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Tales of Vasili Novikov

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  00:25:16  5 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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hold on,I will finish it
  11:12:21  5 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/05/2010 18:47:09
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.14

''Damn,what the fuck?'' I shouted. Three dart rounds were sticking out of my coat. ''What?'' I grabbed one of them,and looked at them.
''Cyanide Dart-34*21,huh? Now things get serious.''
Cyanide Dart 34 was an experimental poison,but the production stopped due to ''laws''of warfare. I saw one of the snipers,which changed magazines. I hardly got up,sleeping dart's power was taking effect. I tried to walk,but I fell,so I had to crawl. The sniper aimed at me,and took the shot. I was lucky,it missed due to snow,but he used HEIAP rounds.
''Oh boy,explosive bullets?!'' I shouted,and I tried to crawl even faster,but the sleep dart got me unconscious again.

''He is dead.'' Someone shouted.
''Good.'' I opened my eyes as I saw them leaving,new ones coming. A group of stalkers which looked zombified.
''They are not zombies.'' I muttered,as I opened my backpack and diary.
Amongst scrambled words of human brain,zombie anatomy drawings,I found this line: ''Zombies cannot communicate.''
I closed my diary,placed it back,and got up. They saw me,and suddenly,they started to run like the animal that attacked Tanya.
''What the!'' I muttered as I ate a punch,which threw me to a wall,and I got disoriented. One of them neared me and aimed,so I just grabbed the barrel,and tried to push it against his head. The others did not shoot,because a stray bullet would wound or kill him. I pushed it,but I was not victorious. He kicked me and tried to focus,as he got back. I prepared my pistol,and aimed it against his grenade launcher.
''I hope it works. I saw it in a movie.'' I muttered as I fired. The bullet entered the grenade launcher,causing a huge explosion which killed some of them,and left the others unharmed.
''What can I do...'' I muttered as I took another dart from my coat,which was sticked. I ran to the two,and pressed the dart against his neck. The other just turned and tried to punch me,but he hit my shotgun. The shotgun broke,it's barrel stormed out.
''This must be the squad leader.''

I had to be careful,as a punch from this guy would open a hole in me. I tried to find a gun,but I did not know how to use their flashy guns. I just grabbed one of them and pulled the trigger,which shot a grenade.
''Is this a grenade launcher trigger?'' He got hit,and he fell. He got up again,and I pulled the trigger. I emptied the whole magazine,and finally,got him to his knees. I got his knife and placed it in his head. I ran away,and took a weapon,that I did not know how to reload...
  02:10:01  6 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/06/2010 2:15:48
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.15

I ran,as fast as I could. Those snipers did not need to shoot me. If they missed a meter away,the explosion would turn me into borscht soup. I had to get in a safe place,even Monolith would be safer. I would just babble ''O Monolith,Praise Monolith'' and they would not shoot me. I ran from these mutated things. They were fast,and they were chasing me,bullets straying away. I stopped,and turned. One of them aimed at me,so I emptied the mag. None of the bullets hit.
''Fuck.'' I muttered as he took the shot. The bullet was slow,so I had a chance to yell ''Fuck you'' to this world as the bullet entered the ground,creating an explosion,then spraying fire. ''DAMNIT!'' I muttered,as I saw another sniper. He aimed directly at me,so I threw myself. I fell,not even able to get a few steps away,but,it saved me from dying. The bullet whizzed over me,and exploded in contact. I fell,as I realized something;some of them were chasing me on the ground. I ran away,and took cover,as I tried to shoot.
No ammo. I just started sprinting,and entered one of the apartments.

I tried to run upstairs,and,thinking I got away,I stood for a breath. I saw them getting here. I opened a door,looked for a closet that was big,and I found one.
''Hmm. A closet. I hope they won't find me.''
I was afraid,so afraid that I could kill myself in order to escape from them. They entered the room,and they started searching.
''He is here! Find him!'' They regrouped in front of me,and I had a plan.
I got out,and suddenly tried to run away. They tried to grab me,as the sniper shot.
''I hope it's HEIAP.'' I muttered as I jumped,while the guys behind me got caught in the explosion. I saw them,one of them still alive. I searched them. I took all their PDA's,and I found a Mama's Beads. ''Hey,who are you?'' The alive one shouted.
''Who are you?'' I replied.
''I am... I don't remember.''
He coughed,as I neared him. His leg was gone,and his arm was nearly severed.
I got his mask out,as I saw his face. Nearly zombified,and no mutation. I patched his leg up,and asked: ''Do you want to live?''
''Yes,don't kill me.'' I grabbed his hand,and started to carry him. Thanks to my luck,we were near the tunnel,and we entered it.
''Who are you?'' He asked again,dust shrouding his wounded face.
''I am just a stalker.''
He had no weapons,and started to tell me something about them.
''Do you know why we are here?'' He asked.
''Our commander got us here.'' He said.
''I remember now. I was called Foxtrot. Our commander promised us good weaponry,control,and money. I could only get this white stalker suit. He was lying.''
After a long,boring walk,I finally got him to my stash.
''You,thanks.'' He muttered,as I tried to contact UFOTZ loyalists' camp.
''Hey,stalkers,I captured one of them. He seems passive.'' I muttered,as I heard a voice: ''Good. We can use him.''
  03:39:14  6 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.16

I was angry. The cocky UFOTZ bastard shot a perfect subject! ''God,I swear,if they kill another hostage,I will kill Rayoji. They are our meaning of protection of Zone!'' I shouted,as I kicked some stuff back in my hideout.
''Damn Rayoji,thanks to him,I have to go there again...'' I had to be prepared,those snipers hardly missed. I looked over to my stuff,which consisted of a respirator,and some food. Suddenly,I had an idea.
''I need paint. There must be a spray here.'' I muttered,as I found one.
''I will paint the armor in UFOTZ colors,and I will infiltrate their base.''
I felt bad,as I was going to put myself in danger for ''study.''
I grabbed my radio,and I suddenly shouted: ''RAYOJI! WHY DID YOU KILL THAT BASTARD?!!''
''What the fuck,egghead? He did not talk...''
''Damnit,are you insane?''
''I AM!''
I grabbed a pistol,and jumped down safely,thanks to the mattresses down. I started to walk in the ''white curtain'' to Agroprom. ''Damn Rayoji is making me mad. MAD!'' I shouted,as I walked. When I finally got to the camp,the guards were looking at me.
''WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?'' I shouted,as I started to walk in the base blindly. I got up the stairs,looking for Rayoji.
''No,that bastard somehow lived.''
''I swear to god,if you touch another subject,I WILL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!''
''Damn you,Vasili! He didn't talk afte-''
He tried to get up,but I just shot him in the leg.
''DAMN!'' I shouted,as I got ''Foxtrot'' out of the base. Two guards came,trying to hold me.
They just stopped in shock.
I opened the back door of an APC,and threw Foxtrot in it. I opened the door and started to go. An unfortunate guard tried to shoot me got crushed.
I asked:
''Foxtrot,you there?''
''Good,you will be cured.''
My fury was swift,but it was short-lived.
''I can't go to the base and kill them as I want. I must leave.'' I muttered,as I got to my ''place'' which was snowy.
I hid the car underneath the branches and the snow,and took Foxtrot up there,for further study.
  14:33:10  6 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/06/2010 14:34:35
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.17

''Hmm. Brain's job is done,the nervous system acts like a brain,therefore making headshots useless. Brilliant!'' I took my scalpel,and took an example.
''They seem to be controlled,controlling cells stopping the feelings,although Foxtrot is not that good,he is a prototype. But,these ''super cells'' can stop pain,making a great evolution in the human history!''
Foxtrot moaned,and shouted.
''I Can't see! I CAN'T SEE!!''
''Damn Rayoji blew up his eye.''
I was a doctor,and I had the oppurtunity to make an eye transfusion.
''Foxtrot,I can cure you.''
I grabbed my jars,took one of the flesh eyes,and a snork foot.
''You will feel a little bit pinch.'' I muttered,as I looked to his veins and nerves.
''I don't need to tie them,your nerves are automatically going in!'' I placed the eye,and started to bandage. ''Now,you will have the ability to walk.'' I took the leg,and started to restore it's nerves.
''These tendons will keep you.'' I placed the leg,and hoped that his leg would accept the foot.
It did. I got up,as nine hours was passed,and slept.
''He is here. Kill him,and his subject.''
I looked down,and saw a group of ''cleaners'' getting up.
''Snipers,and some other guys.'' I muttered,as I grabbed the shotgun.
''They won't see it coming.''
''Zone three to Zone four-one. Do you see the target?''
''Negative,waiting for contact.''
''What? These guys are just spec ops wannabes!!'' I shouted,as I saw one talking.
''Zone three,this is Zone four-two. I heard a voice. Out.''
I grabbed my shotgun,and placed my trap.
If they would get up to the stairs,they would trigger the tripwire. The tripwire would pull the pin of a frag grenade cluster,killing them.
''C'mon maniacs.''
I saw one get up here,and he helped his friend up.
''Zone four-two. I there is nobody here.''
''Oh god...'' I muttered. I was hidden.
''Zone four-five,we are going in.''
It exploded,burning and tearing all the UFOTZ loyalists that came up the ladder.
''Damn! Suppressive fire!''
Suddenly,snipers started to pot-shot my hideout.
''Damnit,DIE!'' I shouted as I grabbed a RPG from the arm.
''You won't need this anymore.''
I took the shot,destroying a tree.
''Zone three here! MY LEG!'' He shouted as I heard a voice:
''We got thermals on him.''
I heard a whizzing voice,as I fell by the bullet...
  18:15:29  6 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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any comments? I would appreciate any kind of comments...
  18:46:05  6 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/06/2010 20:24:33
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.18

''Argh,I am shot...'' I shouted,as I looked around. They had a lot of casualties,and some of them retreated. Five guys were coming,and I had to prepare myself. I popped my back against a rock,and waited for them.
''Oxide four,this is Oxide five. I cannot see him. Out.''
I leaned towards left,and looked at them. They were up here,coming slowly to my ''home''with big guns. I grabbed my shotgun,and shouted: ''DIE! ALL OF YOU DIE!'' As I shot the lead stalker,and blew the other three off. One of them was getting up the ladder,but I just grabbed his head.
''What?'' He shouted as I blew his head off.
''DAMN!'' I shouted,and I looked around. A lot of them were coming this way.
''More?'' I muttered. I told Foxtrot to escape.
''Foxtrot,get up the rocks on the right,and run away.''
He nodded,and started to go.
I grabbed the dead guy's rifle,and started to blind fire.
''Die,you scum sucking motherfuckers!'' I shouted,as I tried to reload.
I took off my pistol,and started to shoot at them with a PMm.
''Use the EGLM.''
I stood my ground,as I saw the grenade. It landed in front of me,and burned my face.
''ARGH!'' I shouted.
''Base,should we take him captive or should we waste him?''
''Waste him.''
He aimed towards my eye,and cocked the hammer.
''Die.'' He muttered.
I closed my eyes,as I heard gunshots.
''What's happening?''
I saw a stalker in grey armor kill them all,in rapid succession. I looked up.
''What did you think? I left for a gun.''
He patched me up,and said: ''My snork foot is not good. I'd rather be walking with one leg.''
I grabbed a knife,and sliced his leg.
I got him up,and gave him some ammo. He needed it.
''Foxtrot,you better go back to your camp. People try to shoot you.''
He nodded,and grabbed a pole,as he walked down to the path I showed him.
''Who knows,maybe we will see us each other again.''
  19:57:50  6 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
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great story i am interested to see where you go with Foxtrot. oh yeah by the way, damn that Vasili is bad-ass Vasili killed just about everyone in the UFOTZ loyalists faction, there wasn't many of them left, about fifteen or fourteen stalkers. but great story
  20:22:52  6 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Well,it was plain luck. And if not for Foxtrot,the story was over....
  20:52:25  6 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.19

''Sir,we are in search of him right now. He killed seven of our men!''
''I Don't care,he is hostile!''
''Yes sir,shoot on sight.''
''Hey,mate,what do you think about this Vasili guy? He had a temper,and now he went nuts.''
''Yeah,thankfully we got more guys. We are like 100 or something!''
''Right. He has no chance.''
The guy on the right aimed down the sights.
''I think I saw him,Dmitri!''
''Near that tree. Cover me,friend.''
Borya went near the tree,and turned.
''All clear.''
Suddenly,Dmitri heard Borya's scream.
''What? Buddy, you there?''
He found Borya,plunged against the tree with a knife.
''Buddy? BUDDY?''
Dmitri turned back,as he saw a pistol aimed against his head.
''You made me be like what I was once...''
Dmitri and Borya were never seen in the UFOTZ loyalist camp again...

Killing someone was a weird feeling. But,sometimes,if they make something,the killer inside you takes the wheel. He did. He did it ten years ago too,when I was in the military. I had to be undercover. I lived with scientists,and when I first heard of The Zone,I found my way out. A place where there are no laws.
Yes,I lied to all my friends,all my family. My name was not Vasili Novikov. My name was Mikhail Tchorevsky. ''A web of lies...'' I muttered,as I grabbed another PMm.
''Damn those. I will probably kill Rayoji.''
I went near the base,the snow hiding me.
''Good thing I painted this armor white.'' I thought,as it was a long winter.
I opened the foul-smelling sewer grate,as I got my map off,my flashlight between my teeth.
''Now,ten meters left,two meters right,a ladder upstairs,then I am in the medic's room.''
I slowly traversed the sewers,full of rodent.
I finally came to the ladder,and I jumped.
''Good,it is sturdy.'' I muttered as I climbed.
The air was not good,full of burned flesh.
''Help me,medic!'' Someone shouted,as I realized something: These guys were the survivors.
''He just shot us,why did we bring only one sniper?'' He shouted,as he moaned.
''Don't worry,I will take care of you.'' Someone said,as he asked: ''So,Petya,what happened there?''
The medic entered the room,as he saw the now-dead Petya.
I swiftly closed the door,and grabbed the medic.
''Sleep tight.''
I gagged him with my arm,then knifed him in the forehead.
''Okay,I am currrently in the medic's office. I can get to the HQ from here.''
I got out,and ran back.
''Medic,you there?''
I suddenly grabbed him,then I broke his neck.
''I did not take all those years of training for vain.''
I got up,placed a supressor to my PMm,and went backwards.
''Guard huh?''
The snowstorm made a huge voice,so I just placed a bullet in his head.
I walked away,neared the HQ.
''I will go in from behind.''
I ran to the back of the building,and got up,thanks to the vine.
''Now,I am just a floor away from him.''
I got in,and grabbed the medic.
''Where's Rayoji?''
I just shot some rounds upwards,gaining attention. I got up,still using the cook as a meatshield.
''He is here. Open fire!'' Rayoji shouted,as I left the cook there.
''Damn! It was the cook!'' One of them shouted,as another one neared the staircase.
''Sir,he is not-''
''I am not.'' I muttered as I shot the last guard.
''Kill me,egghead!'' Rayoji shouted.
I just stopped,and turned back.
Was it worth killing for? He just did all those things for his men...
''I knew you couldn't do it-''
''I did.''
I jumped out from the window,grabbed the vine,then went back.

''Hmm. That Vasili guy did quite a good job.''
''Right,look at this. He killed them with a single mag.'' Bug said,and added: ''I am leaving.''
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