garbage,looking for rookies. I had been feeling ''whole'' since I killed Rayoji. ''Now,now,now. What can we do?'' I muttered,as I sat near the train yard.
I saw two rookies,walking together.
''Hmm. I may let the girl live.'' I thought,as I got up. I saw the male one,bandaged in the arm. ''Very well then.''
I sticked to them,waiting for the night. They stopped,and I sneaked behind the container,listening them talk.
''Oleg,do you think that we can find Simka?''
''I don't know,Valentina. I hope we can.''
They started to sleep,as I got out from hiding.
''Get up.'' I muttered,to Oleg.
''What's happening,whoa!'' He shouted,disturbing Valentina.
I quickly got my pistol off,saying: ''Get up.''
'So you may not die.''
He got up,and asked to me: ''Who are you?''
''Two. I can be the guy who threw you into that campfire alive,or I can be the guy who shot you in the head. You choose.''
He looked at me,and suddenly,bringed up a concealed weapon.
''Die!'' He shouted,and Valentina awakened,as she grabbed an AK.
''No women.'' I muttered,as I fell down.
Oleg looked up to me.
''Who the hell are you?''
I reached out,and suddenly,grabbed his hand. ''It missed.'' I whispered to his ear,and placed a knife in his arm.
''ARRGH!'' He shouted,and Valentina suddenly aimed at me.
''Okay,I give up.'' I muttered,as I got my hands up.
''Not so easy now.'' Valentina shouted,as I got kicked by Oleg. I got on my knees,and Valentina started to tie me up.
''Bye.'' I muttered as I grabbed Valentina's hand. I got up,shot Oleg in the leg,and stabbed Valentina in the arm,then I placed a slap on her face,and I quickly left.

I was sitting in The Bar,as they came along,asking Snitch for questions.
Snitch said: ''I don't know anyone with that name.''
Valentina sighed,and Oleg calmed her down. I quickly turned to him,and said: ''Is it me you are looking for?''
She suddenly punched me,as The Duty guard aimed at her.
I knew she would not shoot me,so I left.
They came after me,following me. I did not care about them,they could not do anything to me. I pumped my SPAS silently,and left for my home.
''Still coming,huh?'' I thought. They were coming into the trap. I suddenly threw myself behind a tree,then shouted: ''Ahhh! It hurts!''
I placed my respirator,to conceal my face.
''Who are you?'' Oleg asked.
''My name is Mikhail. Help me! He broke my rib!''
Valentina got a bandage off.
''Now's the chance.'' I thought. I grabbed the bandage,and threw it away.
''Why did you do that?''
She went for it,as I got up.
''Valentina! Run!'' Oleg shouted,as I lunged at him.
''Take a stab.'' I muttered,as I placed the knife in his stomach.
Valentina aimed at me,and I ran.
''Damn girl,now Oleg got alive!'' I shouted,as I ran away...
  22:21:03  6 February 2010
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hmmm.... new characters in the storyline?

just make sure that Valentina survives, my main storyline includes her
but Oleg on the other hand......... you can pretty much do what you want with him
  23:54:05  6 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.21

Blood had been the only thing that satisfied me for weeks. I wasn't what I have been. I puked when I saw blood,and I hardly killed someone,but it was in me,waiting. Waiting to wake up.
I woke up,and grabbed a can of beans,as I heard something:
''Hey,Tolik,do you think we will find that guy?''
''I am not sure Stepan,I don't think this is a good idea.''
''Come on man,it is a very good idea! We will kill him,and get a reward from those UFOTZ guys!''
''Check your shotgun,we are close.''
Tolik aimed with his SVD,and looked around.
Stepan was moving around,trying to find me.
''Remember Stepan,do not blow his head off,they need proof that it's him.''
They looked around,and Tolik stopped.
''Stepan,wait! I think I found a car!''
They started to dig the snow,as they found the APC.
''Heh heh. Poor guys.''
Stepan shouted: ''Tolik,I am getting in the car!'' Stepan got in by the top.
Tolik stood there,trying to warm his hands.
''Stepan! STEPAN!''
Stepan got out,unharmed.
''Hahahaha! I can't believe you fell for that!''
Tolik gave a scared look at Stepan,saying: ''Stepan,behind you...''
''What? Don't try to scare me now!''
I got up behind Stepan,and took him in the car. Tolik heared his screams.
I got Stepan out,as Tolik tried to throw a grenade. He threw a grenade,then tried to run away,but,I got him.
''That ladder is long,don't bother.'' I muttered,as I placed a knife in his arm.
''AARGH! Don't!''
I aimed at his head,as he suddenly grabbed his SVD,took a shot,and ran away.
''Damnit. I don't like to chase guys!'' I shouted,as I started to run.
He entered the woods,hoping to lose me there.
He ran away,and got out a pistol. He aimed at me,and started shooting me with it.
I fell,as Tolik ran away,down the frozen river...

Maybe new character?
Comments appreciated
  01:43:03  7 February 2010
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new character? you mean Tolik? or did Vasili/Mikhail die?
  01:51:47  7 February 2010
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I meant Tolik. He survived an encounter with Mikhail.
  01:53:11  7 February 2010
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ahhhh, okay. thanks for the heads up
  03:34:47  7 February 2010
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next chapter? cannot wait!
  16:40:02  7 February 2010
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Mini chapter: ''Survivor''

What was that guy doing? Why did he kill Stepan? My head was full of questions.
''Tolik,you don't seem very okay,what happened?''
''You sure?''
''Look Green,that UFOTZ psychopath attacked us,and killed Step.''
''Oh,does he have a bounty?''
''60000 roubles for manslaughter and sabotage.''
''Okay,let's go get him!''
After a hour,our crew was settled.
''Escape is the driver,you will check our behind Green. And Reaper,you are on the mounted gun.''
Green nodded,and we hopped in the car,hoping to kill him.

''Tolik,you sure this guy is here? There is nothing but snow and woods on the distance.'' Escape asked.
''I am sure. Be careful,he probably placed mines.''
''Reaper,do you see anything?''
''Escape,stop the car. Let's give a break.''
He stopped the car,and we made a campfire.
''Guys,I know a story about a guy who killed 705 men in the war. He was called The White Death.''
We were intrigued,so we told him to go on.
''This guy was a very good sniper,and he did not use scopes. The russians attacked him with task forces,but he killed them all. The guy we are trying to kill is like a White Death,right? So be careful. Watch your back.'' He whispered,as I said: ''Ssshh. I heard a voice.''
I grabbed my SVD,and looked around.
''Everyone in the car.'' Green muttered,as we got in. This time,I got on the mounted gun.
''Tolik,do you see anything?''
''We are near. I can feel it.''
Suddenly,the car came to a halt.
''Escape,why did you stop?'' Green muttered,as Reaper got out,looking around. ''He is there! He killed Escape!''
''Shoot Tolik!''
I revved the gun and fired it,hoping to shoot him.
''Stop Tolik,be careful.''
Suddenly,Green fell down the car.
''Damn! Get out of the car Reaper!'' I shouted,as I bailed out.
Reaper suddenly shouted: ''I saw him!'' And fired his AK.
''Tolik,hold on!''
He stopped me,and leaned from the rock.
''Reaper,what happened?''
Reaper turned to me,and said: ''Nothing. You can come.''
I carefully turned,and got shocked. A gun was aimed at Reaper's head.
''Now his turn.'' Someone muttered.
Reaper fell,splatting blood on the snow.
''Now,your turn.''
I heard a cocking noise,as a hailstorm of bullets teared my arm.
''Great. Now I have to waste another bullet.'' He muttered,as I shouted: ''NO,PLEAS-''
  23:47:07  7 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.22

I finally got that Tolik guy out,and his crew.
''If you would leave me,I would not shoot you.'' I muttered.
''These rookies,I need money.''
I grabbed his SVD,and started to walk,as I suddenly passed out...

I woke up,trying to look around.
''Damn,my head's pinching,what's going on?
I got up,snow falling off me,as I checked my PDA.
''Damn,what?'' I muttered,as I tried to find cover.
''An emission is coming,and I am in the middle of a field!'' I muttered,as I looked up the emission.
''I hope I have Anabiotics.''
I opened my backpack,and looked in it,as I saw the red energy blast,coming.
''Damnit,damnit!'' I threw some stuff from the backpack,and opened my ''drug'' section of the bag,hoping to find anabiotics.
''Blue pills? Whatever,I don't know what will happen.''
I popped the pill,and threw it in my mouth.
''Oh boy,did I just take LSD? I am not feeling good...''
I blacked out.
''Look,another one that got caught in the anomaly.'' I heard,but I could not move,and see,neither I could talk.
''Wait a minute,there's a bounty on his head!'' They shouted.
''We can give him to them! We'll be rich!''
''Okay,I get the legs. Pigeon,grab his arms.''
I felt someone carrying me,as I blacked out again,I guess for a long while.

''Is this Vasili Novikov?''
''Yes,it is. He got killed.''
''Very good. Here's your sum.''
I felt my arms,I felt I could move. It was like being born again.
''No sum.'' I muttered as I grabbed my pistol.
''What the-''
I finished him,blowing his head on to the so called killers of me.
''Run,Bird!'' He shouted,as I emptied my magazine on him.
''Damn,no time to reload.''
I grabbed the dead guy's gun.
''At least I know how to pull the trigger.''
I emptied it on him,and I grabbed my other PMm.
''They'll be coming. They brought me in the base.'' I muttered,as I took position near the stairs,shouting at them.
''He is up there,empty him the whole mag,he doesn't die easily.''
''Should I throw a grenade,sir?''
''No! That would bring down the staircase!''
I sighed.
Someone started to walk here,saying: ''You are dead now.''
I pulled the trigger,and landed a shot on the others.
''Damn,all the base is on me!'' I thought.
''No place to go,I will have to leave this place alive,or in a bodybag.''
''Guys,he is very dangerous. We will have to destroy the staircase! Get down here and throw grenades!''
''Grenades?'' I thought. ''Fuck!'' I grabbed a stair,trying to barricade the windows.
''Get the grenade launcher!''
''Now I am fucked.'' I muttered,as I heard the sound of the RPG whizzing. It crashed through the window,and blew a two meters away from me.
I coughed,reaching for my pistol.
''Damn,damn,damn...'' I muttered,as I realized there was shrapnel in my abdomen.
''I am so fucked...'' I thought,as I got down the stairs slowly.
''They are all focused on the top floor,I can shoot some of them from here.'' I grabbed a L85,and opened fire on them.
They were down,but they were positioned nearby.
''Team,we are bringing in Bug. He will take care of him.'' The dead guy's radio said.
''Damn,what should I do?''
I aimed,looking around,as suddenly Bug came.
He muttered something to the team leader,but I could not hear him.
I got out,my hands up...
''I can't shoot a friend...'' I shouted.
Bug came with a rope.
''You will get killed.'' He muttered,as I drew my knife out of my pocket.
''You will.''
I placed the knife in his abdomen,and tried to run away.
''That tree would cover me.'' I thought,as I got shot in the arm.
''Fuck!'' I fell,trying to crawl...
  19:18:10  11 February 2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.23

I tried to get behind the tree,but they had Vintars,so,I was fucked. I crawled a bit more,and finally got behind.
''Seems like three guys.'' I muttered,as I grabbed my grenade.
''They will kill me? No. I will do it.''
I looked at the grenade. Was it worth dying,for just honor? What if my life was just beginning?
It was.
''BLOWOUT! GET TO COVER!'' The rookies shouted,and got in the barracks.
''Damn,I had some anabiotics...'' I muttered,as I dropped my rucksack.
''Hmm. Medkit,medkit,bandage,allright. There are the anabiotics.''
I popped it,and threw it in my mouth.
''It's all blurry...''

There was a foul stench in the air,and I woke up because of that.
''What's happening?'' I muttered,as I realized I was in a truck,full of dead bodies. I looked down,as the swamp was not a good place to be in.
''I can jump down.'' I muttered,as I grabbed the truck,and threw myself.
''Ouch! OW! THAT HURT!'' I muttered,as I got up. I was in the swamps,and I had to leave.
I walked through the swamp,trying to get somewhere. I finally fell,my wounds taking effect,as a bloodsucker neared me.
''DAMNIT!'' I shouted,as it ran away.
''Well,I must have been shouting hard.'' I muttered,as I realized I had to run too.
''PSEUDOGIANT!'' Someone yelled,and I threw myself in the water.
''Damnit,now I am all muddy...''
I got up,and took my pistol.
''How can I kill a pseudogiant with a PMm?'' I thought. Then,I saw the corpse.
''A Vintar? Now things get hot.''
I grabbed it,and fired it upon the Pseudogiant. The bullet entered it,and it turned to me. It rushed,and punched me in the stomach,as I flew off. I grunted,and I was bleeding.
I just grabbed my PMm,and shot it. It rushed to me again,and grabbed me with it's hand,then threw me away.
''DAMNIT!'' I shouted,then I threw the grenade,as it fell on it's hand,blowing it up...
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.24

''Is it dead? Is it alive? What if it is alive?'' My mind was full of questions,like how did I come here,and why my nose is bleeding.
''Damn,I don't feel good.'' I thought,and slowly got up to the road.
''One step,two step,three step...''
I did not know why did I count,and I was probably hurt. I walked away,as an APC nearly crushed me.
''Damnit!'' I shouted,and started to chase it. It was damaged,and I fired some shots to the air.
''No fast driving.''
I neared it,and opened the door,full of UFOTZ loyalists.
''We need to go to The Bar now! Will you help us?'' A rookie shouted,and I nodded. It was obvious they did not know about me.
I sat on the back,and started to take some pills.
''Will do good.''
I popped another one,and I soon took all the pills in my backpack.
''MY HEAD!'' I started to shout,and the rookie tried to stabilize me.
''Okay,okay. Calm down!'' He tried to calm me,but I did not respond.
I just shot him,and his blood spilled on the driver's face.
''What happened? WHAT THE!'' He shouted,and I aimed at him.
''Get me to Rostok. NOW.''
He drived to Rostok,and I paid him with a shot to the head. There was constant fighting,and I sneaked to a factory,near the zombies.
''Now,now. What can I do for a sabotage?''
I grabbed one of them,and dragged him to the room,as I blew his head off.
It got up.
I shot him repeatedly,and it soon fell. I tried to flank them,and I successfully did it.
''I can end this all. Why just kill them?'' I did not fire a shot,and I entered their APC,putting a gas mask on. I waited,and I soon passed out,bubbles coming out of my mouth.

I woke up,our car in Pripyat,between buildings. A base was there,training men.
I sneaked away from the car,and entered a post,which luckily had a radio.
I opened it,and started to talk:
''This is Vasili Novikov. It is my final message,and I probably will destroy a lot of UFOTZ loonies. The place is hid very well between the buildings,nearby the stadium. Go in Pripyat,look for the stadium,and after 200 meters,the bunker is hidden there.and it is camoulflaged,makeshift. You will encounter supressive fire. RPG's positioned,be careful.''
I closed the radio,and got out,all the UFOTZ aiming at me. They started to fire,and I threw myself into cover.
''Die,you lunatics! DIE!'' I jumped behind the APC,and started to fire with it's machine gun. Ten UFOTZ got killed,and a RPG user blew the car,and me with it.
I fell,trying to crawl away,and I got up after a few attempts,but my legs were wounded. I slowly got in the main base,and fell,my wounds were finally taking effect.
''Where is this blasted ammo bunker?'' I got up,and after finding the infirmary,I found it.
''They will be damned now.''
I looked around. I grabbed some explosives,and threw myself to their garage,and they finally shot me. I fell,and a man called Rustik neared me.
''You are damned. You will die.''
I showed him a pin,and placed it nearby me,with all the explosives,in a garage full of combustibles,and I opened my backpack,full of frag grenades. I tried to crawl away,but,it was too late for me. I popped myself near a wall,and just waited. The last things I saw was fire,burning everything and,I finally saw the roof,falling...

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This is the last chapter,so any comments? All comments appreciated.
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