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Changing PSO-Susat scope texture per weapon

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  15:04:27  30 August 2017
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On forum: 08/23/2017
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Changing PSO-Susat scope texture per weapon

Since you guys were so nice and helpful with my last question you must have known I'd be back

I've been trying to change the scope texture for weapons which use a scope addon, though I want the texture/scope view, to change depending on the weapon to which the scope is attached.

So a PSO scope on an AK74 would look different to a PSO on a Groza. (Doesn't make complete sense at fist I know, but I'm making part of the weapon visible at the bottom hence needing different scope textures per weapon, making scopes look somewhat like reflex scopes/sights).

So far the only way I've managed to do this is by creating a new scope in "weapons.ltx" (for testing basically duplicating the PSO "wpn_addon_scope" and changing the "w_groza.ltx" to reference that entry instead of "wpn_addon_scope". I'd really rather avoid doing it this way if possible for a number of reasons, one of which is the game for some strange reason seemed to freeze for a second when attaching this scope but not the normal scope.

I noticed weapon files, for weapons that have attachable scopes, have "scope_texture =" though unlike weapons that have a permanent scope it seems to ignore this, or get overwritten by the attached scope texture/settings.

I feel, or hope, that I'm missing an easy way to do this.
  01:14:59  31 August 2017
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On forum: 01/25/2013
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As far as I'm aware, your only options are
A) Separate scopes like you said
B) Copies of each weapon with integral scopes so you can set the textures individually, and a script to swap the items out when appropriate.
C) Compositing or replacing entirely the texture overlay with a scripted UI.
So no, there isn't really an easy way.
  03:12:32  31 August 2017
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On forum: 08/23/2017
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Thanks for the reply TKGP.

I don't think I'm going to try the script thing as I can see that getting complicated for something so minor, having to remember the guns set firing mode, ammo type and count, weapon condition, etc, and having to apply that to the swapped item when the scope is added/removed.

I've been trying to find a compromise but I keep running into something I'm hoping someone can help with.

As I mentioned in the opening, the game lags for a second when using a scope that has had it's texture path/name changed in one of the .ltx files.

If I use that exact scope texture on a permanently scoped weapon, no lag. Or if I use that exact texture with a default name, no lag. It only lags when attaching a scope when the scope's texture path has been changed. For example if I change "wpn_crosshair_l85" to "wpn_crosshair_sus".

It makes me wonder if there's some kind of pre-caching that needs to be addressed, perhaps that lag is it loading that texture each time the scope is attached.

Is there a list of textures to cache somewhere I could edit/add to, I would have expected the texture to be cached sensibly/dynamically (from "system.ltx" which #includes "weapons.ltx" where the path has been changed but no such luck it seems).
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