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Tales of Vasili Novikov

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  23:47:07  7 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.22

I finally got that Tolik guy out,and his crew.
''If you would leave me,I would not shoot you.'' I muttered.
''These rookies,I need money.''
I grabbed his SVD,and started to walk,as I suddenly passed out...

I woke up,trying to look around.
''Damn,my head's pinching,what's going on?
I got up,snow falling off me,as I checked my PDA.
''Damn,what?'' I muttered,as I tried to find cover.
''An emission is coming,and I am in the middle of a field!'' I muttered,as I looked up the emission.
''I hope I have Anabiotics.''
I opened my backpack,and looked in it,as I saw the red energy blast,coming.
''Damnit,damnit!'' I threw some stuff from the backpack,and opened my ''drug'' section of the bag,hoping to find anabiotics.
''Blue pills? Whatever,I don't know what will happen.''
I popped the pill,and threw it in my mouth.
''Oh boy,did I just take LSD? I am not feeling good...''
I blacked out.
''Look,another one that got caught in the anomaly.'' I heard,but I could not move,and see,neither I could talk.
''Wait a minute,there's a bounty on his head!'' They shouted.
''We can give him to them! We'll be rich!''
''Okay,I get the legs. Pigeon,grab his arms.''
I felt someone carrying me,as I blacked out again,I guess for a long while.

''Is this Vasili Novikov?''
''Yes,it is. He got killed.''
''Very good. Here's your sum.''
I felt my arms,I felt I could move. It was like being born again.
''No sum.'' I muttered as I grabbed my pistol.
''What the-''
I finished him,blowing his head on to the so called killers of me.
''Run,Bird!'' He shouted,as I emptied my magazine on him.
''Damn,no time to reload.''
I grabbed the dead guy's gun.
''At least I know how to pull the trigger.''
I emptied it on him,and I grabbed my other PMm.
''They'll be coming. They brought me in the base.'' I muttered,as I took position near the stairs,shouting at them.
''He is up there,empty him the whole mag,he doesn't die easily.''
''Should I throw a grenade,sir?''
''No! That would bring down the staircase!''
I sighed.
Someone started to walk here,saying: ''You are dead now.''
I pulled the trigger,and landed a shot on the others.
''Damn,all the base is on me!'' I thought.
''No place to go,I will have to leave this place alive,or in a bodybag.''
''Guys,he is very dangerous. We will have to destroy the staircase! Get down here and throw grenades!''
''Grenades?'' I thought. ''Fuck!'' I grabbed a stair,trying to barricade the windows.
''Get the grenade launcher!''
''Now I am fucked.'' I muttered,as I heard the sound of the RPG whizzing. It crashed through the window,and blew a two meters away from me.
I coughed,reaching for my pistol.
''Damn,damn,damn...'' I muttered,as I realized there was shrapnel in my abdomen.
''I am so fucked...'' I thought,as I got down the stairs slowly.
''They are all focused on the top floor,I can shoot some of them from here.'' I grabbed a L85,and opened fire on them.
They were down,but they were positioned nearby.
''Team,we are bringing in Bug. He will take care of him.'' The dead guy's radio said.
''Damn,what should I do?''
I aimed,looking around,as suddenly Bug came.
He muttered something to the team leader,but I could not hear him.
I got out,my hands up...
''I can't shoot a friend...'' I shouted.
Bug came with a rope.
''You will get killed.'' He muttered,as I drew my knife out of my pocket.
''You will.''
I placed the knife in his abdomen,and tried to run away.
''That tree would cover me.'' I thought,as I got shot in the arm.
''Fuck!'' I fell,trying to crawl...
  19:18:10  11 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.23

I tried to get behind the tree,but they had Vintars,so,I was fucked. I crawled a bit more,and finally got behind.
''Seems like three guys.'' I muttered,as I grabbed my grenade.
''They will kill me? No. I will do it.''
I looked at the grenade. Was it worth dying,for just honor? What if my life was just beginning?
It was.
''BLOWOUT! GET TO COVER!'' The rookies shouted,and got in the barracks.
''Damn,I had some anabiotics...'' I muttered,as I dropped my rucksack.
''Hmm. Medkit,medkit,bandage,allright. There are the anabiotics.''
I popped it,and threw it in my mouth.
''It's all blurry...''

There was a foul stench in the air,and I woke up because of that.
''What's happening?'' I muttered,as I realized I was in a truck,full of dead bodies. I looked down,as the swamp was not a good place to be in.
''I can jump down.'' I muttered,as I grabbed the truck,and threw myself.
''Ouch! OW! THAT HURT!'' I muttered,as I got up. I was in the swamps,and I had to leave.
I walked through the swamp,trying to get somewhere. I finally fell,my wounds taking effect,as a bloodsucker neared me.
''DAMNIT!'' I shouted,as it ran away.
''Well,I must have been shouting hard.'' I muttered,as I realized I had to run too.
''PSEUDOGIANT!'' Someone yelled,and I threw myself in the water.
''Damnit,now I am all muddy...''
I got up,and took my pistol.
''How can I kill a pseudogiant with a PMm?'' I thought. Then,I saw the corpse.
''A Vintar? Now things get hot.''
I grabbed it,and fired it upon the Pseudogiant. The bullet entered it,and it turned to me. It rushed,and punched me in the stomach,as I flew off. I grunted,and I was bleeding.
I just grabbed my PMm,and shot it. It rushed to me again,and grabbed me with it's hand,then threw me away.
''DAMNIT!'' I shouted,then I threw the grenade,as it fell on it's hand,blowing it up...
  23:58:04  12 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/13/2010 18:11:04
Messages: 3940
Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.24

''Is it dead? Is it alive? What if it is alive?'' My mind was full of questions,like how did I come here,and why my nose is bleeding.
''Damn,I don't feel good.'' I thought,and slowly got up to the road.
''One step,two step,three step...''
I did not know why did I count,and I was probably hurt. I walked away,as an APC nearly crushed me.
''Damnit!'' I shouted,and started to chase it. It was damaged,and I fired some shots to the air.
''No fast driving.''
I neared it,and opened the door,full of UFOTZ loyalists.
''We need to go to The Bar now! Will you help us?'' A rookie shouted,and I nodded. It was obvious they did not know about me.
I sat on the back,and started to take some pills.
''Will do good.''
I popped another one,and I soon took all the pills in my backpack.
''MY HEAD!'' I started to shout,and the rookie tried to stabilize me.
''Okay,okay. Calm down!'' He tried to calm me,but I did not respond.
I just shot him,and his blood spilled on the driver's face.
''What happened? WHAT THE!'' He shouted,and I aimed at him.
''Get me to Rostok. NOW.''
He drived to Rostok,and I paid him with a shot to the head. There was constant fighting,and I sneaked to a factory,near the zombies.
''Now,now. What can I do for a sabotage?''
I grabbed one of them,and dragged him to the room,as I blew his head off.
It got up.
I shot him repeatedly,and it soon fell. I tried to flank them,and I successfully did it.
''I can end this all. Why just kill them?'' I did not fire a shot,and I entered their APC,putting a gas mask on. I waited,and I soon passed out,bubbles coming out of my mouth.

I woke up,our car in Pripyat,between buildings. A base was there,training men.
I sneaked away from the car,and entered a post,which luckily had a radio.
I opened it,and started to talk:
''This is Vasili Novikov. It is my final message,and I probably will destroy a lot of UFOTZ loonies. The place is hid very well between the buildings,nearby the stadium. Go in Pripyat,look for the stadium,and after 200 meters,the bunker is hidden there.and it is camoulflaged,makeshift. You will encounter supressive fire. RPG's positioned,be careful.''
I closed the radio,and got out,all the UFOTZ aiming at me. They started to fire,and I threw myself into cover.
''Die,you lunatics! DIE!'' I jumped behind the APC,and started to fire with it's machine gun. Ten UFOTZ got killed,and a RPG user blew the car,and me with it.
I fell,trying to crawl away,and I got up after a few attempts,but my legs were wounded. I slowly got in the main base,and fell,my wounds were finally taking effect.
''Where is this blasted ammo bunker?'' I got up,and after finding the infirmary,I found it.
''They will be damned now.''
I looked around. I grabbed some explosives,and threw myself to their garage,and they finally shot me. I fell,and a man called Rustik neared me.
''You are damned. You will die.''
I showed him a pin,and placed it nearby me,with all the explosives,in a garage full of combustibles,and I opened my backpack,full of frag grenades. I tried to crawl away,but,it was too late for me. I popped myself near a wall,and just waited. The last things I saw was fire,burning everything and,I finally saw the roof,falling...

  19:06:03  15 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
This is the last chapter,so any comments? All comments appreciated.
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