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Ltx Write

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  10:14:53  30 March 2012
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messing with code


On forum: 01/21/2010
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They're enabled in CS and CoP, at any rate, and for some features of NS mod (I think) to work, they would need to be able to access them to dynamically read a file which is used in conjunction with a keylogger to simulate CoP's f1-f4 quick use key feature.
Not sure if ini_file(...) can dynamically read an ltx file without requiring a engine restart, but if it can, then it could work just as well as IO for reading files.
IO might be disabled in SoC, but it definately works in CS/CoP.

Those functions, at least some of them, work in SoC as well.

There was a thread from Thunderfreak some while ago (would have to dig it up) where he copies loading screen dynamically IO-wise.
  10:32:57  30 March 2012
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Doom metal in the shade of the flying radiators


On forum: 07/23/2005

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03/30/2012 10:34:39
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You can physically copy files using the getFS() functions.
That is how NLC does the loading screens.

getFS:file_copy(name, texture)

Tested with ltx and textures.

class is FS in the lua_help. I can't see where it can be written directly, but overwritten - that yes. A lot of things can be done with it - like different trader files, immunities, game relations etc on game start.

NLC uses a lua loader also. Not exactly sure for what purposes.
  15:13:24  30 March 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/17/2012

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03/30/2012 16:32:25
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can you you help me away?

what i must write yet?

but this is only for texterus how i can use it for ltx?


i have find this for the FS class

C++ class FS {
    const FS_ClampExt = 4;
    const FS_ListFiles = 1;
    const FS_ListFolders = 2;
    const FS_RootOnly = 8;
    const FS_sort_by_modif_down = 5;
    const FS_sort_by_modif_up = 4;
    const FS_sort_by_name_down = 1;
    const FS_sort_by_name_up = 0;
    const FS_sort_by_size_down = 3;
    const FS_sort_by_size_up = 2;

    function get_file_age(string);
    function file_length(string);
    function file_rename(string, string, boolean);
    function r_open(string, string);
    function r_open(string);
    function append_path(string, string, string, number);
    function file_copy(string, string);
    function get_file_age_str(FS*, string);
    function dir_delete(FS*, string, number);
    function dir_delete(FS*, string, string, number);
    function update_path(FS*, string, string);
    function r_close(reader*&);
    function exist(string);
    function exist(string, string);
    function w_close(class IWriter*&);
    function file_list_open(FS*, string, number);
    function file_list_open(FS*, string, string, number);
    function path_exist(string);
    function file_list_open_ex(FS*, string, number, string);
    function get_path(string);
    function file_delete(string, string);
    function file_delete(string);
    function w_open(string, string);
    function w_open(string);

but how i can writ in the correct section of the ltx?

i hope you understand this.

thank you

i not will delte the ltx or copy but when i copy what happens then?

where it is because then copied to?

You can then save that into a table and then change it and then write to the data after you've emptied it?
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