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the Chapters of a Survivor (Continuation)

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  16:42:48  28 October 2009
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On forum: 06/02/2009
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the Chapters of a Survivor (Continuation)

this story continues off of my other story called "First of a dying breed"

Chapter I

Location: Cordon

time: 04:30

Date: August 23, 2009

"Come on... it is time!" ordered a man in a ski mask.

Alarmed and exhausted from my journey here, I picked up my backpack that had 60 rounds of 9x18 for my PMm and followed the man closely. The sun has barely started to show itself so it must be atleast 04:00.

We arrived to see 5 other men standing in a circle, and in the middle of them was Wolf, the head of our encampment under Sidorvich.

"Boys." he said in a commanding tone, waking those up who are still asleep, "The bandit's have thrown the military from underneath the bridge, being that it is a vital position for control over our sector, we must act swiftly and roll them back to the garbage." Everyone seemed to know what exactly was going on besides me.

In no time the group was ready to go, and with a few words from Wolf to Sid, we we're gone.

I already knew the drill, as was said by a man named Tolik the day I arrived, 'Load up and watch the rear, rookie', so I followed without hesitation.

We started up the hill and held tight against the tree line so we wouldn't be spotted before we arrived, then we took position. Tolik with his rifle was ordered to the top of the factory just south of the bridge, while me and the 5 other men waited by the tunnel for Tolik's shot. His order was to aim for the guy with the biggest gun and shoot.

It felt like an eternity waiting to hear the crack of his rifle... I started to think about my wife and my son, and how they will react once I come back to them. Wether or not they will have moved on with their lives.


Suddenly awaken from my day dream, Tolik had already shot and everyone is already moving up. "Rook, Move Up!" Tolik shouted, disregarding his other comment.
I moved up to find cover behind a tree with another rookie that had a bandage wrapped around his hand, I watched as he leaned over with his Makarov and started firing upon the half dozen bandits that remained. I'm still unable to shoot, I had not built up the courage to take another mans life so I thought if I stayed close then we should be ok.

As soon as I came back to my senses, the kid next to me let out a gasp of air and fell to the ground. He was shot, he screamed at the top of his lungs, "Med kit! Med Kit!" until Wolf retreated back to patch up his wounds. As Wolf turned around and started back towards the firefight, he turned his head and said "Come on buddy, you are missing out on the fun."

Missing out on the fun... I must be crazy for choosing to come here.

Faster than it had started, the fight had diminished to 1 wounded bandit laying next to the rubble from the destroyed bridge. Tolik and a few other men kept watch over the south side while 2 men named Petruyah and Andrei watched over the north alongside me. It was hard not to notice everyone watching Wolf interrogate the Bandit, especially with the harsh tactics that he uses. I avoided watching, Andrei and I were admiring the dogs frollicking in the distance until the peace was shattered by Wolf's Ak74u pounding led into our hostage. Andrei had managed to find humor in the situation, tilted his head towards me and said "Well, it's a dog eat dog world out here!" I couldn't help but laugh, perhaps because I was shocked by all of the death in the air, or my senses got shot along with the bandit, I felt as if I should have just left my emotional baggage along with the Military patrols.

Soon after, Tolik, Andrei, and I were sent back to the camp to report to Sidorvich for a "Special mission" after we eat. It was almost relaxing hearing Tolik strum his guitar while the 3 of us sat around the camp fire. "Shit, with each passing day it seems the black coats get a little wiser to our tactics." Andrei mentioned to Tolik. Lost in his own world, Tolik keeps strumming his guitar, emulating Jimi Hendrix. Andrei glanced over at me and laughed, "I do hope they start taking tips from you! Maybe they will hide behind a tree and stair at their wounded!"

Tolik then stopped playing to join him in a laugh. "I'm just kidding, if you can't find the humor in pain out here then you won't make it." Andrei proclaimed, "What is your name man?"

I almost hesitated to answer, but managed to respond. "Sasha... Sasha is my name."

"Welcome my friend!" Andrei answered, "Us Stalkers know this place as home, but you might know it better as hell..." He then pulled out a bottle of vodka and began to drink, I took that as a sign to find myself some food, then our radios cried out. "Andrei, Tolik, Rook... make your way back to my bunker, we have business to discuss."
  17:09:08  28 October 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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Good chapter Stooe. Keep makin' em.
  04:23:48  4 November 2009
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On forum: 06/02/2009
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Chapter II

location: Cordon

time: 13:00

date: August 23, 2009

Sidorvich, most would consider him husky.. but even more people would consider him as low as the mutant pigs that stomp around these parts. He is a bargainer by trait and has made a living in the zone doing such. There are rumors saying he had something to do with the death of a stalker named Ghost. Though it is just a rumor, I still can't trust him as far as I can throw him... and he is a husky man.

"Okay stalkers... I radio'ed in to the 100 rads bar and barkeep says they need more men down there, apparently some boy got mixed in with some characters from freedom and they stabbed him in the back, litterely, causing something you might call an "uprise" against duty. The outpost to the garbage has been taken by the Specnaz, so I am going to call in a favor and have one of my close friends escort you to Dark Valley, from there you will need to head north .. after you cross the bridge walk due west and you should come upon a steep hill marked by a wooden cross... that is another way through to the garbage. There, will be a squad of Duty commando's to take the 3 of you to the Bar area. Just watch out for freedom I can not tell you exactly how they will react to your presence."

By the time he finished his sentence, a stocky man had made his way down the stairs and through the big metal door. "Sid, you owe me for this one..." said the man, "I ran into a bloodsucker on my way under the bridge and the bastard managed to get ahold of me." The man proceeded to look over to see Andrei, Tolik and I staring at him with wide eyes. "Excuse me, my name is Guide and I am walking you to Dark valley, correct?"

The three of us nodded, it was obvious none of us had even left this little section known as "Cordon" since we've been here. So our nerves were a little out of line.

"Okay stalkers, move!" Sidorvich barked, startling Tolik. Guide turned to us with a smile and said, "Alright gentleman I'll be right up I just need to go over some ground rules with our friend here."

Sid didn't have to speak twice, the 3 of us were already around the camp fire enjoying some roasted sausages. "Damn I need a drink, that man is a spooky one." said Andrei as he laughed. Tolik had felt the same way, but was too busy trying to put out his sausage without getting dirt on it.

"Attention... You are headed towards a restricted area. Sector 6 is under Military control. Any attempt to cross into the restricted area will be met with heavy resistance." said a man over a loud speaker, quickly followed by a huge array of gun shots that would intimidate anyone trying to get beyond that fence, for whatever reason.

Guide emerged from the bunker with a smile on his face and started towards us, "Come on guys lets get moving, you are expected at the bar by sunset and judging by the shadows it is just after 14:30." Andrei and Tolik were hesitant to leave the campfire, but Guide was right... we had to get moving.

We walked about 120 meters off the road in the forested area so the Bandits wouldn't see us and take advantage of our situation, but being in the dense thicket was also extremely dangerous being that the dogs nested and bred there, So we kept a steady pace. Tolik was watching the right, Andrei keeping the left, and I was still facing the back. I looked to Guide to make sure everything was alright when I heard a loud thud and a sigh of pain, I looked over at Andrei and he wasn't there. Guide had already taken position watching the front, "Sasha go check out Andrei."
"I'm right here..." said Andrei laying on the ground holding on to his calf. "Fuck man I think I sprained my ankle, give me a hand would you." I helped himi up and looked to see what had caused this, and saw what looked like a dead stalker. Tolik rushed to check his body and dropped his rifle in shock. The dead man had the flesh torn from his hands and his jaw has been removed, leaving blood stains running down where his chin would be to the belly of his Stalker suit. Whatever had happened to him happened awhile ago because the blood had been dried up and he was no longer bleeding, Tolik looked away in disgust as he pulled the PDA out of his pocket.

"His name was Sgt. Slypvchenko.. apparently he was Military, and judging by his weapon he wasn't a slouch either."

Tolik slowly proceeded to pick up a Supressed Ak-47 with a PSO-1 scope and slung it on his back. "It says here he was headed to the Outpost to deliver some information." Guide walked over and grabbed the PDA and read aloud "'I have found the location of the Mercenary outpost beyond Sector 6, there were 2 Exoskeletons guarding a hut which had been fully lit from a generator so I presume that this is where you will find Scar' This man must have been doing some scouting for the Specnaz up the road, otherwise he would have went straight to the Military outpost due south of our encampment. This PDA has a GPS tag in the USB port so they already know where he is, we should..." Guide quickly turned his head to see the man standing upright, blood was dripping out of his mouth and splattering on the dead leaves and vegitation... no sooner had the dead man stood up Andrei managed to get his 74u out from underneath himself and put a bullet through his head, The man hit the ground with a loud thud and blood started pooring out of the new wound. "Thank you friend," Guide sighed, "we need to get out of here before we get spotted by more of them, or worse... the Specnaz."

We had picked up the pace and were nearing the tunnel which led to Dark Valley, "Okay boys.. your destination is right through there, but be careful. I can not tell you what is on the other side. Once you get through radio in to Sid and he will let the barkeep know its time to send the Duty squad to the Rendevouz point. Good luck." said Guide, he then proceeded to walk back and quickly dissapeared among the bushes.

Fuck.. I coudln't help but be nervous, not even guide knows what is on the other side of that dark tunnel.

"Andrei is your leg okay?" Tolik said

"Yes, it hurts a little bit but nothing I can't wash down with a shot." Andrei proceeded to pull the bottle out from his rucksack and took a swig, leaving it empty.

"Alright we have to go. Lets just get this overwith, does anyone have a flashlight?"

Tolik proceeded to pull out a headlamp and turned it on, so the three of us pushed forward through the dense darkness.
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