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"The first of a dying breed" (a short story)

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  21:44:35  27 October 2009
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10/27/2009 21:52:38
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"The first of a dying breed"

Location: Pripyat, Ukraine

time: 19:00

date: December 5th, 2009

"Fuck it is cold." said Andrei in a depressed tone, "I'm tired of staying up every night, waiting for those cultist scum to show their heads. Like they say, 'It's the anticipation that kills you'." I wasn't paying attention... I was still thinking about my family, which I had left to come here.

As I started to drift off with my train of thought, Andrei looked over at me with a demeaning glance and said, "Buddy, you've been too quiet. Are you alright?"...He must have also noticed that I've had my hand on my PMm since we left our hut, I had a bad feeling about being out here. "Have a drink man..." he sighed as he rolled a bottle of vodka my way.

"Thank you comrade." I muttered, I coudln't help but join in.. I have my problems to deal with, and I'm sure everyone else living in this hell hole does aswell.

I took out my flask and filled it to the brim, spilling a little bit on my ragged gloves. I tried to hand the bottle back to Andrei but he didn't grab it from my hand.

I curiously looked up at him, knowing how he loves to drink, only to see a look of sheer horror on his face. He seemed to be staring at the intersection about 10 to 12 meters south of our position.

Seeing him like that made me even more frightened. So knowing to expect the unexpected I quickly reached around and pulled up my AK, I peered down the sights towards the intersection.

"Don't move." Andrei whispered as he pushed down my weapon.At the second stop down the road was a tall, dark figure stumbling right towards us.

Frightened, I lifted my AK and lined up my sights with this unknown man.... or thing, but as soon as I had, whatever it was started sprinting right at us.

I couldn't pull the trigger, I coudln't breathe. What kind of man would run straight towards two men with Ak-74's? Noticing that I had left my safety on I quickly glanced down and released it, letting out a burst of 3 to 4 rounds, but this thing that was running towards us had suddenly vanished.

In shock I hastely turned my head to the left to see that Andrei had bolted aswell. "Fuck."

I quickly grabbed my rucksack and Andrei's and sprinted out of the bus towards the nearest building. Carrying about 120 pounds of gear, I distributed the weight of the backpacks and threw myself through a rickity door.

I looked up to find myself inside of an old structure that looks like a museum that was filled with nothing but dust and a few wooden chairs. Knowing that time is of the essence I quickly worked my way up stairs to get to a reconaissance spot on the roof in hopes of locating Andrei, but as soon as I reached the last flight of stairs I heard another AK ringing out about a block or two north, followed by a scream that could shake any man to his core.

The scream of another grown man being pulled apart. Hearing that brought a tear to my eye and struck fear into my heart, I had known Andrei since I first came to the zone, I couldn't let him go. So I dropped everything except my gun and jumped to the bottom floor. The man was still screaming in agony so I followed his cries up until they stopped, but by then I had found a blood trail leading in the same direction.

As I drew closer I could hear what sounded like water dripping onto the pavement. I drew my weapon closer to my chest in fear. The blood trail had led me around a dark corner and down a narrow alley.... with each step I took I knew what was happening. I could tell by the sound I made when I walked toward the end, the pitter patter of stepping in liquid. I had came to the end of the alley only to see a puddle of blood and an AK laying to the side against a wall. I slowly walked towards with my gun drawn, but there was no use. There was nothing down this alley. Whatever had been here previously was gone now. and had also taken Andrei. In tears, I said to myself, "I'm sorry, for letting you down."

All that remains of him is his gun, and the knowledge that he was the first of a dying breed, a Stalker.

dont be too harsh this is my first
  22:31:09  27 October 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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It's great. Keep going.
  23:00:32  27 October 2009
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On forum: 02/11/2009
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"The first of a dying breed"

Is that finished, or will be followed?
  00:18:15  28 October 2009
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On forum: 06/02/2009
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I'm going to summerize the main character's entrance to the zone and follow through where I left off on this one. This was more of just a taste of whats to come.
  00:21:58  28 October 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 09/01/2009
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Nice. It's good, man. Keep 'em coming!
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