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on the way to tooth

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  19:27:44  2 November 2009
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on the way to tooth

me second try to make a story. Post your opinions please!

“Fucking great idea Vasili! Let’s go to the fucking zone eh!? Make some friggin’ money! You ass! ”
“Shut it Petrov!” Vasili whispered. “ You don’t want them to head back here do you? “
Petrov did not answer, too busy looking where those renegades had gone Vasili guessed. After a while he slowly crawled out of the concrete pipe he was hiding in and went to check on Petrov. The guy was still under those bushes nervously shaking and constantly looking in every direction. “Hey Petrov, get out of there and let’s go, you don’t want to become bloodsucker food do you?” Petrov finally came out, barely able to stand on his feet and nervously holding his m-14 rifle.

I guess most of them rookies would look like the same when tracers flew over their heads for practically two hours Vasili guessed. Vasili himself was one the first people who found out what wonders the zone contained after that big explosion back in 2006. Of course some people already wandered in after that leak in ’86. But they weren’t looking for artifacts, no, they were just trying to make life under the iron curtain somewhat easier by scavenging the whole zone for metal and other valuables. Vasili wondered a while about the difference between him and the early “stalkers”. He probably made about ten times as much as they did in the early days but the danger was much more as well. You had all sorts of things, ranging from people to big ass pigs to invisible bloodsuckers, practically all nearly desperately trying to make you 38 degrees colder. Then there were the anomalies, they could rip you apart in the blink of an eye. He saw an example once, a young rookie, probably not even seventeen thought it would be a good idea to go artifact hunting on his own. Vasili watched him from the top of a mountain through his binoculars. For a while he even thought that the kid was going to make it, shit he even got the artifact but just as he made his way past the last anomaly, one of those ugly poisoning ones. It got him. He managed to make it out alive of the field as Vasili was walking towards him. He was still alive when Vasili pulled out his silenced Walther and put him out of his misery. He still knows how he felt afterwards. Sure he wasted one bullet but the artifact made him enough money to buy him a nice set of supplies.

“ Hey, Vasili! Where are we actually going eh!? ” “Oh, you got your voice back Petrov? We are going to the garbage, to tooth to be precise, he’s got some very valuable piece of kit I want and we need to get you something else then that crappy shooter pal. We’ll stop along the way and sell what we scavenged to the scientists ok?” They kept walking until they reached the big gate that leaded into the factory. The factory was like a sort of breeding place for zombies, not your average brain-for-breakfast wackos no, they still had some human functions in their mind. Enough to use their guns anyway. “Right Petrov, put out that rubbish gun of yours and keep it at the ready.” Vasili pulled out his own customized Walther and put the safety of. His pistol, if you could barely call it that anyway, was probably one of the finest customized weapons in the zone. Throughout the years he hiked around in Stalker country he had slowely upgraded till what it was today, a full on pedal to the medal shooter. It had one of those acog scopes, an eight inch silencer from Bowers, an extended magazine holding thirty of his favorite hollow point rounds, a laser pointer, and a fire selector which he took from an mp5. He unlocked his holster ready to pull it out. “Ok Petrov, watch my back and lets go nice and easy, the booze is on me if we make it without a shot yeah?” “Roger” Petrov said. He was just rounding the wall ready to go up the stairs when it happened. One of them zombified stalkers had noticed them and started firing his AK. In half a second Vasili pulled out one of his throwing knives and placed it nicely in the throat of the stalker before Petrov had even shouldered his m-14. “Christ Petrov! Focus will you!” No need to be silent anymore now. Vasili rushed up the rusted staircase ready to take a sprint to make it across the wall when another one fired his rusted shotgun from the ground. No time to stop now, Vasili thought as he leaped of to land on those old boxes on the other side of the wall.
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