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movie idea first bit i do rest tomorrow

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  18:16:27  22 August 2010
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On forum: 02/27/2010

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08/24/2010 7:34:41
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movie idea first bit i do rest tomorrow
this is a plot any way feed back will be nice..

Out of the darkness
Bruce lee dies 1973 the so called dragon
“and so a dragon can chose to be what ever it wants to be as its form and it will be this form for ever.
If it chooses to be a tree it will be a tree forever even if the tree is struck down by lightning and burnt to the ground ,the dragon will still stand as a tree. It must wait 8 years before it may move on,it can chose to move on in a butterfly that flys by but when that butterfly dies the dragon with green eyes will be a tree.”
1981 south Africa .. Classified location xxxx chooses the next courier from 4 boys trained ninja
There eye color black or brown
They are called the tiger ,the wolf ,the panther, the lion and xxxx had set up the competition, who would save the little girl. As fait would have it a 8 year old boy with blue eyes wondered into all this, and beat the tiger, panther, wolf and lion and save the girl even though his life was at risk he did this thoughtlessly. He was so fast he was the snake no he was even faster he was the dragon.
He was chosen for some think he did not understand and so the dragon was inside of him.
Placed inside a special unit called Project Cell he was manipulated into becoming the elites and most dangerous soldier on the planet ..code name Orical.

The alarm went off in Chernobyl and the orical was given a mission
Find the computer technician that made the computer he had been fired and drove a truck for a super market
But was missing some were in Pripyat.
By the time he had been found he had been locked in an underground garage and was in the prose’s of making a hole threw the wall when he was found.
Rushing to Chernobyl 1000s of soldiers had gathered around the parameter in goggles and suits
Coursing a detour past the stacks ,reaching stack 2 ? the uncompleted one time had run into seconds
A man popped out the floor in a white radiation suit ushering me and the technician in ,we started to roll down a ramp as the explosion crushed us the man behind me stopped rolling I stopped climbed up and grabbed him against the guy in white suits directions and rolled down with the unconscious body.
Realizing as I rolled into unconscious this was my execution.
Waking up I had a spade in my hand digging up radio active waist and there seemed to be a few people around me. A man walked past and pulled me out the trench and he pointed to the rank on my shoulder.
I just happened to be the only solder there and having high rank made me important..
Even coming to constructing the box around the core to contain the radiation as the workers were dying so the box with already assembled walls was constructed from cement from the cement factory.
Hearing about Pripyat I called up the mayors office and some woman answered I asked for the Mayer and he was on the phone as I ordered the evacuation and the placing of med labs ..witch he seemed very hesitant to do.

Reaching the project by portable labs a man spoke to and said why do you save them they were meant to dieand who is paying for this it will have to be a Russian or there will be a war ,before I was dragged off and once more into unconscious. touché red terrible dreams followed and so my words sound a bit crazy but im sure you will work out the facts…….
  07:40:05  24 August 2010
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On forum: 02/27/2010
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We human after all

I wake up again im with a group of strangers walking into a fenced area threw its gate
Sand bags either side ,solders dressed in black leathers pants jackets and boots like a gangsters
One of the men in my party whispering in my ear be careful they dangerous.
A booming voice rings out “ come on guys lets us threw we have Tom Clansey?” the group of men
Went ecstatic with excitement ,people were let in and I was singled out, you Tom Clansey? I like you
So what you doing here..wait I know you will write the story haha.
Who are you guys I asked ,we are mercenary’s as the Russian solders are missing and between me and you every 1 seems scared as that was 1 shitload of Russian soldiers that just vanished and we hired to replace them.
Shaking my hand he took the jacket of his back and gave it to me and said you will need this almost as he was my friend, take care marked 1 he said as my party moved on into the so called zone guns loaded eyes open what had taken out all the solders
The legend of stalker begins.. and who the hell is Tom Clansey?
The sound af automatic gun fire was like crickets singing with the occasional explosion brining
One of the crickets songs to an end, I felt sweat poor off my face but as I looked round then men I was walking with they did not seem worried as though they were just crickets shining to the moon.
We had traveled for some distance in the bush until we came across a cross a camp ,a set of broken houses surrounded by a fence and 4 towers. These solders wore green uniforms that looked like they were heavily calved on there upper sections with green hoods with gas masks draped around the neck.
As we walked in hand gestured were made and the gate was opened a browning like gun tamed on use from either tower and one in front of use nestled behind some sand bags.
The full moon giving a strange airy feeling to the black sky the stars beautiful bright one would think
Looking up non of this had happened, focusing back down to what was in front of me the ugly truth was revealed.
Walking down the 1 and only main road of this base /village a man is dragged out the building brought to his knees and then shot in the back of the head with a pistol his body slumping to the ground.
The man that executed the man let out a fuck! As he seemed very agitated and a worried look consumed his face. Dame traitors he yelled out a few moments later as he seem to walk towards another building.
Just before reaching the building he was walking to he turned and ushered me over wit his hand as he said “ marked 1 come here” , who was I to argue with this guy maybe id get a bullet im my head next, so I hurried over calmly unsure what to expect.
My name is major xxxx” I have heard about you at Chernobyl.. impressive.. follow me”
Walking into the building I followed close behind as we entered I was taken back at the state of the interior , looked like a few bombs had gone off inside .
Sitting at a table he pulled out 2 tin cups and once more gestured with his hand for me to take a seat, as he bulled a hipflask of vodka from the inside of his jacket. Poring 2 half full
mugs he screwed the cap on the bottle half heartedly as he looked at me and smiled
“I see you play the game as well , we talk about that later but first we get drunk”
“to a better tomorrow and may we catch the basterds” it was like instinct as the clank of
The 2 tin mugs clang together ,the mood changing to relaxed feeling all forgotten as
The next to mugs were pored. Throwing the bottle it shattered an the wall as the major
Yelled out what do I have to do to get a drink around here! The door flung open a bolding
Middle aged man ran in you know brother u need it I can get it, a crate of vodka in his hands, placing it on the table the major slipped a bottle out like he had trained all his life for such an occasion. Ah you must be marked 1 you need any thing come see me I hook you up
For a price as the man gave me a wink. The majors hand coming down on the table
We talk shop to morrow now sit join use the mugs replaced by a bottle we sat and drank
Moments later a solder came in ,standing in the door way he tells some 1 party.
Almost instantaneously a group of men appeared big grins on there face as they each took a bottle and set them self’s down around the table ,one of the men made a fire in the fire place
As another pulled out his guitar and started to play ,Major he’s good yes ,he dream go America become famous musician ha,ha the alcohol talking now as the night faded into a joyful blur and one may have believed we were not in this hell.
  07:42:39  24 August 2010
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On forum: 02/27/2010

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08/24/2010 7:43:08
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R.E.E.E.W ,R.E.E.W .drrr ,drrr Boom what a strange dream I was having my body been shook vigorously now “move it , move it ..we under attack ,glancing up blurry vision ,shit I was not dreaming.
Paring out the door.. a grenade pops the ground a few meters from me throwing up a clawed of dust and ruble the sound making my ears ring , the ambient sound of automatic fire adding
To my disorientation .A voice ,the major shouts out to me “protect the front gate!”
The sand bags and browning like gun my instinctive chose as I noticed the wounded gunner
Lying there and I was unarmed. Diving in like a save on baseball pitch I made it amongst the volley of bullets that had now focused on my position. Passing the wounded solder my med kit I mount my self behind the gun and start to fire open the inbounded ..fearless as though instinctual almost
As though I was some 1 else.

A blue buss with a white stripe came racing down the road towards the gate flanked by solders
Opening fire until empty into the bus ,before it swerved to the right and hit a light post coming to an abrupt stand still, “come here ..come here I hear a voice looking to my left the wounded man had crawled to the building and opened its door and was ushering me there with impatiens.
Quickly I moved to into the building to realize there was a back pack with a mp5 on top of it sitting on the table next to a radio, “take this you will need this” he said. Grabbing him I threw him over my shoulder I made my way out the back door and placed him a few buildings back by the medic, who was already tending to wounded. I noticed a lot of items been carried into a bunker on the side of the hill as I turned to go back and complete my mission. The trader encouraging me “don’t let them make it here or we finished ,loading my gun I headed back threw the buildings towards the front gate.
Reaching the front gate all was quite except the sound of wood crackling as fire consumed it a bit off charred wall giving a way in spray of ash and smoke ,market one good you still alive ..come quickly to the bunker an air strike is on its way.
Wow I been blown up shot at and now some ass hole is going to drop a blady bomb on my head
I don’t think id feel it as my head throbbed like a bitch as it was.
I followed the store keeper into the bunker as the door was closed behind use ,hurrying down the stairs threw another steal door I entered a room and was lead threw a wooden door to a bigger room were all the survivors had huddled, The guitar guy was there strumming away like nothing was happening but I realized he was every ones carmines.
The sound of jets droned out the sound of the guitar as they flew over head once again the stores men spoke “marked one look in your stash and if you have a suit and gasmask put it on”
Opening the bag I found one of the green uniforms with a gas mask so I put it on ,Looking at me he continued to tell me” it not bombs they are dropping” as a medic stood beside me and injected me with insulin, the medic smiled and said” just to be safe he “ as he pulled the needle out and whipped my arm with a swob”. You one of now stalker ha,ha ” what ever a stalker was after what id been threw I thought he could shove a stalker up his ass …I smiled like every thing was ok. The ground shaking every time a jet went over until there was just silence except they guy playing his guitar.
  07:45:13  24 August 2010
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On forum: 02/27/2010
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Some time had past my goggles had misted up so I took them off to wipe them
Once more the stores man called me over and said “come I have to talk to you in private”
Walking threw the wooden door I followed him until he stopped and turned around.
“I have a job for you the major asked me to assign it to you as he had to leave in a big hurry
To go worn some of our friends know how it is ?!”
“we are lead to believe after interrogating a traitor yesterday there are very few people we trust
You I trust as you save my people and I watched you bring wounded . I believe I can trust you to complete this mission”
Mission brief:
Our Intel leads us to believe our agent is been held at this location at the moment ,marked here on this PDA map
We are sure he a has a storage device witch has the locations of this traitors camps and maybe we can find out what they up to.

Mission objective:
Find this man xxxx he has a voluble storage device.
Retrieve this storage device at all casts even if our agent is xxx killed in the prowess.
“Also marked one check the body’s out there for any thing you can use to help you on this mission, good luck”.
Stepping threw the steel door it shut behind me there was no turning back now,a smoke mist gusted out of vents in the side of the passage before the top door opened and I walked up the stairs into the unknown.
  08:37:33  24 August 2010
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On forum: 02/27/2010
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Taking my first steps out side my eyes scanned the area untrustingly I noticed dead birds on the floor
And a panicked sick feeling came over me for an instant, I noticed movement on the road ahead in the now good old green uniform witch made me forget the moment I ws having with my self.
Walking closer the man waved at me and ushered me closer with his hands ,sticking his hands
In a pouch he pulled out a few magazines and past them to me ,before pulling out a med kit
“you will need these yes ?!” I replayed I ye man, be safe brother as he placed his hand on my shoulder
Automatically placing my hand on his shoulder I said “you to brother” before I head down the only road in the village unsure to what was waiting for me.
The place was a mess id existed the village before I knew it stopping to look at the buss I killed
Giving my self a grin at my handy work I was quite sure I was capable of what lay ahead.
Pulling out my PDA I turned on the GPS and scanned the area in the direction I was heading

It did not look to far to walk but I walked into the bush line along the road eyes open prepared for
What ever was coming.
Sierra Tango Alpha Lima Kilo Echo Romeo “come in please” I assumed it was for me so I answered “roger” “there is some 1 in trouble not far from you see if you can assist over” I replayed” roger that”
The sound of automatic fire confirming the location I had to head to.
  10:58:26  24 August 2010
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On forum: 02/27/2010

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08/24/2010 10:59:24
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Making my way threw the long grass getting closer and close I felt my instinct taking over me
Consuming me I felt no fear as a man popped up from behind some concrete pullers my knife flicked
Threw the air as he somersaulted backwinds , pulling my pistol I caped two more men as they reviled them self’s from behind a trailer of some kind. rolling to my right I caught the one behind me with three shots head ,chest ,chest making back on to my feet I crabbed another rifle striping it from him ,before smashing him in the face with the stock before ramming the bayonet int into his chest.
I looked down behind the concrete puller there was one dead stalker and another to his right
With his hands over his face sniveling like a girl “please what the fuck are you ..don’t kill me.
His hands slowly wearily moved from in front of face .He smiled in fear as he looked at me petrified as he said “thank you” I did not understand why but never the less I had a mission
And it was time to go “take care brother” I said as I walked off into the bush like nothing just happened , I heard the man scurrying away like a bat out of hell.
I thought to my self I better watch out it could be dangers around here.
Getting closer to my target I could see camp fires in the distance..
  11:35:19  24 August 2010
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08/24/2010 13:37:45
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My concentration stolen by the sound of a guitar some were in front and below me, pulling my mp5 out I edge my way down the bank were by now I could notice the flickering of a fire witch accompanied the sound of a guitar. I new that sound it was the guitar player ,I noticed him as I swept
Into the area he did not stop playing all he said was sit down chill a bit brother ,this was odd never the least but I was hungry ,cold and I felt relaxed once more forgetting were I was .
Putting his guitar down now he began to speak “take it off is ok”
..ripping the mask off my face I I took deep breaths of air and enjoyed the wind upon my sweaty face.
He spoke again “I go with you brother when you leave this area don’t forget to take me” he got up picked his guitar as he stood up and walked towards me ,stopping in front of me. He handed me a sword off shot gun with a belt of shells “ take care of your self brother “ he said as he diapered into the shadows that lead into the darkness.
I did not know his name but this would be the name id call him “shadow” as I’m sure he had been shadowing me the hole time. Finishing my warm tined ration I doused the fire out and set off Towards the camp fires in the distance.

The clouds parting the moon lit up the place like a Christmas tree and I found it ironic I was the one running from shadow to shadow like a some kind of predator stalking its pray, reaching a clump of bushes I pulled My binoculars out and stuck them to my eyes ..
Scanning round I could see a few sentry’s scattered around a set of buildings threw the forest of trees ,a dert road leading upto a gate bird nests either side ,a camp fire to the left in a open space
Surrounded by a fence and a building to its left and behind it.To the far right I notice another camp fire this 1 was inside a big building and there seemed to be a lot of solders the walk in and walk out approach would be a bad idea I thought as my knife blade run across one of the sentry’s thoughts ,putting his body to the floor I headed around the left side to see if there was another way in.
Moving along the rige of the hill I was once again diving in and out of the bushes stopping each time to scan the perimeter.
A patrol came round from the back of the set of buildings and proceeded to walk towards the front
Gate, slipping in close to the building after they passed I made my way to were I had seen them come out of. Leaning against the wall with my back as I folded the shot gun and slid 2 shells in and cocked it, Pulling my knife out I realized I had no clue what I was doing but new once I was spotted id have to shoot my way in and out.
A explosion came from the front some were and the tat tat of automatic fire rang threw the air
“Shadow u bastered I love u brother I know that’s you ” I thanked silently as though he new. I slipped in un noticed clinging to the inside right wall I made for the first opening in the wall
  14:25:53  24 August 2010
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08/24/2010 15:49:03
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Entering the threw the hole the sound of a bullet ricocheted of the wall mm from my head ,the sound of the shot echoing out, my knife flickered threw the air once more slamming him in the belly as he slumped forward as he did a face plant into the floor ,boom ,boom two more piled up on top of his body, running I rolled over the body’s pulling my knife free as it flickered threw the air almost instantaneously driving into another leg above the knee as he ran down the steps. Pulling the knife out it ran across his thought as he folded before the blade flickered off behind me. Time stood still like it was in slow motion as the body fell down knife in his head ,I noticed another sniveling little bitch in handcuffs on the floor turning back sliding my 9mm out with my other hand, I caped the next one between they eyes as he flew backwards, out the window at the top of the steps.
I could here a lot of foot steps approaching replacing my pistle with a grenade I clenched the
Pin in my teeth as I pulled the grenade back and tossing it in the direction I had come in, running up the stairs the shot gun folded I hurriedly slipped two more shells in diving in the next room I surprised
Another sneakily trying to hide in the left corner against the incoming wall ,boom there was no hiding the mess as I rolled to my feet as another came in from the out side balcony door boom!
Shit I was out ,changing to my mp5 it jammed ,all nasty thoughts ran threw my head on a peace of shit this was as I changed to my 9mm.Slipping the almost empy mag out I slid in another and headed to the ladder in the room at the top of the steps lifting a bottle of vodka from the crait beside it as I made my why up to the loft.
Sitting against a beam of wood I unscrewed the lid and had a deep drink before pulling out a handful of bullets and I started to load a few magazine. Getting up I mad my way to the top of the roof sliding down behind a chimney stack, these basterds un aware of my position now in the commotion as I once more reevaluated my situation.

My game plan quickly worked out as I held my last two grenades in my hand taking each in turn as I held the pin in my teeth and ripped the grenade free, I lobed the first 1 as close as I could to the area were I saw most the solders ,kaboom then I gave it three seconds and lobed the other in the direction of the door facing me from that location ,kaboom ,,it hade paid of by the sounds of it. Ripping out my 9mm I caped one coming out of the door of the room to the now right of the front gate , my muzzle flash giving away my location as I now hastily slipped back onto the roof of the lower building then off it back to out side perimeter, hastily I made my way back to the back entrance this time slipping into the left hole in the wall and instantaneously capping one in the head in the same motion.
Rolling to the right of the entrance I picked up two more in the same location as the right room to the gate but this time they had made there way to the wall of the building I had just come from.
Slipping back and forth rolling across the hole I picked both of them off amongst the volley of bullets
And now silence filled the air as I did a quick sweep of the area and thank god it was all clear
I managed to gather quite a bit of ammo but was saddened at the lack of grenades. Making my way back t o were I saw the sniveling little bitch I noticed he was hiding under a dead body.
After searching I managed to find the keys and the storage device ,unlocking the cuffs he placed his hand on my shoulder and said “thank you brother stay safe” as he disappeared out the room .
I guess it was time to return for I had completed my mission and all in all I was not to bad if I do say so my self. Putting my boot on his head I retrieved my blade wiping it clean on the body before sheathing it and walking out the front gate.
  06:04:10  25 August 2010
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On forum: 02/27/2010
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A spasm rips threw my body my eyes forced open, shit just another dream still in this fish tank my body motionless powerless paralyzed in this a dream the night mare that will not end?!
  06:17:17  25 August 2010
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On forum: 02/27/2010

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08/26/2010 7:05:40
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theres a saying dont paint another mans picture
and so the below post the last for i will write my own story
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