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Tales of Vasili Novikov

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  02:22:16  29 January 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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01/30/2010 1:12:08
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.4

I looked around,and checked the movement of anomalous activity.
''Anomaly subject 3 has changed the piece of metal into something that emits radiation.'' I closed the recording unit. I got my respirator off,and I looked at it's recycler.
''Broken.'' I muttered. It was crashed,and it's filter system was opened wide. I sat,and checked my gear.
''Hmm. A broken AK-102,no ammo,and a magazine of a L85. Armor is ripped in the chest,it's burn defences are gone. Great.'' I got up,looked around,hoping for a trader. I was in a camp,so I decided to go to The Duty Base. I got up,started to walk,and I went away with my broken AK. I walked away,going to The Bar slowly.

I went to The Duty Base,everyone was drinking vodka. I slowly walked to the trader,which came familiar. I asked: ''Do you have armor?''
''Of course we have.'' He replied.
''What do you have?''
''We have three Stalker Suits,five PSZ-9d Suits,a PSZ-9Md,and an weird,average armor.''
''How much are they?''
''Stalker suit costs 11500,PSZ-9d's are 25600,PSZ-9Md is 78900,that weird armor is 4000. Thinking that you are an Ecologist,I can give a discount about...700 roubles.''
I checked my PDA,which showed me that I had 5000 roubles.
''I'll take that cheap one.'' I gave him 3300 roubles and I got away.
I wore the suit,which was khaki. I wore the internal respirator,which had a NVG.
''I can change the NVG's with my SSP.'' I muttered,as I checked the kevlar,which was weirdly,nearly none. I checked it's radiation protection,as I saw that it did not have radiation protection. I wandered away,as I threw my recorder away...

I was in Yantar when I heard a transmission: ''Help..Us...'' I wondered: ''Could it be the Space Anomaly?'' As I fell,stupidly.
  15:13:39  2 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/03/2010 22:06:53
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.5

I started shouting as I tried to get up. Nobody was around,and I had nearly no ammo. I looked up to my leg,which was bleeding fast. I was shouting,as if I were dying. But I would be some dessert,as my leg was broken,and a dog pack was coming slowly. ''Hmm. If I throw a piece of meat,they would go there,and I need a bandage,so that I could move.'' I muttered. ''Dogs usually pack up in four to six dogs,and an usual alpha male. They are probably looking for food,and if I cannot get up,I will be a meal.'' I got the bandage,opened it and started to wrap my leg. I checked it,and started to get up,using my rifle like a walking stick. ''One,two,three...'' I was muttering,as I saw the dog pack. All of them were surrounded in blood,some wounded. I took a magazine,and started to count the bullets.
''Twenty FMJ rounds. Just in case.'' I got my backpack,and looked for another bandage. None.

I got up,started going near the swamps. A dog lunged at me as I walked. It's lower jaw was gone. ''I hope my magazine won't jam.'' I muttered as I blind fired into it's mouth,point blank. ''Gone,I hope they won't come after me.'' I started walking again,as I saw some stalkers. ''Loners? I hope they are not zombies.'' I thought. I started to shout at them: ''Hey! Who are you guys?''
''My name is Borya! Who are you?''
''I am Vasili! Help me,my leg is broken!'' I replied.
''Okay my friend!'' He shouted,as I saw something on my googles: Blood. Borya neared me as he asked: ''Stalker,why is your head bleeding? Are you okay,my friend?'' I fell,blood smell making me bad.

''Stalker,you there?''A voice asked. I could only grunt and gasp.
''Are you okay? There was a cut on your forehead.''
''Ram,check him. There might be goods on him.''
I was tied,and I was still bleeding. I could not see anything,my googles were surrounded in blood.
''Where am I? Borya,you there?'' I started shouting,as a mass fell on me.
''Hmm. Dump the other rookie,and we can go.'' The voice added. Someone got my backpack,and my helmet.
''Leave him. He will die.''
I passed out...
  22:06:38  3 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.6

Snow. The only thing that would not be in The Zone. It was snowing,and I was partially buried in it. It was weird,something soft,gentle. I was probably unconscious for a long time,and it was weird.
''Damnit,I can't get out!'' I muttered,as I tried to shove the snow off me. After I finally finished it,I started to walk in the white curtain. A group of stalkers were sitting on a hill,drinking vodka and eating fried sausages. I was alone in this man-made hell,and now this white curtain was like a film of my life: Colorless,emotionless,fragile. I shoved the snow off my way,making a little pathway through this white. I stopped as I saw another guy,trying to make his way out of the snow.
''Hard day,isn't it?'' I shouted.
''Right,it is hard to see without a mask.''
''Who are you?''
''My name is Pyro,I am a trader.''
Losing my respirator was like walking naked on a street for me,so I happily wanted to buy one.
''You are lucky,stalker. I have some gas masks.''
I took one from his backpack as I gave him 3300 roubles.
I wore it,and I felt weird. It was warm. I had no weapons,no money,and no backpack. It was just me and my armor.
''Pyro,where am I?''
''Near Yantar,It is Wild Territory.''

I started to move along,leaving the lone trader behind. I still had a magazine,which was weirdly,of a Vintar. ''Thankfully,I am still warm.'' I thought. I probably walked for a long time,as I entered a forest. Two packs of boars were nearby,and they could smell me.
''Damnit Vasili,run!'' I shouted as I started to move my way out. I hid behind a tree,in the snow.
''Not so easy,now.'' I muttered. They started to look around,as I sprinted to another tree.
''I can climb this one,I think.''
I grabbed a branch,pressed my foot against the roots and slowly ascended. I grabbed the other branch,as I heard a cracking voice.
''Damnit!'' I shouted,which got the attention of the boars. They neared my position as I jumped blindly,hoping to catch a branch as some of them fell. Luckily,I grabbed another one,and hopped on it.
''A hill! I can jump on it!'' I shouted,and I looked around. There was a stash,a dead stalker,who probably killed himself,and a burrow.
''Hmm. I can make this place my safe zone.'' I muttered,as I tried to jump on that hill. I grabbed the edge mid-air as I tried to climb,but it was in vain. I tried to grab something in a last attempt to live,as I would probably die from that fall. Thankfully,I grabbed a rope,which was a ladder. I grabbed it,got up,and threw the corpse down as I searched the stash: A lot of canned food,a double-barrel shotgun,a rusted Vintar,and some other stuff,like a radio.
''Good.'' I muttered,as I grabbed the sleeping bag and opened it...
  22:47:24  3 February 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
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good your Characters seem to go threw hell though my guy isn't in the best of shape at the moment
  23:38:19  3 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/03/2010 23:45:08
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.7

''Attention all stalkers,a blowout is coming,find shelter.''
I did not pay attention,as I was in a good shelter. My new ''home'' was here,a beautiful sniper hideout. I went back to sleep again,as I heard a distant scream,of a stalker. I grabbed my Vintar,looked around in this white abyss,as I saw footprints. ''Footprints? That is weird.'' I muttered,as I climbed down slowly,looking carefully. Whoever that was,or whatever that was,started to moan. The sky started to turn red,so I had to be careful. After I moved for six meters,I saw someone,walking and moaning. ''Zombie?'' I had a chance for study,but I had to be careful,if I would not be aware,these could be my last steps. He fell,and stopped moaning. I ran to him,outrunning a falling branch and escaping animals,whom were probably escaping the blowout. I ran to the corpse,which was probably a zombie,and grabbed it. I started to carry him to my ladder,and I tied his feet to the ladder.
''Hope it won't rip apart.'' I muttered,as I got up,and started to pull him up. The blowout started to come,as I grabbed him and took him into my makeshift ''home'' and tied him,as I sat on the ground and started to read a book.

''Where am I?'' a harsh voice asked.
''You can talk! Oh my god,I have to write this on my journal.''
''Why can't I talk?''
''Aren't you a zombie?''
''I am not. See? I am talking,and not grunting at all.''
I took my book ''Secrets of human brain'' and opened part 7.
''This shows that if a man should get hit by a sudden blast of energy,he would be dead or a meatbag.'' I looked at him. He was probably a veteran,from his clothing,face,and weapons.
''Who are you?''
''My name is Bug. Who the fuck are you?''
I was hoping to get a normal response,but that guy probably saw a lot of bad things,and he was a harsh person,normally.
''My name is Vasili Novikov.''
I grabbed my syringe,and I pressed it against his wrist.
''WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MANIAC?!!?'' He shouted,so I stopped taking blood samples abruptly.
''Do not worry. I am just taking blood samples.''
I looked around,and found a pack of canned beans.
''Here. Take this.'' I muttered,as he started to shout like an animal.
''What the hell is wrong with this guy? One second,he is normal,after a few seconds,he turns maniac!'' I shouted,as I heard a voice. He was ripping the ropes! I aimed my double-barrel at him,shouting to stop. He stopped,and said: ''I am sorry. But I was a little bit weird,I mean...''
I stopped him and tried to stabilize him,but it was in vain.
''I am sorry my friend.'' I muttered as I knocked him out. I tied him more carefully,and disarmed him. I got out,as a snow storm started.
''You will be here for a while,friend.'' I muttered as I grabbed my bag...

By the way,readers of my previous stories will realize something
  12:08:04  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.8

There is no place safe in The Zone,and I knew it. Someone was shooting,and I had to hide my shelter. That guy was still sleeping,and I was not tired anymore,I had a quiet sleep. I grabbed my Vintar's scope,ripped it,and looked around. ''These guys mean business. They are armed very well.'' Going down from the ladders was a bad idea,as they would see my footprints,so I had a plan: Jump to the tree branch,then climd down and observe. Bug was waking up,so I knocked him out again.

I prepared myself,started to run,and I jumped. If I would fall,I would probably die,so it felt like a jump ''for it'' for me. I grabbed it,pressed my feet against the tree,and hopped on it. The gunshots were getting closer. I saw one of them fall,as I saw the worst thing;he got decapitated,and something grabbed his internal organs,and impaled him on a branch. I threw up,as I was not a man of brutality,who can see a man getting disemboweled and laugh. I looked at the others,who sticked in group,suddenly fell,as one of them started to run at my direction. I aimed my double-barrel at him,and waited. If he would shoot at me,I would reply. He just ran,in a ''run for it'' fashion,which made me wonder whether this guy was really escaping,or he was just looking stupid as I realized it was serious. He was wearing a trenchcoat,and a stalker suit in it. I aimed,shouting ''Halt!'' as I saw him got ripped apart. The other members of the group were dismembered too,so I ran for the ladder,grabbing it and getting up.

I got the ladder,and I started to wait. The creature's footprints were not coming here,so I sighed,but suddenly,a pale,huge creature jumped on me. That thing was white,but blood stained. It's mouth was huge,able to swallow a pistol whole,and tentacles were just underneath it. But it was not a bloodsucker,a bloodsucker would not do this. It would run away. My double-barrel was out of my reach,so it was my end. I closed my eyes as I heard two shots,which took the mass off me.
''It seems like you need some help.'' A voice said.
''How the fuck did you get up and rip the ropes?'' I asked.
''Easy. Now get up. You owe me one.''
I got up,gave him the canned beans and opened a can of meat.
''Yummy. Now,who the fuck are you?'' I asked,as I ate the food...
  14:21:46  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Tales of Vasili Novikov Pt.9

''There are many creatures around,pockets of radiation follow.'' He started. ''North. I went north. A place of many things,some astonishing,some sinister...''
''Did you find any artifacts?'' I asked,curiously.
''There was one artifact I stole,Gate,they call it. It teleports.''
I wondered as he aimed a gun at me.
''I owe you one,you owe me one. Spare.''
''What are you doing?''
''I am a thrashman,and I lack mercy. Now,a good sniper,a shotgun in prime condition,lots of food,I do not have money,so it will cost a bullet. Much cheaper way.''
''Don't,oh fuck please don't!'' I shouted as I heard two gunshots,one missed me,the other one threw me down,as I screamed,my wounded leg now ripped open.
''What the-'' I crashed on a branch,which threw me down to the ground,then fell on me. I grunted,as he jumped to a branch,then down,quickly. I grunted,and gasped,as my leg was nearly gone,and I fell from a long height,probably a broken rib. ''Ahh,what the,why,spare me,please? I will give money,don't kill me....''
He stopped as I faded out,probably thinking I died.
I woke up in the red snow,painted by my blood. I was probably going to die soon,as I saw the ladder.
''That bastard,I will kill him...''
I saw him,he jumped near me,saying: ''I haven't done it for a while. Let's find a girl now,Cordon will do the job.''
I would not let a psychopath rape a girl,or kill her. I had a stupid,but an effective idea. I grabbed some snow,tucked it inside my leg,which was ripped open and I took some rags,and tied it.
''Will do the job.'' I went back to the ladder,made a booby trap by tying a bomb to the entrance,while getting what I can from there. I started walking,tracking his footsteps like a hunter. I saw him kill an animal,just for fun. ''This guy is probably insane.'' I started walking behind him,my coat making me look like a veteran.
''He stopped,wonder why.''
He took a breath,and suddenly started to run like the creature that attacked me last night.
''What the fuck!'' I muttered,while sprinting to him in the snow storm.
''I hope I will get nearby.''
He was mutated by artifacts and radiation. His face was like a zombie.
I grabbed my shotgun,which was slinging off me.
''Now who's talking.'' I muttered,as my feet started to pain.
''Snow melted.'' I thought,as I used the same tactic to get my feet numb. He used a different way through,as I tracked him. I saw him moan,as if he were a wounded stalker.
''That trick won't work now.'' I muttered,as I went nearby,but my vision started to blur.
I went nearby as a group of three stalkers came nearby.
I could see the look on his face. Two men,and a girl. I stalked him,as he swiftly killed the two,and looked at the girl.
''Now,no escape.'' He shouted,as I ran to him. He threw off his hoodie,as I grabbed his pistol,and aimed at him.
He grabbed the girl with one hand as I started to pull the trigger.
''Die,die you maniac! DIE!!'' I shouted,as if I were a maniac. I emptied the whole magazine on him,then I took a knife.
''Now,I can finish my examination.'' I muttered,as the girl looked at me,shocked. I opened his chest,took some examples and took a good brain matter.
''Hmm. Grey matter took over.'' I muttered,as I shot him again,and I grabbed him,hoping to throw him into a frozen lake.
''You may be a maniac,but your features are astonishing for a human. Your samples will make us evolve.'' I thought,as I grabbed his artifacts,then threw him into the frozen pool of water,as I gagged and tied him.
''No chance of escape.''
I looked back at the girl,who was scared by the things,and I saw she got unconscious. ''She will die out here.'' I muttered. I grabbed her hand,and started to carry her.
''This Bug guy won't scare you anymore.'' I muttered. She was just a teen,in her early 20's.
''I hope she won't attack me.'' I thought,as I carried her away,hoping that my bleeding was over...
  14:38:52  4 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
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NOOOOOOOOOOO! BUG! how did he turn in to a maniac? WHY GOD! WHY!!!
  14:40:04  4 February 2010
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Out In The Stix Bartender


On forum: 12/22/2009
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Thrashdude keep going I don't want it to stop i'm to intrigued your story tears me away from writing Alexi's sentence
  14:54:19  4 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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02/04/2010 14:56:04
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did you return?

It had been like eternity!


billybob,it's a very cool story of yours,keep it up. It tears me away from Vasili's Tales.
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