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Entering every Buildings? I dont think so!

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  11:39:53  3 June 2004
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On forum: 02/13/2004
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On the contrary - that would prove highly annoying if you're playing Survivor and have to search for the last remaining enemy in several hundred appartments.

Obviously Survivor maps would have fewer rooms, whereas maps for large numbers of players could have more rooms. Its just ridiculous if there are only 2 or 3 rooms in a building.
Having all rooms accessible would really be good in smaller two or three-storey buildings, since current engines seem to be limited when it comes to rendering all the rooms even in relatively small 2 or 3 storey buildings.
  03:08:03  7 June 2004
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On forum: 04/27/2004
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The main thing is to have exploration be rewarded - allowing you to maybe find books and newspapers from before the catastrophe (as well as just some other interesting items) as well as artifacts.

A good idea in theory. However, I find games can, in situations like this, make the exploration more annoying and repetitive if done wrong. In NwN, I always hated how ALL these chests littered the landscape. It was sooo annoying to have to open every... single... one, but you couldn't just ignore them; What if there happened to be some sweet item in one? Of course there never was.
If STALKER were to allow you search dozens of look-alike empty rooms and reward you with a measly clip or something once and a while, I cant speak for everyone but I would get *very* frustrated. I know the game is supposed to be 'open-ended' and that you can explore everywhere (which I fully support btw), but the devs better take gameplay into account as well (Im sure they will).
So that said, I would rather have fewer, more detailed rooms that would uniquely reward the player for exploration, rather then every single possible (or nearly) room rendered, but all the same. Just my two cents.
  15:58:41  7 June 2004
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Doc Jones
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On forum: 10/09/2003
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I don't mind very room being rendered, but I do agree it should not be to find some vital information in some random room. Yeah, games that have tons of barrels and crates to search is annoying. I like how Thief has some storyline pieces laying around. But they are fairly obvious, take a little effort to get to, and aren't littered everywhere.

Having the rooms 'really there' would make hallways more interesting. Something could pop out, and you can dive for cover....ooooh new idea...bashing down doors.

I think it would be a desireble feature (depending on how door mechanics work) to be able to charge through doors. Someone mentioned sprinting, so if you strafe sprint into a door could trigger the action.

You could do this in Postal? I think.

Or did they say something about there being a kicking action? Seems like they did...I'll have to look.
  22:07:36  15 May 2005
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On forum: 05/15/2005
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My brain is bugged! I can't understand why you can't go through every single room inn S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Did everyone lock they're room before dying!? (NO OFFENCE) Since this is an empty city (area/zone). YOu should be able to bash the doors inn or inn other words.. Smash em to bits! (termites would be nice though)


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