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A Mercenaries Story

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  05:11:44  27 September 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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A Mercenaries Story


January 4, 2012
2300 hours
Chris White, Mercenary

"Greenlight! Move!"
Chris stood up as the light at the end of the plane turned from red to green. It was his first night drop behind enemy lines and he and his squad recieved no information about the mission besides going in and capturing some intel, while the military faught the insurgents at the main entrance.
Chris peered out the window and saw the gunfire below, the base had most forces setup towards the main entrance, Chris reckoned it shouldn't be hard once on the ground. Once he reached the door he dove out and the chute opened. He slowly decended towards the rear of the base.

On the ground Chris tossed his chute aside and readied his M16.
"Clear" Everyone reported.
Chris motioned for a nearby building and the squad of mercs made their way through the insurgent base.
"Stack." The squad moved to the door, "Breach and clear." Chris ordered.
A squad member, Taylor, pulled out a sticky bomb and stuck it on the door, within seconds the bomb detonated and the door was blown apart. The mercs stormed in and found themselves in a small room. They moved out and made their way into the abandoned halls and finally came to a closed door.
"It's locked." One of Chris's mercs said, letting go of the door knob.
"Ok, as soon as we breach, Taylor, throw a gas 'nade inside."
The squad pulled their gas masks on and breached the door, tossing tear gas inside. They ducked into cover as they were greeted with random sprays on enemy fire.
"Nade out!" Chris yelled, tossing a grenade from his cover and towards the insurgents.
The grenade exploded and seconds later the gunfire ceased.
"Hold your fire!"

The squad examined the room and found strange objects in jars and deformed body parts in jars. Chris picked up a jar and the object inside began to glow.
"Sir, we found the intel."
Chris placed the jar down and followed the merc to a small room in the back of the room. On the table were numerous pictures of maps and folders.
Chris pulled out his radio, "Elias, this is White reporting. We found the intel."
"Good. We are sending a chopper to pick you and your squad up. Expect a big paycheck this time around. Elias out."
Chris put up his radio and looked at the papers, one word was on every page.


Chapter 1

United States, New York, NY
January 5, 2012
0800 Hours
Chris White

Chris looked outside the window of the chopper as it flew over the city. He could see all the people below doing their regular tasks....A normal life. A normal life was something that was out of Chris's grasp, he was a high school drop out and couldn't hold a job for more than a week. He had tried to enlist in the marines, but they even denied him the job. All he had left was the PMC his father worked for, it was the only job he had left...The only family he had left.
The chopper began to decend onto the building which housed the PMC, it was a large building which could easily be mistaken for an office building, that was until you stepped inside and saw military grade weaponry and men dressed in combat armor. The door to the chopper slid open as the chopper hit the helipad and Chris jumped out followed by his squad. They ran from the rain and into the building and pulled of their hoods.
Chris turned to his squad, "Get some rest, I'll report to the boss alone."
The mercs nodded and turned towards the mess hall. Chris approached the elevator and pulled out the intel he captured in Afganistan and stepped inside. The elevator slowly decended towards his boss.

The elevator stopped on the fifth floor and Chris stepped out and onto the clean wood floor. Straight ahead was a glass office with the name 'Boss' written on the door. Chris approached the door and knocked.
"Come in."
Chris stepped inside and saluted the Boss. The Boss, as he liked to be called, was a grizzled war veteran and was heavily scarred on the face.
"At ease. Take a seat." Both of the men took a seat, "I presume you have the Intel? Or was Elias lying to me?"
"No sir, here it is." Chris flashed the documents and placed them on the table.
'The Boss' picked up the papers and silently flicked through the pages, he silently placed it back on the table, "You found this in the Insurgents base?"
Chris nodded.
"Well. Do you like to travel?" The Boss asked, grinning.
"Sir?" Chris asked, glancing at the documents.

"You're going to Chernobyl. This isn't what the customer requested."

"Chernobyl? That place is a death trap!" Chris yelled, remembering the stories he read about in the news, "I refuse to go!"

The Boss stood up, slamming his fist into the table, "You will go, or I will see to it myself that you never get out of this office alive!"

Chris looked into 'The Boss's' eyes, "Fine. What will I be looking for?"

"Good." The Boss sat down and slid pictures across the table, "We thought the Insurgents had what the customer was looking for, but they only had maps leading to where the object was."

Chris picked up the pictures, several were overhead maps of the Chernobyl NPP itself, but the others were not pictures, but reports. All of them mentioned a 'Wish Granter' which apparently granted people whatever wish they wanted.
"You're shittin' me, right?" Chris said, looking at the documents again.

"No, I'm not. Apparently in the center of the zone, in the power plant, is a Wish Granter. Some of the other reports mention it being called the monolith or other phyco babble bullshit. Bottom line is, the customer wants the Wish Granter." The Boss said.

Chris examined the papers again, "None of the reports mention how big this thing is. What if it isn't as simple as picking it up and getting out in time for dinner?"

"We will have a chopper on standby once you make it to the thing. Oh, and one last thing, several other mercs are in the zone, when you get there see if you can get them to help."

Chris looked up from the papers, "Ask the other mercs for help? You aren't sending me in alone are you?"

"We need most of our men in Afganistan, besides, this mission is hardly going to be a hard one. A simple grab and return with good pay." The Boss replied.

"Have you even read about the Chernobyl zone?" Chris exclaimed, "Monsters, waring factions, criminals...."

"Yep, we are airlifting you to the NPP, no need to fight your way north from the army cordon. Anyway, enough talk. You leave tomorrow at 1200 hours. I suggest you get some rest."
  16:15:30  28 September 2009
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Nexus 6


On forum: 11/21/2008
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OK. Be interesting to see where you go with this.
I got a bit confused about Chris, though. He can't get a job, then it makes it sound like he works for this company but only because he can't get in the Marines. Made me wonder how he ever got to be a mercenary. Maybe that'll become clear later.
Hope to read more.
  04:30:35  29 September 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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(Glad you like it so far man )

Chapter 2

Ukraine, Chernobyl
January 7, 2012
0500 hours
Chris White

"Wake up man!"
Chris snapped awake as the pilot of the chopper yelled back.
"We are almost to the Chernobyl NPP, a couple of miles till we reach the Red Forest and Pripyat then it is a simple run to the NPP."

"Gotcha!" Chris yelled back.
Chris looked outside the window at the snowy forests and deserted farm houses below. It was hard to believe that this place was once a place where people lived and thrived in peace....Now left for the earth and radiation to devour.
Chris looked further north and saw bent red trees on the horizon, standing out like a black dog in all the snow.
"That the red forest?" Chris asked the pilot.
"Yep, a real blight on the horizon eh?" He replied, "Ok, get ready to dr-" The pilot stopped talking.
Chris ran to the cockpit as the pilot began shaking and screaming.

"Get it off! Ah help me!" The pilot yelled, grabbing Chris's kevlar vest.
Chris yanked away as the pilot pulled out his pistol and shot at the window, screaming about monsters.
"Are you fu-" Chris was cut off by a powerful headache which came on instantly like a tidal wave. He began to grab his head and slammed into the side of the chopper wall as everything went blurry. He fumbled for the door and slid it open as the chopper began to go into a mad spin and dove out into the snow and trees below.

Chris stood up from the snow which cushioned his fall. Everything was a blur and he felt extremely dizzy. All of a suddon he saw a middle age man in a merc suit walking from the trees. He was familiar.
"Dad?..." Chris said, using a nearby rock for balance.

"Yes, it is me son." Chris's father replied.

"I am dreaming....." Chris said, shaking his head.

"No...I am real. I am as real as the gun you hold. Son, I told you about the PMC....I told you not to join, why didn't you listen to me?" Chris's father exclaimed.

"When you died, I had nothing left. School wasn't for me, and I couldn't get any jobs. All I had was your beloved PMC.....They were the only people who would take me..." Chris said silently.

Chris's father laughed, "Well look what the PMC has gotten you in now...You want to die the same way I did?"

Chris looked into his fathers eyes, "What?"

"I was here son. The zone. I was here the day it exploded for a second time back in 2006....They don't care for us, we...You...are an expendible asset, just like I was. It is time son." Chris's father saluted and treaded back into the trees.

"Wait!" Chris yelled before being struck with another powerful headache and passed out in the snow.


Chris opened his eyes and found himself lying in a bed, a fan creaking above him.
"Whe-" He stuttered.

"Quiet...." A voice muttered from a dark corner of the room, "You need rest."

"Who are you?" Chris asked, rubbing his throbbing head.

"I am Vasili. A Freedom medic. We found you being dragged along with some travelling Monolithians by the barrier. You're lucky to be alive Stalker. Not many can go that close to the Brain Scorcher as you were and survive....Or come out normal." Vasili replied, checking on Chris's medical status.

"Huh? What's Freedom, what in gods name is a Brain Scorcher, and who are the Monolithians, can they take me to the Wish Granter?" Chris said, sitting up.

Vasili laughed, "New to the zone eh? I expected as much. Even a rookie in the Cordon knows not to go past the barrier. Anyway, Freedom is a faction of Stalkers who wish to co-exist with the zone, or at least not destroy it. We are anarchists if you wish to label us so.....Although we are not like those pigs from Duty faction. Oh, and about the Monolithians, they can definatly take you to the Wish Granter...If it exists that is....Only you won't be coming out alive, those wackos tend to sacrifice people to their beloved Wish Granter, or Monolith as they call it."

"What about this Brain Scorcher you were going on about?" Chris asked.

"What is the Brain Scorcher? That's a good question that many good Stalkers have died trying to find out. All we know is that it fucks with your head and eventually kills you or makes you utterly insane, if not completly zombified. I'm sure you still have a migraine from it at least. If not then you are one lucky individual my friend. The unfortunate part about the whole thing is it's the one way to get to Pripyat, and eventually to the power plant. I've heard stories about some guy....Strelok I think his name is, yeah, anyway, I heard he and his gang made it through more than once....If only I could meet that guy, if he exists that is....." Vasili replied.

"So the NPP is unreachable?" Chris asked.

Vasili thought for a moment, "Well, there might be one way, the way through Limansk to the west. Don't get me wrong, I'd be all for trying it, but the place is riddled with more anomalies than the thickest forest of the zone, and not to mention the last few blowouts have flooded the place with radiation and apparently also nocked the bridge which lead into Limansk into the river. Not to mention to get to Limansk you'd have to go through Yantar, a damn creepy place no matter how you look at it, not to mention that there is something very similar to the Brain Scorcher in the area."

Chris pulled out his PDA, "You think you could mark the locations on my PDA?"

"Sure, oh, and when you get to Yantar, speak with the scientists in the mobile lab, I'm sure they can help you with getting to Limansk." Vasili said, taking the PDA and marking the locations on Chris's PDA, "Your stuff is in the armory here in our base, you can get it when you're ready to leave, although I suggest you hang around here for a few days to get your strength back." Vasili said before leaving the room.
  05:11:57  29 September 2009
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(Glad you like it so far man )


looks good, this makes me think you are teh merc that kills fang shame about the father, though it seems that he's alive with the monolith
  07:37:09  29 September 2009
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On forum: 03/29/2009
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Pretty good so far
  03:33:54  30 September 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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Chapter 3

Ukraine, Cherobyl
January 8, 2012
1000 hours
Chris White

Chris stepped out of the bed and checked the date on his PDA, he had been out cold for a day and the headache was still slightly ringing in his head. He put on a jacket and a backpack laying on a nearby table and put on a pair of jeans before stepping out into the snow.
"Hey! Stalker! You want to buy some protection? You can't go around unprotected these days." A man yelled at him, pointing to a nearby covered cage.

Chris approached him, "What's in the cage?" He asked.

"Tame blind dogs man. Great protection."

"Let me see..." Chris said.

"As you wish." The man pulled the cover off of the cage and skinless and eyeless dogs barked and clawed at the cage, making the man dive back.

"Don't look that tame to me." Chris said, pretending not to be bothered by the abominations which resided inside the cage., "Look, I'm trying to find the armory, can you point me in the right direction?"

"Sure, it's that building just at the end of the bridge, center of the base. Can't miss it." He said, pointing towards a medium size two story building.

Chris thanked the man who went back to calming the dogs and Chris walked up to the building. He stepped inside and slammed the door shut behind him to keep the cold out.

"Yo man! You here for your stuff?" A man in a heavy prototype exoskeleton asked, his eyes scowling from behind the goggles.

"Yeah." Chris replied.

The man turned into a small room and returned a few seconds later with a footlocker, "Your stuff is in here."

Chris went to thank the man but was interrupted, "Don't thank me merc, your words are not welcome here. Our leader and Vasili may have taken you in, but if it was my choice, I'd have left you out in the cold for the Monolithians to take you to god knows where." The man stormed back into the armory and slammed the metal door shut.

"Asshole..." Chris muttered under his breath. He turned around lugging the heavy footlocker and set it down in a nearby bedroom. He opened the box and found his G36KE with no ammo left, his 9mm replaced with a Makarov, his grenades were nowhere to be found, and his armor was ripped to shreds and riddled with gunshots and knife marks.
"What the fuck!" Chris yelled, looking at his missing and broken equipment. He stormed back to the armory door and banged on the metal door, "Hey asshole! What did you do to my stuff!?"

The man in the exo-suit came to the door, holding a SPAS 12 gauge, "Problem?"

"Yeah, why is my equipment fucked to shit and missing?" Pointing at his destroyed armor and empty weapons.

"Oh...I'm so sorry, I think we may have used some of it for target practice and stole a bit of your stuff for our own use.....Simple mistake." The man said, pumping the shotgun, "Back away from my door."

Chris took another step forward, "'May' have been used for your own needs?"

"Oh, I feel bad now. I guess you mercs aren't so tough without your gear, huh? Now get out of my armory before I throw you out."

Chris flipped the man the bird and walked back to the bedroom, tossing his now useless equipment to the ground. He salvaged the empty Makarov and G36KE and threw his armor into a nearby trash can and stormed out into the snow. He walked around for awhile before finding a nearby supplier.

"Hey man, I need some ammo and armor." Chris said, laying his G36KE and makarov on the table.

"Ok, ammo coming right up. Armor?" The supplier asked, pulling ammo off of a shelf.

The supplier spoke Russian, Chris racked his brain trying to remember how to speak the language he learnt at the PMCs training regiment, "Armor? I'll take standard light kevlar mercenary gear."

The man pulled out the armor Chris requested, so he supposed he was speaking the language correctly. Chris grabbed the armor and ammo and began to walk off with it.

"Hey fuckface! That'll be 25,437 rubles!" The man yelled, pulling out a pistol.

Chris spun around, "You mean to tell me you want me to pay you?"

"What the fuck kind of question is that dumbass? Of course I want you to pay me!" He yelled, "Now hand over the money, or give me the stuff.

Chris laughed, "Heres and idea, go fuck yourself." Chris turned to leave and the supplier began firing at Chris, Chris ducked behind some nearby sandbags and stuffed the equipment into his backback before sprinting to the bridge. He looked back and noticed several other men running up to the sniper towers with sniper weapons.
The base speakers began ringing, "This is Lukash, the merc we took in has betrayed us, kill him on sight, I repeat, kill him on sight."
Chris sprant across the bridge as Freedom members and individual stalkers began firing at him. He made it out of the gate and ran up a nearby hill to his left where he dove into a bush and hid. He pulled himself into a ball as several men ran right by him.

"Fuck it, he's gone." One said.
"He stole my god damn supplies man, fucking asshole..." The supplier said, he pulled out a radio, "Lukash, the bastard got away. We're coming back."
"Gotcha, I'll put a bounty on his head, come back to base."
The two men ran back into the base.
Chris stood up and walked away from the base, making sure to hug the wall and make his footsteps light as possible so that the snow wouldn't crunch with everystep he took. At last, he reached the end of the wall and saw a small farm overlooking the road and another village in the distance. He ran down the hill after making sure the snipers weren't looking and ran into the small house, closing the door and blocking it with a chair.
Chris went into every room and shut all the shutters. After the house was sealed he took off his backback and dumped its contents onto the floor. He pulled out a flashlight and examined all the gear.

One G36KE with 4 and a half clips.
One makarov with two clips.
Standard merc armor.

He pulled off his jacket and jeans and put on the merc suit. After a couple of hours Chris lied down on the dusty couch and fell asleep.
  03:43:19  30 September 2009
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Getting pretty good, I guess this is between CS and SoC?
  03:49:34  30 September 2009
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Eager Amphibion
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Yep. ShoC started in May 2012 I believe, and CS ended in 2011. This is the winter before ShoC.
  05:43:01  1 October 2009
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Chapter 4

Ukraine, Chernobyl
January 8, 2012
2000 Hours
Chris White

Chris woke up as thunder rolled in, shaking the zone with its strength. Chris rolled off of the couch and noticed his headache had finally gone.
He went to the window and noticed the shutter was slamming open and closed in the wind of the coming storm. In the distance he saw lightning illuminating the distant land. All of a sudden he saw a large red flash come from the north.
"What the hell?"
He peered outside the window and saw the sky was growing red from all sides, then, like the wrath of god was upon him, the earth shook. Chris fell to the dusty wooden floor and crawled behind the couch as the sky turned blinding white and boards from the house were being torn off and thrown with great force across the room. Chris heard his Gieger counter on his armor going haywire as a cloud of red dust slammed into the house. He fumbled for the gas mask which hung around his neck and pulled it over his head as radiactive air filled the house.
After a couple more mintues, the thunder died down and the red sky was replaced with a downpour. Chris stood up and looked out into the rain washing the radioactive dust away.
"This place is hell..." Chris said to himself, pulling the gas mask off and wiping the dust from his face. He stepped outside of the house and went onto the road, heading south towards a place known as Rostok.

After a good two miles, Chris climbed over the top of a hill and found himself staring at a factory, lights flickered in the distance and there was movement inside. He pulled his hood tighter around his head and walked towards the gate. He passed an empty sniper tower and rounded a corner, he was met by three heavily armored men with the firepower to match.
"Stop! Come no closer!" One of the guards yelled, aiming his weapon at Chris.
"I need shelter!" Chris yelled over the rain, raising his arms.
"You're a merc?" The guard asked.
"Yes!" Chris replied.

For a moment there was silence as the guards whispered.
"Open fire!"

Chris ducked as the guards fired at him for no apparent reason. He darted behind a wall.
"What the hell!?" He yelled from around the corner.
"You think we don't know you came from wild territory merc!? We'll send you back to your precious commander in a body bag!" The guard yelled back, he and his men opened fire again.
Chris looked around and saw no way to run. He was pinned. He pulled out his weapon and blind fired around the corner.
'This is it.....' Chris thought, reloading his weapon.


Chris dove into the dirt as the wall behind him blew apart and masked men stormed in, firing onto the retreating guards. One of the men grabbed Chris and dragged him back from where they came from. After they were all through the hole they let Chris free.
"You guys really saved my ass back there." Chris said, thanking the men.

One of them pulled off his gas mask, "No- Wait, you're not one of ours...." Chris looked at the men as they enclosed around him.

"You guys are mercs right?" Chris asked, looking at their armor and the patches on their arms, "Military?"

"We are mercs, we follow Wolfhound. We thought you were one of our men. You're coming with us to see Wolfhound. Bag him."

Chris nodded as the mercs pulled a cloth sack over his head and was taken to see Wolfhound.....The notorious mercenary leader.

Chapter 5

Ukraine, Chernobyl
January 9, 2012
0000 Hours
Chris White

The men stopped Chris after a short walk and pulled the bag off of his head. Walking towards him was a tall man in with several scars on his face.
"Who is this?" Wolfhound asked in a gruff voice.

The merc who brought Chris replied, "We found him being attacked by the Duty outpost. We thought he was one of ours so we saved him."

Wolfhound nodded and stared at Chris, "You are a mercenary, correct?"

"Yeah." Chris replied.

"We need more men, do you think you could help us?" Wolfhound asked, "You see, we need to take an expedition into Yantar to have a little chat with the scientists. Can you do this?"

"Alone?" Chris asked, looking around into the pitch black night.

"You and my interrogator, Yaskar." Wolfhound pointed towards a man sharpening his knife in a small trailer.

"Ok, will I be payed for this?" Chris asked.

"We'll pay you half in advance, the rest can be aquired once Yaskar reaches the scientists." Wolfhound handed Chris 7000 Rubles, "Now hurry, we don't have much time."

Chris nodded and ran towards Yaskar, "Hey! We're moving!"

Yaskar looked outside his trailer door, "You're the guy they're sending me with? Great. Well, come on."

The two men walked outside of Wolfhounds merc camp and set off to Yantar, Yaskar leading the way. Chris observed the buildings and trains as he passed them, and had the strange feeling that someone, or something, was watching them. They passed into a large construction site and stopped.
"The rain is really picking up." Yaskar said, looking outside as the rain came down harder and harder, "We have to move quicker."
Yaskar pulled out his knife and cut through a small fence and they passed through it. After following the road they came to a long, dark tunnel.
"Go." Yaskar said, pushing Chris forward.
"Hey fuck you, you go." Chris said, stepping out of the tunnel.
They glanced into the tunnel and both stepped inside. The only light was from their headlamps, which illuminated the heat waves rising from the ground. They began to sweat as they maneuvered their way through the tunnel, stepping side to side to avoid the burner anomolies.
"What are these things?" Chris asked, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"Burner anomolies....Geez, you weren't kidding when you said you were new. Watch this." Yaskar picked up a rock from the ground and tossed it into one of the burner anomolies. When the rock hit it, an extremely hot stream of fire flung up into the air, turning the rock into jelly, "At least it'll be fast if you hop into one...." Yaskar said, laughing to himself.

At last they dodged the last anomoly and found themselves back out in the rain. Yaskar and Chris took one last look at the tunnel and then followed the dark road to Yantar.

At last the two mercs made it to 'Lake Yantar' just as the sun was rising, even though the only thing left of the lake is a small, festering swamp. They followed the road for a few more minutes and found themselves looking down to a small camp, a scientist bunker sitting in the middle.
"There is the objective." Yaskar said, "Be wary, the loners hired to defend this place have been told to shoot any and all mercenaries on sight."
They walked down the hill, running from cover to cover. Either no one was in the camp, or no one was left. As they reached the gate they pushed it open and found that the defenders were ripped apart by something. Yaskar bent over and examined the nearest body.
"Yep, these must be the defenders. I am no scientist but judging by these bites and scratches, I am thinking some creatures have migrated here from the Red Forest. Stay alert."
They closed the gates to the camp and locked them, then barracaded the hole in the wall , ensuring nothing could get inside.
"Go check the mobile base, I'll stay up here." Yaskar said, climbing to the top of the mobile base. Chris ran to the door of the base and tried it, but it was locked.
"The damn door is locked!" Chris yelled.

"Here, use this." Yaskar said, tossing down C-4 to Chris.

"Wait! I'll open the door. No need for violence...." A voice said from behind the door. The door slid open and an old man in a scientific lab coat stood in the doorway.

"Yaskar! Doors open." Chris said, stepping inside, followed by Yaskar who had jumped down.

"You mercs are here for the flash drive I presume?" The scientist asked, "Well it's not here. Professor Kruglov and his team left last night to study the southern parts of the zone. I'm afraid I can't help you. Now leave."

Yaskar pulled out his pistol and held it to the scientists head, "You are lying old man. What is your name?"

The scientist didn't even flinch, "I am Sakharov, and your kind doesn't scare me. I don't have the drive, and even if I did I wouldn't give it to you. Now leave."

Yaskar cocked his pistol and was about to pull the trigger before Chris grabbed it and tossed it to the floor.

"What the hell are you doing? He says he doesn't have the drive!" Chris yelled.

"Don't interfere damn it!" Yaskar yelled, going for the pistol again.

"I won't let you kill an unarmed civi-" Chris was cut off as a loud boom filled the small mobile base. Sakharov had reached for his shotgun in the commotion and blasted Yaskar to hell.

"Thank you young man. It is good to see that there are some kind souls left in this world." Sakharov said, speaking casually as he stuffed his shotgun behind the chair lying against the wall, "Go back to your leader now, tell him your companion has died in combat."

Chris leaned against the wall, "Like hell I'm going back, the asshole will have my head."

"Who is he?" Sakharov asked.

"Wolfhound I believe is who he said he was." Chris said.

"Well my friend. Going back is no option. I've delt with him face to face before. We were both back when the zone first formed, and he's even more of an asshole now than he was back then. I suggest you stay here and help me."

"That's the thing, I have a few questions for you...About the center of the zone...." Chris said.

Sakharov smiled, "Well, you've come to the right person. Come back to my office and I'll answer your questions."
  07:16:05  2 October 2009
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Chapter 6

Ukraine, Chernobyl
January 9, 2012
0600 Hours
Chris White

Chris finished telling Sakharov his story and his mission to find the 'Wish Granter'. Sakharov sat in silence before speaking.
"So you believe the Wish Granter is real?" Sakharov finally asked.

"I don't know what to believe anymore." Chris sighed, "Hell, until I came to the zone several days ago, I thought I had seen everything."

"I see. Well as a professional, and the fact that I have been here since pretty much day one, I think that there is no 'Wish Granter' in the NPP. If anything the NPP holds valuable and extremly rare artefacts of all kinds. Possibly ones not yet discovered. At any rate getting to the center is the goal of all Stalkers, and many have tried, in particular a man named Strelok and not too long ago a mercenary much like yourself. I hear they made it to the center, but it is possibly just gossip....But you never know."

"Well I heard of a way through Limansk in the north, is it possible for me to get there?" Chris asked.

Sakharov laughed, "Oh sure. If you can get pass the phy-emmisions emanating from the factory here in Yantar, then I'll give you anything you want for your journey. In all honesty though, if you try, the only help I can give you is a bullet to the head."

"Excuse me?" Chris exclaimed.

"Well, all who try going in get hit with the phy-emmisions. Bam. Instant zombification. Poor bastards get their brains fried."

"Well that really holds me back, doesn't it? Are you sure there is nothing I can use to get pass, or perhaps another route?" Chris asked, loosing hope.

"I have one thing which may help. That Strelok fella tried it but never came back and I have an earlier version of it. This helmet." Sakharov pulled open a drawer and pulled a headpiece out. It had several wires running across it and was lined with some kind of tin foil on the inside.

"What is it?" Chris asked, examining the device.

"It is a very, very early prototype of a device which can get you pass phy-emmisions....At least it is supposed to. You will still get a minor headache, but it is a fair trade off to a full zombification. Like I said though, it is a prototype and has not yet been tested. I'll let you have it for free, we here at Yantar have no use for it."

"Thanks for your help. So the path to Limansk is through that factory?" Chris asked.

Sakharov sighed, "Yes, but getting there isn't easy. During the winter the mutants and animals migrate south from the Red Forest. In other words, most mutants have made their homes here in Yantar. Be careful."

Chris nodded and walked out of the mobile lab and into the cold morning, not knowing what horrors stalked the haunted land of Yantar....
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