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Mod Last Stalker

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  08:57:54  1 November 2017
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On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Mod Last Stalker

Soon a fabulous story will continue :

Team Zaurus will release their fourth and last modifications for Stalker :

More than 30 levels (exact list not yet revealed), the mod will be based on SoC, patch 1.0006(previously all mods was in 1.0004).
The mod will be completely ready for the game, nothing else will need to be downloaded or installed.
And the size will be huge, the unpacked form occupying 18.6 GB.
Fabulous new gameplay and innovation will be there

Soon the return of the Greek, the changing face, more than 5 years of development ...
  19:16:20  2 November 2017
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On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Many informations today

Citation Authors :

A little on fashion.

The engine modifications in the main, of course, concern the development of the mod. Well, for the players, they allowed to manage the graphics and other parameters. Directly from the main menu of the game. So now, it looks like this:

Main menu

In the game too, you can notice a lot of changes. There are new locations in the inventory. All are involved and active. There are also quick-use slots in which you can put food or honey. preparations.


With each load, the full-screen start screens are now randomly selected. Here, for example, for Agroprom:
Intro Agriculture Show

Weapons in the slots can be sorted by the mouse wheel - from the knife to the bolt. the knives are changed in the knife slot by a change of key-type of cartridges. By default, this is, as usual, "Y", but you can also reassign the key.
When doing a search, the inventory does not jump up if you choose something at the bottom of the list. Very practical edition with an inventory full of objects. The items in the slots are highlighted in green to not sell them accidentally.
Some artifacts have added the property of increasing the weight to wear. These are, in the main, artifacts from gravitational anomalies.
Caches in its classic form for PM (carcass searched - received a tip at the cache) in the PS are missing. Virtually there is no one to hide them. The area is deserted and deserted.
The weapon pack has been fully featured in the videos on our channel. The list of weapons is the same as in the United States, only a few new trunks have been added.
Show Locations
• Hospital (NN)
• Dead City (build PM)
• AgroProm (ChN)
• Laboratory X18 (build PM)
• Army warehouses (NN)
• Limansk (ChN)
• Cordon (CHN)
• Cave (PM)
• Generators (Build PM)
• Red Forest (NW)
• The Dark Valley (NW)
• Sorting (PM)
• ATP (Build PM)
• Radar Bunker (Build PM)
• Headquarters of SKKR Debt (???)
• Catacombs (build ЧН)
• Eastern Pripyat (ZP)
• Marshes (NN)
• Amber (NN)
• Landfilling (NN)
• ChNPP-2 (ChN)
• Glade (SP)
• Dungeon Agroprom (CHN)
All locations are reworked to some extent. The global map looks like this:

Many new items. With some, it will be possible to interact, without any - usually nowhere.

Many new models of NPS. Some of us have already shown on screenshots and videos. Most of the models are recycled NPCs from other games, but there are also several models created by the actual prototype.

In connection with the new graphics capabilities of the engine, there are additions to the graphics part. Static, as I have already written, is present in fashion. But the focus was after all on dynamic lighting. Bump in static does not work, and the picture is completely different. Here are two screens for an example, the left static, the right speaker. What is called feeling the difference.


The weather is dynamic in many places, one of the weather additions has been redesigned for our needs.

Many new voices, music, ambient. Ambient at each place. NPS cut scenes, text messages and main dialogues are announced. Especially for the release, the mod was written and the song "The Last Stalker" has already been recorded in the studio.

Thank you Zaurus team
  21:21:15  2 November 2017
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On forum: 11/17/2014
Messages: 69
Amazing ! And when will it be released ? I hope with a good translation...
  08:39:26  3 November 2017
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On forum: 03/02/2011
Messages: 593

Last post on page 2, it seems it will be launched on November 7 .
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