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Apocalipsis Mod & Search (DIES IRAE) Mod [Apocalypse Continued]

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  01:00:24  31 July 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010

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07/31/2011 19:27:24
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Thank you for the tip !

It's work and so we go faster to the desireted page!

  00:39:49  31 July 2011
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The Zones Blacksmith


On forum: 11/26/2009
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EDIT: Can anyone tell me what the word is below "Master" when starting a new game?


The transcription is "testing"
  00:19:07  31 July 2011
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There is a strange beauty in The Zone.


On forum: 04/17/2010

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07/31/2011 0:25:25
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EDIT: Can anyone tell me what the word is below "Master" when starting a new game?

The first mod of the trilogy has been revised. The map now has green circles marking objectives, which should be a big help.

And a new guide was posted in the AMK thread, which is a first attempt to give an outline of the plot.

Links in the top post.

This is an obscure mod. Not too many players. But it is starting to reach more players, especially with the release of the second part. What grabbed me was the idea of a new story, in only 5 MB! Unfortunately the current lack of a literary translation will take away much of the appeal for non-Russian speakers. We may accept bad translations in other mods to enjoy the new maps, new guns, etc.

Some have taken these two small story mods and repacked them with various add-ons. Radeon AMD's repack with Rustic textures reminds me of the dark saturated look in DKZ's NS-DMX 1.3.2 mod.

CDMan's Repack for the first mod is 2.29 GB! It was released a month ago, and uses an older version of the first mod.
" story new system of radiation - it is now stored, and after reaching a certain threshold, number of x starts to decrease (Adaptation fashion New Rad & Cardio) New sounds of nature and the mutants (Adaptation fashion Atmosferic v1.1) New weather - now it's more atmospheric and replaced smoothly (Adaptation fashion Dynamic Weather) Corpses rot now - so there is stimulus smarter than doing quests (Adaptation fashion Rotting Corpses) Changed the config files and HUD weapon of all weapons have new textures and much more ....

OT: olivius74, I have the same trouble paging through long threads in this forum. It is possible to take a link from the top of the page, edit the page= , then jump to a much later page (change 5 to 150 etc.).
  10:02:47  29 July 2011
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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07/30/2011 14:09:48
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Thank you soo much!

It's really incredible the number of helps, news, shares that you do!
It's amazing!

Your messages to me personally helped dozens of times, I think you are an encyclopedia of the game!

I started reading the posts of NS to the page 200 is now 500 and not including the DMX!Just one more question,if I may?!!
For example,on NS topic ,can we (if yes how can !) quick access to page 200? (without going 10 in 10 which is soo long!)?

There should be an Access database to manage all the tips, mistakes, help recorded! This would help you, but I think you know always found the solution!

Truly a sincere thanks for all this titanesc works!

There is always an answer and discovery on GSC ,daily! Wonderfull,for people who so appreciate this game!

So I will test this new mod!

Thank you again for all!
  07:16:07  29 July 2011
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There is a strange beauty in The Zone.


On forum: 04/17/2010

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07/30/2011 23:49:34
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Apocalipsis Mod & Search: DIES IRAE Mod [Apocalypse Continued]

"What happens after the Call of Pripyat"

Latest News: July 30th APOCALIPSIS Mod new version released, July 29th Screenshots and a link for stock SOC "eng" text files.

Here are two Stalker mods, part of a planned trilogy by Zaurus, with new stories to play. They were posted by Marafon6540 at the AMK forums on July 15 2011. The first mod is notable for what it does not have. It is a new story mod, in a 7 MB download. The second mod has grown, just a little, to 40 MB, but it can also be had in a 233 MB version with new textures. Both mods have working vehicles.

An interview with the author: 5

Screenshots: Menus
AMD Radeon's Repack with Rustic Textures + u3shaders_10

These mods will be tough for us to finish without good translations. But perhaps they will be easy mods to translate. I have only played just a bit of each mod.

Apocalipsis Final, Мод "Апокалипсис":
Search (Day of Wrath), Мод Поиск (DIES IRAE):

Apocalipsis Final for SOC by Zaurus

Description of the mod (translated): "No new textures, no new locations, no new weapons [or one, the M1000] and no new monsters.
There is a new story. The shooter comes back from Pripyat with the military (the ending from the Call of Pripyat) and is back in Cordon again.
New and old characters, new groups (Go, Veterans of the zone, the Apocalypse, and the Headhunters), and new adventures Arrow Zone complete alienation [?]. Multiple endings. Tips only in the messages and conversations.
List of changes / innovations:
1. Quests (Wolf, Fox, Tolia, informant, Ermolov, Fan, Voronin (last mission)).
2. To avoid the tiring legwork maintenance delivery of GH on "Amber" and the Chernobyl helicopter, single engine displacement of Pripyat.
3. Added patrol helicopters on the locations Cordon, Landfill, dark valley.
4. Changed the logic of NPC (thanks to years xStream, Tambovski, BAC9-FLCL, Kasper, Zoid, Masster, Iwer, Domestos, bardak, OffBar, Fr3nzy, Imp, Arhet). Treat, throw grenades, dress up, and move dead away from the center of the camp.
5. Normal gun sold virtually nowhere, but Ermolov, after completing his first quest, is an arms dealer.
6. Enter a hint in the description of the mission.
7. Added stunner. (gives fan after his quest).
8. Added transitions between locations.
9. Transition to Chernobyl from Pripyat removed. Get to the station only with the military, and only once.
10. Changed the initial player inventory (qualitatively and quantitatively).
11. Changed the way the mission "To penetrate into x18" (the corpses will not get searched, and the informant for the keys required to find the Mole)
12. On the dynamics and the dynamics of the full lighting are beating (thanks Mr. MacroN).
13. Added "cursed artifacts" - Black Soul and Cordium Controlleri.".

* New Version Released * dated 22-7-2011.
What is fixed:
1. Gameplay - added tips on the map. [green circles now mark objectives]
2. Crashes and quick saves in Pripyat.
3. Changed shaders - Used FLOAT32 Shader Mod 1.7b. "It is beautiful on the dynamics".
4. Logic NPSov - included.

Download links: Traditional gamedata mod folder STALKER APOCALIPSIS gamedata.7z, 7.29 MB, MD5 = d6e5b5f772e9b7ac21b54e9334ab4a58
Or Packed db version here (untested): Game archive db install - delete gamedata folder and copy the file to the root of your game directory.
Hunger patch

ALternate links from Marafon6540 at AMK. or MD5 = e78bfbe4cfef16c5f264a37fef7c27b0

Prevous Version: "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Apocalipsis. Final.7Z", 4.3 MB,

Game Guide post, a first effort:

Search (Day of Wrath) Mod [Apocalipsis Continued] by Zaurus

Mod Description: "Two months after that memorable storm Chernobyl Union forces. Search group sits in Pripyat, without money, without food, without a contract. In addition, communication is lost. Slaven is sent to station 2 for radio parts to repair the radio. What is in store for him, this "quiet" walk - you will learn, passing through the story of mod Search DIES IRAE".

List of changes / innovations: "In this mod there are new groups, a few new guns, and an original storyline, continuing the story from the mod 'Apocalypse.'".
Changes in Version 1.01:
1. Added sleep (authors - Mechanic, Shoker - thanks!).
2. Fixed minor bugs.

Download links: Traditional gamedata mod folder Filename: STALKER ПОИСК 1.01 gamedata.7z, 39 MB.
Or Packed db version here (untested): Filename STALKER ПОИСК 1.01 db.7z, 39 MB. Game archive db install - delete gamedata folder and copy the file to the root of your game directory.

Search (DIES IRAE) Mod, Options and Add-ons:

"Graphical addition of AMD Radeon" Released July-22-2011, which includes: Original SEARCH Mod V1.01 + RUSTIK_ch_09 graphics + u3shaders_10 + STALKER_HANDS + Adapt_Poisk (at 16/10).
Filename: gamedata.7z, 233 MB, md5:0217afbb4e691719efa535ed8c756347.

Rustic Textures: "Set of textures that enhance the game graphics. Suitable for any screen resolution and, in principle, for any mod.".
File: RUSTIK_ch_09.7z, 169 MB, md5 = f37b8ee2c0544fa18b1a0878ae3cbf55.

Updated icons from "S TA L KE R": Posted July 25 2011, 442 KB, md5:d9ba7266f451c41dc17734663dfd1f8c

Adaptation from "Marafon6540": Widescreen adaptation revises grid elevations and inventory. Also adds a new main menu for the mod.
Adaptation (6 mV), and a small correction to it Fix_adapt (1 kV)


- Copy the mod Gamedata folder to a clean SOC v1.0004 install.
- Localization.ltx edited, changing "rus" to "eng".
- Vanilla World Wide Stalker SOC text files, the "eng" folder, copied to config\text\eng.
- Mod text\rus files copied over vanilla "eng" folder files.
- Edit user.ltx and add the line: "bind turn_engine kx" (where x = the keystroke you choose for starting engines).
- Apocalipsis Mod needed an additional step, the "eng" folder copied, and the copy renamed to "rus".
- Search Mod needs -nointro on the game shortcut command line.

SOC English text files can be downloaded here: vanilla english text file from 1.0005.rar.
Alternatively, use the DB Extractor, uploaded Oct 14 2009 by Don Reba, 68 KB. Link:

I had crashes before the titles screen, "Can't find include file:[text\rus\...." for many xml files. Solved the problem by putting vanilla "eng" text files into the mod folder.

Apocalipsis mod starts you off in south Cordon, at the military base (which you can loot for an AKM 74 and more). The new plot starts when you talk with the mechanic in the small green shed.
The Search (DIES IRAE) mod [Apocalipsis Continued] starts you in the Pripyat Hall of Culture, below the stage, with some sort of Vintar which uses .45 ammo. Eventually one of the guys around the campfire will have something to tell you, and your adventure begins.
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