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Gulag Problem

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  15:59:32  26 March 2012
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On forum: 01/17/2012

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03/26/2012 16:00:34
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i hav make a script but when i start the game all OK

but when i kill my NPC´s the NPC´s dont repsawn but why?

the NPC´s where respwan when i use F6 and the F7 also save and load then the npc´s respwan how often i laod again but that i dont´will

local respwan_table = {}
local timer = nil
local levels = {marsh= {x=-61.996055603027,y=0.92057931423187,z=293.67742919922} }

local respwan_npc = {
  ["mar_clear_sky_respawn_1"] = true,
  ["mar_clear_sky_respawn_2"] = true,
  ["mar_clear_sky_respawn_3"] = true,

function spwan()
if == false then return end
	local level_name =
	local coordinates = levels[level_name]
	if coordinates then
	local pos = vector():set(coordinates.x, coordinates.y, coordinates.z)
    local lvi =
    local gvi =
		for section,flag in pairs(respwan_npc)do
			if flag == true then
			if timer == nil then 
			timer = level.get_time_hours() + math.random(3, 6) 
			if timer > 23 then timer = timer - 24 end
		if time_global() > timer then
			timer = nil
			local se_obj = alife():create(section, pos, lvi, gvi)
			respwan_table[] = section 
            respwan_npc[section] = false
  for id,section in pairs(respwan_table) do
    local obj =[id] and[id].object
    if not obj or obj:alive() == false then
      respwan_npc[section] = true
      respwan_table[id] = nil

i have an Idee but i don´t knwo how i can make it.

it get in lua a packer that´s right but who i can use it.

thank you
  16:24:40  26 March 2012
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On forum: 01/13/2006

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03/26/2012 16:25:23
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for what is that??

[7498998] - unique. this number must be different for each thing you add to all.spawn
; cse_abstract properties
section_name = respawn - as it says...
name = mar_clear_sky_lager_1_respwan
position = -57.9094772338867,1.24590361118317,283.974090576172 - position of the spawn
direction = 0.0176509469747543,0.000311903393594548,-0.0176697093993425 - direction the spawn is facing

; cse_alife_object properties
game_vertex_id = 3402 - needed for correct spawning
distance = 13.3000001907349 - distance spawn roams from spawn point
level_vertex_id = 109085 - needed for correct spawning
object_flags = 0xffffff3e
custom_data = <<END
respawn_section = mar_clear_sky_respawn_1,14, mar_clear_sky_respawn_2,12, mar_clear_sky_respawn_3,12 - name of the spawn and how many
;max_count = 25 - maximum spawn count (commented out, hence ";")
;min_count = 3 - minimum spawn count, again commented out
max_spawn = 1 - max number of spawns
idle_spawn = medium - frequency of the spawn
;conditions = 80

; cse_shape properties - leave these alone
shapes = shape0
shape0:type = sphere
shape0:offset = 0,0,0
shape0:radius = 1

; cse_alife_space_restrictor properties
restrictor_type = 0

; se_respawn properties

thank you

See quote for explanations, but seriously read some modding guides instead of spamming the forums... what you are asking there is stalker modding 101 :/
  19:08:15  30 March 2012
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On forum: 01/17/2012

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03/30/2012 19:13:41
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how i can spwan a NPC with a logic script?


or how i can start i special script
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