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[REL]Strelok Mod

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  22:16:41  3 April 2012
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On forum: 01/17/2012
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has no interest in it?

or make Quest or other thinks?
  14:06:51  2 April 2012
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On forum: 01/17/2012

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04/02/2012 14:08:13
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[REL]Strelok Mod

So I finally made it and now I need a few modders who would luist in my team to modding and that one entire level can of course also one with someone for parts bespwane but when I turned on the error-repswaner I Although work is no longer correct kannund all gulags and thus are not all empty and must be bepswant level.

I hope that maybe someone much pleasure h├Ąttte zwaei Gebeite or a quest to write and me to personally help you with

ask if there are Geren my mod

I had planned:
- New Story Line
- New Weapon
- 1-2 new factions
- Lots of new side quests
- A lot of new special reserved characters
- New foods (for example, apples, pears ....)
- New locations of Frank organizations
- New hideouts
- 7 New Level

There are seven new levels of CS and provide all other
Red Forset
Dead City

- Many new suits for the NPC's (colors, patterns will be nothing else)
- The Actor gets some new clothes (more exo-armor changes, one Strelok-Seva, ....)

It will give any amount of new weapons

Repair Kit
There is a repair kit that he give his weapons and armor allows conclusions to repair. The higher level is the actor in the rank order sobesser he can repair

There are two new merchants built a direknt one at the beginning and it is in the bandit base (If fraction of the dealer)

In addition to Quest
There is a lot of new side quest give more faction as Quest

It will give new hideouts in CoP, however, one must first have the information where it's hiding the objects there are also

Thunder Magazine's Freak System Mod V3.0
It will be the magazine contained system of Thunder, with a few improvements

Food will be like the med-kits put into effect immediately healed her life but the life or the radiation load on slow and the radiation decreases slowly

Dealers and Special Mention characters
If dealers can make you learn information about objects such as artifact of life and Mitel in a dialogue. The dealer or the Special Mention characters explains everything there is to know about this subject or have the groups and locations in the zone.

About the story line:
They play and Strelok is the first time in the zone. It has a small house in the swamps and there will also start our new storyline. It has made the Ghost Stalker and catch the first to reach the center of the zone. Vohrer But you have to face his equipment together. But that lasts till you leave via public is the center of the zone.

p.s. Picture and videos come later if a two-level and semi-changers are bespawnt
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