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The darkness awaits them in the zone

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  20:48:10  9 August 2009
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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  21:47:05  12 August 2009
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On forum: 07/31/2009
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A long shourtcut part 1

They woke up early in the morning.They were just checking the detectors when smiley came in mind asked:
`Are you ready to go?;
`Sure; replied Victor
`Seriously is it going to be tuff?; asked Anna
`No, because I know a shortcut trough the sewer system that starts right after the bridge.;
`Sewers, I know in La they throw alligators in there, I am afraid ewen thinking what will be in those here!;
`Don't worry Erik, last time I was in there no damn animal was inside!;
`At least one thing I don't have to worry about then!; Sad Anna.
They left rookie village at 8 am and went straight to the bridge. 70 meters away from it they stopped.
`I am afraid the spetsnatz wont let us trough the bridge! Sad Erik.
`No, but I think they would give us a nice present if they would see us... A bullet into our head!; replied Smiley.
Smiley lead the group to a small tunnel. They crossed it and they continued till they saw a sewer entrance.
`we are here; sad Smiley.
`Great it looks like home!;Sad Erik.
They heard a shot not far from them.
`We do better hurry because I think the bandits want some money!;
He climbed into the sewer followed by the rest of the crew. He turned his flash light on so they could see something. It was a dark, smelly
And disgusting place.
`How long do we have to walk underground? Asked Anna while holding her nose.
`A couple of hour, if nothing is going to slow us down; As he sad that a loud roar came from behind them.
`Great we have wisitors;Shouted victor.
Behid the group there was a human like being that crawled towards them. On his head it had a gasmask.
`Great a snork; sad smiley. He started shooting at the snork.
`wHAT THE FUCK!!!;Shoutet victor while the snork jumped over the group and disappeared into the darker parts of the tunnel.
`What was that?; Asked Anna fearfully
`that? Oh that was just a snork. They are not so dangerously when not in larger groups!;
They continued trough the tunnel until they reached a broken part. Smiley searched his head and sad:
`Strange last time I was here the tunnel was still in one peace!;
they looked around and saw a newly dug tunnel right under the broken one.
`Smiley please don't say we have to go in there!;
`Don't worry Erik we wont because we are returning.
As they turned around the tunnel collapsed and buriing the only exit that would surely lead them outside.
`Remember what I sad Erik, now we dont have a another way!;
`great a real nice long shortcut; Sad frighten Erik.

To be continiued
  19:37:19  14 August 2009
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08/14/2009 20:34:14
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A long shourtcut part 2

They started to walk into the only path they had. When they were inside a terrible roar was heard .
`Oh man what was that?; Whispered Erik.
`I think something big; Replied Smiley.
The continued their way until they came to a betoned chamber.
`Oh my god I know where we are!; Sad smiley.
`Underground!; Sad Victor.
`No... I mean yes but we are under the Agroprom institute, and there are rumors that here is somewhere streloks stash;
`Strelok?;Asked Anna.
`Yes, its the guy who had been in the center of the zone, and who knows what he has in his stash! Follow mw I think I know where we have to go!;
They followed smiley trough a long corridor and turned right. They came into a long hallway leading one site to the left and one to the right.
`where now?; Asked Victor.
The loud roar appeared again from the right site.
`I think we should go left; Sad Smiley.
They turned left and walked till they came to a metal door.
`Its closed!; Sad Erik
The roar appeared again but closer. Smiley took his lockpicking tools and started to lokckpick.
`Oh my god what is over there?; Asked Anna
She pointed to a big human like creature that had tentacles instead of a mouth.
`Oh got its a Bloodsucker!!!; Shouted Smiley.
`Com on open that fucking door and we will try to fend that thing off;
`On it, and I hope I will be fast enough Erik;
Smiley continued lockpicking while the rest of the group fired at he beast. The bloodsucker retreated but came back whit company.
`Shit now there are three of them hurry up smiley; Shouted Victor.
`Got it; sad smiley while opening the door. They ran into the room and closed the door just in time. A second later they heard something crash into the door.
`this shortcut is ceep getting better and better; Sad victor.
They looked around. They were in a room full whit old weapons and armor. On a wall was written STRELOK.
`Oh my god we are in his stash!; Sad smiley happily.
`Look at all this weapons its so beautiful; Sad Erik.
They scanned the room for anything useful.
`Hej I found a half working Abakan; Sad Erik.
`I have got a pistol; Sad Victor.
`Show my that victor; Sad Smiley
Victor gave Smiley the weapon and smiley started examining it.
`You my friend have found a Desert eagle. Its really rare in the zone so barkeep is going to pay good money for that one.
`Hey what is this?; asked Anna while pointing on a small red ball lying in the corner.
`A artifact, I think its a fireball;
A loud "Thong" was heard where the metal door is. The metal started to deform.
`Shit they are trying to break trough!!; Shouted Smiley
Another "THONG" was heard and in the door was a small hole.Anna scanned the room for a exit.
`By the door there is a hole and I think we can squeeze trough!;
They ran to the hole and squeezed trough. They were in a long tunnel leading to the right and left.
`Where now; asked Erik holding his Abakan.
A loud crash was heard behind them and a loud roar.
`To the left I think they have broke trough!;
They ran trough the tunnel and came to a stairway.
`Up follow me I know where we will come out!; Shouted Smiley.
As they were upstairs Victor looked down and saw four Bloodsuckers following them.
`Shit they are after us!;Sad Victor.
As they ran trough the tunnel Anna saw a ladder.
`Anna you go we will hold them off. When you come to the surface you will be in a abandoned outpost wait for us! Shouted Smiley.
Anna climbed the ladder while the others were shooting the bloodsuckers.
`Victor you are next!;
`You don't have to tell me that twice;
`Go Erik;Sad smiley while he hit a bloodsucker whit his rifle butt in the head.He climbed up followed by smiley. When Erik was outside and smiley halfway a bloodsucker grabbed Smiley and starter to pull him back into the tunnel.
`Help!!!; Shouted Smiley.
`Grab my hand; sad Erik
Smiley grabbed his arm and pulled him self up barely alive.
They all sat by the hole happy that they have escaped the beasts.
`What do we have here? Don't move or we will shoot.
They realized that they were surrounded by twenty men in blue west.
`Didn't you say that the place was abandoned?; Sad Victor.

What will happen to them find out in the next chapter THE AGROPROM INSTITUT
  23:54:17  16 August 2009
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On forum: 07/31/2009

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08/17/2009 20:20:09
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The Agroprom Institut part 1

The peoples lead the group to a big and tall building. They entered it and went to the highest floor. They have brought them to their leader.
`Welcome gentleman's and woman, I would like to welcome you to the Mercenary base! My name is Stick and I am wery angered because you were trying to infiltrate our BASE; His woice started to get angered.
`that is not true; Sad Smiley.
`SILENCE; shouted Stick.
`You are enemies to the mercenaries and for that I will punish you.;
He looked over to another man and sad:
`To the prison whit this scumbags and don't forget to search them for valuable things!;
The man took them to another building full whit cages filled whit animals. He locked them into one of the cages.
`have fun and don't try anything funny because we are prepared!;
`Great what now?; Asked Victor.
`As you see we are trapped whit some animals and a bloodsucker; He pointed over to a cage.
`But for now we can't do anything accept to go sleeping; As he sad that he turned around and lied down. All went asleep except Anna. She was looking outside the window when she spotted far away a creature walking on two legs like a human but this creature was vrapet in bandages and was followed by a dog. She thought se saw a fartamogana and fell asleep as well. They were all woken at morning by shots.
`What is going on; asked Erik.
`I don't know but the animals enjoy it; He points at the animals that were waching and listening to the sounds.
`Maybe it is that creature I saw last night on the hill before I went sleeping?;
`What creature?; asked Smiley.
Anna gave him a short brief of the creature. Smiley got pale in seconds and almost started to panic.
`We are doomed its Kachiona!!!;
`Kachiona?; asked all at once.
Smiley looked at them pale like a paper.
`Yes Kachiona, it the strongest controller in the zone but as I have heard it was killed by mercs;
`It looks like it wants revenge; By the way what is a controller?; Asked Erik.
`A controller is a creature that has the ability to control you and make illusions around you, and he can...; He was interrupted by a dead merc smashing trough the window. The shooting started to stop and a loud breathing was heard getting closer and closer. The door smashed open and into the room ran stick.
`It is following me!; he shouted.
`Why couldn't I kill it for sure and how did it manage to find me!;
The controller came into the room. Stick started to shoot at it but it stopped the bullets in mid air. Stick started to flow into the air and the controller staret to reach whit his hand towards the flying merc. Suddenly stick was pushed into the wall whit so much force that he broke a hole into it. The controller turned around to us.
`Please kachiona, we didn't made any harm to you; sad Smiley.
The controller came near the cage and startet to talk in its own language. It made a psi link to the group showing how stick shot him into his back and how he has laughed when he was dying there. It smashed the looks and freed the animals. It started to walk away followed by te animals.
`Oh my god that was so scary; sad Victor.
They walked outside the building finding Mercenaries massacred in any possible way.
`I think I gonna hurl; Sad Anna while almost puking on her.
`Whel lets take some weapons and I will scavenge for any artifact that mercs had; Sad Happily Smiley.
Thev scavenged the aera finding four Gorza assault riffles, some ammo and loads of food to the satisfaction of Victor. Smiley returned whit a three artifacts.
`Whell this babies will gona make us rich;
They heard a chopper.
`Why do the bastards always have to come when we have some fun!; Sad Victor.
`Lets go then to the Garbage, I know a shortcut; Sad Smiley.

End of part 1.
  00:27:53  17 August 2009
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Lets go then to the Garbage, I know a shortcut; Sad Smiley


I definetly like it
  00:42:04  17 August 2009
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On forum: 07/31/2009
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Thnx Strelok 22 to be a trusty reader. Dont worry the next part will soon be up !
  00:48:50  17 August 2009
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Well I was on a trip on the last week so that was really refreshing.

P.S.:I am joining the Roleplay ASAP
  20:49:48  18 August 2009
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Part 2

They walked out of the place where the massacre started. While they were moving Erik started to start asking Smiley questions.
`Again what was this thing that wiped out the whole base of Mercs?;
`That was kachiona the strongest off all Controllers in the zone, and that dog you have saw is the puppy raised by himself they are like best friends;
`Didn't you say that he was killed?; Asked Erik.
`It Erik not HE, Yes I have heard that someone has payed the Mercs a lot of money to kill it, but it looks like they didn't do the job good;
They walked along a road dodging some anomaly's.
`Ok guys now we have two options First: We go trough my shortcut and Second we go trough a heavily guarded bandit checkpoint.; Sad Smiley
`I hope your shortcut is not so "Abandoned" Like the last one ; sad Anna.
`I hate Bandits; sad Victor.
`Whel where does it start?; Asked Erik.
`Follow me; Sad SMiley.
They followed smiley to a train tunnel from the inside they could hear a loud sound.
`This shortcut doesn't have bandits because it is full of Anomalies!;
`Great; Sad Victor.
Smiley started tossing bolts in front of them so they could awoid the anomalies. Soon it was too dark that they could see something so smiley turned on his Flash light what they have saw shocked them.
In front of them layed obout ten half decompose body those head missing.
`That s odd last time I was here that wasn't here!;
They moved along the tunnel hoping to reach the end!

What will happen find out in the next chapter The horrors in the dark corners
  21:39:01  18 August 2009
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If your posts are that short.You really have to write more ofthen
  14:41:32  28 August 2009
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On forum: 02/11/2009

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08/28/2009 14:57:40
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I had some fun reading it.
Original point of view.
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