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Tales of Vasili Novikov

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  15:09:58  4 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
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did you return?

It had been like eternity!


billybob,it's a very cool story of yours,keep it up. It tears me away from Vasili's Tales.

yup i am back in business thrashdude! i just checked in today, (i was taking a break from "Horrors of the Zone 2" and then i saw your new story! really awesome job mate! i CANT wait for the next chapter
  15:26:45  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.10

''Who are you? Where am I?'' a little,fragile voice asked.
''Easy now. Don't attack me,and I'll explain.''
She was afraid,it was obvious.
''Look girl. You have been kidnapped and nearly raped by a maniac mutant-human hybrid. I hope it died,as I saw nearly a hundred bullet rounds on him.''
She reached for my water can,and asked: ''Can I drink?''
I nodded. She was shocked,her clothes nearly torn open. My leg was still in bad shape,and I was scared like hell. My tripwire was disabled by unknown means.
''My name is Tanya. Who are you?''
I was shocked. Such a little girl in The Zone. I was 41,and I was still thinking of what I am doing in The Zone.
''I am Vasili Novikov,now who are you?''
''I came to The Zone one month ago. I will be 20 after two days.''
I felt like Leon,which was a touching movie,and weirdly,one of my causes to come in The Zone.
''Girl,here. Take my Vintar,I can't use it.''
She looked at me weirdly. I stood guard all day,hoping that he is dead. She fell into sleep after eating some canned food.
''I guess I could sleep.'' I muttered,as I opened my sleeping bag.

''HELP ME!'' A voice shouted. I suddenly woke up,looking around carefully as I saw that man. His face,burned,blood stained,as he looked to me. I grabbed a revolver,which was amongst the other stuff,and shot him six times. He absorbed all the wounds,and grabbed the girl,and threw me. I got up,jumped down to chase him. Tanya was still shouting for help. I ran,fastest that I could,as I tried to track his footsteps. Suddenly,he stopped,and threw her away,towards my direction. He turned to me,and punched me in the chest,fastly,and threw me to a tree. I grabbed my shotgun and shot him two times,as I saw the girl's Vintar. I took it,and shot him nine times,and it jammed. ''Oh boy.'' I muttered as I looked at him.
''He walks as fast as a bloodsucker!'' I muttered,as I got punched again. I fell,as he jumped on me. ''Why are you disturbing me,rookie? What did I do to you?''
My tear fell to the ground. I kicked him off me,then tried to engage in fist-fight with him. I tried to punch,but a sudden roundhouse kick threw me away,and knocked me out.

A dog was on me,smelling me. I kicked it,and started to walk.
''That girl was like my dead daughter,Anna.'' I muttered,and I cried.
''I WILL KILL YOU,BUG!!'' I shouted,and I started to run. I saw a lot of dead bodies,after a few minutes ''Right direction. Now you will see a bit pinch,maniac.'' I muttered. I grabbed a SPAS,and walked. I saw him,swiftly tearing a stalker. I saw Tanya,as well,which was tied,naked. I jumped nearby,hoping to avenge her,as I walked. I saw him,no longer sane. ''Maybe I can save you,seeing I can't kill you,I can tame you.'' I thought. He turned on me and opened fire. I fell,a gunshot to my chest making me shout. I saw him grab Tanya. I grabbed my SPAS,and shot him. ''Thankfully,it shoots slugs.'' I thought,as I got up,and shot him again. Tanya looked at me,crying. I punched Bug in the face,then tied him. ''Who are you?''
''My name is Bug. I have,some problems,you see. I am real sorry.''
''Being sorry won't help you.''
''I am real sorry.''
I looked at his face,his eyes were telling the truth.
''How can I help you...'' I thought.
''He is probably schizophreniac.'' I muttered. I had an idea. Serious treatment would help him,but only the military had it.
''I have a plan.'' I muttered,but I saw Tanya.
''I will put you out of your misery.'' I muttered and aimed at his head...
  17:23:51  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/04/2010 17:46:14
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.11

''I am sorry,real sorry. I am controlled!'' He explained.
''Well,that won't be a reason for not blowing your head off.'' I shouted,angrily. ''You raped a teenager! DO YOU KNOW WHAT DID YOU DO?''
''I didn't. I didn't!'' He shouted,but I still shot him in the leg,stopping him.
''Tanya,did he do something like that?''
''No,no,oh no...''
''You see? You got a girl insane!''
The gentleman inside me was dead. I was no longer that ''Merciful egghead,'' I was a ''Brutal father'' now. I kicked him in the face,and aimed with my SPAS. ''Give me a reason for stripping her like that,and I will spare you.''
''Sir,as I said,I did not,it was another guy like me!''
''What did you say?'' I replied.
''There are more like me. I am not like them. Please,spare me.''
I lowered the weapon,and took some clothes. I grabbed Tanya,and dressed her my old armor,which looked like a hybrid of ecologist armor and a stalker suit.
''Tanya,Tanya you there?'' I asked,as the guy behind me asked me something: ''I know a place. We can stay there.''
I turned to him and asked where it is.

He turned and took Tanya,as we started to go. We finally came to a base,abandoned.
''They must have gone to a raid.'' Bug said. wondering who were those guys,I entered the barracks,as I called Bug.
''Can Tanya sleep here?''
''Yes,she can. Although you will have to stand guard,as you know,they might return and,you know...''
''I will not let them.'' I shouted,and took a chair. I sat on it,and I waited.
''Vasili,is that you?'' a voice asked. ''Yes,I am here. You are safe now.'' I replied,my voice hardly going through my beard.
''Tanya,who are you actually?'' I asked.
''Well,I am from Estonia,and I had to find some money. After a month,I met you in...''
I pressed my finger against her lips.
''Wait. Someone's coming.''
A stalker in a PSZ-9Md suit entered.
''STATE YOUR BUSINESS!'' I shouted,suddenly grabbing my shotgun.
''Who are you and what are you doing in this base?'' He replied.
''I am...
I thought many nicks,telling my real name would be stupid,but I could not find any nicknames.
''I am Vasili Novikov.''
''What are you doing here?''
''Shut up!''
''Who are you?''
''I am Simka,and you are trespassing. You go out,our soldiers need the girl for morale.''
I felt like I had been injected with ten doses of adrenaline.
''You dare say that?''
I punched him in the face,my fist shattering his helmet.
''What the? Guards!''
A lot of them came. I knocked the first two with my headbutt,and the others with fistfighting. I eventually fell,and they pointed the barrels at me.
''Guys,guys. I know this guy. He is not trespassing.'' Bug said.
''Bug? I thought you were dead!'' Simka said.
''DO YOU KNOW THIS GUY?!'' I shouted at Bug.
''He is an old friend.'' He replied.
Everyone in the crowd started talking,as I shot my shotgun upwards,gaining attention.
''Shooting is prohibited! Throw them into the cell!'' A guy shouted,and I got knocked out...

Simbalime,as always,we merged again
  18:53:44  4 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009

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02/04/2010 18:55:40
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indeed we did mate

if its not a big bother, then i think i will start writing a mini chapter


"So, how have you been, Bug?. i haven't seen you since you shot me with your Pmm" Simka asked Bug, both surprised and angry. "Did i shoot you? i can't remember anything! i just woke up in the red forest." Bug exclaimed. Simka then smiled. "Haha, i am just kidding mate. although, you did shoot me and it still hurts like hell. anyway, who are these guys? and come on, you know i was just kidding about the girl" Simka asked. "yeah, i know. but that egghead takes jokes a little bit seriously. the girl is named Tanya, and the egghead's name is Vasili Novikov" Bug replied. "So, how did you end up with them?" Simka asked. Bug sighed. "Uhh, long story. you better go talk with Novikov, i bet he is angry right now." Bug explained. Simka nodded in reply, then gave an informal salute and went over to Novikov's cell.
"YOU BASTARD! WHERE IS TANYA!" Vasili yelled. "Calm down, i was just joking about the girl. she have been taken to the clinic, and she is under treatment right now. don't worry. I've got the best medics in the whole zone" Simka tried to calm down Vasili. Vasili was silent for few seconds and then asked "Who are you guys?". "We are the remaining forces of UFOTZ. how can we assist you?" Simka asked. "First of all, we could do with some food and water. do you have that?" Vasili asked. "Of course. may i ask what a Scientist with a SPAS is doing in the zone? i thought you guys only got out on expeditions, not hunting artifacts." Simka asked. "i am not hunting artifacts.... its a long story, now show me where Tanya is" Vasili asked. Simka gave yet another informal salute, and opened the cell door.

end of mini chapter.
please note that this is Thrashdude's story, and i am only writing this little side chapter

  19:40:17  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.12

I was sitting in my cell,planning to slaughter them. ''I will get the guard,break his neck,go for his weapon,then shoot every last of them.''
As I waited,my oppurtunity came along. ''You there?'' A guy asked as I shouted: ''WHERE'S TANYA?''
''Don't worry. She is in the infirmary.''
''Okay,otherwise I would blow your brains up.''
After a few questions,I got out. Everybody was looking to me. I felt weird,as I had to ally with those guys. ''What is UFOTZ?'' I asked Simka. He explained,as I heard of another raid.
''UFOTZ attack! Everyone to your positions!'' A siren voice shouted.
''What is going on?'' I asked.
''UFOTZ attack.'' Simka replied.
''I thought you were UFOTZ.'' I was surprised.
''Long story. Tell you later.''

I neared a trench,and I asked the guys what was going on. I was not very welcome,as they tried to beat me down. I went away to the infirmary,looking for Tanya.
''She is okay.'' A guy replied to me.
''Can I see her?''
''No,patient visit hours are-''
''I am no longer an egghead.''
I left the medic there,bleeding.
''Where am I?'' A voice asked,as I crashed the door open.
''Tanya,we are leaving. This place will be attacked.''
I opened the sewer grate,saying: ''This will get you to somewhere safe.'' I muttered,as I started to close the grate. She left me her revolver and some ammo for it,as I left the place.
I did not know what happened to the medic this time,as I crushed him with all the tubes I could find.
''Maybe there was acid.'' I muttered. The gunfire started,as Bug walked.
''Hey Bug,see you guys.''
''Why?'' He replied.
''I probably killed your medic.''
''You did what?''
I ran towards the exit,grabbing another SPAS,and shooting to the air.
I saw Bug run to Simka,and tell the news.
''Guys,shoot our prisoner on sight. Repeat,on sight.'' A siren voice shouted.
I was in a free for all. I ran towards the UFOTZ,jumping and shooting as I heard some gunfire. I looked upwards,as a helicopter went to the base.
''Hmm. I could use this to redeem myself.'' I muttered,as I entered a flanking position. ''Two guys. No match for a stealthy guy.'' I muttered,as I jumped to the middle,shooting them both,as I saw another shotgun. ''Handy.'' I muttered,as I neared the APC.
''Gunner is inside,an RPG is inside.'' I thought. I opened the door,got in,pulled the gunner down and finished him with a point blank Striker.
''Here is the RPG.'' I muttered,and grabbed it. I got out,aimed,and shot the helicopter,although I was not lucky;it fell on the base,destroying a lot of buildings and killing a lot of men.
''Oh fuck...'' two exosuits were coming,so I entered the car again,sitting in the middle. One of them entered,and I grabbed my shotgun.
''Damn.'' I muttered,as I blew his head off.
''What the-''
Other one did a clever move,but I had the advantage. He threw a grenade inside the car,but I got out behind,as I ran away,the car exploded. It was burning,and the guy came nearby.
I grabbed him and pushed him inside the car. I ran away,looking into the base,as UFOTZ retreated. I got in,as everyone was looking to the wall of the base. I wondered why,as I took my answer. The helicopter's fans flew off,one of them impaling Istvan and throwing him against a wall,pinning him down.

Simbalime,my new character is VERY aggresive,so I made him a damocles' sword. I hope you will forgive him.
  19:47:15  4 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009

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02/04/2010 19:47:51
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naaw, i think its cool you made a character like that. its nice to see an egghead that actually can fight although the UFOTZ loyalists are pretty mad at him for killing one of their medics

i think i will wright a mini chapter shortly, IF it doesn't bother you
  19:53:37  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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don't forget. He killed Istvan too (accidentally)

and,I am not bothered by mini chapters,they give me inspiration
  20:12:27  4 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
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hehe okay. i am working on the mini chapter now
  20:24:38  4 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
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all the soldiers were heading to the crashed chopper, where Istvan were impaled. "Istvan! Istvan talk to me!" Simka yelled. he got Istvan away from the chopper. "Stay with me Istvan!" Simka yelled, although he knew that Istvan was far beyond saving. he had tears in his eyes, and sorrow grabbed his heart. "WHERE IS VASILI NOVIKOV!" Simka yelled. he started to scout the crowd, were he saw Vasili. he rushed towards him, but by the time he got there, he had already left. the crowd were looking at him with curious eyes. "HAVE ANYBODY SEEN VASILI OR THE GIRL?"
he yelled yet again. Rain were falling down from the sky, and thunders sounded. he had the same feeling that he had felt half a year ago, when he was still sitting in the rookie camp in cordon.
"WE SHALL ALL STORM PRIPYAT! AND DESTROY RUSTIK AND HIS RENEGADE SCUM!" Simka yelled yet again. Rayoji walked over to Simka, and said; "Simka, the Zone have you in its hands. it wants you to do this! i think you should calm down!" Rayoji said angrily. "WE MUST STOP THIS NOW OR NEVER!" Simka continued. "Simka, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" Rayoji yelled. Simka could clearly see that the soldiers were on Rayoji's side. "FINE! IF THATS HOW YOU WANT IT! I WILL GO TO THE FUCKING MONOLITH MYSELF!" Simka yelled. he took his UFOTZ badge, and tore it apart. "Don't do this Simka...." Rayoji said with a low voice. "YOU ARE ALL FUCKING COWARDS! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE THE GUTS TO.." Simka was interrupted by a punch in the face from Rayoji. He fell to the ground, but he got up again. "CALM DOWN SIMKA!" Rayoji yelled. Simka replied with a right hook, followed by a kick in the stomach. the guards around him then held him.
he kicked one of the guards in the groin, while he draw his pistol and shot the other one. "DON'T MOVE A FUCKING MUSCLE, OR I WILL KILL RAYOJI!" He yelled. he quickly ran away from the base, and left it. he saw Vasili and Tanya on the way out. they were hiding in a container behind the base. but weirdly, Simka didn't do something about them. he sent an evil look, but that was all. he turned around, and walked away. but then he changed his mind. he went to the container, and sat silently behind it. Tanya and Vasili didn't even know he was there.
Vasili draw his SPAS, and quickly aimed it at Simka. "GET AWAY FROM HERE, OR I WILL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!" Vasili yelled. Simka was quick, and he quickly but gently pushed the SPAS aside. "Listen, i know a way out of here. i can get you to the cordon, there is no UFOTZ patrol down there. once you are there, head down to the rookie village.
come on, follow me! the UFOTZ would have our heads if they saw us here" Simka explained. Vasili and Tanya didn't understand why Simka was helping them, and neither did Simka. they followed him, and they came to cordon. he dropped his XM8 carbine and his PSZ-9Md suit and gave them to Vasili. then, Simka took off to god knows where.

End of mini chapter
  20:39:03  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/04/2010 22:28:52
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.13

After all,UFOTZ was low on numbers,their commander insane,their best man killed,a lot of them slaughtered...
''Why did I get in here?''
I left Tanya. She was safer. I got my shotguns,and tried to go to Pripyat. It would be a long journey,so I prepared myself. I had a stupid armor,and some weird gun that I did not know to use,so I just threw them to a rookie's stash. I started to walk through the snow,watching the running dogs. ''Fuck,another blowout?'' I was in the middle of nowhere,no place to hide in,so I had to be fast. I shoved the snow,jumped,and repeated this till I got tired. I fell,as the sky turned red,as a wave of energy evoperated the living. It destroyed a tree,and got me in it,washing me with radiation.

Snow was even stronger. Thanks to it,people realized the anomalies easily,and I just ran. I finally came to a tunnel,half collapsed. I went away,shot a zombie,and got out.
''So that's it. Pripyat.'' I muttered. A whole ghost city,buried in snow. I saw no one. I wandered amongst the apartments,and sometimes hallucinations. I saw Bug in an apartment buried in rubble,being helped by an unknown man in my hallucinations. I took aim on a park as I heard a dart noise,and one of them shot me.
I passed out...
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